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 Affordable Health Insurance in
Massachusetts is a unique state when it
comes to health care coverage. Massachusetts
has become the model for health care reform
for the nation. Of all states, affordable
health insurance in Massachusetts is the
most possible. There are cost-efficient
public options subsidized by the state as
well as many private and employer-sponsored
plans from which to choose.
Affordable Health Insurance in
Massachusetts: Statistics
The average annual premium for an employee-
sponsored health plan in Massachusetts after
employee contribution was $1,110 in 2009.
The average cost of one day in a
Massachusetts hospital that would come out
of your pocket if you do not have health
insurance is over $2,100 per day.
Massachusetts is in the top 3 in the U.S.
when it comes to physicians, obesity,
immunization, infant mortality and
occupational fatalities, which makes the
Massachusetts one of the healthiest states
in the U.S.
Affordable Health Insurance in
Massachusetts: The Health Connector
Massachusetts is the most insured state in
the nation. Over 97 percent of residents
have some form of health care coverage.
Enacted into law in April of 2006,
Massachusetts health reform has pursued the
goal of near-universal health care in the
state and has achieved it for the most part.
The law requires adults who can obtain
affordable health insurance in Massachusetts
to do so. The Health Connector is a state
agency of Massachusetts that aides residents
of the state find affordable health care
insurance and avoid tax penalties. Because
health care coverage is mandatory, with some
exceptions, tax penalties may be enforced if
you fail to gain coverage. The Health
Connector provides information concerning
the public plans available, the cost of
those plans, and qualification information
for subsidized plans and the health care
insurance exemption.
Affordable Health Insurance in
Massachusetts: Commonwealth Choice
Commonwealth Choice is a collection of six
unsubsidized Massachusetts health insurance
plans arrived at through a competitive
bidding process. They are available to
individuals, families and employers and have
been approved by the Health Connector. The
plans available range in coverage options
and overall cost and are provided by the
following Massachusetts medical insurance
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Fallon Community Health Plan
Health New England
Neighborhood Health Plan
Tufts Health Plan
Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan
Affordable Health Insurance in
Massachusetts: Commonwealth Care
Commonwealth Care is a public plan that
calls for complete subsidization of
comprehensive Massachusetts health insurance
for adults who earn up to 150 percent of the
federal poverty level. The children of
parents earning up to 300 percent of the
federal poverty level also get completely
subsidized coverage. If earning between 150
and 300 percent of the federal poverty
level, partial subsidies are available for
qualifying adults. Additional qualifications
require you to be a Massachusetts resident
and not be eligible for employee-sponsored
medical insurance or any other public
As you can see, there are many options for
residents of Massachusetts to find quality
health care. If you are shopping for the
first time, the best advice is the take some
time to familiarize yourself more deeply
with your options. This small amount of
effort can produce great results and make

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