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Location’s in Canada

                   Area map of Toronto
    Toronto Life and Toronto Visitor Travel Tips
    (Toronto, Ontario - ON, Canada)
    Canada's largest city, Toronto offers a truly
     striking skyline, which is instantly recognizable
     by the city's signature building, the CN Tower.
     Toronto's population has increased greatly over
     recent years and much of the city is centered
     around the scenic Lake Ontario. Dating back to
     the late 18th century, Toronto is one of
     Canada's most important cities and Toronto's
     downtown district is home to many major
     companies, head offices and striking office
     With many important businesses, locals in
     Toronto know how to work hard, but also enjoy a
     host of recreational activities and evening
     entertainment, with numerous atmospheric
     restaurants and animated nightclubs in central
     Toronto. City life in Toronto is generally well-
     balanced and the multiethnic residents are
     relaxed, friendly and high-spirited. Here are
     some useful travel tips about life in Toronto
       Language in Toronto
   Toronto, Ontario (ON), Canada
    With over 300 languages spoken throughout America
    and Canada, English and French are the main
    languages in Toronto, and the majority of highway
    signposts and tourist leaflets display both. Canadian
    English is widely spoken in Toronto and is based upon
    British English, with many interesting expressions. In
    the states of Quebec and Manitoba, Canadian French
    is the main language. Toronto contains numerous
    different nationalities and a number of regions in
    Canada are known for their local dialects and colorful
    colloquialisms, particularly around the Newfoundland
    area of Canada.
Visas and Documents
   Toronto, Ontario (ON), Canada
    Visitors to Toronto and other cities in Canada need photo ID and
    also at least two or three types of formal identification. Passports
    are always necessary when visiting Toronto, except for those
    arriving from the USA and Greenland. A driver's license is no
    longer sufficient identification for US citizens arriving in Toronto
    and must be used together with a valid birth certificate or similar,
    such as an official certificate of citizenship. People visiting
    Toronto from Commonwealth and Western countries do not
    require visas, although visitors from most other countries do,
    except for Mexican citizens. Visa applications for travel to
    Toronto and Canada must be made at least one month in
    advance. All inquiries should be directed to Canadian
    Immigration Centers.
Driving in Toronto

 Canada
 Motorists planning to drive in the city of Toronto must obtain a
 'Canadian Nonresident Interprovince Motor Vehicle Liability
 Insurance Card' or 'Visitor to Canada Insurance', issued by
 most US insurance companies. Car rental agencies in Toronto
 require you to be at least 21 years of age when hiring a car,
 although for some centers this is 26 years. In Toronto, Ontario
 and all over Canada, cars always drive on the right-hand side of
 the road.
    Toronto Weather and Toronto Climate
                                                       Toronto Weather and Climate Chart
    Toronto's seasons are easily
     distinguishable from one another,                                       Maximum        Minimum
     with extreme weather conditions
     often experienced in both the                                          1°C / 34°F     -6°C / 21°F
                                           Toronto weather in January
     summer and the winter. Although
     Toronto's winter climate and          Toronto weather in February
                                                                            0°C / 32°F     -7°C / 19°F

     weather can be less severe than
                                                                            6°C / 43°F     -2°C / 28°F
     other parts of the country, it is     Toronto weather in March

     wise to go well prepared if you are                                    6°C / 43°F     -1°C / 30°F
                                           Toronto weather in April
     planning to visit Toronto during
     the chilly winter months.             Toronto weather in May
                                                                            12°C / 54°F    5°C / 41°F

                                                                            21°C / 70°F    13°C / 55°F
                                           Toronto weather in June
     However, it's not all snow and
     icicles. Toronto enjoys long, hot     Toronto weather in July
                                                                            22°C / 72°F    14°C / 57°F

     summer days and sunny weather         Toronto weather in August
                                                                            22°C / 72°F    15°C / 59°F
     thanks to its southerly location,
     while springtime is mostly warm       Toronto weather in September
                                                                            18°C / 64°F    11°C / 52°F

     and pleasant, making it the most      Toronto weather in October
                                                                            13°C / 55°F    6°C / 43°F
     welcomed season after the
                                                                            5°C / 41°F     0°C / 32°F
     winter's bitter snowstorms that       Toronto weather in November

     sometimes strike as late as March.    Toronto weather in December
                                                                            3°C / 37°F     -1°C / 30°F
Toronto Parks, Gardens and Toronto
                   High Park - 1873 Bloor Street West, Keele Street,
                    Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2N2, (ON) Canada
                    Tel: +1 416 392 1111
                    Covering nearly 400 acres / 160 hectares, this
                    luscious parkland offers a feast of opportunities
                    for outdoor pursuits including swimming, ice
                    skating, baseball, tennis and walking, with
                    plentiful nature trails. In addition to the
                    recreational activities on offer, visitors come to
                    Toronto's High Park to enjoy its pretty
                    woodland and picnic areas, and to tour the
                    park's very own zoo and greenhouse. Outdoor
                    theater performances are also a regular
                    occurrence here in the summer months.
                    Toronto parks and gardens open: daily - 24
                    Toronto parks and gardens admission: free
Toronto Museums and Toronto Art

   Toronto Museums and Art Galleries: Campbell House Museum -
    160 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3H3, (ON) Canada
    Tel: +1 416 597 0227
    The one-time home of the Chief Justice of Upper Canada, Sir William
    Campbell, this property is the oldest surviving building from the city of
    York, Toronto's predecessor. Now a museum, the Georgian-style home
    provides a rare insight into Canadian homes of this period and 30-
    minute tours allow visitors to fully enjoy the splendor of this building.
    Toronto museum open: Monday to Friday - 09:30 to 16:30, Saturday
    and Sunday - 12:00 to 16:30, seasonal variations apply
    Toronto museum admission: charge, discount for students, seniors and
 Toronto Gallery of Photos and
 Toronto Images

Toronto photos and image gallery:            Toronto photos and image
Distant view of the city's scenic skyline,   gallery: Modern buildings
showing the eye-catching CN Tower, the       lining the city's waterfront.
city's tallest building.
Toronto photos and image
                                       Toronto photos and image
gallery: The city's famous CN Tower,
                                       gallery: New City Hall, built in 1965,
built in 1976 and measuring around
                                       offering regular guided tours of the
550 meters / 1,805 feet.
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