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The certification for cutting
edge technology
Best in class ICT products benefitting you and the planet
– making your purchasing choice easy
tco certified edge                 design and leading the way       / human factors or which        what does a tco certified
                                   to a cleaner, more efficient     offer proven reduced impact     edge product include?
We all want to buy greener         IT infrastructure?               on the natural environment.
products. We understand the                                                                         Every TCO Certified Edge
threat of climate change and       TCO Certified Edge, a            The intention of the pro-       product meets the require-
that our energy consumption        new award program helps          gram is to further push the     ments of both TCO Certified
contributes to it. Electronics     identify those products at the   boundaries of ICT design        for its product category AND
brands are working towards         cutting edge – making your       in these areas and recognize    an additional criterion in
creating greener, more en-         green purchasing decision        those brands that are leading   TCO Certified Edge, so you
ergy efficient products that       easier.                          the way.                        are assured of a product that
still meet our performance                                                                          is truly the best available on
needs. But how do we know          TCO Certified Edge is an         TCO Certified Edge is reser-    the market today.
which products are best in         award program exclusively        ved for those products that
class? Which products and          for those products that are at   go beyond existing eco-
technologies are pushing the       the leading edge of innova-      labeling programs on the
boundaries of environmental        tion in the areas of usability   market today.

                                                                                          TCO Certified Edge criteria:
                                                                                          * Minimum 65% post consumer
                                                                                          recycled plastic
Every TCO Certified Edge                                                                  * Halogen free, the product contains
product meets the requirements of                                                         no chlorine and bromine
both TCO Certified for its                                                                Notebooks:
product category AND an                                                                   * Outdoor readability
additional criterion in                                                                   All-in-One computers:
TCO Certified Edge                                                                        * Minimum 50% post consumer
                                                                                          recycled plastic

                                  TCO Certified covers criteria on:                                    TCO Certified for:
                                                                                                       TCO Certified Displays
                                         Usability                   Environment                       TCO Certified Desktops
                                                                                                       TCO Certified Notebooks
                                                                                                       TCO Certified All-in-One
                                             Performance;     Energy Efficient                         TCO Certified Projectors
                                 - picture & sound quality    Minimal use of hazardous substances
                                        Ergonomic Design      Designed for recycling
                                          Electrical safety   Recyclable packaging
                                                Low noise     Extended product life
                                           Low emissions      Environmental management system
                                  Demonstrates active CSR commitment

TCO Certified
– The label for you and the planet

tco certified                   Purchasers and users look        about tco development          The TCO certification
                                to the TCO program as a                                         program includes note-
For over 17 years the TCO       credible tool when specifying    TCO Development’s mission      books, desktops, All in One
certification program has       products to meet environ-        is to make it easy to choose   computers, displays, phone
influenced the IT industry in   mental and performance           technology designed for both   headsets and projectors.
user centred design.            needs.                           usability and the environ-
TCO Certified label ensures                                      ment.                          TCO Development is head-
a product that is designed      an international label                                          quartered in Stockholm,
for minimal impact on the                                        Since 1992 the TCO certi-      Sweden, with regional
climate and natural environ-    The TCO label is interna-        fication program has had a     presence in Central Europe,
ment, while offering all the    tional – the same criteria       significant influence on       Asia and North America.
performance expected from       apply throughout the world,      improved image quality and
top of the line electronic      making it a convenient tool      ergonomics for displays,       for more information
products.                       for global products.             as well as the reduction of
                                                                 electromagnetic emissions,     Visit our website
This combination of Usabil-     how are the criteria             energy consumption and us-
ity and Environment makes       developed?                       age of hazardous substances
the TCO Certified label                                          in ICT products.
unique.                         TCO Development, the
                                company responsible for the
a trusted, in-demand            certification, works with
program – making                many international
purchasing choices easy         committees and speciality
                                networks to ensure world-
TCO Certified is a third        wide applicability for TCO
party verified program,         Certified.
where every product model       The criteria are also based
is tested by an accredited,     on scientific user studies and
independent laboratory.         developed with focus on the
We also back up our quality     wellbeing of the user and the
assurance process with regu-    environment.
lar after-market checks
and test rounds.


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