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3 Branches   Interest Groups   Political Parties   Public Policy

  100            100               100                100

  200            200               200                200

  300            300               300                300

  400            400               400                400

  500            500               500                500
   Reserved to the Congress

Enumerated powers are
  those specifically:

                              Row 1, Col 1
           Material Incentives

     Benefits that have monetary value,
including money, gifts, services, or discounts
  received as a result of one’s membership
             in an organization.

                Ideological Party

   A party that values principle stands on issues
above all else, including winning. It claims to have a
   comprehensive view of American society and
        government radically different from
              that of established parties

            Affirmative Action

A policy in educational admissions
  or job hiring that gives special
  consideration or compensatory
     treatment to traditionally
disadvantaged groups in an effort
        to overcome present
 effects of past discrimination is:


  Which of the following is true of nominees for federal judgeships?

A.) They are recruited from the current pool of United States attorneys.

              B.) They are nominated by the Senate and
              approved by the House of Representatives.

     C.) They are elected in popular elections in individual states.

              D.) They must receive the approval of the
             American Bar Association upon nomination.

           E.) They are appointed for life by the President
              with the advice and consent of the Senate


   Which of the following is a correct statement about PAC's?

A.) The number of PAC's has remained stable over the past decade.

 B.) Most PAC money is distributed to challengers in an effort to
                 unseat hostile incumbents.

   C.) The amount of money that PAC's can contribute directly
           to an individual candidate is limited by law.

               D.) PAC's are illegal in most states.

     E.) PAC's rarely attempt to influence legislation through
                         lobbying activities


  The use of direct primaries instead of the convention system in
selecting presidential candidates results in which of the following?

        I.) A weakening of party control over nominations
        II.) A reduction in the costs of election campaigns
       III.) An increase in the number of people involved
                    in the choice of candidates
      IV.) An increase in voter turnout in midterm elections

                         A.) I and III only
                          B.) II and IV only
                          C.) III and IV only
                         D.) I, II, and III only
                          E.) I, II, III, and IV


Which of the following best characterizes the influence of the news
          media on public opinion in the United States?

            A.) They alter the public's views on issues.

   B.) They affect which issues the public thinks are important.

            C.) They determine how citizens will vote.

         D.) They are most able to influence people with
                 the highest level of education.

  E.) They are most able to influence the urban sectors of society


A "cloture motion" passed in the Senate does which of the following?

                   A.) Returns a bill to committee.

                    B.) Cuts off debate on a bill.

           C.) Criticizes a senator guilty of improprieties.

  D.) Removes a President who has been impeached by the House.

E.) Brings a bill directly to a vote without formal committee approval


      Which of the following factors best accounts for the rise of interest
          groups and the decline of political parties in recent years?

A.) National parties have become too closely identified with controversial issues.

   B.) Court decisions have restricted the political parties' abilities to recruit
                                 new members.

  C.) It is less expensive to join an interest group than to join a political party.

      D.) Interest groups have been more successful in avoiding negative
                    press coverage than have political parties.

     E.) Interest groups are better able to articulate specific policy positions
                              than are political parties


Of the following, which group voted most heavily Democratic in
          presidential elections between 1964 and 1992?

                   A.) Mexican Americans

                    B.) Chinese Americans

                    C.) Jewish Americans

                     D.) Black Americans

                E.) Roman Catholic Americans


To enforce the Fourteenth Amendment more clearly,
                Congress passed the

           A.) Civil Rights Act of 1964

        B.) Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act

              C.) Social Security Act

          D.) Twenty-sixth Amendment

            E.) War Powers Resolutio


Agreement among four justices on the Supreme Court
             is always sufficient to

         A.) decide the outcome of the case

            B.) write a majority opinion

                 C.) set a precedent

        D.) overturn a lower court's opinion

         E.) accept a case for consideration


In The Federalist papers, James Madison expressed the view that
                        political factions

            A.) should be nurtured by a free nation

         B.) should play a minor role in any free nation

         C.) are central to the creation of a free nation

       D.) are undesirable but inevitable in a free nation

     E.) are necessary to control the masses in a free nation


A ______ was a political party gathering held to
     nominate candidates, set party rules,
         and create a party platform.

                  A.) Convention
                B.) Special election
                C.) Direct Primary
                D.) Blanket Primary
                E.) Recall Election


Plessy v Ferguson established this concept and
 Brown vs. Board of Education overturned it:

            A.) Gender discrimination

          B.) Separate but equal doctrine

              C.) Sexual harassment

             D.) De facto segregation

                  E.) Feminism


The framers of the Constitution all believed that one of the primary
                    functions of government is

                       A.) educating citizens

              B.) protecting individual property rights

         C.) protecting new immigrants from persecution

              D.) expanding the borders of the nation

        E.) ensuring that anyone accused of a crime has the
                    right to legal representation

 While interest groups and political parties each play a significant
  role in the United States political system, they differ in their
                        fundamental goals.
(a) Identify the fundamental goal of interest groups in the political
(b) Identify the fundamental goal of major political parties in the
                         political process
                   Daily Double
(c) Describe two different ways by which interest groups support
    the fundamental goal of political parties in the political process
 (d) For one of the forms of support you described in (c), explain
     two different ways in which that form of support helps interest
    groups to achieve their fundamental goal in the political process

      In the United States Congress, the majority party exerts a
  substantial influence over lawmaking. However, even when one
party has a numerical majority in each chamber of the United States
 Congress, there is no guarantee that legislation supported by that
   majority party will be passed by both chambers. Rules of each
chamber independently influence the likelihood that legislation will
   pass in that chamber; legislation passed by one chamber is not
                     always passed by the other.
                   Daily Double
(a) Describe two advantages the majority party in the United States
           House of Representatives has in lawmaking,
above and beyond the numerical advantage that that majority party
                     enjoys in floor voting.
 (b) Describe two differences between House and Senate rules that
            may make it likely that legislation may pass
                in one chamber but not in the other.
  (c) Explain how the differences identified in (b) can lead to the
          passage of a bill in one chamber but not in the
Fiscal policy and monetary policy are two tools used by
 the federal government to influence the United States
economy. The executive and legislative branches share
 the responsibility of setting fiscal policy. The Federal
Reserve Board has the primary role of setting monetary
                (a) Define fiscal policy.
              Daily Double
(b) Describe one significant way the executive branch
                influences fiscal policy.
(c) Describe one significant way the legislative branch
               influences fiscal policy.
              (d) Define monetary policy.
(e) Explain two reasons why the Federal Reserve Board
 is given independence in establishing monetary policy      5,4

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