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					                                                                                              Deluxe Plus
                                                                                                     Mattress base technology
                            Slide technology on the
                          caps in the middle section
                                 and third visual slat
                                                                          Shoulder comfort zone
                                                                          Flexible shoulder comfort zone for improved vertebra
                                                                          column support, especially when lying on the side.
                                                                          Slats include slits for better flexibility and ventilation.

                                                                          Middle section reinforcement
                                                                          Continually adjustable firmness regulation of
                                                                          each individual slat with slider technology on the caps.
                                                                          Additional deeper-set, visual slat.

                                                                          Slats encased in flexible, individually sprung caps
                                                                          made from High-Tech plastic to ensure a flexible,
                                                                          noiseless suspension.
                                                                          Surface structure and raised end caps prevent
                                                                          mattress from sliding.

                                                                          Spring slats
                                                                          7-zone support and -spring functionality.
                                                                          28 multi-veneered spring slats (200 cm long) with
                                                                          decorative metallic coating (shoulder zone red).
                                                                          Outer frame made from beech plywood and
                                                                          cross-frame from solid beech.
                                                                          Extra wide slat system in the head and foot sections.
                                                                          Spring functionality out to the edges to avoid
                                                                          ”sagging” on double beds.

                                                                                Available Versions
                                                                                Deluxe              Non-adjustable.
                                                                                Plus S
                                                                                Deluxe              Extra long head and foot components manually
                                                                                Plus KF             adjustable with hand loops.

                                                                                Deluxe              Continuous adjustment from high performance
                                                                                Plus M              double motor with maintenance free mains
                                                                                                    disconnect relay and emergency power lowering
                                                                                                    for power failures. Separately adjustable leg
                                                         Fig. Deluxe Plus KF                        section for relaxed reading.

Standard size:                        90 x 200 cm
Actual size:                          89 x 196 cm

Outer frame height:                        60 mm
Outer frame height incl. caps:             85 mm
Max. middle height (no load):            105 mm
Motor mounting depth
(below bottom edge of outer frame):     120 mm*
*Version with motor

Available in standard sizes
80/90/100 x 190/200 cm as well as extra large
sizes up to 120/140 x 200/210/220 cm.                                                                          Subject to change for technical reasons   Effective: 01/08

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