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Looking For Books on Alternative
Books on alternative medicine are a great
addition to your collection, whether you are
looking for some personal knowledge on the
subject or attempting to gather research for
a more involved reason. There are numerous
books on alternative medicine available, and
while all have their merits, there are a few
which stand out above the rest.
Books that provide information on these type
of medicine can be a great resource to keep
around. If you or a loved one ever suffers
from an illness or injury, you will have a
reference book on hand to refer to for some
alternative treatment ideas.
Well Known Books on Alternative Medicine
One of the most popular books on alternative
treatments is called Complementary and
Alternative Veterinary Medicine Considered.
It is considered a unique book because
authors David W. Ramey, Bernard E. Rollin,
and Franklin M. Loew focus entirely on
alternative medicine treatment for animals,
as opposed to humans.
This book takes a close look at numerous
different CAVM treatments and uses commonly
asked questions and answers to inform the
reader about alternative treatments for
pets, such as whether or not acupuncture is
an effective pain remedy for animals.
Another popular book is called Healing Back
Pain: The Mind-Body Connection. Written by
John E. Samo, it explains elimination of
back pain by using alternative treatments.
According to Samo, TMS is the number one
cause of back pain, as well as pain in the
neck and shoulders, and he believes that the
mind may be causing a physical disorder that
manifests itself as muscle and nerve pain.
The Burton Goldberg Group has penned a book
called Alternative Medicine:The Definitive
Guide, and when it comes to books on
alternative medicine, this one is known to
be the Bible. It is over 1,000 pages of
information, and includes over 4,000
contributions by doctors. The first volume
of the book discusses 43 specific
alternative medicine treatments, including
how they were developed, how they work, what
their proven uses are, and so on.
There are 105 various topics covered in the
second section of the book, including mental
health, headaches, and allergies. This book
covers many different alternative therapies
that are considered to be the best way to
help relieve pain and promote healing of the
illness or ailment.
If you are interested in starting a
collection of books, this should be one of
the first that you add. It is well-
recognized, informative, and one of the best
books on alternative medicine available

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