Reaching out to those in need by fdh56iuoui


									                            Seeking and Serving Persons Who Are Poor Since 1633

                                                                                                          Winter 2007-2008

                                                   eaching out to those in need
                                         From our founding days in 1633,            skills educational programs. A variety
                                    the Daughters of Charity were unlike            of classes are offered such as finance,
                                    the established religious communi-              health, safety, and parenting to assist
                                    ties at the time. The needs were great          them achieving their goals. The Daugh-
                                    — abandoned babies, the homeless and            ters understand that education em-
                                    sick living in the streets, hungry beggars      powers persons to achieve their goals,
                                    everywhere — all of which pointed to a          become stronger and more self-efficient.
                                    widening gap between the rich and the           The Family Advancement Ministries and
                                    poor.                                           other Daughters’ outreach centers are
                                         Today, the Daughters are still urged       becoming a one-stop shop for persons
                                    by the charity of Christ to reach out to        most in need.
                                    persons most in need. They continue                   As the number of those in need
                                    their legacy of commitment to the most          continues to grow, and with your prayer,
                                    poor, through a variety of health, educa-       support, and financial assistance, the
                                    tion, social service, and parish ministries.    Daughters of Charity will advance their
                                         At one of their                            outreach services by increasing case
                                    ministries called Family Advancement            management, job placement efforts,
                                                  Ministries in Macon, Georgia,     life skills education, and more. Because

“A     ttentive to the
                                                     they focus on helping par-
                                                      ents advance their skills
                                                                                    of you, they are able to respond more
                                                                                    effectively to the needs of persons who
inspirations of the                                    to better support their      are poor.
                                                       families indepen-
Holy Spirit, we live
                                                        dently. The Daugh-
anew our charism in                                      ters assist expectant
creative fidelity.                                        women and parents
                                                           with preschool age
                                                             children with finan-
We passionately                                               cial assistance,
commit ourselves to...                                         clothing, diapers,
open our eyes and                                               car seats, baby
                                                                items, and life
hearts to the
global issues of today.”
Vision Statement of
the Daughters of Charity,
Emmitsburg Province
A Letter from Our Provincial Superior

D            Dear Friends,
                       In 2006, Catholic Charities USA wrote a policy paper reflecting
                 some startling information concerning poverty in our country.
                • Almost half of all Americans will have experienced poverty
             for a year or more at some point in their lives by the time
            they reach age 60.
           • Most of the poor are workers with only 3% receiving more
            than half their annual income from government programs.
           This data is startling. In the outreach programs of our province, the num-
                                                                                                Sister Marian was there to greet her
                                                                                           when she came and called her by name. Deb-
                                                                                           bie was very struck by the respect that she
                                                                                           was shown, because she quickly pointed out
                                                                                           that street people don’t have names. They are
                                                                                           nobodies. She soon came to realize that if Sis-
                                                                                           ter could call her by name then she must be
                                                                                           worth something. If Sister saw something in
      ber of women and children have increased significantly as is true across the         her to respect, then she better do something
      country – single moms and their children, grandmothers who are raising their         to make herself worthy of that respect. She
      grandchildren because parents are in prison or on drugs. The biggest frustra-        entered a rehab program and found a job.
      tion of our sisters and their volunteers is the rapidity with which funds run out.        This story has stayed with me and has
      While this is true, access to these centers by any one                                                           motivated me time
      struggling to make ends meet, provides momentary               They will find                                    and time again, to
      relief of some of the anxiety they experience in their
      lives. These centers assurance that they will receive
                                                                someone who will offer                                 find the face of Christ
                                                                                                                       in every poor person
      a listening ear and listening heart. They will find        them respect and love                                 as Sister Marian did.
      someone who will offer them respect and love at a
      very vulnerable time of their life.
                                                                  at a very vulnerable                                      This story, or
                                                                                                                       stories similar to it
           An experience that stays with me occurred sev-          time of their life.                                 are repeated over
      eral years ago when I visited a walk-in center staffed                                                           and over again in our
      by a Daughter of Charity and sponsored by the St. Vincent de Paul Society.           outreach centers which become havens of
           Debbie, a woman probably in her 30s, arrived to wash her clothes at             compassion, respect, and encouragement.
      the Center. While she waited for her laundry to be finished, she began chat-         When individuals have to worry each month
      ting with me. When a group of other women arrived at the door cursing at             about keeping a roof over their heads or food
                                    each other, Debbie invited them out until they         on the table, when they can’t find the dollars
                                    completed their argument. I commented to her           needed to prevent their utilities from being
                                    how impressed I was at the action she took. She        turned off, when they have to make a choice
                                    said, “Oh, Sister Marian never tolerates that can of   between whether to pay for their medicine or
                                    language. She always wants us to respect each          their week’s groceries, they come with hope.
                                    other.” Debbie then went on to share that she          How difficult it is to have to turn them away,
                                    had been an alcoholic and addicted to drugs. She       but at least, they know that someone will
                                    began coming to the Center to shower and wash          care, will listen, and respect them, and will
                                    her clothes and just to chat.                          act to find a solution to their problem at our
                                                                                           outreach centers.
                                                                                           With deep gratitude,

                                                                                           Sister Claire Debes, D.C.
                                                                                           Provincial Superior
                     ift of Life
                                            Sister Elizabeth Ann Sjoberg
    Growing up as an “Air Force kid,” I      I couldn’t put a finger on it at the time, there
had a variety of experiences with the        was something special about the way the
universal Church. My family never spent      Daughters prayed, interacted with each other,
more than three years in any one place.      and with those they served. These women
As a result, we got to know many differ-     could laugh, have fun, and at the same time
ent parish priests, Church communities,      serve the poor with a deep, concrete love. But
and schools. And yet, my first experience    become a Daughter of Charity? I wasn’t quite
of meeting a group of Sisters did not        sure yet.
come until my high school and college            After much prayer, vocation retreats, talk-
years.                                       ing with others, and more prayer, God led me
    I attended the University of Mary        to a space where I was open to seeing where
Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia,      this “vocation thing” would go. Looking back,
and became involved with the Catholic        I know that it is God who has called me here.
Campus Ministry during my freshman           Now that I am in the Seminary, there is time
year. One fall weekend, the campus min-      to deepen my response to this call through
istry sponsored a weekend service trip       prayer, study, and reflection.
to downtown Baltimore. We stayed with            Surely, God has many adventures in store for me now
the Daughters of Charity, prayed with        and in the future. And I can’t wait to meet them as a
them, and experienced volunteering in        Daughter of Charity.

some of their urban ministries. Although

What is the path                                  od is calling you to follow?
How do I know what God wants me to do      a vocation as a Sister to spend the
with my life? Probably the best answer to  weekend of prayer and reflection. The
the question is: You don’t! As we come to  retreat will take place from early evening
know God, we learn to notice our inner     on Friday, February 29, through
movements and impulses.                    late morning on Sunday, March 2,
                                           2008. Pray with the Sisters on this most
These come to our awareness mostly         important decision. We will gather in
through our feelings such as joy, fear,    Emmitsburg, Maryland—home of the
peace, restlessness, and wonder. Prayer in Basilica of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton and
its many expressions and manifestations the Daughters of Charity.
is the key to this awareness.               Mark your calendars today! Additional
                                           information can be obtained by e-
The Daughters of Charity invite single     mailing Sister Denise LaRock at
Catholic women interested in discerning

                                               She also attended St. Rose College in        • Our Lady Queen of Peace School,
                                               Albany, New York.                            Washington, D.C.
                                                 Completing the seminary in 1941, Lucy,       In 1990, Sister returned to Emmitsburg
                                               now Sister Lucia, was given her first        and worked for a year as a docent at the
                                               assignment as a group worker at Seton        Seton Shrine Center. This was followed
                                               Villa in Bellefonte, Delaware, followed by   by nine years as sacristan in the Basilica
                                               eight years at St. Mary’s Hospital Nursery   of the National Shrine of St. Elizabeth
Sister Lucia Palma, D.C.                       in Syracuse, New York, as a child nurse.     Ann Seton.
  Sister Lucia Palma died on May                 Sister Lucia’s ministry changed to           Sister Lucia moved to Villa St. Michael
20, 2007, at Villa Saint Michael, the          education and for the next 38 years she      in 2000 but was far from being retired.
province’s retirement residence in Em-         taught elementary grades at:                 The fast pace walking to and from school
mitsburg. She was 90 years of age and          • Saint Mary’s School, Troy, New York        in order to be on time stayed with Sister,
67 years of vocation.                          • Our Lady of Lourdes, Utica, New York       and she still walked faster than most.
  Lucy Palma was born in Washington,           • Saint Peter’s School, Wilmington, Dela-    She visited the Villa Sisters, accompanied
D.C., one of fourteen children of Raphael      ware                                         them to and from doctor visits, and was a
and Angelina Miglaccio Palma. Lucy en-         • Saint Martin’s School, Baltimore           relief switchboard operator in the Provin-
tered the Daughters of Charity in 1939.        • Saint Michael’s School, Baltimore          cial House.
She received her bachelor’s degree in          • Saint Dominic’s School, Baltimore
elementary education from St. Joseph           • Mother Seton School, Emmitsburg,
College, Emmitsburg, Maryland, in 1966.        Maryland

                                               New Jersey, and lived there for three          Sister Olga served in Baltimore as medi-
                                               years. In the last three months of nurses    cal and surgical supervisor in pediatrics
                                               training, Olga was sent to Mount Hope        at St. Agnes Hospital from 1945-1947,
                                               Retreat in Baltimore where she lived and     and nurse supervisor at Seton Institute
                                               worked for two and a half years. It was      from 1947-1955. In Washington, D.C.
                                               during this time at Mount Hope Seton         at Providence Hospital, Sister served
                                               Institute that she became acquainted         from 1955-1956 as nurse supervisor in
                                               with the Daughters of Charity. In 1942,      pediatrics and as infection control nurse
                                               Olga entered the Daughters of Charity.       from 1962-1987. During her twenty-five
Sister Olga Hamay, D.C.                          She received her bachelor’s degree         and a half years at Providence, Sister also
  Sister Olga Hamay died on July 2, 2007, at   in nursing from St. Joseph College,          served as supervisor for Central Supply
Villa Saint Michael in Emmitsburg. She was     Emmitsburg, in 1958. For undergradu-         and two medical/surgical units. In 1987,
89 years of age and 65 years of vocation.      ate studies she also attended Loyola         Sister Olga received her last active-duty
  Olga Hamay was born in Philadelphia,         College, Baltimore, and the University of    assignment at Villa St. Michael in Em-
Pennsylvania, one of three children            Detroit, Michigan. After completing the      mitsburg where she served as nurse
of Daniel and Julia Hamay. She was             seminary Sister Olga began her first as-     supervisor and assisted in organizing the
baptized in the Byzantine Rite. She            signment in 1943 as nurse supervisor at      Villa Gift Shop.
graduated from Jamesburg High School           St. Joseph Hospital, Dearborn, Michigan.
in Jamesburg, New York, in 1936. After         She returned to St. Joseph in 1956, and
graduation she entered the School of           worked there as director of nursing for
Nursing at St. Francis Hospital in Trenton,    six years until the hospital closed.
WE REMEMBER...                                                        Memorial contributions may be made to the Daughters of Charity
                                                                                        Support Fund for the Elderly and Infirm Sisters,
                                                                                     333 South Seton Avenue, Emmitsburg, MD 21727.

                                             Emmitsburg, and her master’s degree in             • Elizabeth Seton High School, Blad-
                                             nursing administration from Saint John’s         ensburg, Maryland, and Saint Joseph
                                             University in Jamaica New York.                  House in Petersburg, Virginia, as vocation
                                               After completing the seminary, Sister          director
                                             Catherine was sent to Our Lady of Vic-             • Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola,
                                             tory School in Portsmouth, Virginia, and         Florida, as administrative assistant
                                             taught elementary grades for two years.            • Sacred Heart Hospital, Cumberland,
Sister Catherine Norton, D.C.                The next four years were focused on her          Maryland, as Vice-President of Mission
  Sister Catherine Norton died Friday,       studies at Saint Joseph College where she        Services
July 27, 2007, of injuries sustained in a    obtained her bachelor’s degree in nursing          • Saint Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, as
fall while attending a meeting in Buffalo,   in 1956 which marked the beginning of a          Sponsor Liaison to Ascension Health for
New York. She was 73 years of age and        long career in the healthcare field.             the Emmitsburg Province
54 years of vocation.                          Several of Sister Catherine’s missions were:     The recipient of an honorary doctorate
  Kathryn Anne Norton was born in Troy,        • Saint Mary Hospital, Saginaw, Michi-         from The Catholic University of America
New York. Kathryn graduated from             gan as nurse director                            in 1986, Sister Catherine was a Fellow
Catholic Central High School there in          • Saint Vincent’s Medical Center, Jack-        of the American College of Hospital Ad-
June of 1952, and entered the Daughters      sonville, Florida, as assistant administrator    ministrators; a member of the American
of Charity the following December.             • Providence Hospital in Washington,           Hospital Association; American Public
She received her bachelor’s degree           D.C. as assistant administrator, President/      Health Association; Catholic Hospital As-
in nursing from Saint Joseph College,        CEO, and Chairman of the Board                   sociation; Florida Hospital Association.

                                             lege, Emmitsburg, Maryland. She also               • Sacred Heart Hospital, Pensacola,
                                             attended Sacred Heart Hospital School            Florida as operating room supervisor
                                             of Nursing in Pensacola, Florida, and              • Providence Hospital, Detroit, Michi-
                                             Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland.           gan as operating room supervisor
                                               After receiving her habit and the                • Seton Institute, Baltimore as supervi-
                                             name Sister Bernard, Sister was sent to          sor of occupational/recreation therapy
                                             her first mission, The Seton Institute, a          • Saint Agnes Hospital, Baltimore as
                                             facility for psychiatric care in Baltimore       nursing coordinator
                                             where she served as a nursing supervi-             • Sacred Heart Hospital, Pensacola as a
Sister Bernard Noa, D.C.                     sor from 1946 until 1953.                        consultant
  Sister Bernard Noa died Friday, Sep-         Several of Sister Bernard’s other mis-           St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Jack-
tember 14, 2007, at Villa Saint Michael      sions were:                                      sonville, Florida was Sister’s last active-
in Emmitsburg. She was 85 years of age         • St. Joseph’s Retreat, Dearborn, Mich-        duty assignment. She will be remem-
and 62 years of vocation.                    igan as a psychiatric nursing supervisor         bered for her extensive knowledge as
  Margaret Elizabeth Noa was born in           • Astor Home, Rhinebeck in New York            a psychiatric nurse, her devotion to the
Pensacola, Florida, graduated from Pen-      as the nurse for a residential group             patients, and her love of nature, espe-
sacola High School 1940, and entered           • Saint John’s Hospital, Lowell, Massa-        cially birds.
the Daughters of Charity five years later    chusetts as director of nursing service
in 1945. Sister received her bachelor’s        • Saint Vincent’s Medical Center,
degree in nursing from St. Joseph Col-       Jacksonville, Florida as operating room
Vincentian Family News
                        The 1st Annual South Carolina Vincentian Family Gathering
     Twenty members of the Vincentian          Family, then members shared about their            “I want to tell others about the fel-
 Family met at the Sisters of Charity of       group and ministry and, of course, lunch.      lowship of those who were present &
 Our Lady of Mercy Mother House in                 Some of the comments were as follows:      their wonderful commitment in serving
 Charleston, South Carolina, on Novem-             “The wonderful stories of work being       the poor.”
 ber 17, 2007. Members were from the           done to assist the poor and the compas-            “This is a fabulous start!”
 St. Vincent de Paul Society, Ladies of        sion & love shown by the individuals who
 Charity, Sisters of Charity of Our Lady       shared their ministry work touched me.”
 of Mercy, Daughters of Charity and the            “God is at work in South Carolina
 Friends of Vincent (retired persons from      and has chosen many wonderful children                      For more information
 the Georgetown area who serve the poor        to help Him!”                                          on the Vincentian Family,
 in the spirit of St. Vincent).                    “There are possibilities for coordi-                      visit our web site
     The gathering consisted of prayer, a      nating or working together or at least 
 brief presentation about the Vincentian       occasional contacts…”

The gift of the
                     GS              reen capular
      Ten years after the manifestation        was encircled by an inscription
 of the Miraculous Medal to Sister             of oval shape surmounted by a
 Catherine Labouré, in 1830, the Blessed       gold cross, and thus worded:
 Mother entrusted the Scapular of the                 “Immaculate Heart of
 Immaculate Heart of Mary (popularly           Mary, pray for us now and
 called the Green Scapular) to Sister          at the hour of our death.”
 Justine Bisqueyburu, likewise a Daughter             An interior voice revealed                                    Sister Genevieve Ryan,
 of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul.            to Sister Justine the meaning of                   Marian Center Director from 1953 to 1988
      On January 28, 1840, Our Blessed         the vision. She understood that
 Mother appeared to Sister Justine during      this new scapular and the prayers of           onto small patches of green felt. The pro-
 her time of prayer. Mary held in her          those who used it would be a means that        duction process continues at the Marian
 right hand her heart, surrounded by           God would use to bring to Himself those        Center by using the sealomatic machine
 flames and in the other hand a kind of        who had no faith and to reconcile those        to adhere the plastic that holds the felt
 scapular. It was a single piece of green      who had strayed from their faith. Thus,        and cord together.
 cloth rectangular in shape and hanging        they would be assured of a happy death.            To request a Green Scapular or make
 by a string which was green. On one side             Today, the official Green Scapular is   a donation, please write or e-mail us.
 was a picture of the Blessed Virgin and       still lovingly handmade by the Daughters                 Daughters of Charity
 on the other side was “a heart all ablaze     of Charity in the Marian Center which is                  The Marian Center
 with rays more dazzling than the sun,         located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. White                 333 South Seton Avenue
 and as transparent as crystal,” said Sister   cloths with Mary’s image and the Im-                 Emmitsburg, MD 21727-9297
 Justine. That heart, pierced with a sword,    maculate Heart of Mary are assembled                e-mail:
 With joy and gratitude we
 celebrated these
 Daughters of Charity
 Jubilees at the Basilica of
                                   Celebration of            J                   ubilees 2007

 National Shrine
 of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
 on October 27, 2007:

 (back left to right)
 Sister Regina Loughlin, 70 years
 Sister Marguerite Butler, 60 years
 Sister Maria Rosa Dorr, 60 years

 (front left to right)
 Sister Hilda Gleason, 75 years
 Sister Baptista Peters, 80 years
 Sister Rosa Daly, 70 years
 Sister Regina Linder, 60 years,
 was unable to attend.

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Another January, another year, begins for the Daughters of Charity. This year will be the 375th year since
Marguerite Naseau, the first Daughter of Charity, whose virtuous life of selfless charity showed other
women the way, both to teach young girls and to nurse the sick poor. She offered herself to serve the poor
and pray for souls.

And here in America the Daughters of Charity are still working with the poor and praying for souls. In this
newsletter, you will see how with your support the Daughters of Charity are changing lives, helping per-
sons who are poor to lift themselves out of poverty one life, one family, one community at a time.

The celebration of the Resurrection will soon be here. Easter is such a special time in the life of the Church.
The Daughters will be celebrating Easter with a Novena of Masses said each day for the intentions of all of
you who partner with the Daughters to help the poor and especially for those who request prayers using
our special Easter Novena cards.

I hope this upcoming Lent and Easter season finds your family healthy happy and safe.


David Targonski
Director of Development

P.S. If you would like any information concerning your gifts in 2007 for tax reasons, do not hesitate
to call or e-mail me. Thank you for your continued support of the Daughters of Charity.
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   Daughters of Charity devotion
                                                       Prayer Requests
                                            If you have any prayer requests of the Daughters,
                                                  please contact Sister Mary Jean Horne
   to the Green Scapular...        by phone 301-447-7080 or e-mail

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