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					                    Global Release Liner Industry Conference
                      Speaker Biographies for Workshop A

Lori Jones, Dow Corning Associate Industry Scientist

                    Lori Jones, who has held technical service and development roles in
                    pressure sensitive adhesives and release coatings for more than 20 years, is
                    an Associate Industry Scientist for Dow Corning’s pressure sensitive
                    adhesives industry. She authored the chapter on “Silicone Pressure
                    Sensitive Adhesives” in Satas’ Handbook of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
                    Technology. In addition, she holds several patents in fluorosilicone release
                    and other release technologies.

Norm Kanar, Dow Corning Americas Area Market Manager

                    Norm Kanar is the Americas Area Market Manager for release coatings
                    and pressure sensitive adhesives. In his 10 years with Dow Corning, Kanar
                    has also served in Process Engineering and held manufacturing roles with
                    Dow Corning’s Specialty Chemicals Business. He is a member of the
                    American Institute of Chemical Engineers and has a bachelor’s degree in
                    Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University and a Master of
                    Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan.

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