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 What is Celtic Health Insurance?
Celtic health insurance has been providing
various kinds of health insurance plans
since 1978. Even though initially Celtic
started with group insurance, life insurance
and individual insurance plans, eventually
they settled with only individual health
insurances. Today, Celtic is one of the
leading specialty health insurance companies
in the United States. It has over 90,000
policy holders all across the US. Celtic is
licensed to provide health insurance in all
the states except Hawaii. Their excellent
reputation, financial stability and customer
support fetched them A.M Best rating A-
Celtic provides mainly five kinds of
individual health insurance plans; Celtic
basic health coverage, Comprehensive health
plan, HSA qualified health plans, short term
medical insurance and student health
insurance. All these main categories have
several subdivisions.
Celtic basic health coverage- Celtic basic
plan works within doctor and hospital PPO
network. This policy covers people between
the age group of 6 months and 64 ½ years.
Under this plan, the policy holder can visit
the doctor 2 times per year with co-pay of
$30 each. Anything extra will have to be
borne by the customer. Basic plan is a low
premium plan with high deductible. The
deductible offered are $1,500, $2,500 and
$5,000. Prescription drugs are not covered
in this plan. However, one can opt for
prescription drug coverage as an add-on.
Comprehensive health plan- There are three
types of comprehensive plane; Celticare
preferred select PPO, Celticare preferred
'Any Doc' PPO and Celticare preferred
managed indemnity. Celticare preferred
select PPO policy holders can access doctor
and medical facility that are within the
network. They can avail the high quality
care for the lowest premium and the co-pay
is as low as $15. 'Any doc' PPO members
have the flexibility of going to any doctor
for the medical care. However, to enjoy the
complete benefits of the policy, the
hospitals should be within the PPO network.
'Any Doc' policy holders have to pay co-pay
of $35 per office visit. Celticare preferred
managed indemnity members do not have any
restrictions. They can visit the doctor and
hospital of their choice. Comprehensive
health plan provides $20 co-pay for
prescription generic drugs.
HSA qualified health plans- This is a high
deductible plan that offers the option of
opening a health savings account. People who
have this policy can avail the unique tax
benefits. This plan offers managed indemnity
and PPO plans for members who are aged
between 18 years and 64 ½ years.
Short term medical insurance- It is
temporary health insurance coverage for
those between jobs, college graduates and
early retirees. Applicants can choose the
length of coverage from 1-6months.
Inpatient, outpatient, office visit surgical
charges and laboratory charges are covered
under this policy.
Student health insurance- This is also a
temporary health insurance that is ideal for
students. Applicants can choose the length
of coverage from 1-6 months and they can
apply for three terms for a total of 12
months of coverage. Student health plans are
available in different deductibles.
Celtic is a specialist in individual plans.
It is an affordable solution for anyone who
is in need of high quality health care

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