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					                   The Buzz. . .
                   VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                               SEPTEMBER 2008

                   NC DHHS, DPH, WCHS, Early Intervention Branch, Resource & Information Unit

                   Welcome to The Buzz...
                   Welcome to the first issue of The      electronically. Reviewers may also     certification renewal;
                   Buzz… This publication was             send suggestions for topics to be
                                                                                               2. Program updates such as:
                   developed to communicate with          addressed to
                                                                                                  changes in the North Carolina
                   Infant-Toddler Program (ITP)
                                                          Key topic areas will relate to:         ITP Guidance to Personnel
                   Certification Reviewers.
                                                          1. Reviewer responsibilities such       Certification and policy and
       Bea         The Buzz… will be published                                                    procedure clarification;
                                                             as: assessing the applicant’s
                   semi-annually to provide                  portfolio of academic             3. Current trends such as: common
                   Reviewers with recent changes,            transcripts, continuing              errors in reviewing applications;
                   trends, and general updates               education, in-service credits,       and announcements of
                   regarding ITP certification. It will      records of performance               upcoming Reviewer trainings
            Earl   also be a valuable resource for           appraisal, and other on-the-job      and statewide trainings receiving
                   attendees at the semi-annual              personnel development                ITP credit approval.
                   Certification Reviewer trainings          activities; accounting for
                   for individuals interested in             observation of the applicant’s    4. For your
                   becoming Certification Reviewers.         practice, recommending and           information
                   The Buzz… will be sent to current         reviewing continuing personnel       postings.
                   Reviewers and CDSA Directors              development activities for
                   Lapsed Infant, Toddler and Family Specialist/Associate Certification
                   The Resource and Information           lapse to “What is lapsed status?”.   certification is in lapsed status
                   Unit receives many inquiries           Therefore, it is appropriate to      when it is not renewed annually
                   regarding lapsed ITP                   launch our premiere issues of        as indicated in the 2008 North
                   certification. These inquiries         The Buzz… with a discussion of       Carolina ITP Guidance to
                   range from how to handle               lapsed status.                       Personnel Certification.
                   situations where individuals have      What do we mean when we refer                         (Continued on page 2)
                   allowed their certification to         to lapsed status? An individual’s
Be Early!
PAGE 2                                                                                                                             THE BUZZ. . .

Lapsed Infant, Toddler and Family Specialist/Associate Certification, continued...
               (continued from page 1)            she submits her paperwork to renew her           qualify for recertification, but would need
                 Individuals may not renew        certification. Jeanne would be in lapsed         to begin the certification process again.
                 their certification for a        status for 20 months (February 2007 through      Example 2: An individual, whose renewal
                 variety of reasons.              September 2008).                                 date was March 2004 and failed to submit
                 Individuals who leave the        2. Determine the number of additional            the required 30 contact hours by March
                 employment of the CDSA or           contact hours needed to renew (2.5            2005, is considered in lapsed status. If the
                 contracted provider agency          contact hours per lapsed month). In this      individual sends the renewal in May 2005,
are not eligible to renew their certifications.      example, Jeanne would need an                 two (2) months are in lapse. This
Failure of the employee to annually obtain           additional 50 contact hours.                  corresponds to a five contact hour
the required 3.0 continuing education             3. Add this number (50) to the annual            requirement (2.5x 2=5). Therefore, 35
credits (30 contact hours) for renewal and           renewal contact hour requirement of 30        contact hours are required for a renewal.
the Certification Reviewer’s failure to              hours. Thus to renew Jeanne’s                 You try this one — Example 3: An
promptly report the renewal to the Early             certification, she will need 80 contact       individual’s renewal date is June 2006.
Intervention Branch are other reasons that           hours. (50+30=80)                             However, the individual is on medical leave
can result in a lapse in certification.                                                            for five months and doesn’t submit for
                                                  4. Assign the individual a new renewal date
In each lapsed status situation, the                 to correspond with the date certification     renewal until s/he returns to work in
Certification Reviewer must complete the             is renewed.                                   November 2006. Calculate how long the
following steps:                                                                                   individual’s certification has been in lapsed
                                                                         If the time between
1. Determine the number of months the
                                                     “HOW   LONG CAN                               status. __________ Multiply that number
   certification has lapsed. Start with the                                                        by 2.5 to determine the number of contact
                                                     CERTIFICATION BE    certification is more
   last renewal date and count the months                                                          hours needed to make up the lapse.
                                                    LAPSED BEFORE THEY   than three years (36
   to the current date. Round up to the next                                                       _________ Add the required 30 contact
                                                     ARE REQUIRED TO     months) from the
   month if the lapsed time falls between            REAPPLY FOR ITP                               hours to that number to determine how
                                                                         original certification
   months. For instance, if the lapse is             CERTIFICATION?”                               many hours will be needed
                                                                         expiration date, the
   determined to be 2.5 months or more,                                                            for her/his renewal.
                                                  individual must reapply for ITP
   round up to three months.                                                                       _________ The revised 2008
                                                  certification. For example, if the certificate
                                                                                                   North Carolina ITP Guidance
Example 1: Jeanne Francis’ last renewal           was to be renewed in June 2005 and
                                                                                                   to Personnel Certification has
date was January 2007. She leaves the ITP         paperwork for renewal was submitted in
                                                                                                   a chart to help you calculate
system but returns September 2008 when            September 2008, the individual would not
                                                                                                   the lapsed status.
 VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1                                                                                                                                   PAGE 3

Renewals — When, Where, and How to Report Them

             Once a Reviewer approves a               3. Type of certification (ITFA or ITFS);            It should also be noted that renewal dates
             certification renewal, s/he              4. Renewal date; and                                only change when there has been a lapse in
             should sign and date the back            5. Name of Reviewer and place of                    an individual’s certification. For instance, if
             of the certificate. However,                  employment.                                    an individual’s last certification renewal date
the renewal process is incomplete until the           Renewal information should be sent to               was December 2007 and the renewal is
Reviewer emails the following information    no less than 12 months           submitted to the Reviewer in August 2008,
to                                and no more than 13 months of either the            the new renewal date will be December
1. Applicant’s name;                                  initial certification date or the last renewal      2009. An early submission will not change
2. Applicant’s place of employment;                   date.                                               the renewal date.

                            Partnerships for Inclusion Offering Social/Emotional Training
Partnerships for Inclusion will present a two-day     poverty, maternal depression, and other family     When and where are the training sessions?
training, entitled “Strong Foundations:               circumstances impact early development,            Session 1—Western Region
Healthy Social & Emotional Development in             strategies to support young children and their     November 20 and 21, 2008
Infants and Toddlers”. This training, which is        families who have risk factors and resources to    School for the Deaf
offered at no cost to participants, will provide an   assist us in our work.                             Morganton, N.C.
overview of the components of early social and        Who should attend the training?                    Session 2—Eastern Region
emotional development in infants and toddlers         Each CDSA director can send up to four             January 13 and 14, 2009
(e.g., temperament, attachment, emotional             participants from the catchment areas as each      WAGES Head Start
regulation, developmental issues) and how these       session is limited to 36 participants. Directors   Goldsboro, N.C.
components influence and are influenced by            are encouraged to send participants who are in a   PFI has more detailed information about the
parents, families and the communities in which        position to share the information with others in   training that will be sent to CDSA directors
they live. Participants will also explore how         their agencies.                                    soon.

                                             Upcoming Certification Reviewer Training
The R&I Unit will conduct two Certification           Fall 2008 Reviewer Training                        Spring 2009 Reviewer Training
Reviewer Training activities per year — one each
                                                      Save the Date!                                     Save the Date!
spring and fall. The dates and locations will be
shared with CDSA Directors, current                   September 30, 2008                                 March 10, 2009
Reviewers, and on our website:          10:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m.                               10:00 a.m.—2:00 p.m.
Reviewers may also contact their R&I Unit
Specialist for individual technical assistance.       Raleigh N.C.                                       Raleigh N.C.
NC DHHS, DPH, WCHS, Early Intervention Branch, Resource & Information Unit
1916 Mail Service Center     About ITP Certification
Raleigh, N.C. 27699-1916
Phone: 919-707-5525          The Infant-Toddler Program (ITP) administers a credentialing program called Infant-Toddler Personnel Certification.
Fax: 919-870-4834            This certification is required for specified Children’s Developmental Services Agency (CDSA) personnel, public
E-mail:   and private providers of special instruction services, and early intervention service coordination to children
                             enrolled in the Infant-Toddler Program. Local oversight and supervision of service providers must be provided by
                             the CDSA. Statewide administrative oversight is provided by the Early Intervention Branch, Women’s and
  WE’RE ON THE WEB!          Children’s Health Section, Division of Public Health.
     WWW.NCEI.ORG            The classifications of certificates are Infant, Toddler and Family Associate (ITFA) and Infant, Toddler and Family
                             Specialist (ITFS). Credits for each type of certificate may be earned through a wide range of methods and
                             arrangements that verify a practitioner’s competence. ITP certification remains valid if renewal credits are
                             obtained and approved until the individual is no longer employed by the ITP or the provider agency or allows
                             the certificate to lapse.

                                          Regional Resource & Information Specialists

       Eastern Region R&I Specialist                   Central Region R&I Specialist                    Western Region R&I Specialist
                 Krystal Davis                                Regina McCauley                                   Harriette Bailey
            404 St. Andrews Drive                          Winston-Salem CDSA                             Morganton/Hickory CDSA
            Greenville, N.C. 27834                        Wake Forest University                           3314-1216th Avenue, SE
                (252) 916-0431                              School of Medicine                              Conover, N.C. 28613                        3325 Silas Creek Parkway                               (704) 437-1172
                                                         Winston-Salem, N.C. 27103              
                                                               (336) 813-0231

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