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									                                 WHITE PLAINS TEACHERS ASSOCIATION
                                         White Plains, New York

                                      MINUTES OF COUNCIL MEETING
                                              March 9, 2010

PRESENT:       K. Broderick, President                       M. Downey, George Washington
               J. Traber, Vice President                     C. Levant, Mamaroneck Avenue
               S. Tapia, Secretary                           K. McMath, Post Road
               A. Williams, Treasurer                               D. Cherico, Ridgeway
               J. Warmbir, Parliamentarian                   M. Dorchak, Ridgeway
               A. Russo, Personnel                           R. Mulcahy, Highlands
               L. Tuck, Legislative/Highlands                J. Chabon, Eastview
               M. Fried, Working Conditions                  R. Mulcahy, Highlands
               L. Mollo, PTA Liaison/Post Road               M. Roma, High School
               L. Brown, Church Street                       G. LoScalzo, High School
               L. Carpenter, Church Street                   J. Shaw, High School
               S. Kuhn, Church Street                        L. LoGuidici, Pre-K
                                                             A. Presser, N.Y. Hospital

I. Acceptance of Minutes
   January minutes accepted as is.

II. Officers’ Report
   1. Treasurer – Angela Williams
   a) Financial report.
   b) Union Dues for Tax Information:       Calendar year 2009: $646.67
                                            School year 2009-10: $665.00

   2. Secretary – Shabnam Tapia
   Please send “staff” information to me at Church Street.

III. Round Robin
High School: The High School teachers acknowledge the great stress on our administration with all of the
staffing cuts. We wish to be part of the critical conversations to help continue closing the achievement gap.
These conversations include the health and safety of all in the school, planning for the implementation of the
new 8 period schedule and use of teachers’ non-instructional time so that our students get the best support.

Highlands: Do we have to sign in? Anxiety about teacher cuts in the district.
Community School: Status quo.
Adult Education: No issues.
Eastview: Anxiety about what school will be like next year.

New York Hospital
  · Star program is having a lot of stress. The students are being verbally abusive to teachers.
  · Bard staff is uncertain about their future.

Pre-K: Lots of anxiety and uncertainty about moving out to different schools next year.
Church Street: Anxiety about cuts next year and how White Plains will look next year.
Post Road: Tired of construction and the waiting game.
Ridgeway: Anxiety about cuts and losing new staff who are very professional and excellent teachers.
George Washington: Status quo.

Mamaroneck Avenue:
  · Flood in the computer lab. The floor is destroyed. The computers have been moved to another area.
  · Not enough time to do parent teacher conferences. Teachers are giving up their lunch, preps, and
     mornings to accommodate all the parents.
  · Too many areas on the report cards to grade.

IV. President’s Report
    1. Reminders: Senior Building Representatives – “Keeper of the Contract”
          a. There will be follow-up representative training on the following dates.
                   · March 16, 2010 3-5 pm at teacher café in HS (B-building entrance)
                   · March 18, 2010 4-6 pm at teacher café in HS (B-building entrance)
          Reps only need to attend ONE of the training sessions. The focus of the session is advocating for
          your members. Any rep who has attended NYSUT summer leadership training is exempt. All
          training will be done with our NYSUT Labor Relations Specialist, David Eng-Wong. A light dinner
          will be served.

          b. Please send your monthly building liaison minutes to
              Every building should have met with the building administration at least twice. The minutes of
              the meeting must be forwarded to members in the building and a copy sent to WPTA.

   2. Union Business
          a. Union Organization
              The executive board has met twice this fall to review the structure and function of the WPTA.
              Our next meeting is in April. We have agreed that we must be more responsible and more
              responsive to our membership. We have reviewed officer and committee job definitions. The
              draft of all positions will be presented in May.

              We did identify two priorities:

                         1. Staff Development – This is now part of our MOA 2/5/2010. Discussions will
                             occur during the spring.

                         2. Grievances – In preparation for implementation and transition, 2 new grievance
                             chairs will work and train with Eric Lazere. Carol Tito will focus on Secondary
                             Grievances and Shabnam Tapia will focus on Elementary Grievances.

              We have been to all of the elementary schools. We will be visiting the secondary schools in the
              coming weeks.

b. Memorandum of Agreement 2/5/2010
   Presentation from 2/9/10 is still on our web site.

   If there are specific personal questions regarding credits and lane movement, please have the
   member update the “My Learning Plan” page, review it, and if still a problem forward to for further review.

c. Board Meeting Attendance
   Please remind your building members to attend a specific monthly Board of Education meeting
   that you previously signed up to attend. Make it a team building experience, dinner and a
   meeting. This is a great way to get new people involved. It would be great to have a short (1-2
   minutes) presentation of something that the teachers in your building are proud of.
                  March   -    Ridgeway
                  April   -   High School
                  May     -   Mamaroneck Avenue
                  June    -   Eastview

d. New Union Web Site
   We are now paperless. Hard copies of the council minutes will be provided at the meetings for
   approval. Council minutes will available on line after approval for the general membership,

   The website is:

   Please encourage your colleagues to check this site often…bookmark it from HOME email.

e. Action Committee
   The action committee is meeting in preparation of the May 2010 budget vote and Board of
   Education election. The last meeting was snowed out – we are currently trying to set a date in
   the near future.

   All talking points and budget information will also be posted on the WPTA website.

f. Budget
   This is a very difficult budget year. The district is cutting approximately $10 mill. This is
   composed of an estimated $3 mill reduction from the state as well as $7mill to hold the budget
   to 0%.

g. Seniority Lists
   Each building will receive one seniority list. It is not for Xeroxing and general distribution.
   Seniority is based on time worked in the district. This includes substitute teaching work in the
   tenure area (example leave replacement position becomes a probationary position). Any and all
   unpaid leaves of absence will reduce seniority in the district. If 2 or more members share the
   same start date, the tie-breaker is placement on the Board of Education Agenda.

   Should any member have a question about their placement on the seniority list, please contact
   us at

h. 55/25 Legislation
             The 55/25 retirement incentive bill has been submitted in the Senate. A similar bill is expected to
             be submitted in the Assembly. If passed as is, it only applies to teachers and public employees
             who belong to NYSUT bargaining units. It does not apply to administrators, non NYSUT
             members or Superintendents. The window period to retire to be eligible for this incentive
             is June 3 to Aug 31, 2010. This law is not intended to apply in future years. It applies to Tier 2,
             3 and 4 members.

          i. Health Insurance
             Healthnet has been purchased by United Healthcare. Letters were sent to members in late
             December regarding possible changes. A meeting was called for March 9,2010 to discuss
             these changes. Tentative meetings for members are scheduled for April 13 and April 19.
             Details will follow.

             SWSCHP is also reviewing changes to the plan effective 7/1/2010. There will be NO increase
             in co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance and/or out-of-pocket maximums for the 2010-2011 school

   3. Informational Items
          a. Community Service Update
             There are several events including a GI phone card drive, Food drive, Relay for life. Any
             questions?? Contact Lori Mollo and see postings on the WPTA website (

          b. Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
             The WPTA has been invited to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Saturday March 13,
             2010. Start time is noon (rain or shine) and those members wishing to march need to be at the
             start by 11:30. All members interested in participating, please contact us at

             Our colleague, Sue Adams, PE teacher at Highlands, is an Aide to the Grand Marshall. Come
             and support her. We will gather after the parade at Vintage Restaurant on Main Street.

          c. 2010-2011 School Calendar
             The Board of Education voted on the calendar last night (March 8, 2010). A copy has been
             provided, and it will be posted on our website ( by 3/11/10.

The meeting adjourned at 5:35 P.M.

                                                          Respectfully submitted,

                                                          Shabnam Tapia


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