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President Obama - Acme Health Plans



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  President Obama - Acme Health
In the recent health care summit that the
President presided over, he made mention
several times to "Acme Health Plans' when
referring to High Deductible Health Plans
(HDHP). This is just further evidence of
Washington's elitist attitude toward health
care options that don't conform to their
view of the way the world should operate.
Furthermore, his plan would all but do away
with the incentives for Health Savings
Accounts, therefore, rendering them a thing
of the past. And for good reason. In order
to pay for this massive cash cow, he has to
take away the tax advantages associated with
Health Savings Accounts. Instead, he should
be revising the tax code to allow for
individuals to deduct the amount of out-of-
pocket medical expenses they incur
throughout the year for co-pays and the
like. Right now, the tax favor-ability only
applies to individuals with Health Savings
Accounts and employer-sponsored health
I personally have many clients who have made
the choice of going to a higher deductible
plan because it made sense for them and
their families. Therefore, I find it
offensive to make this characterization! To
somehow suggest that individuals that choose
to take a higher deductible to lower there
monthly premium are actually buying "Acme
Health Insurance" is just plain wrong and
disingenuous on the part of the President
and those who support their plan. There are
many Americans that want the comfort of
knowing that catastrophic medical claims
would be taken care of under a high
deductible health plan but don't mind paying
for the smaller expenses such as office
visits and prescription drugs out-of-pocket.
Especially, if the expenses are paid for out
of a tax-free savings account.
To some individuals, prescription drugs may
be a very big expense so a plan with a
richer Rx component would be better for
them. There's a basic principal at work here
that those in Congress are incapable
understanding because they don't know health
care and that is, the higher the deductible
the lower the monthly premiums. Conversely,
the lower the deductible the higher the
premium. Those that choose higher deductible
health plans would rather see the savings in
monthly premium because that don't use the
health care system that heavily. However, if
they do have a catastrophic claims it's
covered - many times at 100% with lifetime
limits in upwards of 5 to 8 million dollars.
All of these plans are provided by
reputable, well-known companies like Aetna,
United Health Care, Assurant Health, Health
America, Capital Blue Cross and many more.
It's just pain ignorance to imply that these
plans are "Acme Health Plans". They are, in
fact, a legitimate health care cost-
reduction driver. The President and
Democrats seem to be talking out of both
parts of their mouths when they highlight
how many Americans claim medical bankruptcy
but look down upon a plan that allows for
catastrophic coverage for individuals to
actually avoid bankruptcy.
If you'd like to understand more about how
High Deductible Health Plans with Health
Savings Accounts might benefit you or your
company then email me at or
visit my website at

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