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 How to Compare Low Cost Health
    Insurance in West Virginia
For more than 50% of all West Virginia
households the idea of low cost health
insurance is something of a misnomer,
because at least half of all West Virginia
households report that paying for health
insurance is a severe strain on their
monthly budget - and approximately 16% of
all West Virginia families can't afford any
health insurance at all.
Hopefully this article will shed some light
on ways that almost every family in West
Virginia can compare and find low cost
health insurance without breaking the family
It should come as no surprise that health
care costs less for healthy people. One way
to save money on health care and to see the
doctor less frequently is to eat right and
to get plenty of sleep and exercise. Eating
right means giving up fast food and fried
food - except in very limited quantities.
Exercise doesn't have to mean buying the
latest infomercial fad - exercise can mean
walking briskly around the block or joining
a walking group that walks in the mall
every morning. Exercise can mean riding
your bike to do errands around town and
leaving your car at home.
It should also come as no surprise that
smoking and using any form of tobacco is not
only bad for your health but it will also
cost you considerably more in health
insurance costs. If you are sincere about
comparing and finding truly low-cost health
insurance then you can't continue to smoke.
It also means you may have to lose weight.
Your BMI (Body Mass Index) is one way health
insurance companies determine your monthly
insurance premium. The lower your BMI the
less you are going to pay. Losing even a
few pounds could - hopefully - drop you a
notch on your insurance company's BMI meter
and if that happens you could save hundreds
of dollars each year.
Find group health insurance. Group health
insurance may be less picky about your
weight and smoking habits and group health
insurance is almost always cheaper than
individual health insurance. If your place
of employment doesn't offer low-cost group
health insurance try asking at any clubs,
organizations or associations that you
belong to - if that fails ask friend and
family if any groups or clubs they belong to
offer members group health insurance . If
so - join!
Joining an HMO or a PPO can save you a
considerable amount over buying health
insurance as an individual, but be prepared
for the possibility that you may have to
give up your favorite doctor - unless your
doctor happens to be a member of the HMO or
PPO you want to join.
Don't take part in extreme or dangerous
sports. Also, if you drive a fast sports
car, it may be time to sell it - at least
it is if you are serious about finding
affordable health care.
Pay your premiums automatically out of your
checking account. If your insurance company
doesn't have to prepare a bill for you every
month they'll pass the savings in to you.
If you are self employed or have a home-
based business ask your tax advisor if all
or a portion of your health insurance
premiums can be tax deductible. A tax
savings could make your health insurance a
whole lot more affordable.
Buy your drugs over the internet. You might
be surprised at the savings you can realize
on most drugs if you purchase them over the
Increase your deductible. Obviously you can
only do this is your budget will allow it,
but increasing your deductible is probably
the fastest and most sure way of lowering
your cost of health insurance.
Buy your health insurance over the internet.
There are literally dozens of websites that
encourage you to compare prices on health
insurance between different insurance
companies. Just don't make the mistake of
thinking that you only have to make your
comparisons on just one site.
If you're serious then be prepared to make
comparisons on at least 3 different websites
and also be certain that you input the exact
same answers in the forms on all three
sites you've chosen. This way you can be
sure that your "comparisons" actually have a
value for you.
Once you've finished all of your comparisons
then comes the fun part - reviewing all of
your results and choosing the best price you
can find. This is how anyone can become an
expert and compare low cost health insurance
in West Virginia and find the very best and
lowest price for health insurance possible.

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