Welcoming your Au Pair

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					                                Welcoming your Au Pair
Your au pair is anxious and also very excited to meet your family. A welcome gift is a nice
idea and can really help to ease an au pair’s nervousness. Some of the best ideas we have
seen cost but a few dollars such as artwork and photos of the children. Other families
have sent her a box with maps, shirts, snacks, and any items that are relevant to where the
au pair will be living.

Families often ask for other ideas so the orientation team has put together a list for your

Buy a phone Card
You can purchase a phone card from Au Pair in America for $20. We will give her the card the
day she arrives. You may purchase this up to a week before arrival date

Buy the New York City Tour
You can purchase the New York City Tour from Au pair in America for $65. We will notify her
about it they day she arrives. You may purchase this up to a week before arrival date

Send her Cookies and Baked Goods
The renowned Bundles of Cookies has created 3 exclusive cookie baskets for Au Pair in America.
Treat your au pair to a beautiful Au Pair in America themed cookie basket featuring custom
decorated hand rolled almond sugar cookies. You can purchase this by contacting Bundles of
Cookies directly at 1-877-ONA-STIK or All orders require one week
to process. If a package ships on the Friday prior to an orientation it will arrive Tuesday. If it ships
the Monday of an orientation it will arrive on Wednesday. Prices from $26.00.

Lilo’s Treats offers Yummy Gift Boxes Filled With Delicious Baked Goods & Fun Surprises! They
use premium chocolates, sweet cream butter and pure cane sugars. Everything is baked to order.
All of the treats are wrapped carefully, labeled and packed with care. Please place all baked
goods orders for your Au Pair by Thursday before 5 p.m. prior to her arrival in the US in order to
ensure that your Au Pair gets the package on time. Also, please indicate when your Au Pair will
be arriving so we do not send the package early. You can order a gift box by contacting Lilo’s
Treats at 410-661-5606 or Prices from $26.00 include shipping and

Send her Flowers
You can order them online from the flower shop of your preference or you can contact a local
florist in Connecticut. Since your Au pair will have luggage, please be sure to select a small
arrangement to allow her to handle both without any difficulties.

Orientation takes place at the Sheraton - Stamford Hotel located in 700 Main Street Stamford, CT
06901 p: 203.358.8400

To purchase a phone card or the NYC Tour with a Credit Card contact or
call 203.399.5042

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