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CONTENTS PAGE                                PARTS LIST
Parts List                              2
Introduction & Safety Notices           3
Assembly Instructions                   4


                                                                        Dome Lid B            Fuel Tray (x3) C
Removing Fuel Doors                     5
Inserting Fuel Doors                    6

Removing Fuel Tray                      6
Loading Charcoal                        7
Inserting Fuel Tray                     7
Igniting Charcoal                       7

Inserting & Removing The Grill          8     BBQTower Body A       Fuel Tray Door (x3) D       Grill (x2) E

Inserting & Removing The Cooking Tray   9

Maintenance                             10

                                              Cooking Tray (x2) F   Cooking Disc (x2) G     Cooking Tray Tool H

                                                  Grill Tool I        Fuel Door Tool J            Handle

                                             Lid Handle Assembly       Internal Hook          8x Bolts, 8x Nuts
    BEFORE YOU START:                                                                                                                          INSTRUCTIONS:
                                                                                                                                               Remove	barbecue	unit	and	place	on	a	level	surface.	
    •	   Please	read	these	instructions	carefully.
    •	   Please	unpackage	the	BBQTOWER™	barbecue	and	dispose	of	all	packing	material	responsibly	keeping	it	away	from	children.                ASSEMBLY
    •	   Please	read	the	safety	notices	before	using	the	barbecue.	                                                                            Your	BBQTOWER™	has	been	designed	so	that	it	is	ready	to	use	straight	out	of	the	
    •	   The BBQTOWER™	has	been	designed	so	that	minimum	assembly	time	is	required;	the	only	components	that	require	assembly		                box.	The	only	parts	that	require	assembly	are	two	handles	and	the	internal	hook	
         are the two handles and internal hook (see figures 1.1 to 1.3)                                                                        for	the	dome	lid.	

    Whilst	every	effort	has	been	made	to	ensure	the	BBQTOWER™	has	no	sharp	edges,	all	components	should	be	handled	with	care	
    to	avoid	injury.	

    The BBQTOWER™ is certified by SGS in compliance with the following regulations.
    1.	Regulation	(EC)	No.	1935/2004							2.	UK	Food	Regulations	SL	(Statutory	Instrument)	898:	2005

    Whilst	we	have	designed	the	BBQTOWER™	with	safety	in	mind,	it	is	important	that	you	are	familiar	with	the	contents	of	this	guide	
    before	use	and	adhere	to	the	notices	and	guidelines	below	at	all	times.	

    •	   The	barbecue	is	for	outdoor	use	only.                          	    ensure	that	they	are	correctly	placed	into	the	barbecue		
    •	   Before	use,	ensure	that	all	packing	material	is	removed		           (see figures 4.1 to 5.7).	
    	    from	the	barbecue.                                             •	   When	handling	any	removable	part	of	the	barbecue	use		
    •	   Ensure	that	your	environment	is	suitable	for	barbecue	use.     	    only	the	tools	and	handles	provided.	                                  Figure	1.1                                 Figure	1.2                            Tower Body
    •	   Please	ensure	that	all	parts	of	the	barbecue	are	secure,		     •	   During	operation,	ensure	that	suitable	barbecuing	tools		
    	    checking	and	tightening	any	parts	that	may	have		              	    with	long,	heat	resistant	handles	are	used.	In	addition,		
    	    become	loose.	                                                 	    when	in	contact	with	the	barbecue	please	wear	adequate		          Attach	handle	and	internal	hook	onto	lid	as	shown	in	Figure	1.2	using	the	nuts	and	
    •	   Do	not	use	barbecue	during	high	winds.                         	    protective	clothing,	such	as	barbecuing	mitts	and	heat		          bolts	provided.	
    •	   Do	not	wear	loose	clothing	when	igniting	charcoal	or		         	    resistant	pads	to	cover	exposed	skin	surfaces.
    	    using	the	barbecue.		                                          •	   When	using	lower	levels	two	and	three,	we	advise	not	to		
    •	   Ensure	that	the	barbecue	is	placed	on	a	solid	and	level		      	    bend	and	strain	your	back	excessively.	
    	    surface	away	from	protruding	vegetation,	electrical		          •	   It	is	advisable	to	keep	water	and	sand	nearby,	in	the	event		
    	    wires	and	any	inflammable	materials.	                          	    of	any	unexpected	flare	ups	that	may	occur	during	cooking.
    •	   When	inserting	charcoal	in	the	fuel	tray	ensure	that	the		     •	   After	use	ensure	that	all	the	charcoal	has	completely	burnt		
    	    fuel	tray	is	re-inserted	correctly	using	the	tool	provided		   	    out	and	that	the	barbecue	has	cooled	down	completely		
         (see figures 3.1 to 3.4)                                       	    before	emptying	the	fuel	trays,	using	only	the	tools	provided.	
    •	   Take	care	when	igniting	charcoal	in	the	fuel	tray,	further		   •	   Ensure	that	the	barbecue	has	cooled	down	completely		
    	    precaution	must	be	taken	when	igniting	multiple	fuel		              before moving it carefully, using the handle located at the
         trays, ensuring that as soon as one fuel tray is lit, the           rear of the barbecue (see figure 1.1)
    	    respective	door	is	firmly	locked	back	into	position	before		   •	   We	recommend	storing	the	barbecue	inside	in	a	dry,		
    	    igniting	the	next.		                                                cool and safe environment using a suitable cover to
    •	   Ensure	that	charcoal	is	placed	evenly	and	only	in	the	fuel		   	    prolong	the	life	of	your	BBQTOWER™                                         Figure	1.3
    	    trays	provided.
    •	   Do	not	use	spirit,	alcohol,	or	other	flammable	liquids	to		         COOKING INFORMATION
    	    ignite	or	re-ignite	the	charcoal.                              •	   Always	wash	hands	before	and	after	handling		
    •	   For	igniting	and	re-igniting	the	charcoal	only	use	            	    uncooked	foods.                                                   Attach	handle	onto	back	body	of	BBQTOWER™	using	the	nuts	and	bolts	provided.	
    	    firelighters	that	are	compliant	with	EN	1860-3.                •	   Always	wash	hands	before	eating.
    •	   Ensure	that	any	combustible	materials	are	kept	at	a	safe		     •	   Never	place	cooked	and	uncooked	foods	on	the	same		
    	    distance	away	from	the	barbecue.                                    surface and ensure that all surfaces and utensils are
    •	   When	in	use	the	barbecue	will	become	very	hot	so		
                                                                        	    cleaned	thoroughly	with	soap	and	hot	water	after		
    	    exercise	extreme	caution	during	operation.	It	is	your		
                                                                        	    being	in	contact	with	uncooked	foods.
    	    responsibility	to	ensure	the	safe	use	of	the	barbecue.	
                                                                        •	   Do	not	use	the	same	utensils	for	handling	uncooked		
    •	   Never	leave	the	barbecue	unattended	and	keep	it		
    	    away	at	all	times	from	infants,	young	children	and	pets.	
                                                                        	    and	cooked	foods.
    •	   Do	not	move	the	barbecue	during	operation.                     •	   To	avoid	the	risk	of	food	poisoning	always	cook	meat		
    •	   When	inserting	and	removing	the	cooking	trays	and	grills		          thoroughly before eating and never serve
    	    use	only	the	tools	provided	and	when	inserting	the	trays		     	    undercooked	meat.

3                              INJURY, DEATH OR DAMAGE TO PROPERTY.                                                                                                                                                                               4
                                                                               INSERTING FUEL DOORS
                                                                               Insert tool J into	spaces	provided	on D as	per	Figures 2.3, 2.4	and	once	attached	lift	upwards.
    REMOVING & INSERTING FUEL DOORS                                            Re-insert D	as	shown	in	Figure	2.6	ensuring	that	the	front	lip	on	the	reverse	of	the	door	fits	
                                                                               into	slit	on	the	platform	edge	as	per	Figure 2.7

                                                                                                     Figure	2.6                                                     Figure	2.7
          Figure	2.1                                Figure	2.2

                                                                               REMOVING FUEL TRAY

    REMOVING FUEL DOORS                                                        Fuel tray locations (see figure 3.1)

                                                                               Slide the side marked FUEL of tool J under C, ensuring
                                                                               it is latched on, lift and remove (see figures 3.2 to 3.4)
                                                                                                                                                                    Figure	3.2

        Figure	2.3                                   Figure	2.4   Figure	2.5

                                                                                                                                                                     Figure	3.3
    Insert the side marked DOOR of tool J	into	spaces	
    provided	on	D.	(Figures 2.3, 2.4)

    Once	attached,	remove	fuel	door	with	an	upwards	
    force	and	pull	out.	(Figure 2.5)

                                                                                       Figure	3.1                                                                    Figure	3.4

5                                                                                                                                                                                 6
    LOADING THE CHARCOAL                                                                                                           INSERTING AND REMOVING THE GRILL

    We	recommend	for	safe	use,	to	load	and	ignite	the	charcoal	from	the	top	level	and	work	downwards.                              To insert grill E, attach tool I onto E as per figure 4.1.

    For	loading	charcoal	on	the	top	level,	it	is	not	necessary	to	remove	the	fuel	tray,	simply	remove	the	dome	lid	and	
    any	grill	or	cooking	tray,	charcoal	can	then	be	loaded	directly	from	above.	However	for	levels	two	and	three	we	               Guide	into	the	BBQTOWER™	ensuring	the	locators	on	E are matched
    recommend the removal of C	to	allow	for	easier	loading	of	charcoal.	                                                           up	to	the	grooves	provided	(see figures 4.2 to 4.6).
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Figure	4.1

                                               Figure	3.5

                                                                                                                                       Figure	4.2                                        Figure	4.3                             Figure	4.4

    Place	charcoal	briquettes	into	C as shown in Figure 3.5 ensuring that the entire tray has been stacked fully with
    briquettes.	Locate	the	firelighters	evenly	underneath	the	briquettes	and	in	accordance	with	instructions	provided	
    with	the	firelighters.	Crumpled	newspaper	can	also	be	used	underneath	the	briquettes.	


    To re-insert C, slide the side marked FUEL of tool J under C,	ensuring	it	is	latched	on,	lift	and	place	onto	appropriate	
    platform.	(See figures 3.1-3.4).	

                                                                                                                                       Figure	4.5                                        Figure	4.6

    Once C	is	located	inside	the	BBQTOWER	safely	ignite	the	firelighters,	starting	from	top	level	downwards,	as	per	               To remove grill E, re-attach tool I to E,	lift	upwards	and	pull	out.	
    instructions	provided	with	the	firelighters.	
                                                                                                                                   To use grill E	on	levels	2	and	3,	follow	the	steps	above,	ensuring	that	the	locators	are	positioned	as	shown	in	figure 4.7
    We	do	not	recommend	the	use	of	lighter	fluid	for	ignition	as	this	may	compromise	the	taste	and	quality	of	the	food.	           (rear) and 4.8	(side	locators).
    If	lighter	fluid	is	used	follow	instructions	and	precautions	set	by	its	manufacturer.	Lighter	fluid	poses	additional	safety	
    risks	and	must	not	be	added	to	a	burning	fire.	

    Once charcoal is ignited ensure that the fuel tray door D	is	re-attached	as	per	figures	2.6 and 2.7.
    Do	not	cook	until	the	charcoal	is	sufficiently	hot	and	has	a	coating	of	grey	ash.	We	recommend	igniting	the	charcoal	
    approximately	one	hour	before	cooking,	however	this	time	can	vary	dependent	upon	the	amount	of	charcoal	used	
    and	method	of	ignition.	For	best	results	leave	plenty	of	time	for	the	charcoal	to	become	hot	and	develop	the	coating	
    of	grey	ash.		

                                                                                                                                              Figure	4.7                                   Figure	4.8

7                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               8
    To insert cooking tray F, attach tool J onto F	as	per	Figures 5.1 to 5.3
                                                                                                                                   To	extend	the	life	of	the	BBQTOWER™	we	recommend	you	clean	it	annually.	

                                                                                                                                   Please	ensure	the	entire	BBQTOWER™	has	completely	cooled	down	before	cleaning.

                                                                                                                                   The grills and cooking trays and the cooking discs are constructed from stainless steel, so can be rinsed gently using
                                                                                                                                   warm	water	and	soap.	Do	not	put	them	in	a	dishwasher.

                                                                                                                                   The	fuel	trays	are	constructed	from	mild	steel	and	are	powder	coated.	Once	the	charcoal	has	completely	burnt	out	
                                                                                                                                   and	the	entire	barbecue	has	cooled	down,	dispose	of	the	ashes	and	dry-wipe	the	trays	using	a	cloth.	We	do	not	
                   Figure	5.1                                    Figure	5.2                                 Figure	5.3
                                                                                                                                   recommend	the	use	of	water	to	clean	the	fuel	trays.	

                                                                                                                                   Avoid	the	use	of	any	rough,	abrasive	cleaning	materials	such	as	steel	wire	at	all	times.	
    Guide	cooking	tray	F	into	the	BBQTOWER™	as	per	Figures 5.4 and 5.5	ensuring	that	the	cooking	tray	fits	into	the	rear	
    of	the	BBQTOWER™	as	per	Figures 5.6 and 5.7 and that the locators on the cooking tray F are resting on the grooves on
    either	side	of	the	BBQTOWER™	as	per figure 5.8.                                                                                Please visit for:

                                                                                                                                   Product Registration
                                                                                                                                   Video Tutorials
                                                                                                                                   Mailing	List	Subscription
                                                                                                                                   Any	further	information	and	contact	details.	
                                                                                                             Figure	5.7

      Figure	5.4                    Figure	5.5                                 Figure	5.6                    Figure	5.8

    To remove tool J once cooking tray F	has	been	inserted,	pull	tool	J	back	gently,	tilt	handle	slightly	upwards	and	slide	out.

    To remove cooking tray F, slide tool J under cooking tray F,	when	latched	on,	lift	upwards	and	remove	cooking	tray	F.	

    If	charcoal	has	been	ignited	do	not	leave	the	cooking	trays	in	place	if	they	are	not	in	use.	The	cooking	trays	may	warp	
    slightly	during	use,	this	is	normal	as	they	are	constructed	from	sheet	metal	which	will	expand	and	contract	when	
    exposed	to	varying	temperatures

    If	cooking	pizzas	we	recommend	the	use	of	cooking	disc	G	by	simply	placing	G on the surface of grill E, or cooking tray F
    covering	the	perforations	(see figure 5.9)

                     Figure	5.9

9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           10

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