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					             H A N D B O O K

                               Hung horizontally or vertically, the Savoy Mirror from Restoration Hardware features a fir wood frame with hand-applied silver leafing
                                                                 to set a classic tone for dinner and lingering conversation. About $430

                                   MIRROR, MIRROR
     The good thing about wall mirrors is not what they do for people,                                The bottom line is this: Mirrors aren’t just for observing how you look
     but the great things they can do for our homes.                                              in a particular light, although some people may want them around for just that
         Sure, everyone wants to have a wall mirror strategically                                 purpose, decorators say. In fact, mirrors are actually one of the best ways to put
     placed in the most flattering light possible. But think of your                              a home in its own best light.
     home. Where, exactly, would that be? If the only mirror to be                                    “Mirrors are turning into true decorative accessories,” says Saber Bach, owner
                                                                                                  of Accents Fine Furniture in southwest Houston. “A lot of people are using them
     found in your abode is in your bathroom, you’re missing out on
                                                                                                  as pictures over fireplaces, as wall art and all around the home. A mirror is
     one of the best interior design elements available today.
                                                                                                  becoming more of a statement piece.”
     Take the average home entryway, for example. It may be neither dramatic nor                  SHAPE   &   FINISH
     filled with light. But add the right wall mirror (or mirrors) with interesting                The first step to purchasing a wall mirror is determining the kind and shape
     frames and, voila, the entire area is transformed into an architectural gem.                 you want. Most mirrors come in these familiar shapes: oval, square, arched, circle,
         Or perhaps your dining room makes your guests feel like they’re sitting in a             rectangle, sunburst and no-frame styles.
     pigeon hole. A select grouping or wall of mirrors, a little reflected candlelight                 If your décor is more traditional, you may opt for a classic rectangle,
     and, yes, that too-small space is magically enlarged before you bring out the
     first appetizer.
                                                                                                  arched or circular mirror.
                                                                                                      More transitional and contemporary spaces will do well with a square,        >
                                                                                                  HOUSTON HOUSE & HOME • JANUARY 2008

     ABOVE :     A ballroom beauty, or a beauty for your special placement, the Déjà Vu
     Mirror from John Hutton’s latest line, Collection Pierre, takes its cue from classical
     designs of the French Court of Versailles during the 18th century. To the trade through
     David Sutherland Showroom
     ABOVE RIGHT :      Catch the perfect reading light with a wall of mirrors, here with        geometric, no-frame or circular-shaped mirror. The sunburst frame can adapt
     Crate & Barrel’s Dubois Mirror, oxidized in distressed tin frames for a handcrafted look.   to several styles.
     About $80 each
                                                                                                     But the choice of mirrors doesn’t end there. There are hand-painted framed
     BELOW : Put some sparkle up high with this mirrored starburst ceiling mirror, which also    mirrors, folk art mirrors, art-glass mirrors, mirrors with sconces and mirrors
     can be used to enhance the effects of a chandelier. About $1,600 through Neiman Marcus      indigenous to nearly every country and culture on earth. (See mirrors.novica.com
28                                                                                               and www.horchow.com/products/Ccat5440732p1.jsp.)
                                                                                                     “I tell my customers to shop, shop, shop. The possibilities are endless,”
                                                                                                 says Vikki Vines, owner and president of Gallery Auctions. “To frameless mirrors
                                                                                                 to magnificently baroque mirrors, there’s a lot to see. Some mirrors are framed with
                                                                                                 twigs and roots. Others are gold-gilded and others have horse collars as frames. Those
                                                                                                 are great in country settings.”
                                                                                                     After the shape is selected, the mirror finish itself is an important consideration.
                                                                                                 A popular look is the acid-washed mirror, in which the back of the mirror is treated
                                                                                                 with muriatic acid to make it appear aged.
                                                                                                     “These look like antique mirrors and furniture,” says Bach. “These are formal
                                                                                                 impressions, and they’re not just for people to look at themselves in.”

                                                                                                 MORE USES
                                                                                                 For people who want to create the illusion of more space, a wall of mirrors is another
                                                                                                 option. “A lot of luxury condos have a complete wall of mirrors,” Bach
                                                                                                 says. “They’re cheating to make the rooms look greater and bigger.
                                                                                                 And it works. It works very well.”                                               >
                                                                                                 HOUSTON HOUSE & HOME • JANUARY 2008

                                                                                                                        The key to an attractive wall of mirrors,
     R E S O U R C E S                                                                                             experts say, is making sure the mirrors are
     ACCENTS FINE FURNITURE          MAXIMUM FURNITURE                                                             of high quality and the seams are covered
     7075 Southwest Freeway          11330 Northwest Freeway                                                       with mirrors that are beveled. Beveled
     713.541.3555                    713.957.0003                                                                  mirrors are created by using a diamond
     CENTURY DÉCOR                                                                                                 grinding wheel to remove a portion of the
     2007 S. Main St.                NEIMAN MARCUS                                                                 glass edge, and then a felt wheel and
     Missouri City                   The Galleria                                                                  polishing compound to bring the edge
     281.499.9570                    2600 Post Oak Blvd.
     www.centurydecor.com            713.621.7100                                                                  to a shiny clear finish.
                                     www.neimanmarcus.com                                                               “Beveled mirrors are perceived to be
     CRATE & BARREL                                                                                                better quality and a better look,” says Bach.
     4006 Westheimer Road            RESTORATION HARDWARE
     713.490.6400                    4091 Westheimer Road                                                          “It definitely makes a huge difference.”
     www.crateandbarrel.com          713.850.8838                                                                       “But wall mirrors that fill an entire wall
                                     12850 Memorial Drive                                                          are very ’80s,” warns Teri Waheed of
     DESIGN WITHIN REACH             713.365.0073
     1965 W. Gray, 713.522.3609      www.restorationhardware.com                                                   Warehouse Frames in southwest Houston.
                                                                                                                   “A friend of mine took his wall mirrors
     DESOLA GLASS ART                DAVID SUTHERLAND                                                              down. It’s more for an exercise room.”
     & FRAME GALLERY                 SHOWROOM
     7770 Louetta, 281.370.6880      5120 Woodway Drive, Suite 170                                                      But the popularity of large, ornate
                                     713.961.7886                                                                  or smaller decorative mirrors is growing,
     ECLECTIC HOME                   www.davidsutherland                                                           designers say, because mirrors are a timeless
     345 W. 19th St., 713.869.1414   showroom.com
     www.eclectichome.ws                                                                                           design element.
                                     WAREHOUSE FRAMES                                                                   “Mirrors are eclectic and beautiful.
     GALLERY AUCTIONS                ’N GALLERY                                                                    They’ve always been used in decorating,”
     10205 Sweetwater                3815 Fondren Road
     281.931.0100                    713.974.6000                                                                  says Vines. “And then, some people have
     www.galleryauctions.com         www.warehouseframes.com                                                       a little bit of vanity and like to look at
                                                                     Add depth to an entryway wall with the Four   themselves. They have lots of mirrors.”
     LADCO WASHINGTON PARK           ZEALIE FINE FURNITURE           Seasons Mirror from Design Within Reach.
     DESIGN CENTER                   2518 Bissonnet                  About $850
     7900 Washington Ave.            713.521.3200
     713.868.2828                    www.zealie.com

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                                                                            HOUSTON HOUSE & HOME • JANUARY 2008

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