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 lunch                           At 140 years old, Canada   One woman’s story about        novels, and video games are
 The Diamond Alumni              is old enough to move      a misdiagnosis and how it      on show at the Vancouver
                                 out of Mom’s basement.                                    Art Gallery for KRAZY!, the                                 THIS WEEK’S CONTRIBUTORS
 Centre will soon no longer                                 changed her life.                                                 LAST WORD             Mohammed Amir, Chris Brown, Rose

 serve lunch.                    By J.J. McCullough         By Rose Dickson                cultural event of the summer.                          Dickson, Brett Kelly, Caitlin MacDonald,
                                                                                           By Mohammed Amir                                     Jordan Potter, Jyoti Sahato, Ken Sakamoto.
 By Shara Lee                                                                                                                                                Maegan Thomas

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                   May 26, 2008
                                                                                                                                        opinions editor     J.J. McCullough
                                                                                                                                                            778.782.4560                         3
Letter of the week:
Kudos to SFU for using real students in campus ads
During a recent session on Facebook I                current and past SFU residents. I myself
stumbled upon a tagged picture of one of             was even pictured on the cover of a pam-
my fellow students. The picture in ques-             phlet awhile back.
tion was of her at a bus stop, posing be-                Over at the University of Manitoba,
side an ad for SFU’s Open House taking               a scandal erupted a few years ago when
place at the end of this month. However,             it was discovered that they had hired an
the tag was placed on the ad — not on                actress (the infamous “Everywhere Girl”)
her. This was because she was actually               with buckets of cash to be pictured on
pictured in the ad itself, along with sev-           their website and other promotional ma-
eral other students I recognised. Judg-              terials, until the fact was brought to light
ing from the comments on the photo,                  by a student. Likewise, last semester, the
these ads are placed in several locations            CFS was slagged for picturing non-SFU
throughout the Lower Mainland, in sev-               students on several of their ads aimed at
eral high traffic areas.                             keeping the SFSS within its membership.
   This is not the first instance that I                 At a time when image seems to be
have seen of my fellow students displayed            playing an ever-increasing role in the
on various SFU paraphernalia. Brows-                 daily functions and transactions of our
ing through an informational book for                society, it makes me feel great that SFU
SFU Surrey’s programs, one of my fellow              has no qualms about proudly display-
students was able to name nearly every               ing its varied and beautiful students out
student pictured in the book. Over at                there to the rest of the world. Kudos for
residence there are tons of informational            that.                                             SFU promo ads such as this one use real students as models rather than actors.
brochures and pamphlets featuring many                                         —Earl Von Tapia

Let’s talk about the monarchy
                                                     remind us that our government still officially the western world is because he — and he            stronger, more autonomous House of Com-
                                                     defines “becoming Canadian” as promising alone — gets to exercise near-complete au-                mons. I’m not a fan of citing international
                                                     feudal fidelity to a foreign monarch.             thority over the so-called “royal prerogative”   precedents to justify what “should work” in
                                          J.J.            The republican cause in Canada is one of the British Crown.                                   this country, but for those who need the as-
                                  McCullough         that’s easy to dismiss as trivial or fringe, per-    The PM appoints judges, senators, gen-        sent of foreigners to validate good ideas, I can
                               Opinions Editor       haps mainly because it’s an issue that’s easy to erals, ambassadors, and the heads of count-       point out that most Western European coun-
                                                     avoid thinking about. Yet the older the pres- less boards, committees, and corporations            tries are parliamentary republics of the sort
I have a stupid tradition that I do once a year,     ent queen gets, the more pressing the mat- all by evoking 17th century notions of royal            I’ve described, and the system seems to func-
I’m not really sure why. Every summer, on July       ter becomes, and the closer we edge towards privilege, just as all Canadian rulers since the       tion pretty well for them.
first, I make an early-morning trek to down-         — whether we like it or not — the uncom- colonial era have done. On paper, it’s actu-                    Canada’s obsessively well-organized mon-
town Vancouver and watch a gang of new Ca-           fortable business of having                                          ally the governor general     archist lobby groups are found of tut-tutting
                                                     to decide what should come                                                                         republicans by declaring that “if it ain’t broke,
nadians get sworn in at Canada Place.
     “I swear I will be faithful and bear true al-   after her.
                                                                                          In the year 2008 I who formally signs off of-
                                                                                                                          such decrees, but that
                                                                                                                                                        don’t fix it.” On the other hand, I don’t know
legiance to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the              In the year 2008 I would       would like to think fice long ago ceased to act                how anyone can look at modern Canada, a
Second, all her heirs and successors,” the im-       like to think it’s hard not to be it’s hard not to be a as any sort of check on                    country in which we have a tyrannically pow-
migrants recite in uniform monotone, before          a republican. Even if we dis-                                        prime ministerial power.      erful prime minister, an unelected talk show
segueing into the second stanza in which they        count the obvious symbolic                 republican.               And perhaps understand-       host serving as our impotent governess, and
additionally (and thankfully) also promise to        weirdness of the fact that the                                       ably so, when we consider     the nation’s senior generals taking loyalty
“obey the laws of Canada” and “fulfill my du-        legal head of the Canadian state is also the who appoints the governor general.                    oaths to the Queen of England and not con-
ties as a Canadian citizen.” And that’s the en-      head of our former imperial ruler, or all the        Presuming that none of us wish to re-         clude that the status quo is, if not broken, at
tire recital. That’s how you become a citizen.       bizarre superstitions of the House of Windsor, turn to an era of politically-involved royalty,     least poorly-functioning and fairly ridiculous.
     Maybe I keep going to this mundane              with primogeniture, divine right and the like, an easy way to curb the powers of the prime               Every time I go to one of those Canadian
ceremony because I’m a cynical republican            constitutional monarchy is simply a bad sys- minister in the modern era would be to intro-         citizenship ceremonies, the various masters
and I enjoy being occasionally reminded of           tem of government. A constitutional monarch duce a separately elected executive “president         of ceremonies almost inevitably try to down-
the bizarre fact that 21st century, 140-year-        is, by definition, a person who does not exer- of Canada,” who would be able to do a lot of        play or minimize the monarchy’s role in the
old Canada remains, officially, a dominion of        cise any real political power, which in turn, things the governor general is supposed to           proceedings, clearly uncomfortable with the
Her Britannic Majesty. Indeed, the contrast          somewhat paradoxically breeds an extremely do, yet never actually does, such as veto bad           concept, yet also too timid to speak frankly
at Canada Place could not be more pathetic;          strong executive branch. The correlation is laws and scrutinize patronage appointments.            about it. That’s basically Canada’s relationship
outside we have all manner of fun Canada             not often made, but part of the reason why Or we could make the prime minister the of-             with the Crown in a nutshell. We know some-
Day festivities, awash in patriotic revelry,         the prime minister of Canada occupies one ficial head of state, but take away a few of his         thing’s wrong, yet we don’t speak up. Maybe
while inside we have a depressing spectacle to       of the most powerful constitutional offices in powers in the process, diffusing them to a          it’s time to start.

Peak Speak
Interviews and photos by Andy Fang

Should Canada cut its formal ties to the British monarchy?

                                                                                                           Masoud                                    Ashley                                 Rosemary
                    Ross Weaver                                Chad Indcio                                 Nosihei                                     Nijjer                                Messmer
                        5th-year                                  4th-year                                 1st-year                                 4th-year                               Health and
                         Poli Sci                                Business                               Engineering                            Soc. Science                                Counseling

I think the monarchy is an                 I think the queen is a symbol            I’m not interested in politics and     The royals are pretty useless.            I have no opinion. No opinion at
anachronism that has no place              that represents Canada’s tra-            I don’t know much about the            They don’t do much, they’re ba-           all.
in Canada. Having to swear alle-           ditional values and culture. If          Queen of Canada. The thing that        sically just a symbol. I’m pretty
giance to the queen is something           you take the Queen out of the            is most important is improving         indifferent.
that sort of deters me from want-          system you’re taking out years           the country no matter who does
ing to become a citizen.                   and years of culture.                    this, prime minister or queen.

                                                                                            the peak
     4        May 26, 2008                                                               OPINIONS

Campus View
We’re the
weird ones

                                            Shara Lee
                                           News Editor

While waiting patiently in line outside of the Roxy not
too long ago, two sassy young ladies discussed what
they thought to be their normal aspirations. “What is
your ultimate goal in life?” Shara asked. “It’s so cheesy,
but I want to make a difference,” replied Katie.
     It was only later in my conversation with Katie
that I discovered that our aspirations were not like
those of certain others we knew. She told me how
her childhood friend, currently working a modest
job with no dreams of promotion, was settling down                                                                            Vancouver author Douglas Coupland, who spoke at SFU last week.
and getting married — and was perfectly content in
doing so.
                                                             Editor’s Voice
                                                             The fine art of the anecdote
     “That’s what normal people do,” said Katie. “They
settle down, they get married, and they’re happy.
We’re the weird ones Shara.” As she told me this, it
finally struck me that it wasn’t them but us who were
the oddities of our generation.                                                                              time in my life is just around the corner     party with Michael Stevenson, and defi-
     Katie and I both agreed that we could not imagine                                                       (the next 25 years are bound to slip by       nitely not while discussing Douglas
settling down with average jobs, getting married, and                                                        quickly) but I want to be interesting in      Coupland’s favourite restaurant in the
being happy about it all. Yes, we thought of ourselves                                      Maia Britt       social situations now. Instead, when I        Burnaby area. Maybe my adventures
as high functioning, very involved people, but cer-                                         Odegaard         am standing there eating tiny pieces of       are just naturally inappropriate and the
tainly not that different from the mainstream. We                                      Features Editor       pineapple surrounded by a special col-        only way for me to rectify this would
just viewed ourselves as average 20-somethings and                                                           lection of poetry, ready to ask a famous      be to start hanging out more civilized
assumed that our dreams matched up with others               There are a few things in my life that I        writer a carefully constructed question       individuals. This is a bit of a catch-22
our age.                                                     hope to accomplish by the time I am             about his literary work, all I’m able to do   though, if I hang around ‘normal’ peo-
     All of our friends are go-getters. Among them,          a wilted old biddy — graduating from            is eavesdrop like a kid at the grown-up       ple, the likelihood that any adventures
some are currently acting as state coordinators or vol-      university for instance, or being able to       table.                                        will ensue greatly diminishes.
unteers for the Barack Obama campaign, many are              roast the perfect turkey — but the one              How is it that I wasn’t the one who           Coupland did tell a good story about
active student politicians who, on weekends, can be          thing on the top of my list, the one thing      thought up the idea of photocopy-             constantly taking notes when he was in
found presenting arguments in front of various legis-        I would really like to have under by belt                                                     his 20s (something I am a big fan of)
latures, others are editing weekly student-run news-         by the time I am considered a respect-                                                        and eventually being able to take men-
papers, still others are presidents of this association      able adult is the ability to deliver appro-
                                                                                                                    I don’t have any                       tal notes rather than recording every
or that political youth party, and many are recipients       priate anecdotes. I’m not terribly bad                  quirky stories I                      thought or event of intrigue. I suppose I
of service awards, scholarships, and stellar references      at telling anecdotal stories in social set-           can use to answer                       have my solution then, I merely have to
from high-ranking officials.                                 tings, and when things work out (timing                                                       commit to a nerdy existence filled with
     I’ve always been fired up with mad ambition but         and audience wise) I am usually able to              questions about my                       pocket protectors and coffee-stained
lately it has become apparent that a lot of people are       get a few laughs. But there are still many            faith, or whatever.                     note pads, until finally I am able to con-
perfectly content leading much more humble lives.            occasions when I find myself at a com-                                                        jure up interesting anecdotes at the drop
     To those types, people like us are probably             plete loss for words.                                                                         of a hat. Hopefully my 27 cats have good
strange. They most likely see us as a bunch of crazy,            One such instance occured just last         ing the last two pages of 40-something        dinner parties as they will be the only
power-hungry people, constantly jumping from one             Wednesday when I attended a lecture by          novels, just as a means of experiencing       ones left in my social circle.
elitist group to another, always sniffing out power and      a relatively famous local author, Douglas       40-something endings? This was one of
eagerly snatching it up.                                     Coupland. To be clear, this is not some-        his answers and his point was some-
     This may explain why there is so much crossover
from The Peak and the Simon Fraser Student Society,
                                                             thing I do regularly; it was free, it was ca-
                                                             tered, and I hoped it would impress my
                                                                                                             thing more existential, but it’s a good
                                                                                                             idea just in the interest of researching
                                                                                                                                                             Teach English
for instance. Involved people just want to get their
hands dirty in everything. Of course, it could also be
                                                             professor. I was warned ahead of time
                                                             that the author I was about to listen to
                                                                                                             conclusions. I’m pretty sure I don’t have
                                                                                                             any quirky stories like that, which I can
argued that we’re the only ones stupid enough to take        for two hours has a reputation for being        use to answer questions about my faith,
on so much unnecessary extra work.                           considerably underwhelming. Now bar-            or whatever the original question was.
     Certain people are inclined to embrace respon-          ing this is in mind, I was fairly certain I         I would likely start talking about the
sibility, and as such become natural born leaders,           would think less of the author after at-        time some friends and I stuffed two kids
but for others responsibility is a frightening thing,        tending his event, but on the contrary!         in the trunk of a Honda Prelude and re-         TESOL/TESL Teacher Training
so they’re happy to just stay in the background. And             If this were an ordinary lecture, I         fused to tell them where we were head-             Certification Courses
maybe they have a point. Maybe there’s a case to             would not have been as impressed — I            ing, all the while recording the entire         • Intensive 60-Hour Program
be made for living a more humble and modest life,            expect lecturers to keep their audience         adventure. The better part of the story         • Classroom Management Techniques
perusing a small job and spending more time with             engaged throughout the length of their          being our attempt to have a screening           • Detailed Lesson Planning
friends and family, rather than endless projects and         talk. But the fact that he had a bank of        of our home movie in our teacher’s of-          • ESL Skills Development
clubs.                                                       personal stories at his disposal and that       fice behind locked doors. When she at-          • Comprehensive Teaching Materials
     Neither of these two types are better than the          he seemed able to relate one to each of         tempted to enter the room to see what           • Interactive Teaching Practicum
other. Neither is an exemplar of the types of people         the questions posed was truly enviable.         we were doing and we refused to open            • Internationally Recognized Certificate
                                                                                                                                                             • Teacher Placement Service
we should emulate.                                               Maybe it is a skill one develops over       the door, she inevitably grew suspicious.
                                                                                                                                                             • Money Back Guarantee Included
     Katie taught me an important lesson that night at       time; maybe I won’t be good at this until       Did I mention that the video was filmed
                                                                                                                                                             • Thousands of Satisfied Students
the Roxy. From that point on I’ve been slow to judge,        I am middle-aged, and it is the only            during a field trip to SFU?
because I’ve come to the conclusion that at the end of       thing that keeps people hanging around              But my point is that I don’t know           OXFORD SEMINARS
the day we’re all pretty damn weird.                         me and my 27 cats. I hope it doesn’t            when this type of story would ever be ap-       604-683-3430/1-800-269-6719
                                                             come to this though. I know that that           propriate, certainly not at a fancy dinner     www.oxfordseminars.ca

                                                                                           the peak
                                                                       OPINIONS                                                                      May 26, 2008            5
                                                                                                     The Small Talk Project
                                                                                                     Stalking, staring...
                                                                                                     — we all do it!
                                                                                                                                             makes me wonder if our collective
                                                                                                                                             unrestrained online habits are start-
                                                                                                                                             ing to cross over into real life.
                                                                                                                                                  It is probably best to avoid spec-
                                                                                                                                             ulating as to why some people en-
                                                                                                                          Adam Cristobal gage in blatant ogling since everyone
                                                                                                                                Columnist has their own subjective reasons.
                                                                                                                                             Wandering eyes, raging hormones .
                                                                                                     Etiquette is a strange thing. It has . . the reasons for staring vary based
                                                                                                     the ability to provide a natural order on personal disposition and one’s
                                                                                                     to social procedures and simplify level of shamelessness. I, personally,
                                                                                                     them, yet, ironically, it can also have never been ashamed to admit
                                                                                                     make them a hell of a lot more com- the latter motivation since it’s sim-
                                                                                                     plicated than they need to be. Right ply the truth. At the same time, I am
                                                                                                     now you might be having visions of only able to confess to such creepy
                                                                                                     plate settings which look more like behaviour since I am ridiculously
                                                                                                     rows of shiny, pointy things at an skilled at keeping my stare-ees igno-
                                                                                                     operating table (FYI: move from the rant of my staring. While it is prob-
                                                                                                     outside inwards) and and Mozart’s ably true that I would have great
                                                                                                     Eine kleine Nach-                                             deal more in-
                                                                                                     tmusik playing in           I am ridiculously                 teresting stories
                                                                                                     the background,                                               to tell if I wasn’t
                                                                                                     but etiquette is
                                                                                                                                skilled at keeping so, shall we say
                                                                        J.J. McCullough / The Peak
                                                                                                     more than that.                 my stare-ees                  . . . talented, I,
                                                                                                                                                                   like most peo-
                                                                                                     With all its rules
                                                                                                                                   ignorant of my
Quote of the Week                                                                                    and conventions it
                                                                                                     has an unpleasant                   staring.
                                                                                                                                                                   ple who state,
                                                                                                                                                                   would also like

        The one thing that unites all human beings,
                                                                                                     way of making one                                             to avoid getting
                                                                                                     feel like an idiot in commonplace caught. Alas, it is clear that not all

        regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic                                                settings on an everyday basis.          of us are as professional as I when it
                                                                                                          Netiquette is a lot easier to deal comes to ogling.

        background, is that we all believe we are above                                              with, mostly because the internet is         So, what does one do when one
                                                                                                     not quite the real world. Facebook gets caught gawking? Usually, un-

        average drivers.
                                                                                                     in particular has come to embody less one actually wishes to endure
                                             —Dave Barry                                             a glaring truth of contemporary a restraining order, one probably
                                                                                                     society: everyone is a stalker. With stops and tries to promptly reoc-
                                                                                                     Facebook, it’s no longer a faux pas cupy one’s eyes with some other
                                                                                                     to track down that hottie from the fascinating phenomenon. What
                                                                                                     hallway and gawk away, since now is interesting to note, however, is
                                                                                                     even your grandma is able to eas- that it cannot necessarily be said

                 Woohoo! / Boohoo!                                                                   ily find her drunken party photos that people stop staring simply out
                                                                                                     online. With personal information of personal embarrassment when
                                     By J.J. McCullough                                              flying about like never before, Fa- caught. In a day and age when stalk-
                                                                                                     cebook users (easily 95 per cent of ing and gawking is so prevalent and

Woohoo!                                             Boohoo!                                          SFU students) have become easily increasingly normalized (thanks to
                                                                                                     accustomed to constant stalking the wonders of Facebook), it is scar-
McDonalds’ Big Breakfast                            People who order a                               and endless voyeurism. Of course, ily possible that some people just
                                                                                                     all this is not without its own fun aren’t that concerned about their
They say there’s no better way to start your
day than with a well-rounded breakfast, and
                                                    Big Breakfast but then                           little corelational ramifications in own shame as much anymore. This
                                                                                                     the real world — you know, the provokes the question as to why a
you can’t get much more well-rounded than           painstakingly put                                world where people don’t need to stare-ee should feel so uncomfort-
McDonalds’ famous “Big Breakfast.”                                                                   be identified by tags, and mystics able to begin with, the reasons for
    With a hearty heap of scrambled eggs, a         all of its component                             are shifty folk with crystal balls in- which are easily identified. For start-
sassy sausage patty, a crisp hashbrown, and                                                          stead of ridiculously clichéd astrol- ers, it’s damn creepy to get gawked.
two fluffy English muffin slices, the Big Break-    pieces together into a                           ogy applications?                       But, more importantly, it makes
fast represents an apex of breakfast food deli-                                                           Assuming that we’re all Face- people feel objectified, or as the ste-
ciousness. Plus, according to the McDonalds         sandwhich, thus forming                          book stalkers, I am going to boldly reotypical feminists say, “like pieces
online health guide, it’s also the single most                                                       state that stalking from behind a of meat.”
calorie-laden item on the menu, even surpass-
                                                    a crude Egg McMuffin,                            computer screen is perfectly fine            These people need to get over
ing the Big Mac, so you know it will give you
the energy to confront a busy day.
                                                    which makes no sense                             and good — provided that one fol- themselves. God knows they’ve
                                                                                                     lows basic netiquette protocols, probably been stalking people over
    These days I get up too late, so I often miss   because it would be                              such as properly using quaint little Facebook too, and are therefore
the 11:00 a.m. cutoff for McDonalds’ break-                                                          keyboard operations such as “<3” guilty of ogling a person in a fleeting
fasts, but nary a morning goes by that I don’t      cheaper to just order a                          and refraining from excessive spam- moment just like the rest of us. In
pine for the sweet (and savory!) sensation of                                                        ming and mindless flaming. On the other words, if it wasn’t for all this
the Big B.                                          normal Egg McMuffin in                           other hand, blatant and uninhibited gosh-darned etiquette, perhaps we’d
                                                                                                     stalking of an actual, living, breath- all go around freely gawking at each
                                                    the first place.                                 ing person — and not just pixel- other with absolutely no complaint
                                                                                                     lated representations of said person or quarrel — just like we do online.
                                                    I mean seriously, come on.                       — usually causes a lot of problems Imagine it: a whole world of visual
                                                                                                     because of the much stricter rules of freedom and a new level of satisfac-
                                                                                                     real-world etiquette. Yet many peo- tion for curiosity. Hotties aside.
                                                                                                     ple continue to stalk and gawk and           That is, unless that sort of thing
                                                                                                     stare despite it all, and the fact that is too weird for you.
                                                                                                     this is occurring more and more

                                                                           the peak
                           May 26, 2008
                                                                                                                                 news editor                    Shara Lee

   6                                                                                                                             e-mail

Campus News

A Diamond plucked from the
university’s crown
The Diamond Alumni Centre will soon cease to serve lunches
                                                                                                                                                be offered with prices ranging from $15 to
                                                                                                                                                $55 per head. “It’s still very reasonable . . .
                                                                                                                                                for a complete lunch,” said Brown.
                                                                                                                               Shara Lee             While this may be an unavoidable
                                                                                                                              News Editor       business decision, it is also one that cer-
                                                                                                                                                tain students are less than pleased with.
                                                                                               Starting June 1, the University’s Diamond             “I’m pretty sad about it,” said SFSS
                                                                                               Alumni Centre will cease to be open for          Member-At-Large Jonathan Brockman.
                                                                                               patrons seeking classy lunch options.            “The first time I ate there was only a few
                                                                                                   According to Richard Brown, director         months ago. The food was quite enjoyable
                                                                                               of food services at SFU, the lunchtime clo-      and the service was excellent.”
                                                                                               sures are due to a lack of interest in the            Residence Hall Association presi-
                                                                                               dining service itself.                           dent Gurjeet Singh felt that the Diamond
                                                                                                   During the summer, only an estimated         Alumni Centre could have done more to
                                                                                               10 to 15 customers come in daily for lunch.      advertise within the residence community.
                                                                                               Brown noted that the Diamond Alumni              “If it is losing money, then it makes sense
                                                                                               Centre would probably not reintroduce            to shut it down but I don’t think many
                                                                                               this service in the fall.                        residents actually knew about the DAC’s
                                                                                                   Instead, the DAC will be moving to-          lunch,” said Singh.
                                                                                               ward a more event bookings based ser-                 “They should have tried harder be-
                                                                                               vice and will rent out space and provide         cause their food is really amazing and
                                                                                               catering for small and large groups. “The        their prices are reasonable. For students
                                                                                               bulk of our business really is catering,” said   on the meal plan it’s a nice break from
                                                                                               Brown. The lunch trade only accounts for         the ordinary food you get from the other
                                                                                               about 10 per cent of business.                   Chartwells establishments,” he said com-
                                                                                                   Brown noted that the Diamond Alum-           menting on the little known fact that resi-
                                                                                               ni’s lunches were a “very costly way of          dents on the meal plan could in fact use
                                                                                               doing business” that had been struggling         their meal card at this eatery.
                                                                                               for the past four to five years.                      Third-year Business student Geoffrey
                                                                                                   “We tried many different things,” said       Brockman was also among the many who
                                                                                               Brown. The Centre had tried to promote           had previously not heard about the Dia-
                                                                                               their services heavily within the SFU resi-      mond Alumni’s lunch offerings. “I’ve never
                                                                                               dence community as well as within the            been there, but I guess I would have gone
                                                                                               larger university community with buf-            if I had known there were lunch specials,”
                                                                                               fets and sandwich specials. Despite this,        he said. “It’s disappointing. It being the one
                                                                                               the lunchtime option still did not gain          classy place on the hill to take people.”
                                                                                               momentum.                                             Student Senator Aman Bains echoed
                                                                                                   “It’s just really a matter of economics,”    similar sentiments. “I’m very disap-
                                                                                               said Brown.                                      pointed. It was one of the best places to
                                                                                                   Groups wishing to book the Diamond           eat on campus and it had a great view.
                                                                       Andy Fang / The Peak    Alumni Centre can do so with at least 48         It was one of SFU’s well kept secrets,”
The Diamond Alumni Centre.                                                                     hours of notice. A catering service will still   said Bains.

Advocacy Committee revitalized
Shara Lee                            was decided upon that several      semester thought to be some-            The only group which ap-               residence you’ll see townhouses
News Editor                          subcommittees would be cre-        what useless and had been on         peared to have a clear man-               with broken washrooms, doors
                                     ated under the umbrella of         the brink of decomposition.          date was the Residence Issues             that don’t lock, and couches
A controversial Student Soci-        advocacy.                          Many previous Executive direc-       Working Group spearheaded                 held up by microwaves. This
ety committee on the brink of            These groups would include     tors had favoured dissolving it      by Brockman who had previ-                working group is the first step
dissolution has been revived         a residence issues working         completely. Even SFSS staff per-     ously served as the president of          to change,” Brockman told The
thanks to an innovative new          group to be chaired by At-Large    son Hattie Aitken had voiced         the Residence Hall Association            Peak.
proposal.                            Representative Jonathan Brock-     her concerns about the relative      and whose premier campaign                   Several other directors
   During the ‘70s and ‘80s the      man, a university issues group     ineffectiveness of the Advocacy      promise was to give voice to the          seemed to be interested in
committee was largely used to        to be chaired by University Re-    Committee in recent years.           residents.                                working within this group, in-
coordinate radical protests and      lations Officer Ali Godson, an        Many directors favour the            A mandate prepared by                  cluding Tapia, Godson, and
activism, however, declining in-     elections awareness group to be    Advocacy Committee’s new             Brockman stated that the Resi-            Law.
terest in overtly political causes   chaired by External Relations      structure. “I like this new ap-      dence Issues working group                   It was decided that at the
saw the committee slowly de-         Officer Natalie Bocking, and a     proach,” said Member Services        would “investigate how the                next advocacy meeting that the
scend into little more than a        humanitarian issues working        Officer Earl Von Tapia. Others       Simon Fraser Student Society              terms of reference be adopted.
group that would occasionally        group to be chaired by At-Large    were not certain this new struc-     can actively advocate for resi-              “These working groups are
give cash handouts to off-cam-       Representative Mona Law.           ture would succeed. Internal         dents’ rights and issues.”                open to all SFU students. It will
pus events and conferences.              The Advocacy Committee,        Relations Officer Andrew Fer-           “Residents have been ig-               be exciting to see the new faces
   At the most recent Advo-          which currently has a $28,000      gusson noted that these groups       nored by the SFSS for many                at upcoming meetings,” said
cacy Committee meeting, it           budget, was earlier in this        were still “too broad.”              years. If you walk through                Brockman.

                                                                                 the peak
                                                                                     NEWS                                                                   May 26, 2008         7
Campus News

What are we paying Are we in or out?
you for?           Two months after vote, SFU’s status in CFS
                   remains vague
Pay logs of Student Society directors made public
                                                                                               Shara Lee                                      charges that the referendum was fraught
                                                                                               News Editor                                    with procedural irregularities have been
                                                                                                                                              hotly disputed.
                                                                                               Is the Simon Fraser Student Society still          Regardless of the outstanding court
                                                                                               a member of the Canadian Federation of         case, the SFSS has already declared itself
                                                                                               Students? Despite the fact that students       independent and is not planning to pay
                                                                                               voted 66 per cent in favour of leaving the     CFS membership fees for the coming
                                                                                               organization in a special referendum in        year.
                                                                                               March, the question still seems to lack a          Yet outwardly, the Student Union has
                                                                                               clear answer.                                  been sending mixed signals. At recent
                                                                                                    Legally, a member school of the Ca-       public events the SFSS has continued to
                                                                                               nadian Federation of Students, a national      use posters and banners with a logo con-
                                                                                               lobby group, can only leave the organiza-      taining the words “Local 23 of the Cana-
                                                                                               tion by holding a special “defederation”       dian Federation of Students,” and wait-
                                                                                               vote held under CFS supervision. The           ers at the SFSS Pub still wear uniforms
                                                                                               SFSS held a vote in March, but did so uni-     emblazed with the slogan. Matters were
                                                                                               laterally after talks between the CFS and      further confused by ERO Natalie Bocking’s
                                                                                               SFSS broke down. The CFS has since ar-         recent attendance at an CFS-BC execu-
                                                                                               gued that the vote held was not binding,       tive meeting, in which she claimed to be a
                                                                                               though the SFSS maintains it is.               “guest from Local 23.”
                                                                                                    Anticipating that the March vote              Bocking stated that the attendance
                                                                                               would not be accepted by the CFS, the          there proved to be useful. “It was a good
                                                                                               SFSS Board of Directors voted to petition      chance to learn about how the funding
                                                                                               the Supreme Court of British Columbia to       cuts are affecting other students’ unions
                                                                                               formally affirm the legality of the referen-   and other colleges and universities, and
                                                                 J.J. McCullough / The Peak
                                                                                               dum, and, by extension, confirm that SFSS      find out what strategies people are taking.
                                                                                               is, in fact, no longer a member of the CFS.        As for the SFSS’s current status in the
Shara Lee                                      bylaws,” and attending two meetings.                 The process remains tied up in the        CFS, she told The Peak that the Student
News Editor                                        Some of the duties the directors have       legal proceedings, however, and could          Society had petitioned the court to rule
                                               been clocking as “working” hours are            take months before a clear resolution          that the referendum be declared valid.
A new timesheet system implemented by          bound to provoke controversy. Many direc-       is reached. Based on past statements, it       “Currently we’re not sure until we get the
the Simon Fraser Student has made it pos-      tors logged in a lavish dinner at SFU Presi-    seems likely that the CFS will contest the     results of the court case,” she said.
sible for students to see exactly what their   dent Michael Stevenson’s penthouse apart-       results of the vote on a number of fronts,         Internal Relations Officer Andrew
elected politicians are getting paid to do.    ment as work, including Internal Relations      including challenging the SFSS’s refusal to    Fergusson who, like Bocking, had been a
    Under the rules of the student union,      Officer Andrew Fergusson, Treasurer Anna        abide by CFS election regulations, and ac-     strong CFS supporter, shared much the
the 14 elected members of the SFSS Board       Belkine, Members-at-Large Mona Law and          cusing the SFSS election managers of gen-      same opinion. “It’s a matter before the
of Directors are paid after submitting         Jonathan Brockman, and External Rela-           eral sloppiness and corruption. Though         courts,” he said. Fergusson also noted that
completed time sheets to the Society’s         tions Officer Natalie Bocking. Interestingly,   SFSS insiders generally acknowledge that       he no longer had any ties to the CFS.
treasurer, who must approve them. Execu-       the directors seem to have some disagree-       March’s vote was purposely not held in             SFSS President Joe Paling could not be
tive-rank directors earn $1,750 per month      ment as to just how long this catered meal      complete accordance with CFS rules,            reached for comment.
if they can prove 120 hours of work per        took; according to Fergusson and Bock-
month, while non-executive directors earn      ing, the President’s dinner took only two
$875 if they can prove 60 hours.               hours, while Brockman logged two and a
    Until now, such time sheets have been      half hours, Belkine one and a half, and Law                                                    Campus News
paper-based and largely confidential,          three and a half.
rarely leaving the office. Newly elected
Treasurer Anna Belkine has changed all
that, however, posting digital versions of
                                                   The controversy that ensued after the
                                               SFSS Board voted to support a contentious
                                               student protest at the University of To-
the timesheets online for the first time,      ronto has also provided ample work hours
making their contents public.                  for many directors. Director Ada Nadison
    Though the Student Society is tasked       claimed to have spent 2.5 hours “research-

with providing services to students,           ing” the protest on May 10, and recorded
judging from the timesheets submitted          further “research and discussion” of the
thus far for May, the Board has spent the      same matter four days later as part of a
majority of their time either in meet-         four-hour work block.
ings, answering e-mails, or performing             But if some directors’ hours seem dubi-
vaguely defined office duties. Of the over     ous, several directors have yet to clock in                                                     (Your article here.)
140 timesheet entries so far, at least 50      any hours at all. As of press time, directors
include mention of a meeting, while an         Henry Liu, Daniel Carter, and Sara Olson                                                        (Your article here.)
additional 50 mention answering e-mails        have yet to submit any time sheet entries.
and 36 mention “office work” without fur-          In terms of sheer hours worked, Presi-                                                      (Your article here.)
ther elaboration.                              dent Joe Paling leads the pack at 102
    It’s difficult to track the precise        hours, followed closely by Andrew Fer-                                                          (Your article here.)
amount of time the directors spent             gusson at 94.
performing these tasks, however, as in             The SFSS directors, for their part,                                                         (Your article here.)
many cases directors log multiple tasks        have sought to downplay the vagueness
in a single entry. In her May 8 timesheet      of some time sheet entries, insisting that                                                      (Your article here.)
entry, for instance, SFSS Member-at-           once their monthly work reports are pub-
Large Mona Law claimed she spent eight         lished the precise details of their work                                                        (Your article here.)
and a half hours “cleaning [the SFSS] Sur-     — and the resulting benefits to students
rey office, e-mails, reading policies and      — will be made clear.

                                                                                     the peak
    8       May 26, 2008                                                                 NEWS

SFSS Profile

20 questions with Stephanie Hendy
The SFSS science representative talks about just how she got those dreadlocks

                                                                                                                                                                              Photos by Andy Fang

1) What do you consider your          6) What is the attribute you most       issues. I always have to be con-      16) Name a famous person you             20) What provoked you to get
greatest achievement?                 look for in a romantic partner?         stantly moving because if I stop      would like to someday meet.              dreadlocks?
                                                                              then there’s stuff I have to deal
I would say having a better qual-     Compatibility of sense of humour.       with, and sometimes I’m not ready     Stephen Hawking.                         I used to have really, really long
ity of life as an insulin-dependent                                           so I have to keep myself moving at                                             straight hair down to my butt and
diabetic than most of the people      7) What is         your    greatest     this insane pace.                     17) What’s been your greatest            I used to only get it trimmed once
I know that don’t have a chronic      extravagance?                                                                 struggle in life?                        every six months. So it looked re-
illness.                                                                      12) What’s your greatest regret?                                               ally terrible. The bottom six inches
                                      Food and dining out. I spend a lot                                            There are a few things that come         of hair were all split ends and
2) Which political leader do you      of money on dessert.                    I don’t have any regrets. A regret    to my mind, it’s hard to isolate just    every time I would get it trimmed
look up to the most?                                                          would be something that you           one. Let’s just say trying not to hate   it would cost, like, 50 bucks. And I
                                      8) What kind of people annoy you        would want to undo, and there’s       all of the people that made my           really, really hated the way that my
Elizabeth May, hands down.            the most?                               nothing in my life that I would       childhood an absolute hell.              hair looked. Eventually I started to
                                                                              want to undo, because that makes                                               get my hair done in little cornrows,
3) What is the most recent book       People that make character gener-       it not worth learning from.           18) Name something you’ve pur-           but those would only ever last for
you’ve read?                          alizations based on my behaviour.                                             chased that’s given you buyer’s          about six weeks before I’d have to
                                                                              13) What was the first job you ever   remorse.                                 get them combed out. And when
Brave New World by Aldous             9) What talent would you like to        had?                                                                           I did that I also managed to comb
Huxley.                               have?                                                                         My bike. I bought an “as-is” bike        out a lot of my hair that was still
                                                                              Doing concession at the race track.   and now I’ve had to buy a whole          attached to my head. So it was a
4) As a child, what was your favou-   The ability to get A pluses in all of                                         bunch of other things to make it         very painful process. After doing
rite TV show?                         my classes.                             14) What living person do you hate    useable.                                 it the third time I was like, “Shit
                                                                              the most?                                                                      man, I’m going to go bald if I keep
Double Dare, where they put the       10) What’s your favourite dessert?                                            19) List something surprising peo-       doing this. I might as well just keep
slime on people. And American                                                 I don’t hate anybody. I know that     ple may not know about you.              my hair.” So I got dreadlocks so I
Gladiators. I still dream of being    Gelato.                                 sounds way too hippie and new-                                                 would not have to do anything to
an American Gladiator and hitting                                             age but it’s true.                    Despite being very headstrong            my hair and it would look the same
people with oversized Q-tips.         11) What’s your least favourite                                               and passionate with my opin-             every time. I thought that it was
                                      quality about yourself?                 15) What’s do you consider life’s     ions, I’m also flexible. My opin-        a great way for me to exercise my
5) Favourite toy?                                                             most overrated value?                 ions are actually a lot more             lack of care of putting a lot of ef-
                                      I have to keep myself going quickly                                           pliable than people would                fort into appearance, but also look
Eight-bit Nintendo.                   to distract myself from internal        Having babies.                        believe.                                 pretty damn cool.

                                                                                       the peak
                                                                                           NEWS                                                                         May 26, 2008            9
Campus News

Club Spotlight
The Peak spoke to Jerry Yon and Vin-    fall, so during the summer we will       can get really involved in and enjoy,   VL: I started piano when I was five,
cent Lo, president and vice president   be having a separate group for plan-     and get stress out as well.             and I’m 20 now so I’ve been playing
of the SFU String Ensemble              ning it in addition to the string en-                                            for 15 years, and I also love to com-
                                        semble. The orchestra will be a little   P: Do you find you have a lot of        pose, so I thought joining this club
The Peak: Tell me about the SFU         bit more advanced, so we will be         interest?                               would help me learn more about
String Ensemble.                        holding auditions. Right now in the                                              the capabilities of the instruments,
                                        String Ensemble, there is not a lot of   JY: Yeah, we had quite a few people     so it’s really interesting.
Vincent Lo: We’re basically a group     auditioning, we accept all members,      walking by when we first started in
of people who play string instru-       so our music level is intermediate;      the fall, we had around 60 mem-         JY: I’ve been playing the cello, I
ments. We love music, and we want       it’s not too high.                       bers that signed up, but we only had    started when I was eight, and it’s
to promote music by sharing with                                                 around 15 to 20 active members.         been 11 years. I was just very musi-
the community around us. So far         P: Have you found there to be a                                                  cally involved throughout my life. I
we have had only one concert, and       lot of interest for the chamber          P: What exactly is a chamber            thought it would be nice to have an
that was in March. We have around       orchestra?                               orchestra?                              orchestra that represents the uni-      to run both, the String Ensemble is
17 members, mostly violins and                                                                                           versity, because even high schools      going to be the branch-off group, so
a few cellos, and we’re looking for     VL: Yeah, this idea started because      JY: There’s a lot of different types    have orchestras, it’s sad to see that   we are going to keep both going.
violas.                                 when we first started our club sign-     of orchestras. A chamber orches-        we don’t have any chamber music
                                        ups, we were only accepting string       tra is where the size of the or-        groups.                                 P: What skill level are you looking
P: How many members do you              instruments, but we found out a lot      chestra is made up of around 30                                                 for?
have?                                   of people played other instruments       members. We have a general wind         P: So are you going to still have a
                                        and still wanted to join, so that’s      section as well as the brass, the       spring ensemble in the fall?            JY: For the String Ensemble we ac-
VL: We currently have around 17.        why we’re expanding in the fall.         tympani, and the string section.                                                cept any skill level as long as you
But we recently had a few more sign                                              So it’s made out of four groups,        JY: My vision was to create the         can read and play music, however
up                                      P: What inspired you to start the        and usually the biggest group in        chamber orchestra in the first place,   for the chamber orchestra coming
                                        String Ensemble?                         this orchestra is the string sec-       that was my vision, but because         up for this fall we need at least a skill
P: What is the chamber orchestra?                                                tion, and then the wind and brass       we can’t refuse people from joining     level of, I would say intermediate,
                                        Jerry Yon: I saw people going            around even.                            clubs, and seeing how many people       because if you’re too beginner you
VL: Basically it’s all instruments,     through university not knowing                                                   were interested, we had majority        can’t play the music.
strings and also woodwinds and          what to get involved in, and music       P: How did you guys get involved        string people so I turned it into a
brass. We want to expand for the        I found is one of the things that you    in music?                               String Ensemble. So we’re still going        Interview by Carolina Dubanik

                                                                                                            Wednesday June 4th, 2008

                                                                                           the peak
                 May 26, 2008
                                                                                                                         features editor    Maia Britt Odegaard

10                                                                                                                       e-mail

 Herpes                                                                                                                and

                                                         You                             Rose Dickson
                                                                                         Malaspina University-College (Cup)

                                                                                      to its hiding place.”
                                                                                          The herpes simplex virus is passed through contact with an affected
                                                                                      area. It dies very quickly once off the body. There are two types of the
                                                                                      virus, herpes simplex one and two. Although it is herpes simplex two that
                                                                                      is most often associated with genital herpes, either one can infect the
                                                                                      mouth or the genital region. In fact, any mucous membrane, such as the
                                                                                      eyes, inside the nose, and even cuts can become infected with the virus,
                                                                                      causing herpes sores to show up in those areas at any time after the initial
                                                                                          It is also possible to get herpes on your genitals from receiving oral sex
                                                                                      from someone with herpes on their mouth and vice versa.
                                                                                          “There is a huge stigma around genital herpes,” says Jane, “I remember
                                                                                      right after I first found out that was what I had, a friend was making fun
                                                                                      of people with herpes. I felt so humiliated, but angry at his ignorance. It
                                                                                      wasn’t like I was a slut. Anyone could get this. Yet I was still too new to it,
     “Jane” still remembers the day, many years ago when she felt a strange,          too ashamed, and I didn’t speak up to defend myself.”
     prickly, stinging sensation around her genitals, the source of which                 Because herpes can remain dormant for many years after the initial
     seemed to be a strange bump. She visited the doctor, expressing a                exposure, it can be very hard to determine exactly where it came from.
     concern that she might have herpes. The doctor said it sounded more              Often, though, initial outbreaks show up anywhere between a few days to
     like an ingrown hair to him, but he took a swab of the area and sent             a couple of weeks after infection. Jane doesn’t know exactly who gave her
     the test off to the lab.                                                         herpes. Because of her misdiagnosis, she doesn’t remember the exact time
         Jane never got a call back, and so she assumed everything was fine.          frame, but that it showed up around the end of one relationship and the
     However, every so often since that visit, she has been plagued by a              beginning of another.
     familiar stinging sensation. In the last few years, Jane noticed a sharp             “I was always monogamous, and I would use a condom, at least at first
     increase in the frequency of her mysterious outbreaks.                           in a relationship. But I would usually end up having unprotected sex with
         “It was just last year, over eleven years after that first visit, that I     boyfriends. I think most people do, once they get to know someone and
     finally went to another doctor about this again,” says Jane; ‘“looks like        feel safe.”
     herpes to me’ said my doctor. I was stunned. I mean, I knew all along                None of Jane’s boyfriends ever had visible symptoms of herpes, and
     it wasn’t just ingrown hairs, but I couldn’t believe it was really herpes        none ever mentioned it.
     after all.”                                                                          “I suspect it was one of two people who I got it from,” says Jane. “The
         Like many people, Jane had been misdiagnosed, or rather, not                 one guy was just a short-term fling, and I have no idea where he is now.
     diagnosed at all, and had been living with herpes, a lifelong viral infec-       The other guy, I went out with for two years, and I don’t remember him
     tion. It isn’t uncommon for swab tests to come back negative for the             ever getting an outbreak. I am afraid of asking him so many years later if
     herpes virus. That’s because the virus isn’t always hanging out on the           he is infected. If he is, did I give it to him, or did I get it from him? I just
     surface of the skin. In fact, a second, more recent swab from Jane also          don’t know.”
     came back negative, but a blood test confirmed that she had antibod-                 One of the mysteries about herpes is the way it acts so differently in
     ies to the herpes virus — it just didn’t show which type.                        different cases. There are many reported cases of couples where one has
         “My doctor explained that the virus lives in my central nervous              the virus and the other never gets it. Other times, just one sexual encoun-
     system,” she says “and comes to the surface of my skin at the place              ter can result in transmitting the virus.
     where it originally entered. During that time, it is contagious, but the             Similarly, some people get just one or two outbreaks in their lifetime,
     thing is, it is impossible to know for sure when that is. It could be at the     while others get them all the time. Jane considers herself extremely lucky.
     surface, I could be ‘shedding virus,’ as they say, but not even having an        She is now married, and her husband has never shown any symptoms of
     outbreak. On the other hand, I might get an outbreak, but by the time            herpes.
     I make it in to the doctor for the swab test, the virus has retreated back           “We’ve obviously had unprotected sex, lots of times, before I had any

                                                                                the peak
                                                                       FEATURES                                                             May 26, 2008        11

idea that I had herpes. I don’t know why he’s never had any outbreaks.”
    Jane has also had kids, something she feels like she may not have done
had she known she had herpes. Many people with herpes have success-
ful vaginal births, but it can be dangerous if they have an active outbreak.
The virus can get into the infant’s eyes, causing more serious problems

than it does in adults. In cases where an active outbreak is present, doc-

                                                                                                          erpe b a d ,
tors perform caesarean sections.

    “I didn’t know I had herpes,” says Jane, “so I never took any precau-

                                                                                                ving t h a t             r
tions. But I was just lucky to not have had any outbreaks during my

                                                                                             Ha y                   ove
pregnancies.” She went on to say, “I feel like if I got pregnant now, the

                                                                                                  ll         get
                                                                                             rea         ou al shock
stress of worrying about getting an outbreak would surely cause one, and

I wouldn’t know what to do. I feel so lucky that I went through it and ev-

                                                                                                nce otion ne. “I
erything was fine.”
                                                                                                     em         Ja s to
    It is commonly believed that stress increases the frequency of out-

                                                                                               the ” says
breaks. While scientific studies on the topic are inconclusive, Jane has

                                                                                                    it,              ay
                                                                                                               g w eaks
noticed that it seems to be the case.

                                                                                                of          in
                                                                                                       find outbr nd
    “My outbreaks increased after a death in my family, and I think I also
had some post-partum depression. For a long time, I barely remember
                                                                                                 am          y          ,a
                                                                                                      ep m nimum uch
even having outbreaks, but it was this sudden increase in outbreaks that

                                                                                                  ke mi
sent me to the doctor about it again.”
    Jane now treats her herpes with herbal remedies and tries to maintain
                                                                                                                         m       .
a positive attitude.
                                                                                                   to   a
                                                                                                              re tty       al. .
                                                                                                            p         rm

                                                                                                     life on as no
    “When I was first diagnosed, I felt so dirty and disgusting,” says Jane,
“but I realized I didn’t do anything wrong. I was still the same person. If I

stay healthy, I am fine, but if I let my immune system get run down, sure
enough, I get a sore.”
    Jane has noticed that things like coffee, lack of sleep, and poor diet
seem to contribute to her herpes outbreaks. Coffee is often a culprit in
frequent outbreaks because of its effect on the central nervous system,
where herpes lives in the body.
    “Herpes doesn’t like coffee,” says Jane, laughing; “it makes [it] mad.”
The other major influences are anxiety and anger.
    “One time, I had a minor little sore. I remember getting really angry
that day. I was yelling at my kids and feeling super stressed out about
some things in my life. When I got home, the sore was really raw and
bleeding. It sounds gross, I know, but it was telling me something. Getting        occur in areas around the genitals, areas a condom doesn’t cover. And
freaked out about stress isn’t worth it.”                                          although it is usually the case, it is a myth that herpes is only conta-
    Jane takes herbs like St. John’s Wort and Lemon Balm, both of which are        gious when there is an active sore present.
known for easing depression and calming moods and for being antiviral.                  “Most people with herpes, maybe up to 70 per cent, don’t get
    “I know there are some pharmaceutical antiviral treatments that a lot          noticeable outbreaks,” says Scipio. “You may be having sub-clinical
of people find success with, but I thought I’d try natural remedies first,”        (subtle) outbreaks or may be shedding virus asymptomatically (with-
Jane says. Nothing will ever take away the virus, but through taking care of       out symptoms). You could be infecting others with herpes without
herself, Jane has managed to greatly reduce the frequency of outbreaks.            knowing it.”
    Vancouver-based herbalist, naturopath, and carrier of the herpes                    As Jane said, none of her partners ever exhibited symptoms that
virus, Christopher Scipio, estimates that 60 per cent of the sexually active       she noticed, yet she caught it somehow. Using an antiviral gel like the
population has herpes. He has developed a number of herbal treatments              one Scipio has developed, with a condom, abstaining from sex during
for herpes, and even a seaweed-based gel that, when used with a condom             outbreaks, and taking measures to prevent outbreaks all reduce the
or dental dam, is very effective at preventing the virus from infecting            risk of transmitting the virus.
sexual partners.                                                                        Jane says, “the biggest challenge for people, I think, is how to be
    He has a very holistic view of the disease, and writes about it in his         sexually active once they know they have herpes. For me, I’m already
blog, HerpesNation.blogspot.com.                                                   married. My husband isn’t scared because he figures he’s already got
    “The herpes virus has been a great teacher to me. I wrote in a previous        it, or else will never get it. But I can’t imagine being single and having
article that having herpes taught me how to be humble for the first time           this. Imagine having to tell a potential partner before having sex?”
in my life. Struggling with my own outbreaks during the early years of my               Jane shudders at the thought, and she is not alone. Scipio says
infection taught me that I am not the dominant lifeform on this planet. A          about his clients, “Some are so shaken by [rejection] that they stop
simple virus — which is not even technically a living organism — can kick          dating for years or ghettoize themselves to only dating others with
my ass any day of the week,” says Scipio.                                          herpes.”
    Scipio encourages anyone with herpes to take treatment into his or                  He goes on to point out that “herpes is a great litmus test to let
her own hands. He acknowledges that there are some very effective drug             you know who really cares about you and desires you. No one who
therapies for treating herpes. However, he maintains that a better under-          really wants a person, and I do mean wants the person, the whole
standing of your body is most important, and popping a pill will never get         person and the package that comes with them, will reject them just
you that.                                                                          because they have herpes. Who would want that kind of superficial
    He also expresses concern about some of the so-called natural cures            love anyway?”
being promoted for herpes; warning that products like lysine and dimeth-                “Having herpes isn’t really that bad, once you get over the emo-
ylsulfoxide can do more harm than good, especially with long-term use.             tional shock of it,” says Jane. “I am finding ways to keep my outbreaks
    “Real management of herpes means strengthening your immune sys-                to a minimum, and life pretty much goes on as normal. It was really
tem so that it can keep the virus in check, which is what your body is de-         important to me to share my story, because a lot of people out there
signed to do,” writes Scipio in one of his many articles on the topic. “Real       seem to think that this is some rare illness that only affects gross
management of herpes also means making the effort to eat an appropri-              people or something.
ate diet, stress management, and working on your emotional and mental                   “I want them to know we are normal people. Also, I want people to
relationship with the disease.”                                                    be more cautious. When I was sexually active, I mean, other than with
    It is important for anyone with herpes, be it on their mouth or genitals,      my husband, I used to worry a lot about AIDS, but I never gave herpes
to tell their partners that they are at risk of getting herpes, and to take pre-   a second thought. If I’d known how common it is, I might have been
cautions to lower that risk. Condoms alone don’t prevent it, as sores can          more careful.”

                                                                            the peak
                            May 26, 2008
                                                                                                                                                arts editor       Deanne Beattie

12                                                                                                                                              e-mail


KRAZY!: from frame to game
Mohammed Amir                                    only distinctively gravitate toward either    (1894-1975), Pac-Man to Spore, or Girl in        arbitrariness to the whole venture. The
The Peak                                         end of the exhibition’s overall dichotomy:    Mirror to Strawberry Voice. Within each          600-plus works are overwhelming, but in
                                                 still art versus moving art.                  genre, there is evolution, but there is also     the grand scale of things, “everything” is
KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime +                As the brainchild of VAG senior cu-       a certain cultural progress between the          excluded in this exhibit by sheer virtue of
Comics + Video Games + Art shows at the          rator Bruce Grenville, KRAZY! draws on        genres themselves.                               there only being 600 works. In fact, KRAZY!
Vancouver Art Gallery until September 7.         a very influential who’s-who of co-cura-         In short, KRAZY! is a journey. Each sec-      does not try to be exhaustive, as doing
                                                 tors including Grenville himself (visual      tion is displayed in an environment best         so would be missing the point. Rather, it
It starts with a single drawing. Stained glass   arts); Tim Johnson (animated cartoons);       suited to its genre. The comics leap off the     intellectually frames the evolution of the
windows. Newsprint. Television screens.          Kiyoshi Kusumi (manga and anime);             page and frame themselves onto the walls.        images that occupy and assault us today.
     From one static frame, to a sequence        Seth (comics and graphic novels); Art         The graphic novels are spread out on draft-          Consider again the comic frame: that
of drawings, to the animated manufac-            Spiegelman (comics and graphic novels);       ing tables, and cozy reading pods allow you      single drawing that broke western art ta-
ture of movement, the illustrated images                                                                                                        boos by tightly juxtaposing words and
of ever-pervasive media overload and              In fact, KRAZY! does not try to be exhaustive, as doing                                       pictures, serves as origin to the graphic
bombard us daily. We live in the throes of                                                                                                      novel, manga, anime, visual art, animated
a visual revolution to an unprecedented
                                                   so would be missing the point. Rather, it intellectually                                     cartoons, and video games. That single
disorientation of human history. By its in-         frames the evolution of the images that occupy and                                          drawing, dwindling as a mass medium
trinsic qualities, the images are consumed                           assault us today.                                                          to the hegemony of film (and the spe-
rapidly and haphazardly, often without                                                                                                          cial effects that could recreate the power
context or critical consideration for the        Toshiya Ueno (manga and anime); and           to enjoy the novels. The manga is displayed      of comics on a more sensational level),
fullness of their craft.                         Will Wright (video games). Don’t worry,       in several connected dojos, and the anime        chose reinvention as art over death. This
     In its current exhibit, KRAZY! The De-      if you don’t recognize the names, you’ll      battles itself for attention with several fea-   reinvention validated the intellectual in-
lirious World of Anime + Comics + Video          recognize some of the art.                    tures being projected onto the walls of a        tegrity of not only the comic itself, but
Games + Art, the Vancouver Art Gallery               Whether it’s the Benday dots of Roy       dark maze. The animated cartoons provide         the offshoot media of visual culture.
provides a contemplative arena for the           Lichtenstein, the strobe effect created by    a bright viewing atmosphere of animation         From this, the commercial and critical
histories, interrelations, and future trajec-    explosions in Akira, or the richly textured   cells, original sketches, and film on sev-       success of video games, exemplified by
tories of the different yet fluid compo-         interactive environment of Grand Theft        eral flat-screen televisions. Video games        the Grand Theft Auto and Halo series,
nents of this mudslide of visual culture.        Auto III, KRAZY! masterfully frames some      flicker on box televisions that sit on the       now threatens the hegemony of story-
Connected by a series of seven sections          of the most poignant images of contem-        floor, like the many people who play them,       telling and messaging of traditional film.
defined by medium (comics, graphic nov-          porary visual culture in a narrative guided   while a wall displays a smorgasbord of           And so, that single frame of words and
els, manga, anime, animated cartoons,            by media and time. But it’s not just a        sequences from Quake, and visual art, or         pictures thrives in its evolution.
video games, and visual art) and occu-           nerdy familiarity with the material that      pop art, opens up space in an appropria-             In the delirium of KRAZY!, there
pying two entire floors of gallery space,        draws you into KRAZY!, it is the exposure     tion of comic culture that links you back        is a lot to be said about visual culture
KRAZY! exhibits over 600 works of art in         to unconsidered, yet similar, media that      to the start of your journey in this massive     — a conversation that is usually miss-
the first ever single survey exhibition of       provokes the most interest.                   exhibit.                                         ing in the consumption of those images.
the art forms that will dominate the new             As such, the more intriguing aspect of        Sounds delirious? It can be, if you aren’t   KRAZY! does not complete that conver-
century. While separated into genres, the        KRAZY! is the lesser-documented histori-      careful. This isn’t an exhibit to be dragged     sation for you, but rather, sets a start-
sections — though clearly marked — blur          cal development of each genre, whether        through, it’s one to savour. The feel-           ing point, making it an essential cultural
into each other with loose borders, and          traced from Krazy Kat to George Sprott        ing that eventually lingers is a particular      event this summer.

                                                                                                              Graphic courtesy of Vancouver Art Gallery; photographs Muhammed Amir / the peak

                                                                                     the peak
                                                                                            ARTS                                                                       May 26, 2008         13

The Producers rack up laughs
I had a great time and laughed my socks off — if you’ve got any sense of humour at all, so will you

Caitlin MacDonald                                have done to make it better that wouldn’t          Benson Yansen Tallen Hallen Svaden               but I felt that there was an intelligence
The Peak                                         have broken copyright agreements. The              Swanson (or Ulla, for short) enters the          that the actress brought to the stage that
                                                 direction by Bill Millerd is a bit bland in        stage dressed all in white, with a cracking      she just could not get rid of to play the
The Producers shows at the Arts Club The-        places and a bit extravagant in others,            Swedish accent and a very bad blonde             part. Ulla needed to be thick as cheese-
atre’s Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage until   but as a whole it works very well, bar a           wig, much to the delight of Leopold              cake, but I’m afraid she was trying to hide
July 13.                                         few minor opening-night hiccoughs that             Bloom, and the two begin to fall in love.        that she was actually one of the brightest
                                                 can be ironed out quite easily.                    As they had only a short amount of time          crayons in the box.
The Producers is one of those musicals                The partnership of Brazeau and Ep-            to do this (a couple of minutes or so), it          Should you go and see it? Yes. I had a
that I’ve never been that bothered to see,       stein in the title roles has its own unique        wasn’t too convincing, and could have            great time and laughed my socks off. If
to be quite honest with you. It seemed to        charm to it, and the two of them acting to-        been made much funnier than it was.              you’ve got any sense of humour at all, so
be one of those slapstick-loving, repeti-        gether is, indeed, a whole a lot greater than      Ulla (Terra C. MacLeod) was rather good,         will you.
tive joke-after-joke musicals that makes         the sum of its parts. I don’t think either of
people who enjoy a bit of subtlety want to       them could have carried a show on their
have a fit, and I (being one of those peo-       own, Brazeau especially, but the combina-
ple) never really wanted to subject myself       tion of overpowering large man and shy,
to that. But when I saw that the Arts Club       inoffensive skinny fellow warmed my cold
was doing something as substantially             little heart to no end. The one thing that
large and famous as this, a little part of me    did bother me about their performances
kept nagging away to go and see it.              (and I don’t know whether to blame them
    The story is thus: down-and-out              or the sound technicians — possibly a bit
Broadway producer Max Bialystock (vet-           of both) was that between the actors’ bad
eran actor Jay Brazeau) is told by his ac-       diction and the crummy sound system,
countant Leopold Bloom (the delightful           half the time I couldn’t hear a bloody word
Josh Epstein) that they could make more          they were singing.
money off a flop than they could off of a             The one fantastic, beautiful, brilliant
hit Broadway play. So they set out to find       thing about this production was the Nazi,
the worst play ever written (enter the füh-      played by zee marvelous Jackson Davies.
rer-frenzied Nazi writer, Franz Liebkind),       His stunningly funny version of Der Guten
and the worst director in human history          Tag Hop-Clop had absolutely everybody
(Roger De Bris, played by Mark Burgess)          rolling in the aisles and wetting ourselves
to complete the madness. Safe to say, lu-        to an almost embarrassing degree. A spec-
nacy ensues, song and dance advance              tacular actor in his own right, he fit the
the plot, and slapstick reigns supreme.          character of a deranged ex-Nazi pigeon
    Did I enjoy it? Simple answer: yes.          keeper with total ease, and was the only
More complicated answer: not as much             totally convincing actor on the stage.
as I would have liked to. The plot was the            Of course, in a play such as this, there                                                                  Courtesy of Arts Club Theatre Company
plot; there was nothing else they could          has to be a love story. Ulla Inga Hansen           Max (Jay Brazeau) and Leopold (Josh Epstein) belt it out.


The Visitor packs stories full of heart
                                                                                                                       to disappear into a role. It’s not       intrigued by Tarek’s musical mas-
                                                                                                                       uncommon for these kinds of tal-         tery of the African drums. The
                                                                                                      Cam Smith        ented actors to spend an entire          duo’s bond over a shared love of
                                                                                                   Associate Staff     career lost in the background. Oc-       music is abruptly put to an end,
                                                                                                                       casionally though, with proper           however, when Tarek is arrested
                                                                                                                       support, they find themselves oc-        and placed in a detention centre.
                                                                                 The Visitor opened in theatres on     cupying the lead role in a truly             While Walter searches for a
                                                                                 April 11.                             wonderful piece of cinematic             legal answer to his friend’s in-
                                                                                                                       artistry.                                creasingly serious troubles, Tarek’s
                                                                                 You probably don’t know Richard           It is to our benefit that Jenkins    fiercely independent mother ar-
                                                                                 Jenkins by name. He’s one of those    has done just that, starring as an       rives. Played by Hiam Abbass, she
                                                                                 reliable character actor types who    introverted economics professor          further stirs Walter’s emotional
                                                                                 can always be depended on to          in the powerful new film The Visi-       growth, and we are treated to
                                                                                 add a certain amount of low-key       tor. His character, Walter Vale, is a    one of the most subtly powerful
                                                                                 professional quality to star-driven   man who has withdrawn into his           romantic relationships in recent
                                                                                 vehicles. Whether playing Jamie       own skin, and become removed             cinematic memory.
                                                                                 Foxx’s CIA boss in The Kingdom,       from the world around him. It                The brilliance of The Visitor is
                                                                                 Heather Graham’s quadriple-           isn’t until he discovers illegal alien   its effortless aptitude for present-
                                                                                 gic stepfather in Say It Isn’t So,    couple Tarek (Haaz Sleiman) and          ing a stirring political statement,
                                                                                 or Charlize Theron’s conflicted       Zainab (Danai Gurira) squatting          the frustrations with the post-9/11
                                                                                 dad in North Country, Jenkins         in his New York apartment that           U.S. immigration system, through
                                                                                 has been working steadily and         the seeds of spiritual rebirth are       the lives and interactions of its
                                                    Courtesy of Alliance Films   skillfully, showing an impressive     planted. A frustrated wannabe            characters. Writer and director
Richard Jenkins and Haaz Sleima star in The Visitor.                             range and chameleon-like ability      pianist, Walter grows increasingly                       Continued on page 14

                                                                                          the peak
 14         May 26, 2008                                                                  ARTS


The Japandroids are coming
Vancouver band Japandroids speak about musical forces and taking over the stage

                                                okay. But Japandroids is addictive. Japan-       intriguing. The second EP Lullaby Death          sounds they like, let alone what they sound
                                                droids is awesome. Listen to Japandroids.        Jams is tighter and more technically sound,      akin to. Rather, they “cherry pick who’s
                                                    The components of Japandroids are            but “less cohesive” in that some songs slow      doing [any style] best,” valuing music that
                         Maegan Thomas          also fine human beings. Brian King and           to give you a breather before the next bash-     invests “every last speck of energy.” Over a
                               The Peak
                                                David Prowse met me at Stella’s on Com-          ing. Like their previous records, their up-      second round (this time Midnight and, ap-
                                                mercial Drive and over extra-strength,                       ,
                                                                                                 coming LP yet untitled, is being recorded        propriately cherry garnished, Baked Apple
Vancouver-based band Japandroids per-           turquoise Starry Night martinis they con-        “live off the floor”: “It’s not about the take   Pie martinis), they also offer Taxes and
forms in the independent music festival,        firmed the impression their music leaves:        that hit all the notes best,” says King, “but    Twin Crystals for our consideration.
Music Waste, on June 7.                         genuine, passionate, quirky, and eclectic.       more about capturing the energy [of] two             Being eclectic can be both advanta-
                                                Their laid back demeanour is surprising,         guys rocking out as hard as they can . . .       geous and difficult. “It keeps it interesting
Okay, let me set this up for you. I work        considering the musical one-upmanship            where there happen to be microphones.”           — we get bored really, really easily.” But,
full-time, as well as going to school, and      that drives their face melting sets, as is the       King throws around the phrase “ripped        not being easily labelled as post-this or
a lot of my “research” is listening to the      claim that they’re “a martini band — which       off” frequently and light heartedly, admit-      neo-that, nor buying into the hype of any
album of the artist on a loop at my desk.       is cool because Prince drinks them.” But         ting to the impact of bands like the Sonics      Scene that Celebrates Itself, Japandroids is
While “researching” Japandroids (or JPN-        don’t be fooled. King on guitar and Prowse       — one the few “unifying [musical] forces”        left to support and promote itself. Eschew-
DRDS) I was told, for the first time in five    on drums (both lend vocals and both forgo        for Prowse and King — but both insist that       ing such “embarrassments” as New Music
months, if I could “please turn that down.”     the front man mystique, though King is           what draws them to a band or artist is not       West, they return to Music Waste for a sec-
Japandroids is NSFW (not safe for work).        effusive where Prowse is reserved) liter-        the genre but the intensity and integrity of     ond year, supporting its grassroots feel;
Japandroids is noisy, cacophonic, and high      ally face off across the stage to drive their    their method. They don’t seek to do what         however, though they have played in and
energy — and at first I wasn’t sure that was    sound to a musical space you’d think could       another duo has done better already or,          with other local bands, they didn’t really
                                                only be filled by a four- or five-piece setup.   in King’s words, “you don’t need a shittier,     acknowledge the city’s influence until they
  “Now we can stand on                              Their first EP, All Lies, had no falsity     Vancouver version of the White Stripes.”         started getting out of town and saw how
                                                about it: crunchy, raw, pop-tinged, you              In this vein, Prowse’s support of Dead       different things were ‘out there.’ “Now we
 [a Vancouver] stage and                        can hear a dozen different influences that       Meadow, or King’s obsession with the new         can stand on [a Vancouver] stage and feel
   feel like we own it.”                        combine into something distinctive and           Nick Cave record, gives little insight to the    like we own it.” And they do.

                                                                                                                                                                       Martha Essak / the peak
The martini band clinks glasses: David Prowse (far left) and Brian King of Japandroids; the bandmates share a laugh on Commercial Drive.

Continued from page 13                    A lion’s share of the credit must   they gradually transform to mirror    and subdued loveliness is a per-         attendees (and awards notices) in
Thomas McCarthy, whose sole           also be given to Jenkins. Dressed       Walter’s acceptance of happiness,     fect counterpoint for his drab,          the fall season. Regardless, I em-
previous helming credit was           in drab colors and owlishly peer-       particularly in the movie’s power-    reserved mannerisms. It’s a rar-         phatically urge you to seek out this
the well received but little-seen     ing out through thick frames,           ful music scenes.                     ity in modern films that we can          gem for yourself. Sometimes it’s
The Station Agent, shows a star-      Walter hides behind a projected             The supporting cast is ideal.     find enjoyment in the simple act         refreshing to take a break from
tlingly well-honed ability to write   image of overbearing academic           Sleiman is a real discovery, ema-     of onscreen conversation, but The        the computer-generated explo-
fascinating three-dimensional         superiority. However, the actor         nating goodwill and warmth. We        Visitor makes their verbal com-          sions and view something with
characters, as well as a deep un-     allows the viewer to see through        can understand why Walter is so       munications as riveting as any           substance and a real comprehen-
derstanding of natural human          the illusion, and into the soul of      taken with him, drawing Tarek’s       blockbuster money shot.                  sion of emotional truth. The Visi-
comedy. There is not a single         the character. What we observe          unfortunate situation as all the          It’s unfortunate that this film is   tor is such a film, and it deserves
false moment over The Visitor’s       there, Walter’s innate goodness         more heart-rending. The abil-         being released now, in this season       our support.
entire 104-minute duration. We        and longings for love and accep-        ity of Sleiman’s character to en-     of superheroes and whip-cracking
believe these people and are in-      tance, makes Jenkins’s portrait all     liven the characters around him       archaeologists, as one has to won-        . . . one of the most
vested in their hopes, dreams         the more moving. Pay close at-          is sorely missed when he is sepa-     der whether audiences will care              subtly powerful
and fears. It is amazing work,        tention to the evolution of how         rated from them. Equally strong       about a story as delicate as The         romantic relationships
and will likely lead McCarthy         he smiles over the course of the        is the impassioned performance        Visitor. The performances and
towards a prosperous and cre-         film. Initially appearing as insin-     of Abbass, who is a perfect match     direction are so uniformly fantas-         in recent cinematic
atively rich future.                  cere reflections of his discomfort      for Walter. Her determined pride      tic that it may have gained more                 memory.
                                                                                       the peak
 16          May 26, 2008                                                                   ARTS


Strathairn steals the show
                                         new film Steel Toes, directed by       court. However, he must also face     one second, and on the verge of       animal who has lost his humanity
                                         Montreal-based filmmakers Mark         the unexpected changes within         collapse the next, Strathairn in      to hatred.
                      Cam Smith          Adam and David Gow, and based          himself that result from peeling      fearless is creating a compelling         While these performances are
                   Associate Staff       on Gow’s hit play Cherry Docs, is      away the layers of deception that     portrait of an often distant man      viciously engaging, there are a
                                         only moderately successful, but        Downey hides behind.                  whose faith in his own logical and    number of elements of Steel Toes
                                         still relatively absorbing.                On a purely narrative level,      liberal humanist nature is called     that prevent the film from being
Steel Toes opened at Vancouver’s              David Strathairn, the intense     one could easily accuse writer        into question. In one powerful        as flawless as its actors. The most
Cinemark Tinsentown on May 16.           hawk-like presence from The            David Gow of simply altering a        scene, following a particularly       harmful element is the resolu-
                                         Bourne Ultimatum and George            winning formula to suit his own       expressive meeting with Downey,       tion of the film, which features
Films based on stage plays have          Clooney’s Oscar-nominated Good         needs. We’ve all seen similar tales   Dunkleman has a near breakdown        Downey’s unconvincing psy-
an uncomfortable tendency to             Night, And Good Luck, stars as         of violent criminals being re-
rely too heavily on coincidence,         Jewish lawyer Danny Dunkle-            deemed by tough mentors before,
stagy setups, and histrionic act-        man, a fiercely logical and busi-      but Gow seems hardly interested
                                                                                                                           It’s the type of moment that would
ing. A great translation, such as        ness-minded professional. He           in delivering a sturdy genre en-         be endlessly reused on awards circuit
James Foley’s 1992 scorcher Glen-        is assigned to plead the case of       tertainment. Rather, he uses his       performance reels, and the actor makes us
garry Glen Ross, draws the viewer        deceptively slow-witted neo-Nazi       framing device to delve deeply
closer into its world, providing a       skinhead Mike Downey (Andrew           into the souls of his characters,                 feel every moment of it.
deeper comprehension of moti-            Walker), who has viciously at-         and to engage in endless streams
vation and character. A poor in-         tacked and brutally beaten an East     of expressive and insightful dia-     over the enthusiastic services of a   chological breakdown, followed
terpretation, on the other hand,         Indian immigrant (Ivan Smith).         logue. He’s interested in the true    homeless Squeegee kid. It’s a shat-   by abrupt emotional changes in
is invaluable in providing the           Initially hammering down his cli-      nature of hatred and intoler-         tering moment, with a beautifully     both characters. Strathairn and
viewer with a better understand-         ent’s bluster with condescension       ance, how it changes people, and      subtle shift from annoyance into      Walker are committed, and are
ing of the shifts in storytelling that   and heavily stated superiority,        whether redemption is possible.       fury, ending in uncontrollable        aiming for the fences, but these
are required in a proper adapta-         Dunkleman must go to work in               In Strathairn he couldn’t have    weeping. It’s the type of moment      developments feel too ‘writerly’
tion. The dramatic and powerful          preparing his insensitive client for   found a better lead. Steely-eyed      that would be endlessly reused on     and out of character. The scenes
                                                                                                                      awards circuit performance reels,     may have worked in a play-like
                                                                                                                      and the actor makes us feel every     setting, where sudden changes
                                                                                                                      moment of it. Similarly effec-        are more acceptable, but in film
                                                                                                                      tive is an uncomfortable dinner       it rings false.
                                                                                                                      table scene with his wife (Marina          The look of the film, and cin-
                                                                                                                      Orsini) and two guests, which un-     ematography by Mark Adam, is
                                                                                                                      comfortably swings between irate      often darkly beautiful. In particu-
                                                                                                                      outbursts and silent rage.            lar, the prison meeting scenes are
                                                                                                                          Andrew Walker isn’t quite in      filmed in rich brown hues which
                                                                                                                      the same league as his seasoned       provide a sense of misplaced
                                                                                                                      co-star, but he has enough solid      comfort amidst the emotional
                                                                                                                      material to make his presence         chaos. Not quite as effective,
                                                                                                                      known. The actor is quite skilled     unfortunately, is the decision to
                                                                                                                      in raising the annoyance of the       stage Downey’s savage assault in
                                                                                                                      viewer. His Mike Downey is a sim-     a scene edited like a late eighties
                                                                                                                      mering bully with low self-esteem     music video. This particular sty-
                                                                                                                      who hides behind a cocky smile        listic decision badly reduces the
                                                                                                                      and an unjustified sense of en-       horror of the moment.
                                                                                                                      titlement. He pushes Dunkleman             In terms of its content, Steel
                                                                                                                      towards abandoning logic and          Toes isn’t quite as incisive as simi-
                                                                                                                      words and embracing catharsis         larly themed films such as Ameri-
                                                                                                                      through violence, and shows an        can History X or The Believer. It’s
                                                                                                                      intriguing mastery of manipula-       a small film, but one that is defi-
                                                                                                                      tion and psychological control.       nitely worth checking out sim-
                                                                                                                      Yet the character’s most telling      ply for the joys that come from
                                                                                                                      scene comes when he is in soli-       watching two masterful actors
                                                                                                                      tary confinement, destroying his      firing on all cylinders. It’s also a
                                                                                                                      cell like a dervish from hell be-     further testament to Strathairn’s
                                                                                                                      fore breaking down into melan-        position as one of the best char-
                                                                                                                      choly whimpering. He’s a caged        acter actors working today.

                                                                                         the peak
                                                                                         ARTS                                                                   May 26, 2008          17

A circus for people who wander
The Valley of Ashes a music, dance, and theatre spectacular
                                                  chalking into dust as it met with unbridled    trade their desires, personalities, and lives   gave a sense of dependable order to this
                                                  materialism. This sentiment of Gatsby —        at a river at midnight — no one truly knows     circus for the senses. The supporting cast
                                                  the colour and luxury, paired with a healthy   him or herself. The story’s conclusion and      was well coordinated. Despite working on
                            Deanne Beattie        skepticism for the big bad world — is pre-     the lesson therein is, without being corny,     a relatively small stage with dramatic cho-
                                Peak Staff
                                                  cisely the frame of the show, and the best     to follow your heart, to bypass the work-       reography, the dance performances in par-
                                                  way to describe The Valley of Ashes story.     obsessed, consumption-oriented, and con-        ticular appeared to be smooth and without
The Valley of Ashes was performed by the              The play began shortly after we were       fused Gatsby world that some people might       flaw.
Dusty Flowerpot Caberet at the Ukrainian          ushered into the old hall, decked in patch-    try to draw you into, and fulfill your own          More impressive still was the combina-
Cultural Centre, May 16 to 18.                    work fabrics and trinket-laden sculptures. A   journey.                                        tion of art forms that took their place com-
                                                  costumed off-stage band began to play, and         The performances in The Valley of Ashes     fortably, side-by-side on the stage. Large
Advertisements for The Valley of Ashes gave       the story’s narrator (played by Ari Lazer)     were spectacular, and gave sparkle to this      puppets and props, shadow forms, film,
very little away, and the audience at this        stepped onto the stage in a tuxedo and top     simple story. Garton’s exaggerated and          animation, music, dance, and acting were
stage production didn’t quite know what to        hat. The narrator cracked the spine of a       playful performance was winsome, com-           each an important component to telling
expect from the show. There would be good         leather-bound book, and began to tell the      manding attention even in the chaos of          this story. The Valley of Ashes was certainly
music, some dance, elaborate costumes,            story about a boy and his grandmother.         the music, lights, and a stage full of danc-    a production to marvel, and a promising
puppetry and a whole heap of collaboration            The stage came alive with projected film   ers and actors. Lazer punctuated the per-       contribution from the collaborative artists
between local artists — this much we could        imagery, and the exaggerated mime of the       formances with some well-placed wit, and        of Vancouver.
gather from each other as we waited on the        play’s protagonist, the young boy (played by
lawn of the Ukrainian Cultural Centre for         Jack Garton). His grandmother gives the boy
the play to begin, but not much more.             a mysterious plant shortly before she dies,
    If you’ve flipped through F. Scott Fitzger-   and he takes to caring for the plant in her
ald’s The Great Gatsby sometime in the last       absence. The plant refuses to bloom, year
handful of years, perhaps you will have           after year. The boy becomes obsessed with
caught the literary reference sooner than I       a desire to see the plant’s petals, and sets
did. You’ll remember the extravagance and         off to find the valley where the plant comes
glamour of Jay Gatsby, the model of the           from to see how he can solve this problem.
1920s American Dream — his lavish parties,            The boy adventures through a Gulliv-
the riches and the carelessness of his free-      er’s Travels escapade, meeting with strange
loading guests, and the flagrant disregard        people living interesting lives in each town
for morality that pertained to all of them.       along the way. Each place posed a challenge
    You might also vaguely remember the           and a lesson for this boy with a purpose. He
warning that Fitzgerald stitched into a de-       finds himself in a mining town along the
scriptive scene in the book, on the road          way, filled with people obsessed with the
between Long Island and West Egg, New             day’s work and making money. He hitches
York where the valley of ashes lay under          a ride on a pirate ship held in the sky by
the watch of bespectacled eyes printed on a       helium balloons, where a debaucherous
roadside billboard. The valley of ashes was a     party rages all day and night, and no task
cinder dump for industrial waste, and rep-        is ever accomplished at all. He meets with a                                                                           Courtesy of Oker Chen
resented the American Dream, flaking and          town of people who seem quite normal, but      Pirates? Hoodlums? Nay! Musical troublemakers at The Valley of Ashes.


Life on Planet Bboy                     He seems unsure, however, of          Battle of the Year in Braunsch-       Knucklehead Zoo, dressed like         means of survival. Bboy, unlike
                                        whether he wants to weave an          weitz, Germany. Lee’s premise         rejects from a Justin Timberlake      other subcultures like American
                                        interlocking narrative of sto-        offers promise, as he interprets      video, comes off as brash, ar-        hardcore or even goth, embraces
                    Jason Sunder        ries that converge at the Battle      ethnicity, culture, and socioeco-     rogant, and uncultured. Led by        the corporate mainstream. Crews
                       Peak Staff
                                        of the Year in Braunschweig,          nomic status through the lens of      token half-Hispanic half-black        constantly demonstrate how
                                        pontificate on breakdancing’s         hip-hop and breakdancing. The         bboy Fonzie, Knucklehead Zoo’s        much bullshit they’ll tolerate just
Planet BBoy opens at Vancouver’s        relevance on the cultural land-       social structures of each crew’s      dismal showing in the finals          so that they can eke out a “le-
Cinemark Tinseltown on May 30.          scape, or shoot a John Woo film       respective country influence the      might be juxtaposed with the          gitimate” living doing what they
                                        set to bad RJD2 remixes. Incor-       bboys’ interpretations of what        U.S.’ loosening grip on the globe     love. Battle of the Year promoter
Benson Lee has a lot to say             porating all of those elements        break dancing and hip hop mean        as a socioeconomic power. I wish      Thomas Hergenroether puts the
about bboy. Maybe too much. In          into a single work is ambitious,      to each of them. Phase T’s Lil Kev    that Lee had developed these          crews up in an elementary school
between epilepsy-inducing foot-         but consequently, the sum of          lowers his hat over his eyes in       concepts further, and provided        gymnasium and feeds them slop
age of the world’s best break-          its products don’t live up to the     embarrassment when his mom            in-depth narratives of the film’s     because bboy “isn’t about the
dancers tearing up stages with          whole, and the finished product       reflects on her formerly-racist at-   more compelling characters in-        money.” The top three finishers
their kinetic pyrotechnics, Lee         comes off as a shallow descrip-       titudes towards her French town       stead of wasting the last 20 min-     split a measly 2,500 Euros. I won-
critiques the state of hip-hop,         tor of events rather than an en-      of Chelles’s black community.         utes on poorly shot footage of        der who keeps the revenues gen-
breakdancing, and its impact on         gaged story.                          B-Boy Joe, the film’s hero, real-     the final “battle.”                   erated by sponsors Braun, South
the world.                                  Planet Bboy follows five          izes that his love for breakdanc-         While Lee skims the topic         Pole, and cruZe 3. But that’s part
    His glimpse into the bboy           breakdance crews from Korea,          ing blossomed from the same           of family bonds and honour            of a story that I wish Lee had
crew’s lives through interview          France, Japan, and the United         outlook that moved his father to      through the lens of b-boying,         told, not just skimmed over, in
footage and candid moments              States, who earn berths in the        pursue social work in his rural       he ignores some vital questions       between ADD visuals of head-
offers potential for great stories.     National Bboy Championships’          Korean hometown. Las Vegas’s          about the culture’s values and        spins and airflares.

                                                                                       the peak
                      May 26, 2008
                                                                                     humour editor   Stacey McLachlan

 18                                                                                  e-mail

 Dressed to Impress                  Stacey McLachlan, Jordan Potter & Brett Kelly
                                                                                     Brainstorming at the
                                                                                     toothpaste factory
                                                                                      Peak Humour

                                                                                                 Orange Splash
                                                                                                Strawberry Kiwi
                                                                                                Salt and Vinegar
                                                                                                Chocolate Mint
                                                                                                 Peanut Butter
                                                                                                 Garlic Cheddar
 Back to School                                                      Chris Brown                    Zucchini
                                                                                            Bacon, Eggs, and Coffee
                                                                                             Steak and Mushrooms
                                                                                                  Orphan Tears
                                                                                                  Bouncy Ball
                                                                                                   Burnt Hair
                                                                                                Norwegian Flesh
Haiku Circus                                                       Ken Sakamoto                     Halitosis

That is One Sad Pig                                             Stacey McLachlan

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20         May 26, 2008                                                        LAST WORD

     W           elcome to Guitar Hero mania, once players are hooked it’s hard
     to quit. Guitar Hero is a video game where competitors play special guitar-
     shaped controllers, which are hooked up to their gaming consoles. Neversoft
     has done a brilliant job in creating the newest version of this interactive
     game, and they have certainly reaped the financial rewards. Guitar Hero’s
     popularity shows that virtual reality gaming is the latest trend: this is a cur-
     rent mainstream craze occurring not just here in Canada, but all over the                                 The complete
                                                                                                                     idiot’s guide
     world. There are online Guitar Hero tournaments, as well as groups that
     players can join. There was even an SFU student tournament that was ad-
     vertised at the end of the spring 2008 semester. Thanks to the magic of the
     internet, you can see that this interactive game has conquered the minds of
     players the world over.
         This game is not just for nerds, gamers, or rock fans — any one can play
     this game, figuratively speaking though since this game is rated “Teen” due to
     the explicit nature of some of the song lyrics. Guitar Hero can be played with
     one or two players at a time, but you do need two guitars in order to do this.
     The demographic of this video game varies greatly from players in their teens
     to those in their 30s. Men and women alike both enjoy this game, whereas
     video games like GTA (Grand Theft Auto) have a male-dominated fan base.
               According to the official Guitar Hero website, Guitar Hero III: Leg-
     ends of Rock is the latest rendition of the game. This is the first in the series
     that can be played on multiple current gaming consoles; Legends of Rock can
     be played on your Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, PC, or Mac. Three other versions of this
     game were also released into the gaming market right after the Legends of
     Rock version.
         There are other versions of this game that can be played on older or hand-
     held consoles. Guitar Hero I, II, and the ‘80s version were all designed for the
     PlayStation 2 console. Guitar Hero: On Tour is a game that can be played on
     the handheld Nintendo DS console, which also comes with a set of mini keys
     that can be plugged directly into the DS.
          Players embark on a career with a virtual rock band when they’re play-
     ing in career mode. Career mode consists of four levels of difficulty; they are
     easy, medium, hard, and expert. It is seems a bit intimidating at first when
     prospective players first start watching others play this game, but it’s really
     not all that difficult. Obviously, beginners should start playing the game
     on the easy mode. Once they begin, players will feel the ease of playing the
     game because only the first three keys are active in this mode, and due to its
     slow, rhythmic nature, the player is likely to grasp the simple repetitive mo-
     tion. As players progress through levels, and battle against characters like
     Tom Morella of the band Rage Against the Machine, the game gets much
     more difficult. The guitar-shaped controller has five coloured keys, which
     you must push in accordance with the matching colour when it appears on
     the screen. Once players have beaten all the levels, they earn virtual money
     so that they can purchase items such as music videos, bonus songs, charac-
     ters, and clothes for their characters.
         There are many classic hit songs, and current mainstream songs to be
     played in the game. Guitar Hero III has songs from bands such as the Rolling
     Stones, Kiss, AFI, Gun N’ Roses, Weezer, et cetera. This could also be a per-
     fect way for musicians or bands to promote themselves. Through endorse-
     ment they can increase their fame, and the balance on their ATM receipts.
     Gene Simmons for example, is well acquainted with this idea of product
         The band Guns N’ Roses has partnered up with Neversoft, and are virtu-
     ally present in Guitar Hero III. One band member, Slash, can be chosen as a
     character for individual players, and also appears as a boss in Career Mode.
     When contestants play the Guns N’ Roses song Welcome to the Jungle, lead
     singer Axel Rose is on stage singing the lyrics.
         Aerosmith has also partnered up with the creators of Guitar Hero, and has
     gone as far as launching their own version of the game (Guitar Hero: Aeros-
     mith), which can be played on current gaming consoles.
         Almost all of these games are easy to find at reasonable prices, but some

                                                                                                               By Jyoti Sahota
     games, such as the Nintendo Wii version of Legends of Rock, are more diffi-
     cult to find due to their popularity. If you’re a fan of mainstream and classic
     rock music, or you just want something to kill time between papers and mid-
     terms, then perhaps you should venture into the world of interactive band
     video games. But beware, they can become addictive.

                                                                                                                   Photo illustration by Andy Fang and Bryn Hewko / The Peak

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