Voice Voice The Heart and by yaofenji


The Heart and Soul of Writing
       Voice…a definition
• Voice is the writer’s personality and
  individuality, translated to the page.
• It is also enthusiasm, energy,
  curiosity, and commitment.
• Voice shows that a writer cares about
  his/her audience and topic.
• All good writing, not just fiction, has a
  distinct voice to it. Voice is often
  based on the point of view of the
  person writing the essay or story, and
  it reflects a particular set of attitudes
  that allow readers to hear the words
  spoken in their heads in a specific
  By looking at the voice of other
         authors you can…
• Experiment with voice in your
  own writing.
• See how your favorite authors
  distinguish themselves through
  their use of voice.
• Discover how grammatical
  choices characterize an
  author's craft.
       Voice in Narrative Writing
• Honesty produces strong voice in writing, but
  by honesty we don’t mean factual accuracy.
  Honesty in narrative is about creating
  characters who are true to human nature.
• Because student writing sometimes lacks
  voice your first task in exploring voice will ask
  you to “play” with the voices of four
  characters in a scene.
               A Rip in the Pants

    A student in Grade 5 has had his/her
    pants/shorts/skirt/dress/capris ripped. You
    need to recall this event from the point of
    view of
•   The student (who has pants ripped)
•   The teacher
•   The principal
•   Another student who sees/hears of the incident.
    Write in first person as you are the voice for each of
    these four people.
     Decisions you need to make:
• How do the pants get ripped?
• What happens after the ripping that
  makes the teacher and principal get
  involved as well as the other student,
  unless the other student was involved in
  the ripping.

***Remember to consider how students in
  Grade 5 speak, how teachers speak and
  how a principal would speak/react. You
  will need to focus on word choice and
  sentence fluency to project the
  appropriate tone in your writing.

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