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					 11/2/94 Friday , arrived in New Zealand at 7.50pm local time . Phoned Tim , who
kindly picked me up from the airport . Back to his house , drink , light supper
, and sleep . Wife Louise and children Sam and 6 month old Phoebe .
 12/2/94 Saturday . Martin Bull on the phone ! (see Ausie file , Cairns) . Meet
up with Martin in Auckland . See the Whitbread yachts and girls rowing races
(photo) . I love the Mauri chants , just like the All Blacks . Meanwhile Tim is
arranging with a friend for me to borrow / hire an old CX 500 , as we had
loosely arranged from England by phone (when Mum & Dad were on holiday with the
Kenyons ~Ed) . M & I have a good rummage around town , not too energetic because
it is pleasantly hot and I am wearing Romulus & Remus . We see Penny , a young
Kiwi phily , who has grown very fond of Martin . She works in an NZ souvenire
shop . Penny gives me the "getting my sheep together T~shirt" , most kind .
Martin & I make plans for the next 5 days and go back to Tim & Louise's house to
pack . Pick up the CX at 7pm , poor old thing , I don't think Mr Honda expected
any motor cycle to be put through so much by so many and have so little done to
it in return . We creep of , late due to last minute and vital maintenance , to
Frank and Ke'Teisha's . We all go out to a party , drink eat and make friends
with eachother (we have never met) . I go to bed late because Frank has 2
letters for me from Mum , and one from David , all much appreciated . I read
them from 1.30am ~ 2am .
  13/2/94 Sunday is race day . Martin & I head south on the CX bound for Paeroa
, which should have been only 1.5hours away , but we/I did not turn off the "M1"
soon enough . Not to worry though because we discovered more breathtaking
scenery and that the bike is running so rich that it is doing 32.4mpg (the
Revere , when touring France , did 75mpg ~Ed). It ticks over fine and is good on
full chat , but between those extremes it is ghastly . The bike racing through
the streets is very exciting , all sorts of bikes from Ducati's to MotoX (with
slicks on) , also '50's Norton , Triumph , and Triton . See photo's . At 4pm we
head off for Waihi , swim (photo's) , through Tauranga , and eventually found
somewhere to stay in Mt Maunganui . Din's in Blue Morocco , bed at 10.30
 14/2/94 Monday . Up early , a peach of a morning . Rode through Te Puke , yes I
like that name , to Rotorua , which is the biggest tourist trap in NZ . The CX
behaving more badly so we get there quite quickly (see above). Cold in the shade
of the forest , hot in the sun , we arrive at Lake Rotorua . This is one of the
few places in the World you can "just follow your nose" to find , there is a
strong smell of sulphur . Whilst this is very handy for cover ups of your own
digestive inadequacies , it does mean that you are at an area of much thermal
activity (de dun derrr) . Breakfast at McDonalds . I change the plugs on the CX
back to the old / harder plugs : the new / soft plugs have been eaten in only
300Kms . Both sets are as black as your father . Find Wongaroura thermal rift
valley . Fascinating . Steam , sulphur , bubbles , and water at upto 97øC . See
photo's . At the bottom of the valley , must be a good 2.5mile walk down a track
, there is a large lake (name?) . As I am walking to the jetty right at the end
of the path I pass a "mature" man whom I think I recognise . I said to Martin
"watch me make a fool of myself , but I think I know that man ~what the hell ,
watch this" . "Excuse me , Mr Atkins" I say , and he turns round . Yes you've
guessed it readers , it's my old Maths master from Pangbourne . He cannot quite
believe it either (he had probably worked out the probability of meeting an OP
at the bottom of a thermal rift valley in NZ and thought it worth the risk ~Ed).
I introduce him to Martin as the man who tought me to add up well enough to
scrape an O level , Atkins pipes up "and taught him to sail" , which he obviosly
considers far more important . We have a quick chat and he scurries off to
re~join his wife . Mr Wittle has a lot to answer for . One of the very best
teachers I ever had the "pleasure" of being tought by . Back on the CX we head
back to Rotorua and run out of petrol on the way , this thing is worse than the
Morgan (per cc and bhp) . At the filling station I take the carbs appart , using
my new screw driver X~mass present from M&D . The needles don't seat in the jets
, everything is worn out , diaphragms perished and inflexible (careful ~Ed) .
Slap it all back together , head off back to Papatoetoe . Our best ride yet ,
sun , winding road , and I must have done something to th bike , it's no
smoother but now goes faster and a touch better on fuel . arrive back at Frank
and Ke'Teisha's after
phoning them half an hour before to warn them . Of course it's only bloody
Valentine's day isn't it . Martin and I ruin their plans . How insensitive . A
good night in . Chile and chat . Ke'Tiesha used to clean John Paul Jones'
windows when he lived in Daulish ! 15/2/94 after phoning Les , I try to get the
bike looked at . A mechanic tells me what I already know and charges me $10 for
it . However I do follow his advice and remove the air filter to lean it off a
touch (carbs non adjustable due to emission laws , ironic don't you think?) .
Amazing how much a canister type filter restricts airflow , not like ITG of
course . This helps . Windy and wet ride to the Bay of Islands , via Whangarei
and a visit to Carl Hansen , a contact of Musgrove's , who races an TR8 which is
as mucked about with as my Mog . We get on well and I am going to Hamilton to
see him race this weekend . Arrive in Paihia , wet and tired (but not cold) ,
having Sammy Millered my way through some extensive roadworks . Check into the
Mousetrap Hostel , early supper at the Marlin Cafe , bar and bed . See photo to
see weather conditions .
 16/2/94 Wednesday . Wake up to the sound of rain . So we have breakfast at the
Marlin and head off to Russell via the ferry (photo's) . The weather looks
brighter for a short time , but then takes a severe turn for the worse .
Waterproofs on we head off through Kawakawa , Kaikohe (weather improved
occassionaly) and an enormous trials section through Waipoua Kauri Forest . A
magnificent rain forest , ferns , Kauri trees , better than Cape Tribulation
really . Arrive in Dargaville at 3.30pm , have a few beers in the SUN . Check
into The Green House Y H . An excellent example . (thanks for the new YHA card
M&D) .
 Note: the New Zealand countryside is difficult to do justice to , even
Wordsworth would have trouble (especially as he is long dead ~Ed) . A bit
Derbyshire , a little Scotland , with some Cornwall / Brittany , but with
completely different vegetation . Well , there is lots of grass . The buildings
and towns however , by comparrison , are crap . Even worse than Australian
houses . The only good buildings are the old ones , such as the Post Office ,
Banks etc. (I wonder who was responsible for them). But this is only a first
impression , there is lots more to see including the whole of the South Island .
The people are great . Non of the Australian brashness and defiance of The
Motherland here .
 Martin , a trained chef , cooks Spag Bog in the YH kitchen . We have an ideal
twin room @$15 each . Almost Motel standard .
 17/2/94 Continue down the West coast , take photo's of riding the bike in the
short sunny spell before more rain . What has actually happened is that your
intrepid travellers are very cleaverly following a low / rain cloud South all
the way from The Bay Of Islands to Auckland . Arrive back at Tim & Louise's at
2pm . Go straight to the Honda dealers for advice . Martin goes off to catch the
coach to Wellington . See you back in Blighty Mart . Dins at T&L's , with the
in~laws . I move into the summer house / shed .
 18/2/94 L's Birthday . I locate some replacement carbs , for $70 , from a bike
wreckers , and await a decision from Les , the CX's proud owner . Now I will go
into Auckland to move my flight (again!) , and visit the Hewlett Packard NZ head
office to get all this blurb printed . Fingers crossed .

 Success , all of the above , including appointment books , address books and
memo files are now saved on floppy disc . I can now erase by accident or get
this thing knicked without total upheaval . I also got 17 pages of my diary to
date printed off the disc at a typing bureau , and posted them for the family to
read back in "old Blighty".
Here follows the tale after the first BACK UP .
 19/2/94 Saturday . Washing not dry , because I only put it on at 6pm yesterday
. I am well pleased with the carburetor replcement operation which I completed
last night between 7.30pm and 9pm . Much better . More responsive , smoother and
, I hope , more economical (have to wait and see) . Went for a ride into town to
get beer and pizza at 10pm . Wearing shorts and T~shirt , naughty but nice .
Chatted to Sue , T&L's baby sitter , who has invited me fishing with her
boyfriend . Typical of these nice Kiwi people . Forgive the retro the above , of
course , is last night , not Sat morning . Finally left for Frank and K'T's at
11.30am wearing shorts : my drying jeans draped over my back pack (which
cunningly attaches to a purpose built frame on the back of the CX ~sorry Chief ,
one of your money making scams that someone has beaten you to). Exchanged crash
hats back with Frank , keeping the old black one as a spare for any poor person
I may give a lift to on my journey .Stop press , there is a new bungy jump in
Queenstown 500Metres !!!!!!
 Pleasent ride to Hamilton . Found Carl Hansen and Mike Booth (Morgan man I met
at Pembrey in '92) practicing for the Hamilton "Classic" road race . Another
example of NZ fun . They are racing their tyres off on a bumpy (and dangerous
~Jackie Stewart) street circuit , beteen bales and 44 gallon drums . Bikes
(Triumph Norton Velocette AJS HRD and Bultaco (book early Paul)). Anglia , A35 ,
TR , MG , Morgan , Porsche and a host of American muscle . Much more low key
than at home , but just as competitive and expensive . Sheep netting protects
the crowd rather than Armco . The "Le Mans" 40 minute race starte at 10pm . I
was the runner for a friend of Carl's ~ had to run across the track and put a
garter on his arm before he could start up and hare off . This was the first
night street race in NZ's history (photo). Out on the grog with "the team" , I
got back to the YH at 2am .
 20/2/94 Terrible sleep . The two sharing the room ; one had ants in his pants ,
the other an ageing asmatic with a big body odour problem . To the track at
9.45am (weekend pass $10 , and I hear the exchange rate is $3:œ1) . Watched all
the races , both of our chaps doing well , Sir Jack Brabham showed up (twice in
a month) . Proceedings were made more expensive for the unfortunate by downfalls
of rain . Owen Evans showed great wet weather 911 control . Finished at 6.00pm ,
all went home , I am on my own here in the Youth Hostel and it's raining outside
. Hello Mother , this is James , am I really , going insane?~Oh won't you kindly
disregard this letter .
 Sarah, an American from Main , arrived at the YH . A typical Yank (ie very
nice) , she had studied literature at college and then gone boat building ! Now
at 26 she has come to NZ for 6 months doing the WWOOF scheme (willing workers on
organic farms) . We braved the rain and walked into the , deserted , town for a
couple of beers . Sarah did salvage the evening somewhat .
 21/2/94 Monday . Photo of view behind YH , river and bridge , looks like France
. On the road at 8.30am , sunny but cool . Breakfast and PC to Tim Fagan and
read a local motorsport paper for research (someone is advertising ITC air
filters , do they mean ITG ? I will send add to Jonathan Douglas). Rode around
the East side of Lake Taupo , a huge and magnificent lake . Photo's of the road
and lake should give you some idea of what a pleasurable ride it was . Up and
over the mountains (photo with snow) along the "desert road" . Which is as fast
as you want it to be . Met some other bikers on old Indians , I stopped for
lunch and a rest 50km off Palmerston North . Took air filter out of the CX again
to see if could improve it's still disappointing fuel consumption (38~40mpg) .
Also bought new plugs and fitted them by borrowing a socket from a mechanic at a
garage . Took photo of Fagan Road sign . Arrived at Rebakah's at 4pm . Met her
Mum , Helen ,and brother , Kaleb . Charlotte was also home . A strict and
religious household , grace before food etc . Also a little strained as Helen
had brain surgery last year . She gets stressed out at the drop of a swear word
, if you know what I mean , Harry . Dins at the Hulme~Moir's , then to the
Celtic Arms witUܒĒ
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ŒÚËËU‹íƒí -¸-(Ø‹F‹V‰Fú‰VüÇFþë ÿFþƒ~þ|é˜    ^ú+À&‰‡-
 &‰‡• &‰‡› &‰‡(tm) &LJ¥ h&LJ§ ‚#&LJ(c) p&LJ« ‚#&LJ± &LJ³‚#&LJµ ê
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$&LJå æ&Ç‡ç ‚#&LJé "&Ç‡ë ‚#&LJì Ò&LJï Í%&ÇG     •Fú é]ÿ•ÇFþ ë ÿFþƒ~þ}=¸     ÷n
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ÇFþ ë ÿFþƒ~þ}¸"    ÷nþ‹Øæ&LJ ëâ¡Â
‹å]Ë‹å]ËU‹íƒíWV -¸-(ŽØ¸F ÷f‹Ø è&‹‡ö‰Fò¹÷á  ‰FøÇFúK(Ãô‰^ôŒFö¸  ÷f Ê
¹-(‰Fü‰NþŒÂÁ‹ð&ÇD Â&ŠŒÆÁ‹ø&ˆ*Ò&ˆU&ˆU&ÇE to Charles Morgan , with
a letter . Fax to M&D . Booked ferry . Mike took me fishing in the evening . No
luck but a great sunset (photo). Watched winter Olympics , M&D phoned at
 Wellington is a beatiful city , but I had better see it in the winter before I
fall in love with it , but just look at the photo's . It is like Hong Kong ,
Sydney and Ledbury , if you get my drift .
 25/2/94 Booked onto the evening ferry , but I tried to get on the 10am . No
luck . Chatted to a Harley "Chapter" man , photo , and a DJ . Caught the 12noon
. Poor calves in that lorry , photo , it almost makes you a vege . I am now
sitting on the deck in shorts and no shirt enjoying the February sun . Should
dock in Picton on the South Island at 3.30pm , my accom. is already booked .
Good photo opportunity on the way in . I am going to close NZ file and continue
with KIWI . Close 2pm , sitting on the ferry mid~way between the North and South
Island of New Zealand .
PS Mike and I had several chats about what I should do in the future , bearing
in mind he came out here 30 years ago with a wife , daughter , a few hundred$ ,
"and two chests full of family silver . He now has a very comfortable life out
here . He agrees , I must do something I am interested in , be self employed ,
deal in something(s) . We both admitted that you cannot race / run a Morgan on
net income , you must have a company to charge everything you can to . QED . END

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