Holistic Medicine - Treating the Individuality of a Patient

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Holistic Medicine - Treating the
    Individuality of a Patient
Holistic medicine is not really an actual
treatment system-it is more of a treatment
philosophy. Throughout much of the history
of holistic medicine this type of treatment
has been considered highly alternative, and
it is only recently that the mainstream
medical establishment has begun integrating
the holistic approach in medicine.
The Holistic Philosophy
The philosophy of holism is that the entire
patient, rather than just their symptoms, is
examined and treated. A patient and their
symptoms are considered inseparable under
the principles of holistic medicine and the
individuality of a patient-their emotional,
spiritual, and physical state-is considered
to be important. Whereas conventional
medicine often considers and treats only the
symptoms of a patient, while ignoring the
overall well-being of the patient
themselves, holistic medicine considers all
aspects of the patient are equally
This means, for example, that when a
holistic physician examines a patient, they
don't only investigate physical symptoms.
They may also look at the patient's
emotional, social, and spiritual well-being,
in addition to their physical condition. The
goal with this treatment philosophy is to
improve the patient's well-being in all
areas of their life, instead of simply
addressing their physical symptoms.
Holism is a system of philosophy which can
apply to many different types of treatment-
homeopathy, naturopathy, traditional Chinese
medicine, and even conventional medical
treatments, can incorporate aspects of
holism. In addition, holistic medicine
rarely, if ever, completely rules out or
ignores any particular branch of medicine.
The idea with holism is that the
practitioner and the patient are both open
to trying new approaches, within the goal of
improving the patient's health and well-
Important Principles of Holistic Medicine

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