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Where Can I Get Health Insurance
Here is some good health insurance help for
people who want to apply for a health
insurance policy, but do not have any
knowledge about health insurance. However,
before discussing in detail about health
insurance plans, let us observe why health
insurance is important.
A need for health insurance plans has arisen
due to rising medical costs. It is
impossible for individuals to bear all
expenses on their own during certain
situations when unplanned health expenses
creep into their budget. Therefore, it is
necessary for people to opt for ideal health
insurance plans.
Types Of Health Insurance Plans:
When individuals approach any health agent
for health insurance help, insurance agents
suggest four types of policies to them. They
are as follows:
Major medical plan:
Major medical plans are those plans in
which individuals need to pay deductibles to
health coverage companies to obtain
benefits. Deductibles are nothing but a part
of the amount, which people have to pay
while applying for a policy. Later, health
insurance firms pay about 80% of medical
bills and insurers have to pay the remaining
20% of billed amounts.
Buyers may select any doctors to get medical
services and pay fees to these doctors
directly. However, they need to obtain a
bill and furnish it to the insurance
companies, who in turn reimburse 80% of the
bill amount to the insured. This type of
health insurance plan is a traditional
health plan.
HMO plan:
An HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) is
a type of health policy that focuses mainly
on life long health care of the insured.
This plan is more affordable than the major
medical plan. People need to select their
doctors from a list of doctors furnished by
insurance companies. These doctors provide
medical services to them. If required, they
also co-ordinate with other specialists and
hospitals, to provide the best available
health service.
As a result, most people across the US
prefer this type of health plan.
PPO health plan:
PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) is
similar to an HMO plan. Health insurers
refer in-network doctors and insured people
refer their own out-network doctors. Here,
people may choose in-network or out-network
doctors as per their wish.
However, if people choose out-network
doctors they will have to shell out a huge
amount as fee because in-network doctors
charge a reasonable amount. Whether insured
people choose in-network or out-network
doctors, health companies pay only 80 % of
the medical bill amount to insured people.
POS Health Plan:
POS (Point of service) health plan has
properties of both PPO plan as well as of
HMO plan. Here, people need to select the
doctors referred by insurance companies.
However, people may then seek treatment from
out-network doctors after informing and
taking permission from their in-network
doctors. This plan is slightly more
expensive than other health plans.
Thus, refer to this health insurance help
and choose the best health plan to cover the
medical bills so that the unexpected cost
does not hamper the monthly budget.

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