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                                                    Shawn Talbot Rice

WORK EXPERIENCE                    Home/Office/Fax: 928-422-4035                       simpegideon@yahoo.com

January 2006 – Present – In-House Counsel, Earth Energy Industries Corp. (EEI). Various In-House legal procedures,
documents, etc. www.earthenergyindustries.com

November 2004 – Present – Counsel for The Order of Gershom (a religious Order) – reports to The Board at

March 2004 – Present – www.riceandassociates.net Legal Document Preparation Service, training and representation.
Obtained LLB in January 2006. Holds JD as of May 2008.

August 2003 – March 2004 – worked as paralegal/ILT/litigator for Freedom and Privacy Committee for purpose of
drafting pleadings for United States Court of Federal Claims and as instructor for purposes of teaching details of
corporation sole as well as principles of entity structuring.

June 2000 -- June 2003 – has worked as cargo pilot (June 2000 – May 2001) for AEX AIR, Inc. and as in-house
counsel. Performed various duties to settle numerous issues such as taxes (State and Federal income and use tax), estate
planning, criminal defense, Federal Aviation Administration coordination among other agency relationships, workman’s
compensation and unemployment litigation, ecclesiastical instruction, human relations, and other legal work.

TORAH TEACHER – Teaches Torah (First Five books of Bible) as well as Tanach (Old Testament) and Brit HaDasha
(New Testament) in pieces since 1997 but began teaching part-time September 1999 to present. Cantor for B’nai Yisrael
Kahal HaMashiach as of March 2005 and Rabbi since (officially) April 2006.

Formed Legal Advocate Partnership called BRAXTON AND RICE (June 2001 – May 2003) - worked on independent
legal projects for various private clients; entity structuring, criminal defense consulting, “Government” agency
administrative adjudication, private civil controversies, family law [Department of Economic Security, child custody],
Ecclesiastical Court Officer for The Ecclesiastical Court of Justice of Glendale, Arizona, teach 2 (40 hour law and Bible
courses) called “Federal Full Disclosure and Remedy,” (Phase I and III) assist in revesting title to US citizens, and other
legal work.

SEPT 96 – MAY 2000 - Organized four business organizations called VOLITION, ANDAMAN MANAGEMENT,
REMEDY - Law Firm). AMNAT CREDIT UNION ASSOCIATION (President) was in Formation and its sureties
decided to cancel project due to STATE OF CALIFORNIA coercive monopoly. Total number of workers exceeded
more than 15 at various times. I was the President of VOLITION, FFD&R and SMA. Each business was engaged in
activities ranging from facilitating legal services to facilitating banking services and financial assistance. I am also the
Presiding Patriarch (Overseer) for a religious corporation sole called Society of the Israelite Mosaic Paternal Ethic or

NOV 95 - SEPT 96 - Studied law, Demming management (TQM), business and international politics independently in
preparation for future business applications. In conjunction therein, worked as paralegal for firm known as Citizens Law
Group of Glendale, Arizona from February 96 – September 96.

SEPT 95 - DEC 95 - Started Sole Proprietorship called “DIRT CHEAP TREE TRIMMING” and cut residential trees
of all sorts in an effort to learn the various areas of business (capital usage, advertising, insurance requirements, labor
relations, business banking applications, business plan requirements etc.) and prepare for the next leap into the business

080709 -- [8a09543c-c8da-4309-87ef-bb5114409bb4.doc], Page 1 of 4
FEB 95 - SEPT 95 - Studied world politics, economics and entity structuring after attending the UNITED SUPPORT
ASSOCIATION’s WEALTH ACADEMY in Kent Washington under businessman Wade Cook.

JUN 81 - FEB 95 - UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. Naval Aviator, Intelligence Officer (Top Secret Security
Clearance), numerous overseas deployments, Desert Storm (etc.). Various awards, decorations, medals, etc. Discharged
Honorably and inactive reserve commission resigned.


Novus University – Completed Juris Doctor in May 2008 with thesis on Admiralty/Maritime law. Plans to follow with
LLM studies. Program advisor/mentor is Jay Thomas PhD. JD. – California.

SHEPPERTON UNIVERSITY – Law School – began program January 2002 completed January 2006. Holds Letter of
Law Bachelor (LLB). For list of courses, books covered email a request to simpegideon@yahoo.com Course of study
covered partially by Gilbert’s Law Books, audio tapes, elegalines, exams.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR - enrolled with PCDI (Professional Career Development Institute) in the Professional
Private Investigator Program. Project resumed and working towards completion.

HEBREW - Continuing education in ecclesiastical studies. Learning to read, write and speak Hebrew, ongoing training.

PARALEGAL STUDIES – (June 2000 – October 2001) Completed certified paralegal schooling through [accredited]
Kaplan College [since renamed The College of Professional Studies] of Boca Raton, Florida.

INDEPENDENT STUDIES – (May 1994 – to date) hired in excess of 25 mentors to learn various fields of law, business
and banking. Method of research is locate data, read authors work, contact author, hire author for independent private
schooling and continue to build upon that data from mentor to mentor. Standard rules of intelligence data collection

CONTINUING LEARNING – attended continuing legal education (CLE) by Bryan Garner titled The Winning Brief in
San Diego, California, June 5, A.D. 2000.

WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT UNIVERSITY School of Law. Was engaged in first year of a Bar accredited Law School.
Stopped in September 1999 to build another business division of Attorneys, Lawyers and Barristers for the International
Division of another company.

LAUGHLIN ASSOCIATES, INC. - Private entity structuring training for personal refresher and company employees
training on the inter-workings of Corporations and how to integrate the business corporation with Trusts and the
International banking arena.

BARRISTER’s INN - Private correspondence law school. January to December 1996. Studied independently, United
States Code, Arizona Revised Statutes, American Foundational Documents, some of the Treaties and Uniform
agreements between the States and the United States Government, various areas of case law, court procedures, various
motions, entities and some applicable case law, American Jurisprudence, Corpus Juris Secundum, an overview of
contracts from the “In a Nutshell” series as well as Emanuel Law Outlines on Contracts, Torts, criminal law,
constitutional law, trust law, property law, and some research into international agreements.

WEALTH ACADEMY - A Private training program under UNITED SUPPORT ASSOCIATION which provides a short
course on entity structuring and other business concepts through Mr. Wade Cook.

FREE ENTERPRISE SOCIETY training under (now deceased) Andrew J. Galumbos, completed V-50.

UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS - Military Intelligence course at Fort Huachuca, Arizona as well as the Navy
Marine Corps Intelligence Training (NMITC) course at Norfolk Virginia, NAVAL AVIATION (i.e. Flight School) at
Pensacola Florida and other flight training nationally and internationally. Currently rated as Commercial IFR, multi and
single engine rotary and fixed wing. Various training in combat flight as well as ground operations for war time
080709 -- [8a09543c-c8da-4309-87ef-bb5114409bb4.doc], Page 2 of 4
preparation and actual applications in Persian Gulf War and Cambodia (1992). Various other training courses in support
of these areas.

FLIGHT TRAINING – Pensacola Naval Flight School. Total time in cockpit is approximately 1950 hours. Currently
holds certification license as Multi and Single Engine, Commercial, IFR, Rotary and Fixed wing qualified. Last
Biannual flight review done first quarter year 2001 through AEX, Inc. Medical is second class and not current.

CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY at FULLERTON - B.A. Anthropology 1986. Focused in forensic anthropology
under supervision of Dr. Judy Suchee and Department Chair, Dr. Jacob Pandian. Forensic and Archeological Skills
utilized on Operation Full Accounting in Cambodia 1992 under CILHI (Central Identification Laboratory Hawaii) to
facilitate recovery of MIA (Missing In Action) remains as well as Cultural studies used in the Intelligence field.

SANTA ANA COLLEGE - A.A. Liberal Arts 1984.


Born in LaJolla, California 1962. Lived in City of Orange until 1983. Graduated from El Modena High School 1981.
Married April 5th, 1986. Divorced October 31st, 1997. Remarried January 30th, A.D. 1999 to Kristin Leone Mitchell.
Adopted two children 3 y/o boy (Noah) and 4 y/o girl (Naomi) August 2006, adoption legal procedures completed in
December 2007. They are now 5 and 6 as of August 2008.

United States (Social Security British Treaty based) territorial citizenship formally terminated through U.S. State
Department and its Embassy in Vancouver, British Columbia, September 1999. Maintains American/UnitedStates
nationality through US State Department. Procedure acknowledged by US State Department in person through legal
counsel, Washington DC November 1999. Maintains US Passport. Taught this subject matter (and other issues) for U.S.
Attorney office in Seattle Washington case (USA v. JW Zidar, et. al., 2002)


Uri Harel, Hebrew Teacher               Clayton Utterback, Paralegal         Terry Payne, Businessman/EEI
602-762-2077                            949-275-8145                         760-567-2544

John Marsing, Programmer                Ken Newman                           Paul Chappel, Esq.
928-273-0824                            480-671-9963                         540-374-1283 (Fax 1284)

Francis Casey (LtCol Ret.)              Leon Miles, J.D.                     Rabbi Ed Nydle
714-838-1910                            951-681-8826                         641-682-0217

Elder Ya’acov Geise                     FBI/IRS Agent                        John Kennedy, Fire Chief (former)
B’nai Yisrael Kahal HaMashiach          David M. Rubincam                    Seligman (Volunteer) Fire District
928-533-9427                            206-622-0460 Ext. 2368               928-422-3242


PO Box 700#81
Ash Fork (86320)


1968 -- January 1985                        452 S. Swidler Place, Orange, California 92669

January 1985 -- April 1987                  1300 E. Wilshire Ave. #101, Fullerton, California 92634 (CSUF)

April 1987 – October 1987                   Quantico, Virginia (USMC Basic School)
080709 -- [8a09543c-c8da-4309-87ef-bb5114409bb4.doc], Page 3 of 4
October 1987 – January 1988                 Pensacola, Florida (USMC Naval Flight School)

January 1988 – April 1989                   550A Mariner Dr., Milton (32570-4138), Florida (Naval Flight School)

April 1989 – October 1989                   Irvine, California (MCAS Tustin, California, CH-46 Transition Course)

October 1989 – August 1992                  47-380 Hui Iwa Street #D, Kaneohe (96744-4468), Hawaii
                                            (Stationed at MCAS Kaneohe Bay and deployed to various destinations for 23
                                            of 36 months in the Far East while stationed in Hawaii)

August 1992 – February 1995                 14492 Holt Ave. Apt A, Tustin (92780-8000), California (MCAS Tustin, CH-
                                            46 Flight Instructor, MCAS El Toro, 3rd MAW G-2 Intel)

February 1995 – November 1997               1651 E. Tyson Place, Chandler (85225), Arizona

November 1997 – February 1999               7778 N. 20th Ave., Phoenix (85021-6963), Arizona

February 1999 – November 2001               SIMPE, 1810 W. Northern Ave. A9106, Phoenix (85021), Arizona

November 2001 – May 2004                    SIMPE, c/o: 9163 W. Union Hills #105-30; near, Peoria (82), Arizona

June 2004 – Present                         SIMPE, PO Box 700#81, Ash Fork (86320), Arizona

080709 -- [8a09543c-c8da-4309-87ef-bb5114409bb4.doc], Page 4 of 4

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