Community Closet Giveaway by linzhengnd


									                            Community Closet Giveaway!
                 FREE Household Items (No lawnmower or car parts)
                Some Furniture ($5.00 or a little more for larger items)

                              Who:              Community Closet:
                             Where:                  951 29th Ave SW
                                                 Cedar Rapids, IA
                    When:                      Saturday, November 6, 2010
                                                    8:00 – 12:00


                                             Free Beds
Lebeda Mattress Factory (377-2670) has a trailer at their Marion Location
(2998 7th Ave, Marion, IA) where they store beds that have been traded in
when a new bed is purchased from them. This is a closed trailer so the
beds are protected from the elements. These beds are FREE to anyone
who is willing to go pick them up. Anyone who is interested in picking up
one of these FREE beds should check with Lebeda’s Customer Service
Department for a wavier they will need to sign first. They have different
trade ins every week!

           Slumberland "Home for the Holidays" Bed program
This Holiday program provides a limited number of NEW free beds for
children who do not have adequate beds. Applications for this program
are only being accepted for clients (children & families) working with staff
from some community agencies such as Partnership for Safe Families,
Horizon /or some HACAP workers. Please feel free to contact Peggy
Linden,[Family Support Worker, Partnership for Safe Families,(319) 558-
2084] for questions you might have regarding this program.

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