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									                    February, 2010.
                    Member of the International Council of BMW Clubs
February 2010   3                             BMWTCNSW Newsletter
                                         ACT             Dave Ramsay           02 6278 3895

                                         Hunter          Jenny Banks           02 4982 8073

PRESIDENT                                North Coast     Lin van               0417 098 255 or (H) 02 6582 5931
REGALIA                                                  Coppenhagen           lin.prue@bigpond.net.au
Andrew Watson
                                         South Coast     Lex Welham            0427 319 906
0419 255 290, 02 9896 3335

Bala Padmanabhan
0434 350 817, 02 9597 6079
curryinahurry72@yahoo.com.au             South Coast     Peter Holcombe        0416 213 616
Sandra Gluck                             North Coast     Damien O'Toole        0419 296 939
0419 022 025
segluck@syd.gunnersens.com.au            Central         Don White             02 4821 2816
                                         West                                  domwhite1@bigpond.com
Marie Pennykid                           Sydney –        Craig Hancock         0419 557 014
0428 393 093                             North                                 dryred@bigpond.com
                                         Sydney -        Graham Johns          02 9731 0934
TREASURER,                               South                                 graham.johns@countryenergy.com.au
Chris Huddy
0438 407 146, 02 9808 4645
                                         Monthly         Held at 7:30pm at the Andrew Cook Hall, Toongabbie
BMWCA DELEGATE                           Club            (corner Targo and Toongabbie Roads) on the last Wednesday of each
Graham Johns                             Meetings        month (except for December)
0409 120 556                             Sydney          Held at 6:00pm on the last Wednesday of each month.
Graham.Johns@CountryEnergy.com.au        Social Sip      Members gather at the Toongabbie Hotel for a chat and something to eat
                                                         before crossing the road to attend the club meeting.
Adrian Selwyn-Smith                      South Coast     Held anytime after 6pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month.
0406 766 189                             Social Sip      Members gather at the Berry Hotel for a chat and something to eat.
                                                         (Pub at the Sydney end of Berry )
                                         Newcastle       Members gather anytime after 6pm on the last Friday of the month.
                                         Social Sip      at the Hexham Bowling Club for a chat and something to eat.
ASSETS and ARCHIVES                      North Coast     8:30 Breakfast at The Sandbar Café, North Haven.
EDITORIAL ASSISTANT                      Social Sip      The after "breakfast ride" to be determined over breakfast.
Warren Buffett
0411 076 941

                                         Organise a Ride or Event                                                                 2
Bruce Campbell                           Attend a Social Sip                                                                      2
02 9629 7624                             Attend a Social night (Restaurant night, party, etc)                                     3
                                         Attend a Maintenance Day                                                                 2
                                         Attend a Day Ride                                                                        6
Tony Conliffe
WEBMASTER                                Attend a Weekend Run or Rally                                                            10
Roger Martyn                             Attend a Long Weekend Run or Rally                                                       12
                                         Self written Newsletter article                                                          4
Club Website:                            Attend a Club Meeting – City Member                                                      4
                                         Attend a Club Meeting – Country Member                                                   6
Club Yahoo Email site
                                         Attend a Night Run                                                                       6
(members mailing list - voluntary):

             BMWTCNSW Newsletter                             2                                                    February 2010
Wed 27th          Club Meeting 7:30pm. (you are also invited to meet for dinner before the       Andrew Watson
                  meeting at the Toongabbie Hotel from 6pm.                                      0419 255 290

Fri 29th          Hunter Social Sip- Meet at the Mozzie Club (Hexham bowling Club) from          Jennie Banks
                  around 6.00pm
                                                                                                 02 4982 8073

Sat 30th          Farewell BBQ – From Midday at the Hunter HQ (near Medowie) for fellow          Jennie Banks
                  members Michael and Christine Collis who are moving to Karratha in WA
                  to work in a practice for the indigenous community for 2 years. We will        02 4982 8073
                  miss them! There will be a sausage sizzle and drinks for a gold coin
                                                                                                 0428 302 443
                  donation to help with the cost

Sat 30th          North Coast social sip - Breakfast at The Sandbar Café, North Haven. –         email
                  meet there at 8.30am. The after breakfast ride to be determined over           lin.prue@bigpond.
                  breakfast.                                                                     net.au

Sun 7th           First Sunday of month Day Ride - Call Mark between 6pm and 9pm for more        Mark Thomson
                  information.                                                                   02 4647 0678
Sun 7             Brekky @ Brooklyn – Meet at 9.30am at Leah’s Alfresco, on the wharf,           Geoff Hickin
                  Dangar Road, Brooklyn. Possibility of a ride afterwards if you’re keen!        0417 290 663

Thurs 11th        South Coast Social sip - Berry Hotel from 6pm. Berry hotel is located on the   Lex Welham
                  Sydney side of Berry.                                                          0427 319 906
Fri 12 – Sun      Karuah River Rally – Frying Pan Creek, Chichester State Forest Via Dungog      Rob Lovett
14th                                                                                             0417 267 425
Sat 20th          Poker run – MNCAMC invites all motorcycle riders to the best poker run.
                  Fabulous day and night, heaps of give aways and raffles to be won and live
                  band. Start at Bulahdelah pub at 9.00 am and finish at “the Australian”
                  Wingham pub. For Accommodation, ring Lindsay on 0413 597 171
Sat 20th          Ride to Wisemans Ferry – for lunch. We will meet at the Beresfield BP at 9     Jennie Banks
                  a.m. For those who want the ride directions, please contact Jennie Banks.      02 4982 8073

Sun 21st          Dead Centre Run – See inside News Letter for details.                          Warren Buffett
                                                                                                 0411 076 941
Wed 24            Club Meeting 7:30pm. – You are also invited to meet for dinner before the      Andrew Watson
                  meeting at the Toongabbie Hotel from 6pm.
                                                                                                 0419 255 290

Fri 26th          Hunter Social Sip – Meet at the Mozzie Club (Hexham bowling Club) from         Jennie Banks
                  around 6.00pm
                                                                                                 02 4982 8073

Sat 27th          North Coast social sip – Breakfast at The Sandbar Café, North Haven. –         email
                  meet there at 8.30am. The after breakfast ride to be determined over           lin.prue@bigpond.
                  breakfast.                                                                     net.au

February 2010                                     3                             BMWTCNSW Newsletter
                                                           Over the last several years a few of us have been
                                                           getting together at Micalong Creek campground
                                                           about 10k from Wee Jasper for a quiet ride, a quiet
                                                           tipple and a dip in the swimming hole. The site is
                                                           situated in a tight valley with toilets, shower and a
                                                           pub back in Wee Jasper. On 2 - 3 January, 44
                                                           bikes turned up plus Chris McArdle and a few
                                                           others unable to ride due to injuries.           Chris
                                                           provided the highlight by coming a gutser while
                                                           playing cricket & giving all and sundry a bit of a
                                                           fright. The site is shared with many other campers
                                                           (mainly from Canberra) but it's possible to squeeze
                                                           in a fair few more than we had for this one. The
                                                           sultry weather, bubbling creek and a shady tree
We are fast approaching the Karuah River Rally and         were compelling incentives for Andy Weekes, Dave
hopefully it’s a dry event this year, the wet              Ramsay and myself to lounge around sipping Gin,
weather of previous years has lowered the number           Whiskey and Brandy until extremely late in the
of attendees at the rally.                                 evening - most pleasant! There was also plenty of
                                                           other company with AIGOR, SCUM and TVR rolling
We have just had the annual recon run, 16-17               up to join in the fun, plus the Fatt Lipp blues band
January 2010, which was a great opportunity to             on their bikes. If you are at loss for a ride early in
meet up with some older members of the club.               the year then give this one a go to get back into the
                                                           swing of things. The minimum dirt ride is about 8k
We also had a few new members that have
                                                           from Wee Jasper but you can make it quite a lot
recently joined the club show up too, which was            more      via    Tumut     or     the     Brindabellas.
great. Coming home from Dungog, on the Sunday,             Rob Lovett
it was unfortunate to come across two motorcycle
accidents, around 20km apart from each other, on
the Wollombi Road. Fortunately none of the riders
were club members or anyone I knew. Both riders            Hi all, Send in all your articals and photo’s…..
were waiting for an ambulance. It was good to see
                                                           Or there will be llot’s of good styff from me.
members of our club and other riders also stopping
to see if any assistance or help was required. To          Are euws ready?
top this off I got to Calga and turned on to the Old       Also this is all new to me so be gentale.
Pacific Hwy to see a matchless that had been t-            And a huge thank you to marie pennkid again, for her help in
boned by a car, fortunately the rider walked away.         keeping all this going
The committee has been looking at the club books
the last few months to work out how much it costs
to run the club per person. Unfortunately it is            It’s a dogs life. Till next month – Kydo.
costing more than $40 per person to keep the club
running. The bad news is membership fees will
have to go up in 2010 or 2011. Chris Huddy has
prepared a cost chart, which is below.
Sorry Prez – see Page 7 – ED.

           BMWTCNSW Newsletter                         4                                               February 2010
Andy Crook had a nasty off in November that he's still recovering from.
He decked his 1200 Adventure about 5 kays south of the halfway house on a wet road and sustained some debilitating
injuries to one arm.
He smashed his elbow joint and some broken bones in his wrist.
The elbow has been fixed with a new elbow joint but he will require some more surgery on his wrist and probably more
work on the elbow.
He is back at work on reduced hours and whilst he is healing OK he still has limited use of his arm and still not riding.
For those not in the know Andy looked after the spare parts scheme for many years before it was stopped due to lack of
They were great days when you could come to a meeting and get any amount of parts you ordered previously from Andy
at great discounts and without having to travel to a dealer.
I for one miss that service he created and wish him well in his long recovery.
Paul Evans.

Before you race out to the shed and start packing the panniers for a blast to The Alice, this is a short inner city run. If
you've lived in Sydney for any length of time no doubt you know someone who helps to push up the daisies and weeds in
Rookwood Cemetery. We are going to join a twilight tour and pick up on some of the history of one of the largest burial
grounds in the world. At over 700 acres it is the last and permanent address of more than 800,000 people.
Some interesting folk (they were when they were alive) are planted there.
A cafe run to somewhere will follow for anyone who doesn't want to sleep over.

Dead Centre Run. - Sunday 21 Feb. 5.30 to 7.30pm.
Twilight Tours depart from the small pedesrian gate in East St Lidcombe.
Meet at the venue or buddy up to get there so you don't get spooked. Cost $15/Adult, $10/Kid 11 to 16years.
Little Tackers get in for nicks. This is a public tour so numbers are required, in case we need two guides.
Ph Wozza 0411 076 941.

  February 2010                                    5                            BMWTCNSW Newsletter
                                   KARUAH 2010 RECON RUN

On Saturday 16 January about 35 of us made our way to Dungog for the annual Karuah Recon run.
One purpose of the run is to finalise support arrangements for the Karuah River Rally and the other is
to have some pleasant relaxation in Dungog - mainly at the Bank Hotel. Here's what the run looked
like once we finished riding. Rob Lovett

Above is Joe Hughe's beaut new F650GS plus
Bruce Clark (owner of the Bank Hotel), Mal and
Marianne Cattermole and Joe.

                                                        At top is a very nice R1150R (a biased opinion),
                                                        and above are current club president Andrew
                                                        Watson and past president Rob Milton. At left is
                                                        are Mick and Jian Ping Moriarty and below are
                                                        Mara Bloemen and Kerry Idle

         BMWTCNSW Newsletter                      6                                           February 2010
                KARUAH 2010 RECON RUN

                                        Left are Lisa, Tony,
                                        Paul and Marti.
                                        Below at left, Mal
                                        ponders his next
                                        share acquisition
                                        while Rob reminds
                                        Gerry Bloemen that
                                        it's his shout.

                                              At left is Cheryl
                                              Clarke and her
                                              gorgeous new

February 2010        7             BMWTCNSW Newsletter
                                                                                         Print               Post
rego          annual                  $   138.00                         Jan             $   331.00          $ 223.00
3rd party
              annual                  $   682.00                         Feb             $   420.00          $ 206.00
Hall hire
              quarter           230   $   920.00                         Mar             $   511.00          $ 175.00
              monthly                 $ 2,632.00                         Apr             $   560.00          $ 207.00
                                      $ 6,435.00                         May             $   568.00          $ 217.00
Post office
express                          43   $   172.00                         Jun             $   735.00          $ 301.00
post box
                                      $    75.00                         Jul             $   667.00          $ 273.00
snacks                           20   $   220.00                         Aug             $   461.00          $ 221.00
                                      $   435.00                         Sep             $   601.00          $ 247.00
                                                                         Oct             $   511.00          $ 175.00
                                                                         Nov             $   523.00          $ 182.00
                                                                         Dec             $   547.00          $ 205.00
                                      $ 11,709.00                                        $ 6,435.00          $ 2,632.00
                        Membership             274
                        Per Member    $    42.73

                                              2009   CPI          2010            2011              2012
                                      $ 11,709.00    3%    $ 12,060.27   $ 12,422.08     $ 12,794.74
                        Per member    $    42.73           $    44.02    $     45.34     $       46.70

        BMWTCNSW Newsletter                          8                                                   February 2010
            BMWTCNSW Club Meeting                                              BMWTCNSW Club Meeting
28th October 2009                                                 28th November 2009
Chairperson – Andrew Watson                                       Chairperson – Andrew Watson
Meeting opened – 8.05pm                                           Meeting opened – 4.25pm
Apologies – Warren Buffett, Phil Maloney & Gary Peters.           Apologies – Marg & Dave Barlow, Alan Peters, Chris Huddy,
Visitors – Mike (F800ST).                                         Wayne & Jennie Banks, Ian Ramsay, Adrian Selwyn-Smith,
Previous Minutes – Acc- Wolfgang           Sec – Adrian S-S       Ian Berry & Paul Evans.
1.We have 2 speakers tonight. Ken from Neds Motorcycle            Visitors – Derek (1150GS) & Dave Ramsay (R80GS).
Apparel and Pezz a club member in regards to the Motorcycle       Previous Minutes – Acc-Alan Pennykidd Sec – Tony Schmidt
Scrap Heap Challenge over Easter next year.                       Correspondence -
2. There is a voting form in the newsletter for the new Club      * Magazines from – BMW Owners Register NZ, BMW MCC of
Logo, we will vote on this at the November meeting in Oberon.     ACT, VIC, SA, UK, Gold Coast, WA, RFDS & DOC NSW.
To make it simple we have kept it to 2 choices.                   * Statement from St George Bank.
3. I have taken one of the new logos to an embroider and got      * Minutes of MCCNSW October & November Meetings.
prices on some new polo’s. They will be $27.50 to make. Is        * Flyers from St Johns Ambulance re First Aid Courses, The
$35 a reasonable price? I will take orders at the November        Missing Link Café & Allbadges Qld.
meeting.                                                          President’s Report – Andrew advised the meeting that the
4. How many members are looking at going to Beemers By            Far Cairn Rally made $5.4K. Committee is recommending we
The Beach so I can let Lin know what to expect from the           donate $5.5K to MARI – to be voted on in general business.
Sydney Group.                                                     Club logo to be voted on in General business also.
5. Adrian & Kydo have done a great job on the magazine.           Vice President’s Report – Nil to report.
6. Is anyone interested in going down to the south coast social   Secretary’s Report – As per Minutes.
sip in November?                                                  Treasurer’s Report – Apologies
Correspondence -                                                  Membership Secretary – Nil to report.
* Magazines from – BMW Owners Register NZ, BMW MCC of             Editor – Apologies.
ACT, VIC, SA, UK, Gold Coast & BMW Car Club NSW.                  Regalia – Andrew taking orders for tri-colored polo shirts, will
* Statement from St George Bank & Holroyd Council.                sell for $30 each, plus $5 postage for mail outs.
* Minutes of MCCNSW September Meeting.                            Assets & Archives – Wozza advised all present and
* 2010 Booking forms from Holroyd Council.                        accounted for..
* Letter/receipt/cheque from Tottenham Lions Club.                Clubs Australia – Graham had examples of the logo choices
President’s Report – Refer above.                                 for members to view before vote. Avised members BMW have
Vice President’s Report – Nil to report.                          a hospitality package available for the Superbikes. Brochures
Secretary’s Report – As per Minutes.                              on hand from the BMW Int’l Council. Advised there were 95
Treasurer’s Report – Chris advised approx $17K in the bank.       BMW’s on sale in the BMW Museum, Munich.
.Final figures from FCR to come                                   Webmaster – Apologies.
Membership Secretary – Nil to report.                             MCC – Nothing to report.
Editor – Nil to report..                                          Past Events –
Regalia – Refer above.                                            * Beemers on the Beach – Organised by Lin from Port
Assets & Archives – Apologies.                                    Macquarie – Pat & Andrew advised over 70 people attended,
Clubs Australia – Apologies.                                      although only 9 bikes went on the ride to Middle Brother
Webmaster – Apologies.                                            Lookout – it was bucketing rain. Over 20 bikes and 30 people
MCC – Bruce Campbell advised Motorcycle Awareness Week            were at the Café and over 40 for the dinner.
events went well.                                                 * Fish Hole Rally – Dave Ramsay went – the rally was near Mt
Past Events –                                                     Gambier.
* Thunder Rally – Tony Concliffe advised only 3 members           * Spencer Jaffle Run – Wozza advised 19 people turned up, a
attended, lots of Ducatis..                                       good run.
* Kosciosko Rally – Alan Pennykid and Tony Schmidt advised        Coming Events – Refer to Newsletter.
approx 15 members attended, the club won the Highest Club         General Business –
Attendance Award, good weekend...                                 * Marie – Christmas Party - need numbers for catering.
* Brekky at Brooklyn - Mal, Marianne & Andrew attended..          * Andrew moved the motion “the Club donate $5,500.00 to
Coming Events – Refer to Newsletter.                              MARI”. Wozza seconded Motion. Members voted, motion
General Business –                                                carried.
* Marie – Christmas Party at Spencer on 5 December, there         * Andrew moved the motion “that the Club adopt one of the
is camping available and the hall is booked.                      new logos presented by BMWCA”. Graham Johns seconded
* Ken from Neds Motorcycle Apparel did a presentation to the      motion. Logo A has NSW = full words, Logo has NSW
members of their products.                                        abbreviated. Members voted and including postal votes, Logo
* Pezz gave a run down on the Motorcycle Scrap heap               A was voted in as the new Club logo.
Challenge being held at Easter 2010.                              * Andrew advised the meeting a committee has been formed to
* Raffle was drawn – Dave Beers won the voucher and Max           organise the 30 GS Rally – this will be held in July 2010 –
won the Dr Jurds.                                                 more info at the next meeting.
Meeting Closed : 9.00pm                                           * Raffle was then drawn.
                                                                  Meeting Closed : 5.10pm.

  February 2010                                         9                         BMWTCNSW Newsletter
WHEN                        12 – 13 – 14 February 2010

      WHERE Frying Pan Creek Campsite off Frying Pan Road,
                          Chichester State Forest, via Dungog
The Rally site is about 30 km north of Dungog via the Main Creek Road
between Dungog and Stroud, or the Wangat Trig Road past the Chichester
Dam turnoff. Directions will be signposted from both these roads (each
involves14 k of dirt), and a map can be checked at the Bank Hotel, Dungog.
The rally is for motorcyclists only; cars are not permissible unless by prior
arrangement. Cost is $20 per person (no prepaids) and covers badge and
breakfast voucher.

BBQ sandwiches and soft drinks for sale on Saturday afternoon - all other
supplies available in Dungog. Rally awards and raffle on Saturday evening,
and the site has male and female toilets.

Contact Rob Lovett on 0417 267 425 (leave a message) or email
rob@gaslightbooks.com.au. See also the BMWTC NSW Website. Note
for all e-mails, please put Karuah in subject line.

The BMW TC NSW acknowledges the valuable support of Forests NSW in providing us with the Chichester
State Forest campsite. Rally participants are asked to respect and protect this valuable resource, its facilities
and access roads.
           BMWTCNSW Newsletter                       10                                          February 2010
One of the best ways of kicking off a new year is to get yourself (and your bike) down into the Brindabella
Valley in the second week of January for the Capital Rally. The approach via Canberra involves around 30k of
dirt and a picturesque descent from the top of the Brindabellas down into the valley of the Goodradigbee River
beneath Gums and Willows.

There were already around 20 bikes there on Friday night with about 90 badges sold by the Sunday morning.
Temperatures were in the high 30's and the shallow river was absolutely perfect for lazing in for hours. Some
great BM's turned up including Graham Johns' R80G/S with a stunning make-over, Rod Luff on another nice
looking G/S, Dave Ramsay on his R80 G/S "Hilton Special" and Henning Jorgensen on hi 1973 R75/5 (with
the biggest petrol tank in the business). There was also a new Moto Guzzi Stelvio (a very large creature
indeed), and Bob Coleman (President of the ACT BMW Club) looked like he'd towed in enough gear with his
R1150G/S to set up permanent residence in the valley. Rob Edgar's R100S was also a bit of a stunner.

Phil Boyle, Helen Crowe (750 Breva) and Mal from MRA did a great job of catering, cooking and support
facilities with help from Eurotune Motorcycles.

Once again the Capital proved to be an unbeatable way of starting the year. Rob Lovett

                                   At left are Phil & Helen (who
                                   did much of the support and to
                                   the right is Graham John's
                                   very pretty R80G/S. Below left
                                   is Henning Jorgensen and his
                                   75/5 and below right - John
                                   and his new Stelvio

  February 2010                                11                       BMWTCNSW Newsletter
                                                      2000 Nov R1150GS. 35300 Km only.
                                                      Excellent condition all over. No off road.
                                                      Full service history. Mature age rider. Always
                                                      garaged. Split ABS brake system. Hand protection &
                                                      warmers. BMW panniers. Lambs wool seat covers. 5
                                                      Mo reg. Located north shore Sydney. $ 11500
                                                      Phone Graham 02 9449 1039

2004 V Strom 650, first registered Feb 05.
40,000 on Odo, bash plate, crash bars, pannier
racks (No panniers, used for soft luggage)
Givi rack + bag, driving lights, hand guards,         a right hand black pannier to suit BMW 1150 RT. Contact Terry
radiator cover and head light protectors.                       on 0412 040 256 or amans@ozemail.com.au
All receipts and service records, serviced by
Pete at Central Coast Performance cycles.             A packed audience of more than 1000 gathered
Registered till Feb 2010.
                                                      on 28th November at the BMW Museum in
Never been dropped or been taken to Central
Australia. Reluctant sale. $7,000.                    Munich to witness a total sell-out auction of the
Nothing more to spend on it.                          Willy Neutkens collection of BMW bikes - 91
  0243933142         Mick F      0414713359           bikes, a Ural sidecar, a stationary engine and a
                                                      wooden model.
                    Wanted                            Whilst all lots were sold for a combined sale
Wanting to buy a BMWR51.                              value of 1,038,400 Euro, a clear highlight of the
Looking for something to restore, not already
restored. Thanks
                                                      sale was the 493cc R32 from 1924 (lot 400)
call me on 041375558, but prefer email at             realising 109,250 Euro believed to be to an
shane_j09@bigpond.com                                 Australian buyer.

          BMWTCNSW Newsletter                    12                                           February 2010
BMW R 1200 GS                                                  Muffler for BMW R100GS in good
Plated 8/2005, NSW rego to 6/2010, current mileage
38.500 km,                                                     Phone Keith on 0427 248949
Roadside Assistance paid up and current to 10/2010                                   Wanted
Colours: metallic Blue and Grey.                               R1150gs rear shock or just the adjustment
All standard BMW features incl. ABS (switchable), heated       reservoir.
grips, trip computer, etc
Accessories and extras fitted incl. H&B bars, spoked           Phone Norry. 02 65 695694. 0409695696.
chrome wheels, Touratech Sump guard, oil cooler guard,                              For Sale
handlebar risers, bumper stoppers, larger sidestand base,      2001 R1150R Low Seat.
Starcom (1) Advance Communication System, Dale                 Brand New (well almost, purchased new in 2001
Maclean electronic Cruise Control, Fender extender on
                                                               but never used) in box. $200.
front wheel, Metzeler / Heidenau tyres front 90 %, rear
brand new 100 %,                                               Call Steve 0407102327
BMW panniers and BMW tank bag, Givi top box(large).                                  Wanted
Never used off road. Senior owner.                             Looking for a left hand side switchblock for a
This bike was an insurance company write off in 2006 with      BMW, K75C 1986.
a previous owner. It had suffered only cosmetic damage
but the insurance company did not want to bother with it. It
                                                               The headlight hi/lo/ has gone on mine.
has now been totally restored to as new in the past            Please contact Peter on pedwards@bcc.net.au
couple of years, and comes with a BMW Dealer
Inspection certificate which gives it the all clear..                                  For Sale
Must be seen to appreciate, inspect Sydney Southern            BMW R 65 LS .A good entry model to join the"
region. Asking $ 16.800.-- o.n.o.                              Beemer League".Clean reliable bike which has been
Please ring Alf Lechner E - adlec@bigpond.com                  only used for club events over the last 10 years. The
Mob 0410 543 502 a/h 02 9605 4350                              brake system has been reconditioned in recent times
                                                               ,also a top end overhaul & new gel battery ,making it
                     For Sale                                  a reliable ,clean bikewith 11 months registration.
2006 ex-police R1150RT. $12,000.00 ono                         Recently this gem has had a full service.
50,000 kms, paniers and top box Solo seat and I                Reconditioned brake master cylinder & calipers
do have the cop bars as well Rego NSW until                    overhauled. New ignition coil , reco pickup can.&
June 2010 In great condition, a few scratches as               spark plugs. Valve grind with new valve guides. Only
expected Heated grips, electric windscreen,                    non original parts are the Staintune mufflers & Koni
                                                               rear shocks.
driving lights, ABS Sydneys nothern beaches .
                                                               An original honest reliable Beemer complete with
Performs great, good tyres no money to spend.                  owners handbook.
Email: northsidecontracting@gmail.com                          Will start haggling around the $4000.00 mark.
P - 0414 940 508.                                              Contact Gordon on 96093552 or 0403777555
.                                                              Set of System Cases (std panniers) for 2001
                                                               R1150R. Condition not too important, as long as they
                                                               are serviceable and weather tight. Bonus if they have
                                                               the inner bags but not a priority. Contact Steve

                                                               Someone on the mid north coast to inspect and
                                                               overhaul a 1981 R65 engine.
                                                               I am doing a restoration but do not have the
                                                               necessary skills to do this part of it. I'm sure
                                                               someone with the skills and time would relish this.
                                                               Price neg. - I'm near Taree. Contact Paul on

                                                                                TO ADVERTISERS.
                                                               Ne w a ds wi l l b e p l ac e d at t h e b eg i nn i n g of t he
               Wanted                                          c l as s if ie d s ec t io n a n d do no t b e s ur pr is e d if
BMW R80GS Phone Keith on 0427248949                            af ter a f e w m on t hs yo ur a d j us t d is a pp e ar s .

    February 2010                                  13                          BMWTCNSW Newsletter
                     For Sale
BMW R 100 T, low k’s (under 70,000) First
registered, Jan 1981 Cast iron twin discs 90%
Staintune stainless steel header pipes & mufflers
New cush drive spring fitted Rear wheel drive
spline 70%+ Near new battery (Deka EXT 30L -
26 Ah) Drive line in very good operating order
Frame is true and straight All electrics function
correctly Registered till January 2010 Includes
.......... Complete tool kit Original riders hand
book Panniers and support frames Crash bars
Tank bag – small Reason for sale, rarely ridden
(other interests) Price $4,300 Patrick Henderson
08 9274 2261 Jane Brook, WA.                                                                        F o r Sa l e
                                                                          BMW R1200 GS Adventure08/2007. $23,500
                                                                          With only 13,000 klms on the odometer anyone who
                                                                          knows them will tell you that this bike is not even
                                                                          completely run in yet. It is in showroom condition and has
                                                                          just had a new set of tyres fitted, the rego is good until
                                                                          29/12/2009 and it has never seen a dirt road which will be
                                                                          obvious on close inspection. Owned by Qualified
                                                                          Mechanic however has BMW Service History with all
                                                                          books, this bike would suit a person looking to buy new
                                                                          representing a saving of approx $10500 for the same
                                                                          thing. · ABS brakes · Peripheral lights · Engine protection
                                                                          bars · Heated grips · On board full function trip computer ·
                                                                          Stainless pannier rails · Aluminium Cylinder head
                                                                          protectors · Alloy sump guard · Factory Anti Theft Alarm
                                                                          System · Optional Clear indicator lenses · BMW Panniers
                                                                          Please feel free to call me if you have any questions, I can
                                                                          be contacted by mobile 042 747 2338 during business
                                                                          hours or 02 6947 1707 after hours

                            For Sale
B MW R10 0RT , 1 9 91 , X J 05 8, 12 m ont hs r e g o,
86 , 66 7k m s , in b e au t if u l c o nd i t io n; lo v e l y
B er m uda Me t al l ic Bl u e wit h s tr ik in g b l ac k
pa n n ier s . C om pl et e l y or ig i n al ; c hr om e c r as h
bar s ; h an d l e- b ar war m er s , t hr ot t le ‘c r u is e
c on tr ol ’ , S ta i nt u ne m uf f ler s wit h s p or t y bu t
c ons er v at i v e s o un d ; h ug e n e w ‘ lux ur y f a ir in g ’
wh ic h e l im in at es a l l a i r b uf f et i ng f or r i d er a n d
p il l i on . T h is is a c om f or ta b le an d r e l ax in g r o a d
b ik e; th e b es t bik e I h a ve e ver o wn e d ; f r o nt
br ak e is l ig h t an d r es p ons i v e; N E V E R h ad a
m ec han ic a l pr o bl em ; t wo tr i ps to Br is b a n e w er e
a d el i g ht . Da te of f ir s t r eg 2/ 10 / 19 9 1; e n g in e
num be r 09 9 10 23 8 10 2 VC ; f r am e n um ber W B
10 4 59 0 6 M 6 3 37 4 54 ; t wo o wn er s ; t his o wne r
pur c h as ed a t 3 4, 0 27 K m in J u ne 1 9 9 6. A l wa ys
f ul l y g ar ag e d an d f or l as t 1 0 ye ar s us e d on l y t o
ge t S u nd a y p a per .
T his is a b ik e wi t h l o n g r e g wh ic h is
m etic u l o us l y pr es e nt e d a nd in ex c e l le n t
c on d it i o n. N o s i gn if ic a nt s c r a tc hes o r c h ips i n
pa i nt wo r k . $ 1 3, 5 00 .

               BMWTCNSW Newsletter                                   14                                          February 2010
                                       APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP/RENEWAL
                                       BMW Touring Club of New South Wales Incorporate
                                       (Incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984)
                                         The BMW Touring Club of NSW was founded in 1965, with an initial membership of 15 and we celebrated our 35th
anniversary in October 2000. The aim of the club is to provide a social medium for BMW riders and motorcycle touring. It is not necessary for you to own a BMW
motorcycle to join the club. There are a wide range of activities throughout the year, ranging from regular day rides, rallies (local, interstate and other BMW club
rallies), runs with interstate BMW clubs and camping weekends. We have gained a large number of trophies from our attendance at rallies. The club also has regular
maintenance days (where you can tap into a vast range of knowledge from our members). We have spare parts available at a slight discount for members and a
variety of special tools for use when servicing, repairing or replacing components. We also have social evenings, an annual presentation night/dinner and a
Christmas party. The club encourages family involvement in all events.

I, __________________________________________________ and ______________________________________________
(full name of applicant)                                          (additional person/s)
of ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________ Postcode: _____________
Preferred Telephone Nos. 1)_____________________________________(2)_______________________________________
E-Mail________________________________________________________Join the Club email list? (Circle one) Yes No
Motorcycle/s Make, Model & Year: ___________________________________________________________________
hereby apply to become a member of the above named incorporated association. In the event of my admission as a
member, I agree to be bound by the rules of the club for the time being in force.

__________________________________________________________ Date: ________________________________
(Signature of Applicant)
                       For New Membership only (may be completed by authorised BMW Dealers)
(Full Name & Membership No. or Dealer stamp),
nominate the applicant, who is personally known to me, for membership of the BMWTC of NSW.

____________________________________________                                                                 Date: _________________________
(Signature of Proposer)

I, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
(Full Name & Membership No. or Dealer stamp)                        a member of the BMW TC of NSW, second the nomination of
the applicant, who is personally known to me, for membership of the BMWTC of NSW.

____________________________________________                                     Date: _________________________
(Signature of Proposer)
If an existing member introduced you: Introduced by: __________________________________________________________

Is this a Renewal, New or joint Application? _____________________________________                               Mail_to:
Joining fee                  $ 10                                                                                BMW Touring Club of NSW
Annual Membership            $ 40 per year (for city or country memberships)                                     PO Box 53
Total amount payable         $_______                                                                            Rydalmere BC NSW 1701
(Make cheques and money orders payable to BMW Touring Club of NSW)

NOTE:            1/ New members joining after 1st January will not be liable for their next annual membership until
                 the end of the following financial year (eg membership payed in Feb 2002 would not need to be
                 renewed till July 2003).
                 2/ All membership fees are due by 1stJuly each year.
                 3/ Membership not renewed by 31st August will be considered as a resignation of membership and
                 a new application will have to be completed.

   February 2010                                                   15                                     BMWTCNSW Newsletter
If undeliverable return to :                      POSTAGE
P.O. Box 53                                         PAID
Rydalmere BC,                          MAIL      AUSTRALIA
NSW 1701

Print Post Approved

PP 297537/0044

  Watch out for

 30th Jan                            Hunter Get together
 12 – 14th Feb                        Karuah River Rally
 20th Feb                            Wisemans Ferry Run
 21st Feb                             Dead Centre Run

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