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					Q Theatre – Cafe / Bar proposal outline

Q’s vision is to be a world-class, exciting, impressive destination for audiences seeking the best
live performing arts experience in the Auckland region, and also be a strong and vital base for
artists and practitioners working in New Zealand’s professional performing arts sector.

We want to achieve an Auckland where lives are nourished through engagement in the arts by
creating opportunities for everyone to connect with the performing arts through great experiences
that will be remembered.


Q Theatre, Auckland’s brightest performing arts venue will open its doors mid 20ll. The construction
of one of New Zealand’s most innovative theatres is well underway and going very well.

Unique to Q, within Auckland’s performance venues, is its structure and business case. Q is an
independently owned and operated organisation founded by the Auckland Performing Arts
Community, with the purpose of providing a hub for the performing arts in Auckland.
The $21 Million ± community asset (i.e. bricks and mortar) is held in the not-for-profit Q Theatre
Trust for the people of Auckland. The operating company is Q Theatre Limited which is also a not-
for-profit registered charity that is engaged by Q Theatre Trust to manage both the construction and
operation of the venue. Major foundation principles for long-term sustainability of the industry
underlie the planning:
        which presumes that no one company has anchor rights in the venue and that Q will be able
        to respond to the changing needs of the industry.
        Entrepreneurial approach
        that supports the development of the industry and ensures security of programming.
        Develop strong relationships, partnerships and programmes
        that over time will support the venue as being both a home and a destination for the
        performing arts in Auckland.


Q Theatre is right in the heart of Auckland city, beside the Town Hall on Queen Street. The venue is a
stone’s throw away from the Basement Theatre, the Comedy Club and Aotea Square. This location

means that once open, Q Theatre will bring a new complimentary flavour to the great range of arts
and entertainment opportunities in the Aotea arts precinct.

While the name says it is a theatre, in truth Q is so much more! We’re creating a place that will move
you closer to the life and action of all types of performance art.

On the left-hand side of the entryway, opening out onto Queen Street will be the Q Theatre Cafe. It
will be open day and night for audience members, performing artists and anyone walking past. It will
be a place for people to eat a meal, a snack or just enjoy a coffee, beer or wine. The cafe will
welcome visitors who want to spend hours relaxing at a table or accommodate those needing a
quick bite before a show. Not only will the cafe serve drinks, there will be an additional bar located
in the main foyer to ensure great service at those busy times of the day.

Q Theatre is seeking a Cafe/Bar Manager:

Q Theatre is seeking a Manager to run the Cafe/Bar with the Q Theatre opening mid 2011. The
successful candidate will demonstrate the ability to provide consistently high quality food, coffee
and bar service; have a strong desire to build a business that runs alongside the newly developed Q
Theatre and have an interest or understanding in the unique service requirements of a performing
arts venue. The Q Theatre Cafe/Bar will cater for a wide range of users, staff and visitors to Q,
including but not exclusive to the patrons of the various artistic and public programs within the

The food available and service provided within the Q Theatre Cafe/Bar must reflect the brand and
ethos of Q Theatre. It must provide patrons with a quality experience that matches their
expectations of an outstanding performing arts event and provide the environment to establish an
arts hub for the artists. The food and drinks within the cafe will be prepared with care and attention
to detail, provided at a range of prices, and able to be served quickly. This means beautiful, tasteful
food and coffee made from high-quality ingredients.

Summary of requirements:

It is expected that the successful candidate will operate a high quality and financially profitable cafe/
bar within Q Theatre and that Q Theatre Limited receives the financial benefit from the operation.

The successful candidate will operate the cafe and bar as an independent business unit working in
tandem with the overall Q Theatre objectives providing an outstanding performing arts experience
for patrons.

The following requirements are essential

        To provide a high quality cafe/bar service in accordance with the Q Theatre brand

        To effectively market the cafe/bar operation
        To work with the Q Theatre Marketing Manager in order to provide complimentary support
        for events and activities around the venue
        To work with the Q Theatre Front of House Manager to understand peak demand times and
        be prepared to cater accordingly
        To work with the Q Theatre Business Manager to coordinate all cleaning aspects of the
        cafe/bar. To be responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the kitchen
        To work with the Q Theatre Business Manager to ensure proper employment records and
        staffing process & procedures are being employed.
        To be responsible for health and safety within the licensed operation
        To work transparently and effectively maintain and report financial records for daily
        operations. This includes making financial projections and working within budget
        Experience in bar or cafe management.
        General Managers certificate for licensing.

Catering opportunities:

There will be a range of catering opportunities within Q Theatre that could be carried out by the
cafe/bar operation; in particular, catering for external organisations hiring the venue for
social/corporate events. Depending on capacity and requirements these events can be either
catered for internally or externally.

Fit out and Facilities:

The Q Theatre Cafe/bar is designed to be an integral part of the Q Theatre venue. It is a brand new
fit out, and the Manager will be required to work with the Q team to commission all operational and
serving equipment. The compact nature of the cafe/bar will require the operation to offer a well
thought out menu that reflects the capabilities of the on-site facilities but not being restricted by it
as it could be enhanced by externally prepared/purchased food.

A detailed plan of the centre depicting the front foyer and public areas along the details of the
cafe/bar areas can be supplied on request.


A full list of equipment can be supplied on request.


        All Cafe liquor, health and other licenses and permits

        All cafe/bar utilities and consumables (electricity included in rental)
        All cafe/bar cleaning (incl. filters & traps), waste/recycling disposal

Operational Style:

The Q Theatre Cafe/Bar will operate within the Q Theatre performing arts venue and part of the
seating can be extended into the foyer of the theatre. The successful Cafe/Bar Manager will be
required to work closely with the rest of the Q management team to understand and cater for the
various venue activities.

Selection process:

For further information or to arrange a site visit please contact Q Theatre General Manager, Susanne
Ritzenhoff on (09) 309 8324 or

Proposals will be considered by a working group of Q Theatre staff including members of the Board
of Directors.


Call out for proposals:          Friday 18th February 2011

Receipt of submission:           Friday 11th March 2011 at 4pm

Interview process:               14th to 25th March 2011

Contracted by:                   31 March 2011

Start date:                      Mid April 2011

Please include in your proposal:

        Resume, including relevant experience
        Description of the style and type of cafe and/or bar where previous experience has been gained.
        Sample Menu, including pricing, for cafe, bar and catering operations
        Main aspects of how to achieve Q’s business objectives
        Key elements of your marketing plan for opening and establishment phase (2 years)


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