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  What's the Best Acne Medicine?
Have you found yourself in search of a safe
and effective new acne medicine? With so
many products on the market, it is tough to
know which will be worth your time. You may
find that the best acne medicine is natural
rather than a prescription or an over-the-
counter treatment.
Acne is a condition that starts beneath the
skin. When pores become clogged, the oil
within is trapped below the surface where it
breeds with bacteria to create an infection.
There are quite a few options when it comes
to prevention and treatment of breakouts.
Clearasil and Oxy are the most commonly used
over the counter medications, and are often
the best acne medicine for mild to moderate
cases. These topical applications contain
benzoyl peroxide.
The Proactiv treatment, a fixture in late
night infomercials, is a popular acne
medicine consisting of a three part daily
regime of a cleanser, toner, and lotion. It
has been shown to heal and prevent
breakouts. This product's active ingredient
is also benzoyl peroxide, which could cause
some mild side effects.
Retin A is a topical prescription acne
medicine for more severe breakouts that may
improve the skin's texture and appearance.
Results are not immediate and once it takes
effect, you must continue to use it in order
for your skin to remain free from breakouts.
Accutane is a another prescription acne
medicine that is not recommended for all
types of acne. It is a last resort
treatment for those whose skin has not
cleared from using other products.
Some people find that the best acne medicine
is a natural treatment regimen consisting of
vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbal
extracts that can resolve the problem from
the inside out, without the potential side
effects of OTC treatments and prescription
acne medicine.
There are a number of natural formulas on
the market available in supplement form,
with any combination of nutrients that can
reduce acne blemishes, prevent future
breakouts and restore a healthy balance to
the skin.
In your search for the best acne medicine,
compare the side effects of all treatments
to their overall effectiveness and customer
satisfaction rating. Prescription acne
medicine is probably the most effective, but
due to harsh ingredients they could cause
major adverse reactions.
Talk to your dermatologist about natural
acne medicine and see if the less harsh
treatments will help clear up your skin.

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