Model BILATERAL AGREEMENT form for the academic year 2004

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					                                                                                                                                            Annex 4
           BILATERAL AGREEMENT for the academic years 2011/2012-2012/2013

 between                           Universität Hamburg, Hamburg                                          ID code HAMBURG01
 (name and ERASMUS ID                                                                           EUC: 29770 extended 2007-2013
 code of the institution)

 Contact person (name,
                                   Institutional Coordinator
 address, phone, fax, E-mail)      Charlotte Sachter dipl. Kult.
                                   Universität Hamburg,
                                   Abteilung Internationales, Rothenbaumchausse 36
                                   D-20148 Hamburg
                                   Tel: +49 40 42838 3302, Fax: +49 40 42838 7028
 and                               Celal Bayar Üniversitesi, Manisa                                            ID code: TR MANISA01
 (name and ERASMUS ID
 code of the institution

                                   Assoc. Prof.Dr. Ersel OBUZ, Institutional Coordinator
 contact person (name,
                                   Assis. Prof.Dr. Bärbel Röck OKUYUCU contact person for the agreements
 address, phone, fax, E-mail)
                                   Celal Bayar Üniversitesi Rektörlüğü
                                   International Office, İstasyon Mevkii
                                   45040 Manisa
                                   Tel: +902362345154-108, Fax: +902362376446
                                   E-posta., Website:
                                   full legal name of the institutions in their national languages and ERASMUS ID codes
The above parties agree to cooperate in the activities shown below within the LLP/Erasmus Programme. Both parties agree to abide by the
principles and conditions set out in the Erasmus University Charter, and ,if the application is successful, he financial agreement. Both parties
undertake to abide by the bilaterally agreed terms of this cooperation agreement. Should one of the parties wish to determine the agreement,
this can be done until 6 months before the beginning of the following year. In such a cause both parties agree to carry out to their ends any
projects and exchanges currently under way.

SPM: student mobility-placement
 ERASMUS subject area /area of           Level                                       Country                   Total number

 Code        Name                        UG               Post          Doctoral     From         To           Students       Student
                                                          graduate                                                            months(=sum)
 13.1        To be nominated                                            X            TR           DE           1              6 (1x6)

STT: staff mobility for training
 Number of     Faculty/Department                   Name of the staff member         Home         Host         Duration in    Number of
 Staff                                                                                                         number of      training hours per
 Members                                                                             country      country      days           day

                   Biology (Dry Grassland
       1                                                  to be nominated               TR          DE                1                 8
TM: teaching staff mobility
             Subject        Topic(s) taught         Name of the staff member         Home         Host         Duration in    Number of
             area                                                                    country      country      number of      teaching hours per
             code                                                                                              weeks          week

 13.1                                                    To be nominated                TR          DE               1                  5
 13.1                                                    To be nominated                DE          TR               1                  5
Signatures of the heads of institutions / legal representatives of both institutions:
 Name of institution:                                                 Name of institution:
 Celal Bayar University
                                                                      Name and status of the official representative:
 Name and status of the official representative:
 Prof.Dr. Mehmet PAKDEMİRLİ

 Signature:                                                           Signature:
 Date: ,                                                              Date: