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pauline hudel



       pauline hudel
       email: or

       freelance + art direction/design 84–10
       Turnkey art direction. Illustration, design & concept, layout,
       and production. Product development. Macintosh. Present and
       execute proposals for clients. Responsible for the maintenance,
       budget and service of small business. Management of part
       time employees. Clients: Neiman Marcus, Dillards, JCPenney,
       Walmart, Frances Bagley Art, Rapp & Collins, Lewis Design,
       Mollie McKool Photography, Pinnacle, Ampad.

       neiman marcus + art director 98–99
       Turnkey art direction for Horchow catalogs. Review product and
       strategy with buying teams. Merchandise and concept spreads.
       Design creative – Macintosh. Manage approval process, work-
       flow and schedules. Coordinate talent – select photographers
                                                                           utarlington + senior lecturer 07–10
                                                                           Robert Hower, Dean of Arts + Art History.
                                                                           AdDesign – Ad campaign design, concept, copywriting,
                                                                           history of selling product and brands. Professional Prep
                                                                           Portfolio development and professional practices.
                                                                           Interviewing, business plan, contracts, self promotion.
                                                                           Typography – Introduction to the design, history,
                                                                           anatomy of type. Layout – Introduction to design
                                                                           of text, page design, grid, hierarchy. Sign & Symbol
                                                                           icons, pictograms, logomark, environmental symbol system.

                                                                           richland college + adjunct 01–10
                                                                           Dwayne Carter, Multimedia. 2001-2008
                                                                           Photo Digital Imaging – Adobe Photoshop software.
                                                                           Principles of image design. Illustration – Adobe
                                                                           Illustrator software. Principles of illustration.
                                                                           Page Design – Adobe InDesign software. Principles
                                                                           of page layout. Responsibilities include format
                                                                           continuity, organize classes and syllabus, lecture,
                                                                           field trips and recruitment.
                                                                                                                                        collin college continued
                                                                                                                                        Kathy Holt, Dean Arts & Humanities 1987-1988.
                                                                                                                                        Visual Communication – introduction to graphic
                                                                                                                                        art concept and design. Advertising Survey –
                                                                                                                                        history of advertising, current trends. Assisted
                                                                                                                                        in the development of the new advertising
                                                                                                                                        department: faculty recommendations,
                                                                                                                                        recruitment, networking intern program,
                                                                                                                                        establishment of procedures and standards.

                                                                                                                                        utdallas + adjunct professor 99–00
                                                                                                                                        Dennis Kratz, Dean of Humanities
                                                                                                                                        Intro to Computer Graphics – Quark, Adobe
                                                                                                                                        Illustrator, Photoshop. Principles of design
                                                                                                                                        including layout, illustration, photo manipulation,
                                                                                                                                        composition, concept. Illustration – Adobe
                                                                                                                                        Illustrator software. Principles of image design
                                                                                                                                        and illustration techniques. Responsibilities:
                                                                                                                                        organize classes, syllabus, lecture, slide and
                                                                                                                                        video presentation, constructive critiques, field
                                                                           92–98 George Massingale, Dean of Arts & Humanities.          trips, coordination of guest speakers, show of
       and models, book stylists, source locales. Art direct hardline      Drawing 1 – the basics of observation and rendering.         student work, portfolio review.
       photography on set – in-studio and location. Manage approval        One and two point perspective, value, line - contour/
       process of film and production. Work with separation specialists.
       Approve printer’s proofs. Consistently meet tight deadlines.
                                                                           gesture, volume, lightsource. Drawing 2 – advanced           unt + instructor 87–89
                                                                           drawing, composition. Color, line quality, variety of        Mickie McCarter, Graduate Coordinator.
       Adhere to budgets.                                                  media including charcoal, conte crayon, pastel, etc.         Design 1 – 2D design. Color, texture, line, value.
                                                                                                                                        Prepare students for future art classes with
       jcpenney + art direction/designer 94–98                             collin college + advertising instructor 03–07                introductions to critique and materials.
       Turnkey art direction. Review product and strategy with             Gay Cooksie, Dean of Arts and Humanities. 2003-2007          Design 2 – 3D design. Found objects, wood,
       merchandise and marketing teams. Concept and design                 Photo Digital Imaging – Photoshop software.                  paper constructions, plaster, with an initiation
       creative. Manage approval process, workflow and schedules.          Principles of designing images. Illustration –               to wood working machinery. Responsibilities:
       Coordinate talent – select models, book stylists, source            Illustrator software. Principles of illustration.            documenting lectures and slides of student work.
       locales. Select photographers – in-house and freelance.
       Art direct photography on set – fashion and table top,
       in-studio and location. Produce mechanicals and manage
       approval process of film. Approve production. Work with             500X gallery + president/manager 86–88
       separation specialists and approve bluelines. Consistently          Co-operative: Responsible for curation, and supervision of installations. Proposed recommendations for
       meet tight deadlines. Adhere to budgets.                            dispersement of funds. Contracted labor for general upkeep and property improvements. Headed fund
       94–96 Design /Art Direction – Catalog                               raising projects. Organized and scheduled exhibition calendar. Negotiated contracts and coordinated
       82–87 Production /Design – Financial Services                       efforts of exhibiting artists. Prepared press packages.
pauline hudel
email: or


 2009 curator
                & activities

 2010 aiga/uta partnership
      North Texas Student Chapter coordinator
      dallas museum of art
      Publication Nabucco for Performance Work/Art
      Exhibit. Dallas Art District 20th Anniversary
                  Milton Glaser Exhibition
                  Jack Unruh Exhibition
                  Todd Hart Exhibition
                  Casey McGarr Exhibition
 2007 curator ‘UTA@Brookhaven’ Student Exhibition
 2006 dallas opera ‘nabucco’ assisted Frances Bagley
      & Tom Orr presentations/concepts of set design
 2005 neiman marcus christmas book cover
 2002 public art - Permanent Installation of drawings
      for ‘Water Theater’ White Rock Lake Bath House
 1998 lecture ‘professional practices’ Commerce TX
 1993 presentation ‘a suburban conspiracy’
      Society of Photographic Educators
      30th Annual Convention Seattle WA
 1987 ‘best gallery in dallas’ award Dallas Observer
       500X President
       panel presentation – tfaa conference Artist Forum
                                                           2010 creative quarterly
                                                                Issue 20. Juried Competition/Publication
                                                                upstream gallery
                                                                12th Annual Collage, Digital, & Mixed Media
                                                                Juried Online International Art Exhibition.
                                                                infinity art expo Juried Competition
                                                                artscenetoday Juried Competition/Publication
                                                           2008 the process One Person Traveling Exhibit
                                                                Atrium Gallery Dallas TX
                                                                uta faculty biennial IX
                                                                UTA Arlington TX – Invitational
                                                                unusual minds
                                                                Georgia Stafford Gallery
                                                                Denton TX – Invitational
                                                           2007 faculty show
                                                                Tarleton University Stephenville TX – Invitational
                                                           2002 ftf
                                                                Richland Collage Dallas TX – Invitational
                                                           1998 byte me: alarming graphics
                                                                UTD Fine Art Gallery Dallas TX – Invitational
                                                           1997 faculty show

                                                                Brazos Gallery Dallas TX – Invitational
                                                           1995 x members show
                                                                500X Gallery Dallas TX – Invitational
                                                           1994 exquisite corpse
                                                                The Mac – McKinney Ave Contemporary Art Space
                                                                Dallas TX – Invitational
                                                                                                                     1988 ancestral glyph
                                                                                                                          D’art Art Center Dallas TX – Invitational
                                                                                                                     1987 farber show invitational
                                                                                                                          Aleta Taylor Gallery Los Angeles CA – Invitational
                                                                                                                     1986 luguna gloria art museum T F A A
                                                                                                                          Austin TX Competition Honorable Mention
                                                                                                                          dallas city hall exhibition T F A A
                                                                                                                          Dallas City Hall Dallas TX – Competition
                                                                                                                          aesthetic theft
                                                                                                                          Upstairs Gallery Dallas TX – One Person Show
                                                                                                                     1985 open doors
                                                                                                                          Alternate Gallery Dallas TX – Three-Person Show
                                                                                                                     1983 mama
                                                                                                                          Allen Street Gallery Dallas TX – Invitational
                                                                                                                     1982 wichita museum of art, NCCCA Wichita KA

                                                                                                                         East Texas State University Commerce TX 1991
                                                                                                                         Teaching Assistantship – UNT
                                                                                                                         3.9 GPA Summa Cum Laude

       Artistic Choices: Personal Commitment and           1993 a suburban conspiracy                                    UTDallas Dallas TX 1983
       Professional Practices Emerging Artists: Gaining         SPE 30th National Convention                             3.68 GPA Cum Laude
       Recognition – Guest Speakers Bill Kennedy, Marti         Seattle WA – Invitational
       Mayo, Micheal Mogavero, and Pauline Hudel
                                                           1991 androgyne                                                Richland College Dallas TX 1979
 1982 founding member d’art Art Center Dallas TX                Boulder University Gallery Boulder CO – One-Person       3.56 GPA Honors Program

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