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									Basic English Vocabulary List
                Volume 1

  Academia de Ciencias Aeronáuticas
Universidad Técnica Federico Sta. María

ary List


Sta. María

Two difficulties faced by English teachers and students are: 1) students know many words but within a group there is no common
vocabulary understood and used by all of the students, and 2) students have difficulty knowing which words should be added to their
individual vocabularies because there are thousands of words available to them. To assist both students and teachers, A.C.A. has
developed this “Basic English Vocabulary List.” The goal is to insure that all students can correctly use these individually selected
1,145 words in reading, writing and speaking English. All of the words have been listed alphabetically within categories. This is
considered to be a general list and students will add specific vocabulary according to their fields of study.

Verbs (Vb.): Special emphasis will be given to 6 verb tenses. Those tenses for each verb have been printed in the list. They are:
present continuous; simple present; past; future; present perfect and simultaneous events in the past.
For example: 1) I am adding, 2) I add, 3) I added, 4) I will add, 5) I have added, 6) While I was adding...he helped. Irregular verbs in
the different tenses have been recorded in bold type .
Adjectives (Adj): Antonyms have been included with each adjective in the list. For example: 1) tall-short
Other Categories are:
       Pronouns (Prn):                  Vehicles (Vhl):
       Determiners (Dtm):               Weather (Wtr):
       Conjunctions (Cnj):               Animals and Plants (A&P):
       Prepositions (Prp):               Food (Fd):
       Auxiliary verbs (Aux):           Parts of a house (Hse):
       Adverbs (Adv):                    People (Ppl):
       Ordinal numbers (Ord):            Clothing (Clt):
       "WH" question words (Qst):       Cardinal points (CP):
       Body parts (Bdy):                 Seasons (Ssn):
       Family members (Fml):            Important places (ImP):
       Colors (Clor):                   Furniture (Fnt):
       Geography (Gpy):                 General Nouns (noun):
                                                                  VERB SECTION

     BASE VERB                      NOW              GENERAL                PAST            FUTURE

Accept           Vb.   am/is/are accepting       accept/accepts       accepted           will accept
Accomplish       Vb.   am/is/are accomplishing                        accomplished       will accomplish
Add              Vb.   am/is/are adding          add/adds             added              will add
Admit            Vb.   am/is/are admitting       admit/admits         admitted           will admit
Advance          Vb.   am/is/are advancing       advance/advances     advanced           will advance
Advise           Vb.   am/is/are advising        advise/advises       advised            will advise
Agree (S)        Vb.   agree/agrees              agree/agrees         agreed             will agree
Allow            Vb.   am/is/are allowing        allow/allows         allowed            will allow
Amend            Vb.   am/is/are amending        amend/amends         amended            will amend
Analyze          Vb.   am/is/are analyzing       analyze/analyzes     analyzed           will analyze
                                                 announce /
Announce         Vb.   am/is/are announcing                           announced          will announce
Answer           Vb.   am/is/are answering       answer / answers     answered           will answer
Appear (S)       Vb.   appear/appears            appear/appears       appeared           will appear
Apply            Vb.   am/is/are applying        apply/applies        applied            will apply
Appoint          Vb.   am/is/are appointing      appoint/appoints     appointed          will appoint
Appreciate (S)   Vb.   appreciate/appreciates                         appreciated        will appreciate
Approach         Vb.   am/is/are approaching     approach/ approaches approached         will approach
Approve          Vb.   am/is/are approving       approve/ approves    approved           will approve
Argue            Vb.   am/is/are arguing         argue/argues         argued             will argue
Arrange          Vb.   am/is/are arranging       arrange/arranges     arranged           will arrange
Arrive           Vb.   am/is/are arriving        arrive/arrives       arrived            will arrive
Ask              Vb.   am/is/are asking          ask/asks             asked              will ask
Assign           Vb.   am/is/are assigning       assign /assigns      assigned           will assign
Assist           Vb.   am/is/are assisting       assist/assists       assisted           will assist
Assume (S)       Vb.   assume/assumes            assume/assumes       assumed            will assume
Assure           Vb.   am/is/are assuring        assure/assures       assured            will assure
Attach           Vb.   am/is/are attaching       attach/attaches      attached           will attach
Attempt          Vb.   am/is/are attempting      attempt/attempts     attempted          will attempt
Attend           Vb.   am/is/are attending       attend/attends       attended           will attend
Authorize        Vb.   am/is/are authorizing     authorize/ authorizes authorized        will authorize
Avoid            Vb.   am/is/are avoiding        avoid/avoids         avoided            will avoid
Bake             Vb.   am/is/are baking          bake/bakes           baked              will bake
Base             Vb.   am/is/are basing          bsae/bases           based              will base
Be (S)           Vb.   am/is/are                 is/are               was/were           will be
Be able (S)      Vb.   am/is/are able            am/is/are able       was/were able to   will be able to
Be born          Vb.                  x          is/are born          was/were born      will be born
Beat             Vb.   am/is/are beating         beat/beats           beat               will beat
Become           Vb.   am/is/are becoming        become/becomes       became             will become
Begin            Vb.   am/is/are beginning       begin/begins         began              will begin
Believe (S)      Vb.   believe/believes          believe/believes     believed           will believe
Bend             Vb.   am/is/are bending         bend/bends           bent               will bend
Bet              Vb.   am/is/are betting         bet/bets             bet                will bet
Bid            Vb.   am/is/are bidding            bid/bids                bid                will bid
Bite           Vb.   am/is/are biting             bite/bites              bit                will bite
Bleed          Vb.   am/is/are bleeding           bleed/bleeds            bled               will bleed
Blow           Vb.   am/is/are blowing            blow/blows              blew               will blow
Borrow         Vb.   am/is/are borrowing          borrow/borrows          borrowed           will borrow
Break          Vb.   am/is/are breaking           break/breaks            broke              will break
Breathe        Vb.   am/is/are breathing          breathe/breathes        breathed           will breathe
Bring          Vb.   am/is/are bringing           bring/brings            brought            will bring
Build          Vb.   am/is/are building           build/builds            built              will build
Burn           Vb.   am/is/are burning            burn/burns              burned (burnt)     will burn
Buy            Vb.   am/is/are buying             buy/buys                bought             will buy
Calculate      Vb.   am/is/are calculating        calculate/ calculates   calculated         will calculate
Call           Vb.   am/is/are calling            call/calls              called             will call
                                                  call back/
Call back      Vb.   am/is/are calling her back                           called back        will call back
                                                  calls back
Can (S)        Vb.   can                          can                     could              will be able to
Cancel         Vb.   am/is/are canceling          cancel/cancels          canceled           will cancel
Carry          Vb.   am/is/are carrying           carry/carries           carried            will carry
Catch          Vb.   am/is/are catching           catch/catches           caught             will catch
Cause          Vb.   am/is/are causing            cause/causes            caused             will cause
Celebrate      Vb.   am/is/are celebrating        celebrate/ celebrates   celebrated         will celebrate
Change         Vb.   am/is/are changing           change/changes          changed            will change
Charge         Vb.   am/is/are charging           charge/charges          charged            will charge
Chew           Vb.   am/is/are chewing            chew/chews              chewed             will chew
Choose         Vb.   am/is/are choosing           choose/chooses          chose              will choose
Clarify        Vb.   am/is/are clarifying         clarify/clarifies       clarified          will clarify
Clean          Vb.   am/is/are cleaning           clean/cleans            cleaned            will clean
Climb          Vb.   am/is/are climbing           climb/climbs            climbed            will climb
Close          Vb.   am/is/are closing            close/closes            closed             will close
Collect        Vb.   am/is/are collecting         collect/collects        collected          will collect
Come           Vb.   am/is/are coming             come/comes              came               will come
                                                  come back/
Come back      Vb.   am/is/are coming back                                came back          will come back
                                                  comes back
Comment        Vb.   am/is/are commenting         comment/ comments commented                will comment

Commit         Vb.   am/is/are committing         commit/commits          committed          will commit

Commute        Vb.   am/is/are commuting          commute/ commutes commuted                 will commute
Compare        Vb.   am/is/are comparing          compare/compares        compared           will compare
Concentrate    Vb.   am/is/are concentrating                              concentrated       will concentrate
Congratulate   Vb.   am/is/are congratulating                             congratulated      will congratulate
Connect        Vb.   am/is/are connecting         connect/connects        connected          will connect
Consider (S)   Vb.   consider/considers           consider/ considers     considered         will consider
                     it contains/                 it contains/
Contain (S)    Vb.                                                        it/ they contained will contain
                     they contain                 they contain
Continue       Vb.   am/is/are continuing         continue/ continues     continued          will continue
Convince       Vb.   am/is/are convincing         convince/ convinces     convinced          will convince
Cook           Vb.   am/is/are cooking            cook/cooks              cooked             will cook
Correct        Vb.   am/is/are correcting         correct/corrects        corrected          will correct
Cost (S)       Vb.   it costs/they cost        it costs/they cost      it/they cost       will cost
Create         Vb.   am/is/are creating        create/creates          created            will create
Cross          Vb.   am/is/are crossing        cross/crosses           crossed            will cross
Cry            Vb.   am/is/are crying          cry/cries               cried              will cry
Cut            Vb.   am/is/are cutting         cut/cuts                cut                will cut
Dance          Vb.   am/is/are dancing         dance/dances            danced             will dance
Decide         Vb.   am/is/are deciding        decide/decides          decided            will decide
Decorate       Vb.   am/is/are decorating      decorate/ decorates     decorated          will decorate
Decrease       Vb.   am/is/are decreasing      decrease/ decreases     decreased          will decrease
Define         Vb.   am/is/are defining        define/defines          defined            will define
Deliver        Vb.   am/is/are delivering      deliver/delivers        delivered          will deliver
Depend (S)     Vb.   depend/depends            depend/depends          depended           will depend
Deposit        Vb.   am/is/are depositing      deposit/deposits        deposited          will deposit
Design         Vb.   am/is/are designing       design/designs          designed           will design
Designate      Vb.   am/is/are designating     designate/ designates designated           will designate
Develop        Vb.   am/is/are developing      develop/develops        developed          will develop
Die            Vb.   am/is/are dying           die/dies                died               will die
Dig            Vb.   am/is/are digging         dig/digs                dug                will dig
Digest         Vb.   am/is/are digesting       digest/digest           digested           will digest
Disagree (S)   Vb.   disagree/disagrees        disagree/disagrees      disagreed          will disagree
Disappear      Vb.   am/is/are disappearing    disappear/ disappear disappeared           will disappear
Disappoint     Vb.   am/is/are disappointing                           disappointed       will disappoint
Disconnect     Vb.   am/is/are disconnecting                           disconnected       will disconnect
Discuss        Vb.   am/is/are discussing      discuss/discusses       discussed          will discuss
Dislike (S)    Vb.   dislike/dislikes          dislike/dislikes        disliked           will dislike
Distribute     Vb.   am/is/are distributing    distribute/ distributes distributed        will distribute
Divide         Vb.   am/is/are dividing        divide/divides          divided            will divide
Do             Vb.   am/is/are doing           do/does                 did                will do
Draw           Vb.   am/is/are drawing         draw/draws              drew               will draw
Dream          Vb.   am/is/are dreaming        dream/dreams            dreamed (dreamt)   will dream
Drink          Vb.   am/is/are drinking        drink/drinks            drank              will drink
Drive          Vb.   am/is/are driving         drive/drives            drove              will drive
Drop           Vb.   am/is/are dropping        drop/drops              dropped            will drop
Dry            Vb.   am/is/are drying          dry/dries               dried              will dry
Earn           Vb.   am/is/are earning         earn/earns              earned             will earn
Eat            Vb.   am/is/are eating          eat/eats                ate                will eat
Empty          Vb.   am/is/are emptying        empty/empties           emptied            will empty
Enclose        Vb.   am/is/are enclosing       enclose/encloses        enclosed           will enclose
End            Vb.   am/is/are ending          end/ends                ended              will end
Enjoy (S)      Vb.   enjoy/enjoys              enjoy/enjoys            enjoyed            will enjoy
Enter          Vb.   am/is/are entering        enter/enters            entered            will enter
Entertain      Vb.   am/is/are entertaining    entertain/ entertains   entertained        will entertain
Erase          Vb.   am/is/are erasing         erase/erases            erased             will erase
Escape         Vb.   am/is/are escaping        escape/escapes          escaped            will escape
Expand         Vb.   am/is/are expanding       expand/expands          expanded           will expand
Explain        Vb.   am/is/are explaining      explain/explains        explained          will explain
Fail           Vb.   am/is/are failing         fail/fails              failed             will fail
Fall           Vb.   am/is/are falling         fall/falls              fell               will fall
Fear (S)       Vb.   fear/fears                fear/fears              feared             will fear
Feed          Vb.   am/is/are feeding           feed/feeds            fed           will feed
Feel (S)      Vb.   feel/feels                  feel/feels            felt          will feel
Fight         Vb.   am/is/are fighting          fight/fights          fought        will fight
Find out      Vb.   am/is/are finding out       find out/finds out    found out     will find out
Finish        Vb.   am/is/are finishing         finish/finishes       finished      will finish
Fire          Vb.   am/is/are firing            fire/fires            fired         will fire
Fly           Vb.   am/is/are flying            fly/flies             flew          will fly
Fold          Vb.   am/is/are folding           fold/folds            folded        will fold
Follow        Vb.   am/is/are following         follow/follows        followed      will follow
Forecast      Vb.   am/is/are forecasting       forecast/forecasts    forecast      will forecast
Forget (S)    Vb.   forget/forgets              forget/forgets        forgot        will forget
Forgive (S)   Vb.   forgive/forgives            forgive/forgives      forgave       will forgive
Form          Vb.   am/is/are forming           form/forms            formed        will form
Freeze        Vb.   am/is/are freezing          freeze/freezes        froze         will freeze
Get           Vb.   am/is/are getting           get/gets              got           will get
                                                get dressed/
Get dressed   Vb.   am/is/are getting dressed                         got dressed   will get dressed
                                                gets dressed
Get into/in   Vb.   am/is/are getting into      get into/gets into    got into      will get into
                                                get married/
Get married   Vb.   am/is/are getting married                         got married   will get married
                                                gets married
Get off       Vb.   am/is/are getting off       get off/gets off      got off       will get off
Get on        Vb.   am/is/are getting on        get on/gets on        got on        will get on
                                                get out of/
Get out of    Vb.   am/is/are getting out of                          got out of    will get out of
                                                gets out of
                                                get ready/
Get ready     Vb.   am/is/are getting ready                           got ready     will get ready
                                                gets ready
                                                get rid of/
Get rid of    Vb.   am/is/are getting rid of                          got rid of    will get rid of
                                                gets rid of
Get up        Vb.   am/is/are getting up        get up/gets up        got up        will get up
Give          Vb.   am/is/are giving            give/gives            gave          will give
Go            Vb.   am/is/are going             go/goes               went          will go
Graduate      Vb.   am/is/are graduating                              graduated     will graduate
Grow          Vb.   am/is/are growing           grow/grows            grew          will grow
Guess (S)     Vb.   guess/guesses               guess/guesses         guessed       will guess
Hail          Vb.   is hailing                  hails                 hailed        will hail
Hang up       Vb.   am/is/are hanging up        hang up/hangs up      hung up       will hang up
Happen        Vb.   is happening                happens               happened      will happen
Hate (S)      Vb.   hate/hates                  hate/hates            hated         will hate
Have (S)      Vb.   have/has                    have/has              had           will have
Hear (S)      Vb.   hear/hears                  hear/hears            heard         will hear
Help          Vb.   am/is/are helping           help/helps            helped        will help
Hide          Vb.   am/is/are hiding            hide/hides            hid           will hide
Hire          Vb.   am/is/are hiring            hire/hires            hired         will hire
Hit           Vb.   am/is/are hitting           hit/hits              hit           will hit
Hold          Vb.   am/is/are holding           hold/holds            held          will hold
Hope (S)      Vb.   hope/hopes                  hope/hopes            hoped         will hope
                                                hurry up/
Hurry up      Vb.   am/is/are hurrying up                             hurried up    will hurry up
                                                hurries up
Hurt          Vb.   am/is/are hurting           hurt/hurts            hurt          will hurt
Identify      Vb.   am/is/are identifying       identify/identifies   identified    will identify
Ignore        Vb.   am/is/are ignoring          ignore/ignores        ignored       will ignore
Imagine (S)   Vb.   imagine/imagines            imagine/imagines      imagined      will imagine
Imitate       Vb.   am/is/are imitating         imitate/imitates      imitated      will imitate
Import        Vb.   am/is/are importing         import/imports        imported      will import
Improve       Vb.   am/is/are improving         improve/improves      improved      will improve
Include (S)    Vb.   include/includes            include/includes       included           will include
Increase       Vb.   am/is/are increasing        increase/increases     increased          will increase
Inform         Vb.   am/is/are informing         inform/informs         informed           will inform
Interrupt      Vb.   am/is/are interrupting                             interrupted        will interrupt
Interview      Vb.   am/is/are interviewing                             interviewed        will interview
Introduce      Vb.   am/is/are introducing       introduce/ introduces introduced          will introduce
Invest         Vb.   am/is/are investing         invest/invests         invested           will invest
Investigate    Vb.   am/is/are investigating                            investigated       will investigate
Invite         Vb.   am/is/are inviting          invite/invites         invited            will invite
Join           Vb.   am/is/are joining           join/joins             joined             will join
Joke           Vb.   am/is/are joking            joke/jokes             joked              will joke
Jump           Vb.   am/is/are jumping           jump/jumps             jumped             will jump
Justify        Vb.   am/is/are justifying        justify/justifies      justified          will justify
Keep (S)       Vb.   keep/keeps                  keep/keeps             kept               will keep
Kill           Vb.   am/is/are killing           kill/kills             killed             will kill
Kiss           Vb.   am/is/are kissing           kiss/kisses            kissed             will kiss
Kneel          Vb.   am/is/are kneeling          kneel/kneels           knelt              will kneel
Knock          Vb.   am/is/are knocking          knock/knocks           knocked            will knock
Know (S)       Vb.   know/knows                  know/knows             knew               will know
Land           Vb.   am/is/are landing           land/lands             landed             will land
Laugh          Vb.   am/is/are laughing          laugh/laughs           laughed            will laugh
Lay (object)   Vb.   am/is/are laying            lay/lays               laid               will lay
Lead           Vb.   am/is/are leading           lead/leads             led                will lead
Learn          Vb.   am/is/are learning          learn/learns           learned (learnt)   will learn
Leave          Vb.   am/is/are leaving           leave/leaves           left               will leave
                                                 loan/loans             loaned
Lend/Loan      Vb.   am/is/are loaning/lending                                             will loan/lend
                                                 lend/lends             lent
Let            Vb.   am/is/are letting           let/lets               let                will let
Lie (person)   Vb.   am/is/are lying             lie/lies               lay                will lie
Lift           Vb.   am/is/are lifting           lift/lifts             lifted             will lift
Light          Vb.   am/is/are lighting          light/lights           lit                will light
Like (S)       Vb.   like/likes                  like/likes             liked              will like
Listen to      Vb.   am/is/are listening to      listen to/listens to   listened to        will listen to
Live           Vb.   am/is/are living            live/lives             lived              will live
Lock           Vb.   am/is/are locking           lock/locks             locked             will lock
Look at        Vb.   am/is/are looking at        look at/looks at       looked at          will look at
                                                 look for/up
Look for/up    Vb.   am/is/are looking for/up                           looked for/up      will look for/up
                                                 looks for/up
Lose           Vb.   am/is/are losing            lose/loses             lost               will lose
Love (S)       Vb.   love/loves                  love/loves             loved              will love
Mail           Vb.   am/is/are mailing           mail/mails             mailed             will mail
Make           Vb.   am/is/are making            make/makes             made               will make
Manage         Vb.   am/is/are managing          manage/manages         managed            will manage
Manufacture    Vb.   am/is/are manufacturing                            manufactured       will manufacture
Measure        Vb.   am/is/are measuring         measure/measures       measured           will measure
Meet           Vb.   am/is/are meeting           meet/meets             met                will meet
Miss           Vb.   miss/misses                 miss/misses            missed             will miss
Mix            Vb.   am/is/are mixing            mix/mixes              mixed              will mix
Move                Vb.   am/is/are moving          move/moves              moved          will move
Multiply            Vb.   am/is/are multiplying     multiply/ multiplies    multiplied     will multiply
Need (S)                  need/needs                need/needs              needed         will need
Neglect             Vb.   am/is/are neglecting      neglect/neglects        neglected      will neglect
Negotiate           Vb.   am/is/are negotiating     negotiate/ negotiates   negotiated     will negotiate
Notice (S)          Vb.   notice/notices            notice/notices          noticed        will notice
Obey                Vb.   am/is/are obeying         obey/obeys              obeyed         will obey
Offer               Vb.   am/is/are offering        offer/offers            offered        will offer
Omit                Vb.   am/is/are omitting        omit/omits              omitted        will omit
Open                Vb.   am/is/are opening         open/opens              opened         will open
Order               Vb.   am/is/are ordering        order/orders            ordered        will order
Organize            Vb.   am/is/are organizing                              organized      will organize
Owe (S)             Vb.   owe/owes                  owe/owes                owed           will owe
Own (S)             Vb.   own/owns                  own/owns                owned          will own
Pack                Vb.   am/is/are packing         pack/packs              packed         will pack
Paint               Vb.   am/is/are painting        paint/paints            painted        will paint
Park                Vb.   am/is/are parking         park/parks              parked         will park
Participate         Vb.   am/is/are participating                           participated   will participate
Pass                Vb.   am/is/are passing         pass/passes             passed         will pass
Pay                 Vb.   am/is/are paying          pay/pays                paid           will pay
                                                    pick up
Pick up             Vb.   am/is/are picking up                              picked up      will pick up
                                                    picks up
Plan                Vb.   am/is/are planning        plan/plans              planned        will plan
Play                Vb.   am/is/are playing         play/plays              played         will play
Please (S)          Vb.   please/pleases            please/pleases          pleased        will please
Point to            Vb.   am/is/are pointing to     point to/points to      pointed to     will point to

Postpone            Vb.   am/is/are postponing      postpone/ postpones     postponed      will postpone
Pour                Vb.   am/is/are pouring         pour/pours              poured         will pour
Practice            Vb.   am/is/are practicing      practice/practices      practiced      will practice
Praise              Vb.   am/is/are praising        praise/praises          praised        will praise
Predict             Vb.   am/is/are predicting      predict/predicts        predicted      will predict
Prefer (S)          Vb.   prefer/prefers            prefer/prefers          preferred      would prefer
Prefer to (Modal)   Vb.   prefer to/prefers to      prefer to/prefers to    preferred to   would prefer to
Prepare             Vb.   am/is/are preparing       prepare/prepares        prepared       will prepare
Present             Vb.   am/is/are presenting      present/presents        presented      will present
Prevent             Vb.   am/is/are preventing      prevent/prevents        prevented      will prevent
Proceed             Vb.   am/is/are proceeding      proceed/proceeds        proceeded      will proceed
Produce             Vb.   am/is/are producing       produce/produces        produced       will produce
Promise (S)         Vb.   promise/promises          promise/promises        promised       will promise
Promote             Vb.   am/is/are promoting       promote/promotes        promoted       will promote
Propose             Vb.   am/is/are proposing       propose/proposes        proposed       will propose
Protect             Vb.   am/is/are protecting      protect/protects        protected      will protect
Provide             Vb.   am/is/are providing       provide/provides        provided       will provide
Pull                Vb.   am/is/are pulling         pull/pulls              pulled         will pull
Push                Vb.   am/is/are pushing         push/pushes             pushed         will push
Put on              Vb.   am/is/are putting on      put on/puts on          put on         will put on
Rain                Vb.   is raining                rains                   rained         will rain
Raise               Vb.   am/is/are raising         raise/raises            raised         will raise
Reach (S)           Vb.   reach/reaches             reach/reaches           reached        will reach
Read                Vb.   am/is/are reading         read/reads              read           will read
Realice (S)         Vb.   realize/realizes          realize/realizes        realized       will realice
Receive         Vb.   am/is/are receiving      receive/receives      received          will receive
Recognize (S)   Vb.   recognize/recognizes                           recognized        will recognize
                      recommend/               recommend/
Recommend (S)   Vb.                                                  recommended       will recommend
                      recommends               recommends
Refer to        Vb.   am/is/are referring to   refer to/ refers to   referred to       will refer to
Refuse (S)      Vb.   refuse/refuses           refuse/refuses        refused           will refuse
Relax           Vb.   am/is/are relaxing       relax/relaxes         relaxed           will relax
Release         Vb.   am/is/are releasing      release/releases      released          will release
Remain (S)      Vb.   remain/remains           remain/remains        remained          will remain
Remember (S)    Vb.   remember/remembers                             remembered        will remember
Remove          Vb.   am/is/are removing       remove/removes        removed           will remove
Rent            Vb.   am/is/are renting        rent/rents            rented            will rent
Repair          Vb.   am/is/are repairing      repair/repairs        repaired          will repair
Repeat          Vb.   am/is/are repeating      repeat/repeats        repeated          will repeat
Reply           Vb.   am/is/are replying       reply/replies         replied           will reply
Require (S)     Vb.   require/requires         require/requires      required          will require
Resist          Vb.   am/is/are resisting      resist/resists        resisted          will resist
Return          Vb.   am/is/are returning      return/returns        returned          will return
Review          Vb.   am/is/are reviewing      review/reviews        reviewed          will review
Ride            Vb.   am/is/are riding         ride/rides            rode              will ride
Ring            Vb.   am/is/are ringing        ring/rings            rang              will ring
Run             Vb.   am/is/are running        run/runs              ran               will run
Sail            Vb.   am/is/are sailing        sail/sails            sailed            will sail
Save            Vb.   am/is/are saving         save/saves            saved             will save
Say (S)         Vb.   say/says                 say/says              said              will say
See (S)         Vb.   see/sees                 see/sees              saw               will see
Sell            Vb.   am/is/are selling        sell/sells            sold              will sell
Send            Vb.   am/is/are sending        send/sends            sent              will send
Set up          Vb.   am/is/are setting up     set up/sets up        set up            will set up
Sew             Vb.   am/is/are sewing         sew/sews              sewed             will sew
Shake           Vb.   am/is/are shaking        shake/shakes          shook             will shake
Shave           Vb.   am/is/are shaving        shave/shaves          shaved            will shave
Ship            Vb.   am/is/are shipping       ship/ships            shipped           will ship
Shoot           Vb.   am/is/are shooting       shoot/shoots          shot              will shoot
Show            Vb.   am/is/are showing        show/shows            showed            will show
Shut            Vb.   am/is/are shutting       shut/shuts            shut              will shut
Sign            Vb.   am/is/are signing        sign/signs            signed            will sign
Sing            Vb.   am/is/are singing        sing/sings            sang              will sing
Sink            Vb.   am/is/are sinking        sink/sinks            sank              will sink
                                               sit down/
Sit down        Vb.   am/is/are sitting down                         sat down          will sit down
                                               sits down
Ski             Vb.   am/is/are skiing         ski/skies             skied             will ski
Sleep           Vb.   am/is/are sleeping       sleep/sleeps          slept             will sleep
Smell (S)       Vb.   smell/smells             smell/smells          smelled           will smell
Smoke           Vb.   am/is/are smoking        smoke/smokes          smoked            will smoke
Snow            Vb.   is snowing               snows                 snowed            will snow
Solve           Vb.   am/is/are solving        solve/solves          solved            will solve
Speak           Vb.   am/is/are speaking       speak/speaks          spoke             will speak
Spell           Vb.   am/is/are spelling       spell/spells          spelled (spelt)   will spell
Spend           Vb.   am/is/are spending       spend/spends          spent             will spend
Spin            Vb.   am/is/are spinning       spin/spins            spun              will spin
Stand           Vb.   am/is/are standing       stand/stands          stood             will stand
Start                  Vb.    am/is/are starting               start/starts         started         will start
Stay                   Vb.    am/is/are staying                stay/stays           stayed          will stay
Steal                  Vb.    am/is/are stealing               steal/steals         stole           will steal
Stop                   Vb.    am/is/are stopping               stop/stops           stopped         will stop
Strike                 Vb.    am/is/are striking               strike/strikes       struck          will strike
Study                  Vb.    am/is/are studying               study/studies        studied         will study
Subtract               Vb.    am/is/are subtracting            subtract/subtracts   subtracted      will subtract
Suggest                Vb.    am/is/are suggesting             suggest/suggests     suggested       will suggest
Support                Vb.    am/is/are supporting             support/supports     supported       will support
Swim                   Vb.    am/is/are swimming               swim/swims           swam            will swim
Take                   Vb.    am/is/are taking                 take/takes           took            will take
Take off               Vb.    am/is/are taking off             take off/takes off   took off        will take off
Talk                   Vb.    am/is/are talking                talk/talks           talked          will talk
Taste                  Vb.    am/is/are tasting                taste/tastes         tasted          will taste
Teach                  Vb.    am/is/are teaching               teach/teaches        taught          will teach
Tear                   Vb.    am/is/are tearing                tear/tears           tore            will tear
Tell                   Vb.    tell/tells                       tell/tells           told            will tell

                              To believe - think/thinks
Think (S)              Vb.                                     think/thinks         thought         will think
                              To consider - am/is/are thinking
Throw                  Vb.    am/is/are throwing               throw/throws         threw           will throw
                                                               throw away/ throws
Throw away             Vb.    am/is/are throwing away                               threw away      will throw away
Tie                    Vb.    am/is/are tying                  tie/ties             tied            will tie
Touch                  Vb.    am/is/are touching               touch/touches        touched         will touch
Tour                   Vb.    am/is/are touring                tour/tours           toured          will tour
Travel                 Vb.    am/is/are traveling              travel/travels       traveled        will travel
Try                    Vb.    am/is/are trying                 try/tries            tried           will try
Turn                   Vb.    am/is/are turning                turn/turns           turned          will turn
                                                               turn off/on
Turn off/on            Vb.    am/is/are turning off/on                              turned off/on   will turn off/on
                                                               turns off/on
Type                   Vb.    am/is/are typing                 type/types           typed           will type
Understand (S)         Vb.    understand/ understands                               understood      will understand
Unlock                 Vb.    am/is/are unlocking              unlock/unlocks       unlocked        will unlock
Unpack                 Vb.    am/is/are unpacking              unpack/unpacks       unpacked        will unpack
Uphold                 Vb.    am/is/are upholding              uphold/upholds       upheld          will unphold
Use                    Vb.    am/is/are using                  use/uses             used            will use
Visit                  Vb.    am/is/are visiting               visit/visits         visited         will visit
Wait for               Vb.    am/is/are waiting for            wait for/waits for   waited for      will wait for
Wake up                Vb.    am/is/are waking up              wake up/wakes up     woke up         will wake up
Walk                   Vb.    am/is/are walking                walk/walks           walked          will walk
Want (S)               Vb.    want/wants                       want/wants           wanted          will want
Want to                Vb.    want to/wants to                 want to/wants to     wanted to       would want to
Wash                   Vb.    am/is/are washing                wash/washes          washed          will wash
Watch                  Vb.    am/is/are watching               watch/watches        watched         will watch
Wear                   Vb.    am/is/are wearing                wear/wears           wore            will wear
Welcome                Vb.    am/is/are welcoming              welcome/ welcomes    welcomed        will welcome
Win                    Vb.    am/is/are winning                win/wins             won             will win
Wind                   Vb.    am/is/are winding                wind/winds           wound           will wind
Work                   Vb.    am/is/are working                work/works           worked          will work
Write                  Vb.    am/is/are writing                write/writes         wrote           will write
Absent-minded - Attentive    Adj./Adv.
Aggressive - Passive         Adj./Adv.
Aimless - Zealous            Adj./Adv.
Arrogant - Humble            Adj.Adv
Bad - Good                   Adj.
Beautiful - Ugly             Adj.
Black - White                Adj.
Blunt - Pointed              Adj.
Boring - Fun                 Adj.
Boring - Interesting         Adj.
Bright - Dull                Adj.
Capable - Incapable          Adj./Adv.
Careful - Careless           Adj./Adv.
Cheap - Valuable             Adj.
Cheerful - Sad               Adj./Adv.
Clean - Dirty                Adj.
Cold - Hot                   Adj.
Comfortable - Uncomfortable Adj./Adv.
Committed -Noncommitted Adj./Adv.
Complicated - Simple         Adj.
Conscious - Unconscious    Adj./Adv.
Considerate -Inconsiderate Adj./Adv.
Convenient - Inconvenient Adj./Adv.
Cooperative - Uncooperative Adj./Adv.
Dark - Light                 Adj.
Dependable - Undependable Adj.
Difficult - Easy (adv.)      Adj.
Dirty - Clean                Adj.
Dull - Bright                Adj.
Dull - Sharp                 Adj.
Easy (adv.) - Difficult      Adj.
Easygoing - Tense            Adj.
Efficient - Inefficient      Adj./Adv.
Emotionally stable - Moody Adj.
Energetic - Lazy             Adj./Adv.
Exciting - Unexciting        Adj./Adv.
Expensive - Inexpensive     Adj.
Forgetable - Unforgetable   Adj.
Friendly - Unfriendly        Adj.
Full - Hungry                Adj.
Fun - Boring                 Adj.
Generous - Stingy            Adj./Adv.
Gentle - Rough               Adj./Adv.
Good - Bad                   Adj.
Good-natured - Grumpy, Grouchy, Nasty, Mean   Adj.
Happy - Sad                  Adj./Adv.
Happy - Unhappy              Adj./Adv.
Hard - Soft (adv.)           Adj.
Hard-working - Lazy (adv.)   Adj.
Helpless (adv.) - Strong    Adj.
Honest - Dishonest           Adj./Adv.
Hot - Cold                   Adj.
Humble - Arrogant            Adj./Adv.
Humorous - Sad               Adj./Adv.
Hungry - Full                Adj.
Imaginative - Unimaginative Adj.
Important - Unimportant     Adj.
Incombustible - Non-combustible Adj.
Inflammable - Non-flammable             Adj.
Intelligent (adv.) - Stupid    Adj.
Interesting - Boring            Adj.
Interesting - Uninteresting Adj.
Known - Unknown                 Adj.
Lazy - Energetic                Adj./Adv.
Light - Dark                    Adj.
Likely - Unlikely               Adj.
Loyal - Disloyal                Adj./Adv.
Narrow-minded - Open-minded Adj./Adv.
Nasty - Nice                    Adj./Adv.
New - Old                       Adj.
Nice - Nasty                    Adj./Adv.
Noisy - Quiet                   Adj./Adv.
Old - New                       Adj.
Old - Young                     Adj.
Old-fashioned - Modern         Adj.
Passive - Aggressive            Adj./Adv.
Patient - Impatient             Adj./Adv.
Pleasant - Unpleasant           Adj./Adv.
Pointed - Blunt                 Adj.
Polite - Impolite               Adj./Adv.
Poor - Rich                     Adj.
Practical - Impractical         Adj.
Pretty - Ugly                   Adj.
Quick - Slow                    Adj./Adv.
Quiet - Noisy                   Adj./Adv.
Rational - Irrational           Adj./Adv.
Regular - Irregular             Adj./Adv.
Reliable - Unreliable           Adj./Adv.
Respectful - Disrepectful      Adj./Adv.
Reversible - Irreversible      Adj.
Rich - Poor                     Adj.
Rough - Gentle                  Adj./Adv.
Rough - Smooth                  Adj./Adv.
Sad - Happy                     Adj./Adv.
Sad - Humorous                  Adj./Adv.
Satisfactory - Unsatisfactory Adj./Adv.
Secure (adv.) - Insecure       Adj.
Selfish - Unselfish             Adj./Adv.

Sensitive - Insensitive         Adj./Adv.

Sharp - Dull                    Adj.
Simple - Complicated            Adj.
Sincere - Insincere             Adj./Adv.
Slow - Quick                    Adj./Adv.
Smooth - Rough                  Adj./Adv.
Sociable - Unsociable           Adj./Adv.
Soft - Hard                     Adj.
Stingy - Generous               Adj./Adv.
Strong - Weak                   Adj.
Stupid - Intelligent            Adj./Adv.
Tactful - Tactless              Adj./Adv.
Tense - Easygoing               Adj.
Thoughtful - Thoughtless     Adj./Adv.
Ugly - Pretty                 Adj.
Valuable - Cheap              Adj.
Valuable - Worthless          Adj.
Weak - Strong                 Adj.
Well-organized - Unorganized Adj.
White - Black                 Adj.
Wise - Unwise                 Adj./Adv.
Worthless - Valuable          Adj.
Young - Old                   Adj.
Zealous - Aimless             Adj./Adv.
Anybody                  Prn. Indefinite
Anyone                   Prn. Indefinite
Anything                 Prn. Indefinite
Anywhere                 Prn. Iindefinite
He                       Prn. Personal
Her                      Prn. Possessive adjective   Object pronoun
Hers                     Prn. Possessive pronoun
Herself                  Prn. Reflexive
Him                      Prn. Object pronoun
Himself                  Prn. Reflexive
His                      Prn. Possessive adjective
I                        Prn. Personal
It                       Prn. Personal               Object pronoun
Its                      Prn. Possessive pronoun
Itself                   Prn. Reflexive
Me                       Prn. Object pronoun
Mine                     Prn. Possessive pronoun
My                       Prn. Possessive adjective
Myself                   Prn. Reflexive
No one                   Prn. Indefinite
Nobody                   Prn. Indefinite
Nothing                  Prn. Indefinite
Nowhere                  Prn. Indefinite
One                      Prn. Indefinite
Ones                     Prn. Indefinite
Our                      Prn. Possessive adjective
Ours                     Prn. Possessive pronoun
Ourselves                Prn. Reflexive
She                      Prn. Personal
Somebody                 Prn. Indefinite
Someone                  Prn. Indefinite
Something                Prn. Indefinite
Somewhere                Prn. Indefinite
That                     Prn. Relative
Their                    Prn. Possessive adjective
Theirs                   Prn. Possessive pronoun
Them                     Prn. Object pronoun
Themselves               Prn. Reflexive
They                     Prn. Personal
Us                       Prn. Object pronoun
We                       Prn. Personal
Where                    Prn. Relative
Which                    Prn. Relative
Who                      Prn. Relative
Whose                        Prn. Relative
You                          Prn. Personal
Your                         Prn. Possessive adjective
Yours                        Prn. Possessive pronoun
Yourself                     Prn. Reflexive
Yourselves                   Prn. Reflexive
About                        Prp. around; concerning; regarding
Above (movement)             Prp. over with movement
Across                       Prp. from one side to the other;     opposite of
Across from                  Prp. other side of a barrier
After                        Prp. following in time
Against                      Prp. in opposition to; touching; leaning against
Along                        Prp. in parallel direction
Among                        Prp. group of 3 or more
Around                       Prp. surrounding; approximately
Arrive at(not country or city) Prp.             get to
Arrive in (country or city)        Prp.          get to
At                           Prp. exact position; particular place; exact time; in the direction of (look at)
At the beginning of          Prp. near starting point
At the bottom of             Prp. in the lowest part
At the end of                Prp. near the final part
At the top of                Prp. in the highest part
Before                       Prp. prior to in time
Behind                       Prp. in back of
Below (movement)             Prp. under with movement
Beneath                      Prp. under but connected
Beside                       Prp. next to
Besides                      Prp. with the exception of
Between                      Prp. group of 2
Beyond                       Prp. further away in distance or time
By                           Prp. authorship; method; beside; not later than
Coming from                  Prp. starting point with direction toward the speaker
Coming into                  Prp. entering room with direction toward the speaker
Coming to                    Prp. states exact destination with direction toward speaker
Coming toward                Prp. states general direction with direction toward speaker
Concerning                   Prp. about
Down                         Prp. towards a lower position
During                       Prp. throughout; at the same time
Except                       Prp. not including
Far from                     Prp. at a long distance
For                          Prp. intended for; purpose; because of; time/distance; occasion; support; in relation to; payment; representing; me
Get to (country/city/place) Prp. arrive at/in
Going from                   Prp. starting point with direction away from speaker
Going into                   Prp. entering room with direction away from speaker
Going to                     Prp. states exact direction with direction away from speaker
Going toward                 Prp. states general direction with direction away from speaker
In (no movement)             Prp. inside; part of; during; no more than; before the end; from outside to inside; way expressed or written; experi
In back of                   Prp. behind
In front of                  Prp. to the face side
In the bottom left/right corner Prp.        page of a book; sheet of paper; corner uses "in"
In the middle of             Prp. in the center portion; middle uses "in"
In the top left/right corner      Prp.   page of a book; sheet of paper; corner uses "in"
In the street              Prp.   within the limits of the pavement; within the curbs - "The car is parked in the street."
Inside (no movement)         Prp. in
Into (movement)              Prp. with action verb with movement from outside to the inside
Like                    Prp.   similar to
Near                    Prp.   a close distance (specific)
Nearby                  Prp.   a close distance (general)
Next to                 Prp.   beside
Of                      Prp.   possession but not possessive; containing; position; used after an adjective; relating to; material;
Off                     Prp.   away from;
On                      Prp.   above but touching; connected; time; location;
On the corner
                        Prp.   street corner uses "in" or "at"
At the corner
On the left side        Prp.   side uses "on"
On the right side       Prp.   side uses "on"
On top of               Prp.   on but above line of sight
Out                     Prp.   with action verb with movement from inside to the outside
Outside (no movement)   Prp.   not inside
Over (no movement)      Prp.   above but not touching; no movement
Past                    Prp.   beyond a particular age or geographical point
Regarding               Prp.   concerning; about;
Since                   Prp.   from a particular time in the past until now
Through                 Prp.   from one end to the other; from the beginning to the end of a period of time
Throughout              Prp.   in every part or during the whole period of time
Till                    Prp.   until
Under (no movement)     Prp.   below with no movement; not touching
Until                   Prp.   up to the time that
Up                      Prp.   with action verb in ascending direction
With                    Prp.   in the presence or company of; using something; having or possessing something; in the same direction;
Within                  Prp.   inside; not beyond an area or time
Without                 Prp.   lacking something
A                       Dtm.   Article
An                      Dtm.   Article
Each                    Dtm.   Quantifier
Few                     Dtm.   Quantifier
First                   Dtm.   Numeral
Last                    Dtm.   Numeral
Many                    Dtm.   Quantifier
Much                    Dtm.   Quantifier
Some                    Dtm.   Quantifier
That                    Dtm.   Demonstrative
The                     Dtm.   Article
These                   Dtm.   Demonstrative
This                    Dtm.   Demonstrative
Those                   Dtm.   Demonstrative
Additionally            Cnj.   Addition
Afterwards              Cnj.   Time
Along with              Cnj.   Addition
Also                    Cnj.   Addition
Although                Cnj.   Contrast
And                     Cnj.   Addition
As                      Cnj.   Time
As well as              Cnj.   Addition
Because                 Cnj.   Contrast
Before                  Cnj.   Time
Both/and                Cnj.   Alternative
But                     Cnj.   Contrast
Consequently            Cnj.   Conclusion
Despite                 Cnj.   Contrast
Either/or                Cnj. Alternative
Finally                  Cnj. Conclusion
Furthermore              Cnj. Addition
Hence                    Cnj. Conclusion
However                  Cnj. Contrast
If                       Cnj. Contrast
In addition to           Cnj. Addition
Inspite of               Cnj. Contrast
Instead                  Cnj. Alternative
Moreover                 Cnj. Addition
Neither/nor              Cnj. Alternative
Nevertheless             Cnj. Contrast
Not only/but also        Cnj. Alternative
Or                       Cnj. Alternative
Otherwise                Cnj. Alternative
Prior to                 Cnj. Time
Since                    Cnj. Conclusion
So                       Cnj. Conclusion
Then                     Cnj. Time
Therefore                Cnj. Conclusion
Thus                     Cnj. Conclusion
Unless                   Cnj. Alternative
Until                    Cnj. Time
When                     Cnj. Contrast
Where                    Cnj. Contrast
Whether/or               Cnj. Alternative
While                    Cnj. Time
Yet                      Cnj. Contrast
Almost always            Adv. Frequency
Almost never             Adv. Frequency
Always                   Adv. Frequency
Barely                   Adv. Exaggeration
Daily/hourly/nightly/weekly/monthly/yearly/semi-annually   Exception TE/F
Every day                Adv. Exception TE/F
Every other day          Adv. Exception TE/F
Extremely                Adv. Exaggeration
Frequently               Adv. Frequency
From time to time        Adv. Exception TE/F
Generally                Adv. Frequency
Last night               Adv. Time Expression
Last week/month/year     Adv. Time Expression
Never                    Adv. Frequency
Often                    Adv. Frequency
Once in a while          Adv. Exception TE/F
Quite                    Adv. Exaggeration
Rarely                   Adv. Frequency
Sometimes                Adv. Exception TE/F
The day after tomorrow        Adv.   Time Expression
The day before yesterday      Adv.   Time Expression
Three times per week     Adv. Exception TE/F
Today                    Adv. Time Expression
Tomorrow                 Adv. Time Expression
Tonight                  Adv. Time Expression
Too                      Adv. Exaggeration
Two days ago             Adv. Time Expression
Two days from now   Adv.   Time Expression
Usually             Adv.   Frequency
Very                Adv.   Exaggeration
Yesterday           Adv.   Time Expression
Eighteenth          Ord.   Ordinal number
Eighth              Ord.   Ordinal number
Eighty first        Ord.   Ordinal number
Eigthtieth          Ord.   Ordinal number
Eleventh            Ord.   Ordinal number
Fifteenth           Ord.   Ordinal number
Fifth               Ord.   Ordinal number
Fiftieth            Ord.   Ordinal number
Fifty first         Ord.   Ordinal number
First               Ord.   Ordinal number
Fortieth            Ord.   Ordinal number
Forty first         Ord.   Ordinal number
Fourteenth          Ord.   Ordinal number
Fourth              Ord.   Ordinal number
Nineteenth          Ord.   Ordinal number
Nineth              Ord.   Ordinal number
Ninetieth           Ord.   Ordinal number
Ninety first        Ord.   Ordinal number
One hundred first   Ord.   Ordinal number
One hundredth       Ord.   Ordinal number
Second              Ord.   Ordinal number
Seventeenth         Ord.   Ordinal number
Seventh             Ord.   Ordinal number
Seventieth          Ord.   Ordinal number
Seventy first       Ord.   Ordinal number
Sixteenth           Ord.   Ordinal number
Sixth               Ord.   Ordinal number
Sixtieth            Ord.   Ordinal number
Sixty first         Ord.   Ordinal number
Tenth               Ord.   Ordinal number
Third               Ord.   Ordinal number
Thirteenth          Ord.   Ordinal number
Thirtieth           Ord.   Ordinal number
Thirty first        Ord.   Ordinal number
Twelveth            Ord.   Ordinal number
Twentieth           Ord.   Ordinal number
Twenty first        Ord.   Ordinal number
How                 Qst.   WH question word - method
How many/much       Qst.   WH question word - quantity
What                Qst.   WH question word - thing
When                Qst.   WH question word - time
Where               Qst.   WH question word - location
Which               Qst.   WH question word - choice
Who                 Qst.   WH question word - person
Whose               Qst.   WH question word - possessive
Why                 Qst.   WH question word - reason
Am                  Aux.   Auxiliary "to be" - I
Can                 Aux.   Aux. of request; possibility; offer
Could               Aux.   Aux. of formal request; uncertain or slight possibility; suggestion
Did                 Aux.   Aux. "to do" past tense; "to do" is the default auxiliary
Do                  Aux.   Aux.- I/you/we/they
Does                Aux.   Aux.-He/she/it
Has + participle    Aux.   Aux. - He/she/it
Has been            Aux.   Aux. "to be" - He/she/it
Have + participle   Aux.   Aux. - I/you/we/they
Have been           Aux.   Aux. "to be" I/you/we/they
Have to             Aux.   Aux. of maximum obligation; no authority
Is                  Aux.   Aux. "to be" - He/she/it
May                 Aux.   Aux. of permission
Might               Aux.   Aux. of possibility
Must                Aux.   Aux. of maximum obligation with authority
Need to             Aux.   Aux. of obligation; to the advantage of the listener
Ought to            Aux.   Aux. of resommendation; same as "should"
Should              Aux.   Aux. of recommendation; same as "ought to"
Was                 Aux.   Aux "to be" I/he/she/it
Were                Aux. Aux "to be" you/we/they
Will                Aux. Aux. future for all
Will be             Aux.   Aux. "to be" - all
Would               Aux.   Aux. of suggestion; offer
Ankle               Bdy.                 16
Arm                 Bdy.                 21
Artery              Bdy.               blood
Back                Bdy.                 19
Belly button        Bdy.                 10
Bladder             Bdy.               organ
Blood               Bdy.               blood
Body                Bdy.
Bone                Bdy.
Brain               Bdy.                head
Buttocks            Bdy.                 18
Cheek               Bdy.                face
Chest               Bdy.                  9
Chin                Bdy.                head
Ear                 Bdy.                head
Elbow               Bdy.                  8
Eye                 Bdy.                  3
Eyebrow             Bdy.                  3
Eyelash             Bdy.                  3
Eyelid              Bdy.                  3
Face                Bdy.
Features            Bdy.
Finger              Bdy.                 5
Fingernail          Bdy.                 5
Fist                Bdy.          hand and fingers
Foot/feet           Bdy.                17
Forehead            Bdy.                 3
Freckles            Bdy.
Hair                Bdy.
Hand                Bdy.                  6
Head                Bdy.
Heart               Bdy.           organ; blood
Heel                Bdy.               foot
Hip                 Bdy.                leg
Jaw                 Bdy.               face
Kidney              Bdy.              organ
Knee                Bdy.                12
Leg               Bdy.      15
Liver             Bdy.    organ
Lungs             Bdy.    organ
Mouth             Bdy.     face
Muscle            Bdy.
Neck              Bdy.       4
Nose              Bdy.     face
Shoulder          Bdy.       2
Skeleton          Bdy.    bones
Skin              Bdy.
Stomach           Bdy.      10
Thigh             Bdy.      11
Throat            Bdy.       4
Thumb             Bdy.    finger
Tongue            Bdy.    mouth
Tooth/teeth       Bdy.    mouth
Vein              Bdy.    blood
Waist             Bdy.      10
Wisdom tooth      Bdy.    mouth
Wrist             Bdy.       7
Aunt              Fml.
Brother           Fml.
Brother-in-law    Fml.
Cousin            Fml.
Daughter          Fml.
Daughter-in-law   Fml.
Father            Fml.
Father-in-law     Fml.
Granddaughter     Fml.
Grandfather       Fml.
Grandmother       Fml.
Grandson          Fml.
Husband           Fml.
Mother            Fml.
Mother-in-law     Fml.
Nephew            Fml.
Niece             Fml.
Sister            Fml.
Sister-in-law     Fml.
Son               Fml.
Son-in-law        Fml.
Uncle             Fml.
Wife              Fml.
Beige             Clor.
Black             Clor.
Brown             Clor.
Burgundy          Clor.
Dark Blue         Clor.
Dark green        Clor.
Gold              Clor.
Gray              Clor.
Light blue        Clor.
Light green       Clor.
Orange            Clor.
Pink              Clor.
Purple         Clor.
Red            Clor.
Silver         Clor.
White          Clor.
Yellow         Clor.
Air            Gpy.
Beach          Gpy.
City           Gpy.
Continent      Gpy.
Country        Gpy.
Earth          Gpy.
Field          Gpy.
Fire           Gpy.
Forest         Gpy.
Garden         Gpy.
Ground         Gpy.
Hill           Gpy.
Island         Gpy.
Lake           Gpy.
Land           Gpy.
Map            Gpy.
Moon           Gpy.
Mountain       Gpy.
Ocean          Gpy.
Planet         Gpy.
Property       Gpy.
River          Gpy.
Road           Gpy.
Rock           Gpy.
Sand           Gpy.
Sea            Gpy.
Sky            Gpy.
Soil           Gpy.
Space          Gpy.
Stone          Gpy.
Stream         Gpy.
Street         Gpy.
Surface        Gpy.
Valley         Gpy.
Water          Gpy.
Wave           Gpy.
World          Gpy.
Yeard          Gpy.
Airplane       Vhl.
Boat           Vhl.
Bus            Vhl.
Car            Vhl.
Engine         Vhl.
Ship           Vhl.
Subway train   Vhl.
Taxicab        Vhl.
Tire           Vhl.
Truck          Vhl.
Clouds         Wtr.
Cold           Wtr.
Heat             Wtr.
Ice              Wtr.
Rain             Wtr.
Snow             Wtr.
Sun              Wtr.
Temperature      Wtr.
Weather          Wtr.
Wind             Wtr.
Animal           A&P
Bear             A&P
Bird             A&P
Chick/chicken    A&P
Cow              A&P
Crop             A&P
Dog              A&P
Duck             A&P
Flower           A&P
Grass            A&P
Horse            A&P
Insect           A&P
Rose             A&P
Seed             A&P
Tree             A&P
Wood             A&P
Apple            Fd.
Bread            Fd.
Corn             Fd.
Drink            Fd.
Egg              Fd.
Fruit            Fd.
Meat             Fd.
Milk             Fd.
Potatoes         Fd.
Rice             Fd.
Salt             Fd.
Sugar            Fd.
Floor            Hse.
Home             Hse.
House            Hse.
Room             Hse.
Wall             Hse.
Window           Hse.
Baby             Ppl.
Boy              Ppl.
Captain          Ppl.
Child/children   Ppl.
Crowd            Ppl.
Doctor           Ppl.
Enemy            Ppl.
Family           Ppl.
Friend           Ppl.
Girl             Ppl.
Man/men          Ppl.
Neighbor         Ppl.
Parent           Ppl.
Person/people   Ppl.
Soldier         Ppl.
Student         Ppl.
Woman/women     Ppl.
Clothes         Clt.
Coat            Clt.
Dress           Clt.
Hat             Clt.
Shoes           Clt.
Suit            Clt.
Tie             Clt.
East            CP:
North           CP:
South           CP:
West            CP:
Fall            Ssn.
Spring          Ssn.
Summer          Ssn.
Winter          Ssn.
Bank            ImP.
Building        ImP.
Office          ImP.
School          ImP.
Store           ImP.
Bed             Fnt.
Chair           Fnt.
Clock           Fnt.
Table           Fnt.
Age             Noun
Anger           Noun
Art             Noun
Atom            Noun
Ball            Noun
Bat             Noun
Beauty          Noun
Bell            Noun
Book            Noun
Bottom          Noun
Box             Noun
Branch          Noun
Capital         Noun
Card            Noun
Cell            Noun
Century         Noun
Chance          Noun
Character       Noun
Circle          Noun
Control         Noun
Copy            Noun
Corner          Noun
Dance           Noun
Danger          Noun
Day             Noun
Death           Noun
Degree          Noun
Design       Noun
Dictionary   Noun
Edge         Noun
Effect       Noun
Electric     Noun
Element      Noun
Energy       Noun
Experiment   Noun
Fact         Noun
Fair         Noun
Fraction     Noun
Game         Noun
Gas          Noun
Glass        Noun
Gun          Noun
History      Noun
Hole         Noun
Hour         Noun
Industry     Noun
Instrument   Noun
Job          Noun
Joy          Noun
Key          Noun
Language     Noun
Law          Noun
Life         Noun
Light        Noun
Machine      Noun
Magnet       Noun
Material     Noun
Matter       Noun
Melody       Noun
Metal        Noun
Method       Noun
Mind         Noun
Minute       Noun
Molecule     Noun
Money        Noun
Morning      Noun
Music        Noun
Name         Noun
Night        Noun
Noise        Noun
Number       Noun
Object       Noun
Oil          Noun
Organ        Noun
Oxygen       Noun
Page         Noun
Pair         Noun
Paper        Noun
Paragraph    Noun
Party        Noun
Phrase       Noun
Picture      Noun
Piece       Noun
Poem        Noun
Position    Noun
Practice    Noun
Problem     Noun
Product     Noun
Radio       Noun
Reason      Noun
Record      Noun
Rope        Noun
Section     Noun
Sentence    Noun
Shape       Noun
Sign        Noun
Size        Noun
Skill       Noun
Smile       Noun
Solution    Noun
Sound       Noun
Speed       Noun
Spot        Noun
Square      Noun
Steel       Noun
Step        Noun
Stick       Noun
String      Noun
Subject     Noun
Substance   Noun
Surprise    Noun
Symbol      Noun
System      Noun
Team        Noun
Test        Noun
Thing       Noun
Time        Noun
Tool        Noun
Top         Noun
Travel      Noun
Triangle    Noun
Trip        Noun
Trouble     Noun
Tube        Noun
Type        Noun
View        Noun
Voice       Noun
Weight      Noun
Wheel       Noun
Wing        Noun
Wire        Noun
Word        Noun

have/has accepted       was/were accepting // accepted
                        was/were accomplishing //
have/has accomplished
have/has added          was/were adding // added
have/has admitted       was/were admitting // admitted
have/has advanced       was/were advancing // advanced
have/has advised        was/were advising // advised
have/has agreed                         x
have/has allowed        was/were allowing // allowed
have/has amended        was/were amending // amended
have/has analyzed       was/were analyzing // analyzed
have/has announced      was/were announcing // announced
have/has answered       was/were answering // answered
have/has appeared                       x
have/has applied        was/were applying // applied
have/has appointed      was/were appointing // appointed

have/has appreciated                    x
                        was/were approaching //
have/has approached
have/has approved       was/were approving // approved
have/has argued         was/were arguing // argued
have/has arranged       was/were arranging // arranged
have/has arrived        was/were arriving // arrived
have/has asked          was/were asking // asked
have/has assigned       was/were assigning // assigned
have/has assisted       was/were assisting // assisted
have/has assumed                         x
have/has assured        was/were assuring // assured
have/has attached       was/were attaching // attached
have/has attempted      was/were attempting // attempted
have/has attended       was/were attending // attended
have/has authorized     was/were authorizing // authorized
have/has avoided        was/were avoiding // avoided
have/has baked          was/were baking // baked
have/has based          was/were basing // based
have/has been           was/were being // was/were
have/has been able to                   x
                        was/were being born //
                        was/were born
have/has beaten         was/were beating// beat
have/has become         was/were becoming// became
have/has begun          was/were beginning// began
have/has believed                       x
have/has bent           was/were bending// bent
have/has bet            was/were betting// bet
have/has bid            was/were bidding// bid
have/has bitten         was/were biting// bit
have/has bled           was/were bleeding// bled
have/has blown          was/were blowing// blew
have/has borrowed       was/were borrowing// borrowed
have/has broken         was/were breaking// broke
have/has breathed       was/were breathing// breathed
have/has brought        was/were bringing// brought
have/has built          was/were building// built
                        was/were burning//
have/has burned (burnt)
                        burned (burnt)
have/has bought         was/were buying// bought
have/has calculated     was/were calculating// calculated
have/has called         was/were calling// called
                        was/were calling back//
have/has called back
                        called back
have/has been able to                    x
have/has canceled       was/were canceling// canceled
have/has carried        was/were carrying// carried
have/has caught         was/were catching// caught
have/has caused         was/were causing// caused
have/has celebrated      was/were celebrating// celebrated
have/has changed         was/were changing// changed
have/has charged         was/were charging// charged
have/has chewed          was/were chewing// chewed
have/has chosen          was/were choosing// chose
have/has clarified       was/were clarifying// clarified
have/has cleaned         was/were cleaning// cleaned
have/has climbed         was/were climbing// climbed
have/has closed          was/were closing// closed
have/has collected       was/were collecting//collected
have/has come            was/were coming// came
                         was/were coming back//
have/has come back
                         came back
                         was/were commenting//
have/has commented
have/has committed       was/were committing// committed

have/has commuted        was/were commuting// commuted
have/has compared        was/were comparing// compared
                         was/were concentrating //
have/has concentrated
                         was/were congratulating//
have/has congratulated
have/has connected       was/were connecting // connected
have/has considered                       x
have/has contained                        x
have/has continued       was/were continuing// continued
have/has convinced       was/were convincing// convinced
have/has cooked          was/were cooking// cooked
have/has corrected       was/were correcting// corrected
have/has cost                           x
have/has created        was/were creating// created
have/has crossed        was/were crossing// crossed
have/has cried          was/were crying//cried
have/has cut            was/were cutting// cut
have/has danced         was/were dancing//danced
have/has decided        was/were deciding// decided
have/has decorated      was/were decorating// decorated
have/has decreased      was/were decreasing//decreased
have/has defined        was/were defining//defined
have/has delivered      was/were delivering//delivered
have/has depended                       x
have/has deposited      was/were depositing//deposited
have/has designed       was/were designing//designed
have/has designated     was/were designating//designated
have/has developed      was/were developing//developed
have/has died           was/were dying//died
have/has dug            was/were digging//dug
have/has digested       was/were digesting// digested
have/has disagreed      was/were disagreeing//disagreed
                        was/were disappearing//
have/has disappeared
                        was/were disappointing//
have/has disappointed
                        was/were disconnecting//
have/has disconnected
have/has discussed      was/were discussing// discussed
have/has disliked                       x
have/has distributed    was/were distributing//distributed
have/has divided        was/were dividing//divided
have/has done           was/were doing//did
have/has drawn          was/were drawing//drew
have/has dreamed        was/were dreaming// dreamed
(dreamt)                (dreamt)
have/has drunk          was/were drinking// drank
have/has driven         was/were driving// drove
have/has dropped        was/were dropping// dropped
have/has dried          was/were drying// dried
have/has earned         was/were earning// earned
have/has eaten          was/were eating// ate
have/has emptied        was/were emptying// emptied
have/has enclosed       was/were enclosing// enclosed
have/has ended          was/were ending// ended
have/has enjoyed        was/were enjoying// enjoyed
have/has entered        was/were entering//entered
have/has entertained    was/were entertaining// entertained
have/has erased         was/were erasing// erased
have/has escaped        was/were escaping// escaped
have/has expanded       was/were expanding//expanded
have/has explained      was/were explaining//explained
have/has failed         was/were failing//failed
have/has fallen         was/were falling//fell
have/has feared                          x
have/has fed           was/were feeding//fed
have/has felt                           x
have/has fought        was/were fighting//fought
have/has found out                      x
have/has finished      was/were finishing//finished
have/has fired         was/were firing//fired
have/has flown         was/were flying//flew
have/has folded        was/were folding//folded
have/has followed      was/were following//followed
have/has forecast      was/were forecasting//forecast
have/has forgotten                      x
have/has forgiven                       x
have/has formed        was/were forming//formed
have/has frozen        was/were freezing//froze -4-
have/has got           was/were getting//got
                       was/were getting dressed//
have/has got dressed
                       got dressed
have/has got into      was/were getting into// got into
                       was/were getting married//
have/has got married
                       got married
have/has got off       was/were getting off// got off
have/has got on        was/were getting on// got on
                       was/were getting out of//
have/has got out of
                       got out of
                       was/were getting ready//
have/has got ready
                       got ready
                       was/were getting rid of//
have/has got rid of
                       got rid of
have/has got up        was/were getting up//got up
have/has given         was/were giving//gave
have/has gone          was/were going//went
have/has graduated     was/were graduating//graduated

have/has grown         was/were growing//grew
have/has guessed                        x
have/has hailed        was hailing//hailed
have/has hung up       was/were hanging up//hung up
has happened           was happening// happened
have/has hated                          x
have/has had                            x
have/has heard                          x
have/has helped        was/were helping// helped
have/has hidden        was/were hiding// hid
have/has hired         was/were hiring// hired
have/has hit           was/were hitting// hit
have/has held          was/were holding//held
have/has hoped                          x
                       was/were hurrying up//
have/has hurried up
                       hurried up
have/has hurt          was/were hurting//hurt
have/has identified    was/were identifying//identified
have/has ignored       was/were ignoring//ignored
have/has imagined                       x
have/has imitated      was/were imitating//imitated
have/has imported      was/were importing//imported
have/has improved      was/were improving//improved
have/has included                          x
have/has increased        was/were increasing//increased -5-
have/has informed         was/were informing//informed
have/has interrupted      was/were interrupting// interrupted
                          was/were interviewing//
have/has interviewed
have/has introduced       was/were introducing// introduced
have/has invested         was/were investing// invested
                          was/were investigating//
have/has investigated
have/has invited          was/were inviting//invited
have/has joined           was/were joining// joined
have/has joked            was/were joking//joked
have/has jumpèd           was/were jumping// jumped
have/has justified        was/were justifying//justified
have/has kept                              x
have/has killed           was/were killing//killed
have/has kissed           was/were kissing//kissed
have/has knelt            was/were kneeling//knelt
have/has knocked          was/were knocking//knocked
have/has known                             x
have/has landed           was/were landing//landed
have/has laughed          was/were laughing//laughed
have/has laid             was/were laying//laid
have/has led              was/were leading//led
                          was/were learning//
have/has learned (learnt)
                          learned (learnt)
have/has left             was/were leaving//left
                          was/were loaning/lending//
have/has loaned/lent
have/has let                               x
have/has lain             was/were lying//lay
have/has lifted           was/were lifting//lifted
have/has lit              was/were lighting//lit
have/has liked                             x
have/has listened to      was/were listening to//listened to
have/has lived            was/were living//lived
have/has locked           was/were locking//locked
have/has looked at        was/were looking at//looked at
                          was/were looking for/up//
have/has looked for/up
                          looked for/up
have/has lost             was/were losing//lost
have/has loved                             x
have/has mailed           was/were mailing//mailed
have/has made             was/were making//made
have/has managed          was/were managing//managed
                          was/were manufacturing//
have/has manufactured
have/has measured         was/were measuring//measured
have/has met              was/were meeting//met
have/has missed           was/were missing//missed
have/has mixed            was/were mixing//mixed
have/has moved          was/were moving//moved
have/has multiplied     was/were multiplying//multiplied

have/has neglected      was/were neglecting//neglected
have/has negotiated     was/were negotiating//negotiated
have/has noticed                        x
have/has obeyed         was/were obeying//obeyed
have/has offered        was/were offering//offered
have/has omitted                        x
have/has opened         was/were opening//opened
have/has ordered        was/were ordering//ordered
have/has organized      was/were organizing//organized
have/has owed                           x
have/has owned                          x
have/has packed         was/were packing//packed
have/has painted        was/were painting//pàinted
have/has parked         was/were parking//parked
                        was/were participating//
have/has participated
have/has passed         was/were passing//passed
have/has paid           was/were paying//paid
                        was/were picking up/
have/has picked up
                        picked up
have/has planned        was/were planning//planned
have/has played         was/were playing//played
have/has pleased                        x
have/has pointed to     was/were pointing to//pointed to

have/has postponed      was/were postponing//postponed
have/has poured         was/were pouring//poured
have/has practiced      was/were practicing//practiced
have/has praised        was/were praising//praised
have/has predicted      was/were predicting//predicted
have/has preferred                       x
have/has preferred to                    x
have/has prepared       was/were preparing//prepared
have/has presented      was/were presenting//presented
have/has prevented      was/were preventing//prevented
have/has proceeded      was/were proceeding//proceeded
have/has produced       was/were producing//produced
have/has promised       was/were promising//promised
have/has promoted       was/were promoting//promoted
have/has proposed       was/were proposing//proposed
have/has protected      was/were protecting//protected
have/has provided       was/were providing//provided
have/has pulled         was/were pulling//pulled
have/has pushed         was/were pushing//pushed
have/has put on         was/were putting on//put on
have/has rained         was raining//rained
have/has raised         was/were raising//raised
have/has reached                         x
have/has read           was/were reading//read
have/has realized                        x
have/has received          was/were receiving//received
have/has recognized                         x
                           was/were recommending//
have/has recommended
have/has referred to       was/were referring to//referred to
have/has refused           was/were refusing//refused
have/has relaxed           was/were relaxing//relaxed
have/has released          was/were releasing//released
have/has remained                          x
have/has remembered                         x
have/has removed           was/were removing//removed
have/has rented            was/were renting//rented
have/has repaired          was/were repairing//repaired
have/has repeated          was/were repeating//repeated
have/has replied           was/were replying//replied
have/has required                           x
have/has resisted          was/were resisting//resisted
have/has returned          was/were returning//returned
have/has reviewed          was/were reviewing//reviewed
have/has ridden            was/were riding//rode
have/has rung              was/were ringing//rang
have/has run               was/were running//ran
have/has sailed            was/were sailing//sailed
have/has saved             was/were saving//saved
have/has said                               x
have/has seen                               x
have/has sold              was/were selling//sold
have/has sent              was/were sending//sent
have/has set up            was/were setting up/set up
have/has sewed             was/were sewing//sewed
have/has shaken            was/were shaking//shook
have/has shaved            was/were shaving//shaved
have/has shipped           was/were shipping//shipped
have/has shot              was/were shooting//shot
have/has showed            was/were showing//showed
have/has shut              was/were shutting//shut
have/has signed            was/were signing//signed
have/has sung              was/were singing//sang
have/has sunk              was/were sinking//sank

have/has sat down          was/were sitting down//sat down
have/has skied             was/were skiing//skied
have/has slept             was/were sleeping//slept
have/has smelled                           x
have/has smoked            was/were smoking//smoked
have/has snowed            was snowing//snowed
have/has solved            was/were solving//solved
have/has spoken            was/were speaking//spoke
have/has spelled (spelt)   was/were spelling/spelled (spelt)

have/has spent             was/were spending//spent
have/has spun              was/were spinning//spun
have/has stood             was/were standing//stood
have/has started        was/were starting//started
have/has stayed         was/were staying//stayed
have/has stolen         was/were stealing//stole
have/has stopped        was/were stopping//stopped
have/has struck         was/were striking//struck
have/has studied        was/were studying//studied
have/has subtracted     was/were subtracting//subtracted
have/has suggested      was/were suggesting//suggested
have/has supported      was/were supporting//supported

have/has swum           was/were swimming//swam
have/has taken          was/were taking//took
have/has taken off      was/were taking off//took off
have/has talked         was/were talking//talked
have/has tasted         was/were tasting//tasted
have/has taught         was/were teaching//taught
have/has torn           was/were tearing//tore
have/has told                            x

have/has thought        was/were thinking//thought

have/has thrown        was/were throwing//threw
                       was/were throwing away//
have/has thrown away
                       threw away
have/has tied          was/were tying//tied
have/has touched       was/were touching//touched
have/has toured        was/were touring//toured
have/has traveled      was/were traveling//traveled
have/has tried         was/were trying//tried
have/has turned        was/were turning//turned
                       was/were turning off/on//
have/has turned off/on
                       turned off/on
have/has typed         was/were typing//typed

have/has understood                     x
have/has unlocked       was/were unlocking//unlocked
have/has unpacked       was/were unpacking//unpacked
have/has upheld         was/were upholding//upheld
have/has used           was/were using//used
have/has visited        was/were visiting//visited
have/has waited for     was/were waiting for/waited for
have/has woken up       was/were waking up//woke up
have/has walked         was/were walking//walked
have/has wanted         was/were wanting//wanted
have/has wanted to      was/were wanting to/wanted to
have/has washed         was/were washing//washed
have/has watched        was/were watching//watched
have/has worn           was/were wearing//wore
have/has welcomed       was/were welcoming//welcomed
have/has won            was/were winning//won
have/has wound          was/were winding//wound
have/has worked         was/were working//worked
have/has written        was/were writing//wrote
ation to; payment; representing; meaning; to obtain

e; way expressed or written; experience a feeling;

the street."
e; relating to; material;


mething; in the same direction;
Be             was/were           been
Be able        was/were able to   been able to
Be born        was/were born      been born
Beat           beat               beaten
Become         became             become
Begin          began              begun
Bend           bent               bent
Bet            bet                bet
Bid            bid                bid
Bite           bit                bitten
Bleed          bled               bled
Blow           blew               blown
Break          broke              broken
Bring          brought            brought
Build          built              built
Buy            bought             bought
Call back
Can            could       been able to
Catch          caught      caught
Choose         chose       chosen
Come           came        come
Come back      came back   come back
Cost           cost        cost
Cut            cut         cut
Dig            dug         dug
Do            did           done
Draw          drew          drawn
Drink         drank         drunk
Drive         drove         driven
Eat           ate           eaten
Fall          fell          fallen
Feed          fed           fed
Feel          felt          felt
Fight         fought        fought
Find out      found out     found out
Fly           flew          flown
Forecast      forecast      forecast
Forget        forgot        forgotten
Forgive       forgave       forgiven
Freeze        froze         frozen
Get           got           got
Get dressed   got dressed   got dressed
Get into      got into      got into
Get married   got married   got married
Get off       got off       got off
Get on        got on        got on
Get out of    got out of    got out of
Get ready     got ready     got ready
Get rid of    got rid of    got rid of
Get up        got up        got up
Give          gave          given
Go            went          gone
Grow          grew          grown
Hang up        hung up   hung up
Have           had       had
Hear           heard     heard
Hide           hid       hidden
Hit            hit       hit
Hold           held      held
Hurry up
Hurt           hurt      hurt
Keep           kept      kept
Kneel          knelt     knelt
Know           knew      known
Lay (object)   laid      laid
Lead           led       led
Leave          left      left
Let            let       let
Lie (person)   lay       lain
Light          lit       lit
Listen to
Look at
Look for/up
Lose          lost     lost
Make          made     made
Meet          met      met
Pay           paid     paid
Pick up
Point to
Put on        put on   put on
Read        read       read
Refer to
Ride        rode       ridden
Ring        rang       rung
Run         ran        run
Say         said       said
See         saw        seen
Sell        sold       sold
Send        sent       sent
Set up      set up     set up
Shake       shook      shaken
Shoot       shot       shot
Shut        shut       shut
Sing        sang       sung
Sink        sank       sunk
Sit down    sat down   sat down
Sleep       slept      slept
Speak       spoke      spoken
Spend       spent      spent
Spin        spun       spun
Stand       stood      stood
Steal        stole        stolen
Strike       struck       struck
Swim         swam         swum
Take         took         taken
Take off     took off     taken off
Teach        taught       taught
Tear         tore         torn
Tell         told         told
Think        thought      thought
Throw        threw        thrown
Throw away   threw away   thrown away
Turn off
Turn on
Understand   understood   understood
Uphold       upheld       upheld
Wait for
Wake up      woke up      woken up
Wear         wore         worn
Win          won          won
Wind         wound        wound
Write        wrote        written
Estar de acuerdo
Parece que
Intentar hacer
Basarse en
Ganarle a
Llegar a ser
Doblar (duro)
Pedir prestado
Volver la llamada
Viajar diariamente al trabajo en auto o tren
Enfocarse en
Dar significado
Depender de
Estar en desacuerdo
Tener aversión
Tomar un líquido
Dejar caer
Ganar dinero
Tener miedo
Despedir del trabajo
Doblar (blando)
Bajarse de
Tener esperanza
No hacer caso de
Unirse a
Golpear a la puerta
Cerrar con llave
Mirar a
Hacer con las manos
Encontrarse con
Fijarse en
Pasar por alto
Mandar a
Deber algo
Hacer las maletas
Apuntar a
Verter algo
Tirar de
Darse cuenta
Referirse a
Negarse a
Continuar como
Montar (moto)
Montar (negocio)
Enviar pero no por correo
Caer nieve
Gastar un recurso
Despegar (avión); sacarse (la ropa)
Probar el sabor
Apagar (luz); cortar (el agua)
Prender (luz); abrir la llave (agua)
Escribir a máquina
Abrir con llave
Deshacer la maleta
Sostener; Apoyar
Esperar a
Ver un evento
Llevar ropa
Dar la bienvenida
Ganar (juego)
                                                                                COLLOCATION -
      VERB       TRANSLATION          SYNONYMS         KEY WORD
                                                                                 Verb + adverb

Accept           Aceptar            Receive           Yes             He gladly accepted the academic award.
                                                                      A difficult project was successfully
Accomplish       Lograr             Achieve           Successful
                                                                      accomplished earlier today.
                                                                      He quickly added the new stamp to his
Add              Sumar              Increase          More
                                                                      Some experts admit quietly that
Admit            Reconocer          Agree             Unwillingly
                                                                      unemployment may increase.
                                                                      The troops rapidly advanced into
Advance          Avanzar            Move forward      War
                                                                      eastern Europe.
Advise           Avisar             Give a suggestion Help            I strongly advise you not to do this.
                                                                      I absolutely agree with the Prime
Agree (S)        Estar de acuerdo   Share opinion     Idea
                                                                      My supervisor kindly allowed me to
Allow            Permitir           Do something      Do it!
                                                                      leave work early.
                                                                      Congress carefully amended some parts
Amend            Cambiar            Change            Correction
                                                                      of the new Law.
                                                                      The scientiest carefully analyzed the
Analyze          Analizar           Study             Investigation
                                                                      results of the test.
                                                                      The President officially announced a
Announce         Anunciar           Make known        President
                                                                      change in the Cabinet.
                                                                      He tried to answer as honestly as
Answer           Contestar          Reaction to       Question
                                                                      A ghost suddenly appeared in the
Appear (S)       Parece que         Be present        Ghost
                                                                      Apply the paint directly to the dry
Apply            Aplicar            Put on            Paint
                                                                      The President formally appointed a new
Appoint          Nombrar            Designate         Ambassador
                                                                      Ambassador to Haiti.
                                                                      We really appreciate your help in this
Appreciate (S)   Agradecer          Valuable          Thank
                                                                      The airplane carefully approached the
Approach         Acercarse          Get closer        Near
Approve          Aprobar            Good opinion      Like it         I wholeheartedly approve of his actions.

Argue            Discutir           Disagree          Anger           They argue furiously about money.
                                                                      He easily arranges the flowers because
Arrange          Ordenar            Put in order      Flowers
                                                                      they are small.

Arrive           Llegar             Reach a place     Destination     We finally arrived at our destination.

                                                                      He politely asked the teacher to explain
Ask              Preguntar          Request an answer Question
                                                                      the words from the list.

                                                                      The teacher individually assigned the
Assign           Designar           Give a job/task   Homework
                                                                      homework projects.
                                                                      The policeman quickly assisted the
Assist           Ayudar             Help              Accident
                                                                      injured person.
                                                                       I naturally assumed that you were an
Assume (S)    Suponer             Accept to be true Personal opinion
                                                                       expert in the field.
                                                                       He hastened to assure us that the liquid
Assure        Asegurar            Say to be true     Don't worry
                                                                       was not toxic.
                                                                       The worker firmly attached the cover to
Attach        Agregar             Fix in position    Connect
                                                                       the frame.
                                  Try to do                            He attempted unsucessfully to set a new
Attempt       Intentar hacer                         Olympic record
                                  something                            Olympic record.
                                                                       He regularly attends English classes on
Attend        Asistir             Be present         English class
                                                                       He clearly authorized the change within
Authorize     Autorizar           Give permission    Official "Yes"
                                                                       the company.
                                                                       They narrowly avoided entering the
Avoid         Evitar              Stay away          Restricted area
                                                                       military zone.
Bake          Hornear             Cook in the oven Cake
                                                                       He firmly based the results on the
Base          Basarse en          Founded            Results
Be (S)        Ser/Estar
Be able (S)   Poder               Can                Probability
                                                                       The baby was born prematurely so he
Be born       Nacer               Begin to exist     Baby
                                                                       remained in ICU.
                                                                       Arsenal convincinly beat Manchester
Beat          Ganarle a           Defeat             Soccer match
                                                                       United in the finals.
Become        Llegar a ser        To start to be     Cold
                                                                       When the video ends, it automatically
Begin         Empezar             Initiate           Video
                                                                       begins again.
                                                                       He sincerely believes that God created
Believe (S)   Creer               Have faith in...   God
                                                                       the universe.
                                  Curve a hard                         The accident slightly bent the chasis of
Bend          Doblar (duro)                          Metal
                                  object                               the car.
Bet           Apostar             To risk money      Horses
                                                                       We have successfully bid for the
Bid           Licitar             To offer money     Contract
                                                                       The cat was badly bitten by a huge
Bite          Morder              Cut with teeth     Teeth
                                                                       black dog.
                                                                       He is bleeding profusely from the
Bleed         Sangrar             Lose blood         Blood
                                                                       The wind is blowing gently from the
Blow          Soplar              Send out air       Wind
                                  To ask to use                        He borrowed heavily to set up the
Borrow        Pedir prestado                         Bank
                                  smthg.                               company.
Break         Romper              Destroy/Part       Mirror/Chocolate She broke the chocolate bar in two.
                                                                       While running a race you must breathe
Breathe       Respirar            Inhale/exhale      Lungs
Bring         Traer               Carry to a place   Waiter            Please bring the food quickly.
Build         Construir           Construct          House
Burn          Quemar              Be on fire         Fire truck        The boy was severely burned in the fire.
                                                                       Old bicycles can be bought
Buy           Comprar             Purchase           Gift
                                                                       inexpensively at this time of year.
                                                                       He calculated his salary exactly to know
Calculate     Calcular            Count              Damage
                                                                       how much he would get.
Call          Llamar              Make contact       Telephone         He urgently called his mother.
Call back     Volver la llamada   Call again later   Telephone
Can (S)        Poder               Be able             Ability
                                                                        The singer regretfully cancelled the
Cancel         Suspender           Stop                Concert
Carry          Llevar              Transport           Backpack
Catch          Agarrar             Take hold of        Baseball
Cause          Causar              Make happen         Cause/effect
                                                                        They cheerfully celebrated their
Celebrate      Celebrar            Enjoy an occasion Birthday
                                                                        wedding anniversary.
                                                                        Our way of life has changed
Change         Cambiar             Make different      Life
                                                                        dramatically over the past 10 years.
Charge         Cobrar              Ask to pay money Mall
                                   Crush food in the                    Chew your food thoroughly before
Chew           Masticar                              Chewing gum
                                   mouth                                swallowing it.
                                                                        He chose carefully the lady who was to
Choose         Escoger             Pick from a group Girlfriends
                                                                        become his wife.
                                                                        The profesor further clarified the words
Clarify        Aclarar             Explain             English words
                                                                        we didn't understand.
                                                                        This product cleans bathrooms very
Clean          Limpiar             Remove dirt         Floor
Climb          Subir               Go up               Mountain         Be careful no to climb too high.
Close          Cerrar              Shut                Door            He closed the door tightly.
Collect        Recolectar          Gather              Hogar de Cristo
                                   Move toward the
Come           Venir                                   Come here!
Come back      Volver              Return              Later
                                                                        The reporter commented favorably
Comment        Comentar            Give an opinion     Radio
                                                                        about the film festival.
                                   Do something
Commit         Cometer                                 Crime
               Viajar diariamente
                                    Drive your car to                   He daily commutes to Quilicura to
Commute        al trabajo en auto o                   Car
                                    work                                perform his job.
                                    Examine                             As a car Lada compares unfavorably
Compare        Comparar                               Quality
                                    differences                         with Nissan.
                                                                        She sat at her desk and concentrated
Concentrate    Enfocarse en        Give attention to... Brain
                                                                        hard on her studies.
                                                                        The teacher warmly congratulated the
Congratulate   Felicitar           Praise someone      Very good!
                                                                        student on his perforamnce.
                                                                        The electrical wiring is directly
Connect        Unir                Join                Electricity
                                                                        connected to the power box.
                                                                        You should consider seriously the
Consider (S)   Considerar          Think about         Job offer
                                                                        consequences of your actions.
Contain (S)    Contener            Hold inside         Bottle
                                   To keep
Continue       Continuar                               Kiss
Convince       Convencer           Persuade            Police officer
                                   Prepare on the                       Make sure that you cook the turkey well
Cook           Cocinar                                 Hot dogs
                                   stove                                before you eat it.
                                   Make something
Correct        Corregir                                Wrong/Right
                                                                        The project has not been properly
Cost (S)       Costar              Value               Price
                                                                        costed yet.
                                 Make something
Create         Crear                              Invention
                                 Go from one side                With this boat you can cross the river
Cross          Cruzar                             River
                                 to the other                    safely.
                                                                 He put his head in his hands and cried
Cry            Llorar            Produce tears      Emotions

Cut            Cortar            Slice with a knife Knife        Cut the cake crosswise.

                                 Move the body to
Dance          Bailar                             Rock n' Roll   They danced wildly down the street.
                                 Choose after                    He decided very wisely to keep his
Decide         Decidir                              Judge
                                 consideration                   money rather than spend it.
                                                                 She lavishly decorated the interior of
Decorate       Decorar           Make attractive    Bedroom
                                                                 her apartment.
                                                                 The inflation rate dramatically
Decrease       Disminuir         Become less        Inflation
                                                                 decreased this past month.
                                                                 The scientist explicitly defined the
Define         Dar significado   Explain meaning    Dictionary
                                                                 parameters of the investigation.
Deliver        Repartir          Take to client     Client       TelePizza promply delivers its pizzas.
                                                                 The location for the picnic will depend
Depend (S)     Depender de       Be influenced by   Picnic
                                                                 greatly on the weather.
                                                                 This cabinet has been cleverly designed
Design         Diseñar           Draw plans         Architect
                                                                 to fit into the corner.
                                 Select someone                  The building has been formally
Designate      Designar                             Governors
                                 for job                         designated as a national shrine.
Develop        Desarrollar       Expand function    Product
                                                                 Her father died tragically in an
Die            Morir             Stop living        Cementary
                                                                 automobile accident.
                                 Make a hole in                  We'll have to dig quite deep to reach the
Dig            Escavar                              Shovel
                                 the ground                      treasure.
                                                                 The parent bird partially digests food in
Digest         Digerir           Eat                Food
                                                                 its beak for the babies.
               Estar en                                          The only time we sharply disagree is
Disagree (S)                     Opposing opinion Argument
               desacuerdo                                        when we talk about politics.

                                                                 The fog will disappear altogether by
Disappear      Desaparecer       Vanish             Fog
                                                                 10:00 AM.

Disappoint     Defraudar         Fail to satisfy    Sorry!
Disconnect     Desconectar       Unfasten           Separation
                                 Talk about a
Discuss        Discutir                             Debate       They discussed the plan in great detail.
Dislike (S)    Tener aversión    Not like           Cochayuyo    She dislikes cochayuyo intensely.

                                                                 The students distributed the brochures
Distribute     Repartir          Give out           Brochures
                                                                 The class has been equally divided into
Divide         Dividir           Separate into parts Groups
                                                                 4 groups.
Do             Hacer             Perform            Profession
Draw        Dibujar            Make a picture     Caricature      He draws very well.
                                                                  As a child she always dreamt of working
Dream       Soñar              Hope               Future
                                                                  with animals.
                                                                  Because of his thirst, he removed the
Drink       Tomar un líquido   Consume liquids    Coca Cola
                                                                  top and drank greedily.
Drive       Manejar            Control a vehicle Truck            You should drive so fast.
                                                                  He accidentally dropped the the glass of
Drop        Dejar caer         Fall               Keys
                                                                  water he was holding.
                                                                  Always dry clothes completely before
Dry         Secar              Become dry         Towel
                                                                  putting them in the closet.
                               Receive money                      He really earns his salary because he
Earn        Ganar dinero                          Paycheck
                               from job                           works hard.
                                                                  He skipped breakfast so he ate his lunch
Eat         Comer              Consume food       Hamburger
                               Remove                             He completely emptied the swimming
Empty       Vaciar                                Food envelope
                               everything                         pool before repairing it.
                                                                  He totally enclosed the patio area in
Enclose     Rodear             Surround           Animals
                                                                  back ofhis house.
                                                                  He meeting ended abruptly when the
End         Finalizar          Stop               Insurance
                                                                  chairman was called away.
Enjoy (S)   Disfrutar          Get pleasure from Outing           She greatly enjoys her work.
                                                                  He illegally entered the restricted
Enter       Entrar             Go into            Room
                                                                  military zone.
                                                                  The program was immensely
Entertain   Entretener         Amuse              Magician
                               Remove                             The teacher completely erased the
Erase       Borrar                                Whiteboard
                               something                          writing on the board.
                                                                  They narrowly escaped being killed in
Escape      Escapar            Get free           Jail/Prison
                                                                  the fire.
                                                                  A virus dramatically expanded
Expand      Extender           Increase in size   Air
                                                                  throughout the computer network.
                               Make easy to                       I explained the issue in great detail to
Explain     Explicar                              Process
                               understand                         my supervisor.
                                                                  He failed miserably because he didn't
Fail        Fracasar           Not succeed        English exam
                                                                  study the material.
Fall        Caerse             Descend            Skiing          The skier fell heavily to the ground.
                                                                  He genuinely feared that the building
Fear (S)    Tener miedo        Frightened         Freddy Kruger
                                                                  would fall during the storm.
                               Give food to the
Feed        Alimentar                             Babies          It is important to feed a baby properly.
                               Experience                         She could feel her mother's death
Feel (S)    Sentirse                              Hot
                               something                          deeply.

                               Use physical force                 The soldiers fought valiently during the
Fight       Luchar                                Boxing
                               against someone.                   battle.

Find out    Descubrir          Discover           Information
                                                                  She had just finished eating when the
Finish      Terminar           Complete           Assignment
                                                                  phone rang.
            Despedir del
Fire                           End contract       Job
                                                                      We watched the birds flying high above
Fly           Volar             Travel by air       Airplane
                                Curve a soft
Fold          Doblar (blando)                       Napkin            After you eat fold your napkin neatly.
                                                                      He followed closely behind the other
Follow        Seguir            Move behind         Leader
Forecast      Prognosticar      Predict             Weather           He accurately forecast today's weather.

                                Unable to                             I'm terribly sorry; I completely forgot to
Forget (S)    Olvidarse                             Name
                                remember                              bring your gift.

                                Stop being angry                      Jim would not easily forgive George for
Forgive (S)   Perdonar                              Offense
                                with someone                          wrecking his car.
Form          Formar            Begin to exist      Pilots
Freeze        Congelar                             Ice                The lake froze solid.
                                temperature to 0ªC
Get           Recibir           Obtain              The flu
Get dressed   Vestirse          Put on clothes      Shirt
Get into      Subirse           Enter               Taxi
Get married   Casarse           Wed                 Bride
Get off       Desembarcarse     Descend from        Ship
Get on        Abordar           Board               Train
Get out of    Bajarse de        Leave               Pick-up truck
Get ready     Alistarse         Prepare             Shower
Get rid of    Deshacerse        Throw away          Trash
Get up        Levantarse        Arise               Alarm clock
                                Offer something
Give          Dar               to                  Gift
                                Move in the
Go            Ir                                    Paris
                                Finish course
Graduate      Graduarse                             Diploma
                                                                      The flower has grown rapidly since we
Grow          Crecer            Increase in size    Plant
                                                                      planted it.
                                Opinion which
                                may not                               He guessed wrong who had been
Guess (S)     Adivinar                              Guessing Game
                                be true to the                        responsible for the fire.
Hail          Granizar          Precipitation       Thunderstorm
                                Replace it to the
Hang up       Colgar                                Microphone
                                Come into                             She couldn't believe it was actually
Happen        Ocurrir                               Event
                                existence                             happening to her.
Hate (S)      Odiar             Extreme dislike     Final exams       I absolutely hate cooking.
Have (S)      Tener             Possess             Blue eyes
Hear (S)      Oir               Receive sounds      Ears              Since he is old, he can't hear clearly.
                                                                      My mother helps me a lot with my
Help          Ayudar            Assist              Ambulance
Hide          Esconder          Make unseen         Treaasure Chest
                                                                    What's the cost of hiring workers by the
Hire          Contratar          Employ someone Job
Hit           Impactar           Touch with force Baseball          I accidentally hit my knee on the desk.
                                 Keep under
Hold          Sostener                               Hand
                                 Have confident                     They hoped desperately that heir son
Hope (S)      Tener esperanza                        Dream
                                 feeling                            would return home.
Hurry up      Apurarse           Do more quickly     Race
Hurt          Herir              Injure              Wound          She fell and hurt her leg quite seriously.
                                                                    We have not clearly identified the
Identify      Identificar        Recognize           Person
                                                                    source of contamination.
                                 Not give attention                 The government has simply ignored the
Ignore        No hacer caso de                      Noise
                                 to                                 problem.
                                 Form a mental                      I could readily imagine how much he
Imagine (S)   Imaginar                               Paradise
                                 picture                            enjoyed his vacation.
Imitate       Imitar             Act like            Counterfeit
                                                                    He imported the material directly from
Import        Importar           Bring in            China
                                                                    His health improved considerably since
Improve       Mejorar            Get better          Sickness
                                                                    we last saw him.
Include (S)   Incluir            Make it part of     Friendship
                                 Become                             The price increased substantially since
Increase      Aumentar                               Balloon
                                 larger/greater                     last year.
                                                                    Would you kindly inform me when the
Inform        Informar           Tell someone        Information
                                                                    visitors arrive.
                                 Stop from                          What was I saying before you rudely
Interrupt     Interrumpir                            Conversation
                                 speaking                           interrupted me?
Interview     Entrevistar        Answer questions Reporter
                                                                    We met before but we haven't been
Introduce     Presentar          Make known          Name
                                                                    properly introduced.
                                                                    He invested his money wisely and
Invest        Invertir           Put money into      Capital
                                                                    became a millionaire.
                                                                    He is closely investigating the results of
Investigate   Investigar         Analyze             Scientist
                                                                    global warming.
                                                                    You are cordially invited to the dinner
Invite        Invitar            Ask to attend       Party
                                                                    on Saturday.
Join          Unirse a           Connect             Club

                                 Say something                      She was only half joking about being
Joke          Bromear                                Laugh
                                 amusing                            sick of politics.

                                                                    He jumped up and down with
Jump          Saltar             Push into the air   Horse

                                                                    Can you truly justify the destruction of
Justify       Justificar         Give a reason       Excuse
                                                                    this fine, old building.
                                                                    Butter keeps well when it is in the
Keep (S)      Mantener           Possess             Photograph
Kill           Matar              Cause to die       Cementary       He killed the mosquito outright.

Kiss           Besar              Show affection     Mouth           He kissed his girlfriend affectionately.
Kneel          Arrodillarse       Bend knees         Pray
               Golpear a la
Knock                             Make noise         Door            He knocked loudly on the door.
                                                                     He knows for certain that his uncle will
Know (S)       Saber              Have information Information
                                                                     give him a job.
                                  Put airplane on
Land           Aterrizar                             Airport         The pilot landed the plane safely.
                                  the ground
                                  Smile with a
Laugh          Reirse                                Comedian        It was so funny that I laughed aloud.
                                                                     He carefully laid the delicate vase on
Lay (object)   Colocar            Put down           Chicken
                                                                     the table.
                                                                     He boldly led the hickers through the
Lead           Guiar              Guide              Boss
                                                                     mountain pass.
                                                                     Children learn quickly how to speak
Learn          Aprender           Obtain knowledge Book
                                                                     another language.
Leave          Salir              Go away            Trip
                                  Give for a short
Lend/Loan      Prestar                               Pen             She very kindly lent me her bicycle.
Let            Permitir           Allow              Permission
Lie (person)   Acostarse          Recline            Bed

Lift           Levantar           Move up            Weights         He gently lifted the lid from the jar.
Light          Prender            Put fire to        Campfire
Like (S)       Gustar             Enjoy              Chocolate
                                  Give attention -                   Lucy was only half listening to what
Listen to      Escuchar                              Radio
                                  ears                               she was saying.
                                                                     My mother lives alone in an apartment
Live           Vivir              Exist              Breathe
                                                                     near here.

Lock           Cerrar con llave   Fasten             Suitcase        He locked the door tightly behind him.
                                  Give attention -                   The boy looked longingly at the food on
Look at        Mirar a                               Eyes
                                  eyes                               the table.
                                                                     The boy looked frantically for his
Look for/up    Buscar             Search             Detective
Lose           Perder             Not have           Keyes           My daughter repeatedly loses her keyes.
Love (S)       Amar               someone/somethin Hearts            He loves his wife dearly.
Mail           Despachar          Send             Package
               Hacer con las
Make                              Create something Cake
                                                                     The executive will actively manage your
Manage         Supervisar         Supervise          Administrator
                                                                     bank account.
Manufacture    Fabricar           Make               Factory
                                                                      Any data that could not be precisely
Measure       Medir               Calculate size     Meters
                                                                      measured was rejected.

                                                                      We regularly meet to discuss the future
Meet          Encontrarse con     Come together      Friends
                                                                      of our investments.
                                                                      The lady just missed the offer to buy at
Miss          Faltar              Lack               Lonely
                                                                      a 50% discount.
                                                                      The mother mixed the baby's formula
Mix           Mezclar             Combine            Concrete truck
Move          Mover               Change position    Next class
                                                                      The number of cases multiplied
Multiply      Multiplicar         Increase number    Formula
Need (S)      Necesitar           Must have          Requirement      He desperately needs to visit his family.

Neglect       Desatender          Overlook           Indifference     He grossly neglected caring for his dog.

Negotiate     Negociar            Discuss            Ambassador       He successfully negotiated the contract.

                                                                      My mother will probably not even
Notice (S)    Fijarse en          See                Observation
                                                                      notice that I am gone.
                                  Repspond to                         The worker instantly obeyed his
Obey          Obedecer                               Military
                                  orders                              supervisor.
                                                                      He impulsively offered to help the lady
Offer         Ofrecerse           Agree to give      Volunteer
                                                                      in distress.
                                                                      He carelessly omitted last month's
Omit          Pasar por alto      Excluse            Forget
                                  Move to not-
Open          Abrir               closed             Window           These glass doors open automatically.
                                                                      The supervisor expressly ordered the
Order         Mandar a            Request            Command
                                                                      man to stop working.
                                                                      My daughter neatly organized her shoes
Organize      Organizar           Set in order       Files
                                                                      in the closet.
Owe (S)       Deber algo          Have debts         Repay
                                                                      Tom and John, his brother, jointly own
Own (S)       Poseer              Have               Belongings
                                                                      the business.
Pack          Hacer las maletas   Put into           Suitcase

                                                                      Picasso crudely painted a human body
Paint         Pintar              Cover with paint   Painting
                                                                      on the paper.
                                  Stop a car for a                    The man parked his car badly thus
Park          Estacionarse                           Parking lot
                                  long time                           causing an accident.
                                                                      Jim actively particpated in the school
Participate   Participar          To take part in    Presentation
                                                                      election process.
Pass          Adelantar           Go past            Highway
                                                                      He paid handsomely for the new jeep he
Pay           Pagar               Give money         Dollars
                                                                      She carefully picked up the pieces of
Pick up       Recoger             Retrieve           Floor
                                                                      broken glass.
                                                                      You should plan ahead for your
Plan          Planear             Organize           Vacation
                              Take part in a                    Sanchez played brilliantly against his
Play          Jugar                              Soccer match
                              game                              former team.
                                                                The results of the test pleased me
Please (S)    Agradar         Make happy         Happy
Point to      Apuntar a       Indicate           Finger
                                                                The event has been postponed
Postpone      Posponer        Delay              Later
                                                                The scientist poured the liquid gradually
Pour          Verter algo     Transfer liquid    Juice
                                                                from one flask to another.
                                                                He has been practicing hard for the
Practice      Entrenar        Train              Sports
                                                                upcoming marathon.
Praise        Alabar                             Winner         He praised all of his staff highly.
                                                                He predicted reliably the results of the
Predict       Predecir        Tell in advance    Prophet
Prefer (S)    Preferirse      Choose             Coffe or tea   I much prefer Colombian coffee.
                                                                The chef painstakingly prepared the
Prepare       Preparar        Get ready          Dinner
                                                                dinner for the ambassador.
                                                                The auditor presented the results
Present       Presentar       Give               Exposition
                                                                visually in the form of a graph.
                                                                The vaccination effectively prevents the
Prevent       Prevenir        Stop               Vaccination
                                                                spread of the disease.
                              Continue as                       The plans for the summer festival are
Proceed       Proceder                           Festival
                              planned                           proceeding smoothly.
                                                                Limache farmers produce tomatoes
Produce       Producir        Make               Cars/smog
                                                                He solemnly promised faithfulness to
Promise (S)   Comprometerse   Say certainly      100%
                                                                his wife.
                                                                The leaders are strongly promoting a
Promote       Promover        Encourage          Development
                                                                change in the work rules.

                                                                Are you seriously proposing a change in
Propose       Proponer        Suggest            Idea
                                                                the Constitution?

                              Keep from                         The house is fully protected by the
Protect       Proteger                           Damage
                              damage                            insurance policy.

                                                                The club is freely providing help to the
Provide       Proveer         Supply             Needs
                                                                disaster victims.
Pull          Tirar de        Move towards you Tractor          He pulled hard on the rope.

                              Move away from                    He pushed violently against the
Push          Empujar                        Cart
                              you                               collapsing wall.

Put on        Ponerse         Cover body         Shirt
                              Water falls from
Rain          Llover                             Umbrella       It is raining heavily in southern Chile.
Raise         Levantar        Lift               Hand
                                                                   The eventually reached the summit of
Reach (S)       Alcanzar         Arrive at          Destination
                                                                   the mountain.

Read            Leer                                Book           She avidly reads books and magazines.
                                 written words

                                 Understand a                      Mary soon realized how difficult the
Realize (S)     Darse cuenta                        Understand
                                 situation                         task would be.
                                                                   All assistance will be gratefully received
Receive         recibir          Get                Gift
                                                                   by the victims.
                                                                   He easily recognized the robber by the
Recognize (S)   Reconocer        Know               Friend
                                                                   tatoo on his arm.

                                                                   I heartily recommend this movie for
Recommend (S) Recomendar         Suggest            Restaurant
                                                                   He briefly referred to the company's
Refer to        Referirse a      Talk about         Person/theme
                                                                   financial statement.
                                                                   Gerard adamantly refused to consume
Refuse (S)      Negarse a        Say no             Drugs
                                                                   the drugs offered to him.
Relax           Relajarse        Be calm            Vacation       Deeply relax and breathe easily.

                                                                   The veternarian eventually released the
Release         Aflojar          Set free           Condor
                                                                   condor into the wild.
Remain (S)      Continuar como   Stay               Continue

                                 Retrieve                          I vividly remember Jane saying the
Remember (S)    Recordar                            Childhood
                                 information                       movie would start at 8:00 PM.

                                                                   The trash was temporarily removed
Remove          Quitar           Take away          Garbage
                                                                   from the location.
Rent            Arrendar         Pay for use of     Apartment
                                                                   The mechanic properly repaired the
Repair          Reparar          Fix                Mechanic
                                                                   customer's pick-up truck.
                                 Do more than                      There is no need to simply repeat what
Repeat          Repetir                             Twice
                                 once                              we have done before.
                                                                   He replied sharply to the criticism of his
Reply           Responder        Give answer        Response
                                                                   fellow worker.
                                                                   Many of the refugees urgently required
Require (S)     Requerir         Demand             Seatbelt
                                                                   medical attention.
                                                                   She strenuously resisted the pressure to
Resist          Resistir         To mildly refuse   Arrest
                                                                   charge her decision.

Return          Devolver         Give back          Loan           They recently returned from Cancun.

                                                                   The company comprehensively
Review          Repasar          Look over          News
                                                                   reviewed the prior reports.
                                                                   The young poeple rode fast on the
Ride            Montar (moto)    Be transported on Subway train
Ring            Sonar            Make a sound       Telephone
Run         Correr             Go quickly           Race          The man ran headlong into the wall.

Sail        Navegar            Navegate             Boat          The boat sailed serenely about the bay.

Save        Ahorrar            Make safe            Bank

Say (S)     Decir              Speak                Voice         He believed it so he said it loudly.
                                                                  He saw the shadow dimly through the
See (S)     Ver                Observe              Eyes
                               Exchange for
Sell        Vender                                  Money         The car was old so he sold it cheaply.
Send        Enviar             Cause to go          Letter
Set up      Montar (negocio)   Arrange              Stage
                                                                  She sewed the squares of the fabric
Sew         Coser              Join with thread     Needle
                                                                  neatly together.
                                                                  The ground shook uncontrolably during
Shake       Temblar            Move erratically     Earthquake
                                                                  the earthquake.
Shave       Afeitarse          Cut beard            Razor
            Enviar pero no
Ship                           Send by boat         Boat
            por correo
                                                                  The police officer fatally shot the
Shoot       Disparar           Fire bullets         Gun
                                                                  The figures clearly show that her claims
Show        Mostrar            Display              Photographs
                                                                  are incorrect.
Shut        Cerrar             Close                Door
                                                                  Would you personally sign this
Sign        Firmar             Write signature      Document
                                                                  Because of her beautiful voice, she sings
Sing        Cantar             Make vocal music Song
                                                                  like an angel.
                               Go under the                       The boat sank rapidly after it struck the
Sink        Hundirse                                Boat
                               water                              iceberg.

Sit down    Sentarse           Be seated            Chair
Ski         Esquiar            Move over snow       Winter
                               Be in a state of                   He slept soundly throughout the
Sleep       Dormir                                  Night
                               rest                               afternoon.
                                                                  He described the pastry so well you
Smell (S)   Olfatear           Sense an odor        Nose
                                                                  could almost smell it.
Smoke       Fumar              Use cigarettes       Belmont       He has always smoked heavily.
                               Ice falls from the
Snow        Caer nieve                              Ski           It has been snowing lightly all night.
                                                                  Being with him doesn't necesarily solve
Solve       Resolver           Find a solution      Mathematics
                                                                  her problem of loneliness.

Speak       Hablar             Talk                 Voice         He spoke at length of his faith in God.

                                                                  George spelled wrongly the word the
Spell       Deletrear          Say letters          Alphabet
                                                                  teacher gave him.
                                                                    My advise is to spend your money
Spend        Gastar un recurso   Use resources       Time
Spin         Girar               Turn in circles     Gyro           The rotor spins freely on the axle.
                                                                    Stand still while I measure you for the
Stand        Pararse             Vertical position   Military
Start        Iniciar             Begin               Movie          The movie just started five minutes ago.

Stay         Permanecer          Remain              Continue       We can't stay here indefinitely.

Steal        Robar               Take illegally      Thief
                                                                    He stopped short of entering an active
Stop         Parar               Not move            Stop sign
                                                                    She srtruck her hand firmly across his
Strike       Golpear             Hit                 Wand
                                                                    He has studied the subject in great
Study        Estudiar            Learn               Textbook

Subtract     Restar              Take from           Less
                                                                    She tentatively suggested she would
Suggest      Sugerir             Advise              Counselor
                                                                    prefer to work elsewhere.
                                                                    They overwhelmingly supported their
Support      Apoyar              Encourage           Sports fan
                                                                    Salmon swim vigorously upstream to
Swim         Nadar               Float in water      Simming pool
                                                                    their spawning grounds.
Take         Tomar               Remove          Thief
Take off     Despegar            Become airborne Airplane
                                                                    The author talked endlessly about her
Talk         Hablar              Converse            Words

Taste        Probar el sabor     Savor               Mouth

                                                                    The new material helps profesors teach
Teach        Enseñar             Share knowledge Teacher
                                                                    more effectively.

Tear         Rasgar              Rip apart           Cloth          He clothing was badly torn.
                                                                    She told me bluntly that it was my
Tell         Decir               Say                 Words
                                                                    Did you honestly think I would do
Think (S)    Pensar              Reason              Brain
                                                                    something like that?
                                                                    He threw his keyes casually down on the
Throw        Tirar               Send through air    Baseball
Throw away   Botar               Get rid of          Bad apples
                                                                    Tie the horse securely to the hitching
Tie          Atar                Make a knot         Rope
                                                                    He inadvertently touched the wire and
Touch        Tocar               Feel                Fingers
                                                                    got shocked.
                                                                      A few years ago we toured San
Tour             Recorrer            Visit            Tourist
                                                                      Bernardo extensively.
Travel           Viajar              Travel           Bus             She travels widely in her job.
                                                                      She tried frantically to not fall down in
Try              Tratar              Attempt          Venture
                                                                      the snow.
Turn             Virar               Change angles    Automobile
Turn off         Apagar              Disconnect       Lights
Turn on          Prender             Connect          Water
Type             Escribir a máquina Transcribe        Keyboard        She typed the document correctly.

                                                                      They perfectly understood the
Understand (S)   Comprender          Comprehend       Clear
                                                                      importance of the decision.
Unlock           Abrir con llave     Release          Key
                 Deshacer la
Unpack                               Remove           Suitcase
                                                                      Three judges unanimously upheld the
Uphold           Apoyar              Defend           Judge
                                                                      This paint is very expensive, use it
Use              Utilizar            Utilize          Tool
Visit            Visitar             Travel to        Tourist         We regularly visit my elderly mother.
                                                                      She patiently waited for the train to
Wait for         Esperar a           Expect arrival   Visitor
Wake up          Despertarse         Stop sleeping    Alarm clock     He woke up earlier than usual.

                                                                      She walked briskly from her home to
Walk             Caminar             Move along       Feet
                                                                      the university.
                                                                      If you genuinely want to help, do what I
Want (S)         Desear              Desire           Ice cream
                                                      Washing         The new machine washes the clothes
Wash             Lavar               Clean
                                                      machine         thoroughly.
                                                                      She watched helplessly as the dog ran
Watch            Ver                 Look at          Television
                                                                      The fans proudly wear their team's
Wear             Llevar ropa         Use clothes      Clothes
                                                                      We warmly welcomed those who
Welcome          Dar la bienvenida   Receive gladly   New students
                                                                      attended the meeting.
                                     Achieve first
Win              Ganar (juego)                        Poker           The French team won hands down.
                                                                      He wound the toy truck tightly so it
Wind             Enrollar            Turn             Clock
                                                                      would move across the floor.
                                                                      Emergency teams worked steadily to
Work             Trabajar            Labor            Activity
                                                                      locate possible victims.

Write            Escribir            Transcribe       Pen and Paper   Children should learn to write neatly.
   Verb + Preposition

accept (something) from

add (something) to
(something else)
admit to (gerund)             I don't mind admitting...
advance to/towards
                              You would be ill/well advised
                              to do that.
agree on (topic) / agree
                              I couldn't agree more...
with (someone)

apply to (a place) for
                              ...the same applies...

approach to (something)

approve of (something)
argue with (someone)
about (topic)
arrange for (something)

arrive at (a building,
room, site, event) /          ...the first/last to arrive...
arrive in (a city, country)
ask (someone) about
(someone/topic) /             ...get asked something/ If you
ask (someone) for             don't mind my asking...

assist in/with (gerund)
                           Let us assume...

assure of (something)      Let me assure you...

attach to (something)

                           ...well attended...

                  attempt/effort to avoid
                           ...freshly baked...
base (something) on

beat (someone) at

begin by (gerund)          ...begin at the beginning...

believe in (something)     ...not believe a word of it...

bend at (location)

bid against (someone)
bite at/through
                           ...bite something in half/two
bleed from (location)      ...bleed to death...

blow from/off (location)   ...blow off course...
borrow (something) from
break into (location)
breathe through

                  burnt alive...; burnt
                           to the ground...
                  and sell...;
buy for/from (someone)
                           can/can't buy...
calculate according to
call by (something)
change from/into
charge against/at/for       ...charge something to
(something)                 someone's account...
chew at/on (something)
choose between/from
                            ...pick and choose...

clean off/with (something) ...need cleaning...
                            ...climb to the top...; ...go
climb up (something)

comment on (topic)

commute between/from/to
compare (something) nothing compared to
to/with (something else)    someone/something...
concentrate on ([doing]
congratulate (someone)
                            ...someone is to be
for/on ([doing]
connect to/with
consider (someone) for

                   well cooked...
cross from/into/over/to
cry about/for/over/with     cry like a baby; cry your eyes
(something/someone)         out; cry yourself to sleep...
                            cut and paste; cut something
cut from/into/through
                            into pieces; cut something in
dance for (something)/
dance with (someone)
                            decide for yourself; to be
decide on (topic)           decided; the task of deciding
decorate with (something)

decrease by/from/to/with
                            decrease in number/size/value
define in terms of
deliver to (location)   have something delivered
depend on (someone) for
design for (verb)
designate for

                            die a natural/sudden/violent
dig for/through

disagree about/on/over
(something) : with
behind/from/into            disappear from sight/view;
through/under               fast/rapidly disappearing

discuss (something) with    an opportunity to discuss
(someone)                   soething; widely discussed
                            be universally/widely disliked
divide into (something)     divide in half/two
dream of/about
drink from/through
                              eat and drink; drink and drive
drive from/to (location)      drink and drive
drop into/on (something)

                              eat and drink; eat like a horse

empty of (something)
enclose in/within
end in/with (something)       end in disaster; end in tears

enter in/into/on/onto
entertain with (something)

erase from (something)
escape from (somewhere) alive/unharmed/unscathed;
                        escape someone's clutches
expand from/to
                        explain everything; go a long
explain (topic) to
                        way towards explaining
fail in (something)
fall from/into/on
                              fall flat on your face
fear for
feed on/to/with
                              another mouth to feed
feel about

fight against/for/alongside

finish by (gerund)/ with
fly over/ above
fold into (something)

                           be widely forecast
                           forget all about something;
forget about (something)   forgive and forget; largely
forgive (someone) for
                           forgive and forget
([doing something)
form into (something)      newly/recently formed

                           be freezing to death;

get rid of (something)

graduate from (a place)
grow by (%) / grow
in/into/from (something)

                           could/might/should have
guess at/from
                           guessed; let me guess

happen to (someone)

                           hear a little/a lot/nothing about
help (someone) with
                           a way of helping
hide (something) from      carefully/completely/well
(someone)                  hidden; a place to hide
hit in/on/with (something) hit someone over the head

                              hope against hope; hope for
hope for (something)
                              the best

                              a means/way of identifying
                              be widely ignored; ignore the
                              fact that; safely ignore
                              let us imagine

import from/into/to
                              aimed at improving something;
                              make an effort to improve

increase by (%); from/to/
with something
inform about
interrupt with (something) get interrupted

introduce (someone) to
(someone else)
invest in/with (something)

invite (someone) to (an
                              an invitation to join something
joke about
                              be only joking; laugh and joke;
                              you must be joking
joke with (someone)
jump into, off, from, on,
out of, over, through
justify on the grounds that
(something); to (someone)
keep (something) for
                          be tragically killed; be accused
                          of killing
                          kiss and cuddlekiss someone
kiss on (something)

knock against, off, on
know about/ of            be widely known; know a
(something                little/a lot/nothing about
land on (something)
laugh about, at           burst out laughing;
(someone/something);      can't/couldn't help/stop
with (someone)            laughing
lay on
lead along, down, into,
out of,through, to        lead the way
learn about/ through
leave for (somewhere)
lend to (someone)

                          lie awake; lie face down; lie
lie on (something)
lift above, out of

                          be universally liked

live among/with           a place to live; learn to live
(someone); near           with something;as long as you
(something/someone)       live
                          be securely locked;

                          win or lose

mail to (someone)

                          manage on your own
measure for (something); a method/way of measuring
measure in (something)   something
                             look forward to meeting
meet for (lunch); meet
                             someone; nice/pleased to meet
with (someone)
miss by (number)

mix with (something)         mix and match

multiply by (number)

neglect to (verb)
negotiate between, for, on
on behalf of someone)
                             can't/couldn't help noticing
                             be only obeying orders;
                             something must be obeyed
offer to (verb); offer to
omit from (something)

                             newly/recently opened

order (someone) out of
organize according to
                             well organized

                             directly/privately owned by
                             someone; own you own car
                             be packed full of something;
pack into (something)
                             packed to overflowing
                             freshly/newly painted; paint
paint on (something)         something blue; paint the first

participate in (something)
                             pass unnoticed
pay (price) for
                             ability to pay

plan for (something); plan go as planned; plan something
to (verb)                  down to the last detail
play at (something); play
with (someone)
                              there's no pleasing some

postpone for (something);
postpone from - to/until
pour from, into, on, onto,
out of (something)
practice for (something);
practice on (someone)

praise for (something)        be universally/widely praised

predict from (something) to be widely predicted
prefer (something) to
(something else)
prepare for (something)       time to prepare something
present (someone) as;
present to (someone)
                              be aimed at preventing
prevent (someone) from
                              something; in order to prevent
([doing] something)
proceed along, through,       proceed on the basis of
to, with (something)          something
produce from (something)
promise to (someone);         as promised; I can't promise
promise to (verb)             anything
                              be aimed at promoting smthng;
promote through
                              take measures to promote
proposed as (something);
                         originally proposed
proposed for (position)

                              be aimed at protecting
protect (someone) from
                              something; legally/specifically
provide (someone) with
pull at, on (something);      pull yourself free; pull yourself
pull towards (someone)        to your feet
push across, against,at,
into, off, out of, through,
to,                           push something open/shut
towards, under,

                              start/stop raining
read about/ to
                            read and write
read from,through
                            without realizing something

receive from (someone)
recognize (someone) as;     generally/universally
recognize by/from           recognized; failure to
(something)                 recognize something
recommend for (position); something has a lot/much to
recommend to (someone) recommend it

refer to (someone) as

                            sit back and relax; relax and
                            enjoy yourself
                            newly/recently released;
release from (somewhere)
                            originally/previously released

remember (someone) as;
remember for
remember to (verb)
remove for (gerund);
                        remove something at a stroke
remove from (something)

                            the cost of repairing
                            something; have something
repeat after/ to (someone); keep repeating something
reply to (someone); reply
with (something)

                            the strength to resist something

return from (somewhere)/
return (something) to
                            review something in the light
                            of something
ride along, down, from,
on, through, to, up         go riding
run down, into, out of, to,
towards, up (something)
sail across, down, for,
from, on, out of, up
save (someone) from
                              bid to save something;
say about (something);        be quoted as saying
say to (someone)              something; a thing to say
                              turn and see
sell at/for (something);
                              buy and sell something
sell to (someone)

sew onto (something)
                              be shaking all over; find
shake with (something)
                              yourself shaking

shoot at
                              shoot someone on sight; shoot
                              to kill; shoot someone dead.
shoot with (something)
show to (someone)             a chance to show something

sign for (something)
sing about (something);
                              stop/start singing
sing to (someone)
sink below, into
                              sink like a rock; sink without a
(something); sink up to
                              trace; sink to your knees
sit down beside

sleep for (time); sleep       not sleep a wink; sleep
through (something);          late/rough; sleep like a
sleep with (someone)          baby/log
smells like (something)

                              start/stop snowing
                              an attempt/effort to solve
solve by (gerund)
                              be on speaking terms with
speak to/with (someone)
                              someone; not be speaking to
about (something)
spend on (something)
                             spin like a top; spin on your
                             heel; spin lout of control
stand against/for
                           be left standing
start by (gerund); start
                           get started; let's start
on/with (something)
stay for (something); stay
until (time); stay with

stop (someone) from
([doing] something)
strike against; at; on
study for (something);
study under/with          be easily/well studied
subtract (something) from
(something else)
                          can/may I suggest; I would
suggest to (someone)
support in (something)       be widely supported

swim across; to; towards
take as (something)

talk to/with (someone)
                             start/stop talking
about (topic)
taste like (something)       awful/bitter/foul/horrible/delici

teach about (something);
teach (something) to
tear from;off; on; out of     tear something in half/two;
(lsomething)                 tear something to pieces
tell about/ of (something)
think about/of
throw at; into (something/
throw to/towards           throw something open

tie on; onto; with
touch on/with
tour all over/ in (location)
                               freedom to travel; go
travel to (somewhere)
                               travelling; travel light
                               be just/only trying to do
                               something; give up trying

type into/on (something)       closely typed
                               y/poorly understood

use as (something); use
                               permission to use something
for (gerund)

wait for
                               wait a long time for
wake up from (something) wake up with a start
walk long; down; into; out
of; towards; to            go walking
                           all you want; exactly/just what
                           you want/wanted
                               freshly/newly washed
watch for; from; in; with
                               sit and watch; stand and watch

welcome into/to
win against/at/by              be capable of winning; a
(something)                    chance of winning
wind around/into
work for
write to (someone) on
   NOUN            PERSON     ADJECTIVE        VERB        ADVERB           TRANSLATION
Acceptance                   Acceptable      Accept       Acceptably       Aceptar
Accomplishment                               Accomplish                    Lograr
Addition                     Additional      Add          Additionally     Sumar
Admittance                                   Admit                         Reconocer
Advance                      Advanced        Advance                       Avanzar
Advice                       Advisable       Advise                        Avisar
Agreement                    Agreeable       Agree        Agreeably        Estar de acuerdo
Allowance                    Allowable       Allow                         Permitir
Amendment                    Amended         Amend                         Cambiar
Analysis                     Analysed        Analyze                       Analizar
Announcement     Announcer   Announced       Announce                      Anunciar
Answer                       Answerable      Answer                        Contestar
Appearance                                   Appear                        Parece que
Application      Applicant   Applicable      Apply                         Aplicar
Appointment                  Appointed       Appoint                       Nombrar
Appreciation                 Appreciative    Appreciate   Appreciatively   Agradecer
Approach                                     Approach                      Acercarse
Approval                     Approving       Approve      Approvingly      Aprobar
Argument                     Argumentative   Argue                         Discutir
Arrangement                  Arranged        Arrange                       Ordenar
Arrival                                      Arrive                        Llegar
Asking                                       Ask                           Preguntar
Assignment                   Assigned        Assign                        Designar
Assistance       Assistant                   Assist                        Ayudar
Assumption                                   Assume                        Suponer
Assurance                    Assuring        Assure       Assuringly       Asegurar
Attachment                   Attached        Attach                        Agregar
Attempt                      Attempted       Attempt                       Intentar hacer
Attendence       Attendee                    Attend                        Asistir
Authorization                Authorized      Authorize                     Autorizar
Avoidance                    Avoidable       Avoid                         Evitar
Baking           Baker       Baking          Bake                          Hornear
Base                         Basic           Base                          Basarse en
Being                                        Be                            Ser/Estar
Being able                                   Be able                       Poder
Being born                                   Be born                       Nacer
Beating                      Beaten          Beat                          Ganarle a
Becoming                                     Become                        Llegar a ser
Beginning        Beginner                    Begin                         Empezar
Belief           Believer    Believable      Believe                       Creer
Bending                      Bent            Bend                          Doblar (duro)
Bet                                          Bet                           Apostar
Bid              Bidder                      Bid                           Licitar
Bite                                         Bite                          Morder
Blood                        Bloody          Bleed                         Sangrar
Blowing                      Blowing         Blow                          Soplar
Borrowing                    Borrowed        Borrow                        Pedir prestado
Break                        Breakable       Break                         Romper
Breath                       Breathless      Breathe      Breathlessly     Respirar
Bringing                                     Bring                         Traer
Building         Builder                     Build                         Construir
Burn                         Burning         Burn                          Quemar
Buying           Buyer                       Buy                           Comprar
Calculation      Calculator       Calculated       Calculate                      Calcular
Call                                               Call                           Llamar
Call back                                          Call back                      Volver la llamada
                                                   Can                            Poder
Cancellation                                       Cancel                         Suspender
Carrying                                           Carry                          Llevar
Catch                                              Catch                          Agarrar
Cause                                              Cause                          Causar
Celebration                       Celebrated       Celebrate                      Celebrar
Change                            Changeable       Change                         Cambiar
Charge                                             Charge                         Cobrar
Chewing                           Chewing          Chew                           Masticar
Choice                            Choosy           Choose                         Escoger
Clarification                                      Clarify                        Aclarar
Cleanliness      Cleaner          Clean            Clean                          Limpiar
Climb            Climber                           Climb                          Subir
Closure                                            Close                          Cerrar
Collection       Collector        Collectable      Collect                        Recolectar
Coming                                             Come                           Venir
Coming back                                        Come back                      Volver
Comment          Commentator                       Comment                        Comentar
Commitment                        Committed        Commit                         Cometer
                                                                                  Viajar diariamente al
Commute                           Commuter         Commute
                                                                                  trabajo en auto o tren
Comparison                        Comparative      Compare        Comparatively   Comparar
Concentration                     Concentrated     Concentrate                    Enfocarse en
Congratulation                    Congratulatory   Congratulate                   Felicitar
Connection                        Connecting       Connect                        Unir
Consideration                                      Consider                       Considerar
Container                                          Contain                        Contener
Continuation                      Continual        Continue       Continually     Continuar
Convincing                        Convincing       Convince       Convincingly    Convencer
Cooking          Cook             Cooking          Cook                           Cocinar
Correction                        Corrective       Correct        Correctly       Corregir
Cost                              Costly           Cost                           Costar
Creation         Creator          Creative         Create         Creatively      Crear
Crossing                                           Cross                          Cruzar
Cry                               Crying           Cry                            Llorar
Cut                                                Cut                            Cortar
Dance            Dancer                            Dance                          Bailar
Decision         Decision maker   Decisive         Decide         Decisively      Decidir
Decoration       Decorator        Decorative       Decorate                       Decorar
Decrease                                           Decrease                       Disminuir
Definition                        Definable        Define                         Dar significado
Delivery         Deliveryman      Deliverable      Deliver                        Repartir
Dependence                        Dependent        Depend                         Depender de
Deposit          Depositor                         Deposit                        Depositar
Design           Designer         Designer         Design                         Diseñar
Designation                       Designate        Designate                      Designar
Development      Developer        Developing       Develop                        Desarrollar
Death                             Deadly           Die                            Morir
Dig              Digger                            Dig                            Escavar
Digestion                         Digestive        Digest                         Digerir
Disagreement                      Disagreeable     Disagree       Disagreeably    Estar en desacuerdo
Disappearance                                      Disappear                      Desaparecer
Disappointment                  Disappointing   Disappoint    Disappointingly   Defraudar
Disconnection                   Disconnected    Disconnect                      Desconectar
Discussion                                      Discuss                         Discutir
Dislikes                                        Dislike                         Tener aversión
Distribution      Distributor                   Distribute                      Repartir
Division                        Divisible       Divide                          Dividir
Doing             Doer                          Do                              Hacer
Drawing           Drawer                        Draw                            Dibujar
Dream             Dreamer       Dreamy          Dream         Dreamily          Soñar
Drink             Drinker       Drinkable       Drink                           Tomar un líquido
Drive             Driver                        Drive                           Manejar
Drop                                            Drop                            Dejar caer
Drying            Dryer                         Dry                             Secar
Earnings                                        Earn                            Ganar dinero
Eatery            Eater         Edible          Eat                             Comer
Emptiness                       Empty           Empty                           Vaciar
Enclosure                       Enclosed        Enclose                         Rodear
Ending                          Endless         End           Endlessly         Finalizar
Enjoyment                       Enjoyable       Enjoy                           Disfrutar
Entering                                        Enter                           Entrar
Entertainment     Entertainer   Entertaining    Entertain                       Entretener
Eraser                                          Erase                           Borrar
Escape                          Escaped         Escape                          Escapar
Expansion                       Expandable      Expand                          Extender
Explanation                     Explanatory     Explain                         Explicar
Failure                         Failing         Fail                            Fracasar
Fall                            Falling         Fall                            Caerse
Fear                            Fearful         Fear          Fearfully         Tener miedo
Feed                                            Feed                            Alimentar
Feelings                                        Feel                            Sentirse
Fight             Fighter                       Fight                           Luchar
Finding out                                     Find out                        Descubrir
Finish            Finisher      Finished        Finish                          Terminar
Firing                                          Fire                            Despedir del trabajo
Flight                                          Fly                             Volar
Fold                                            Fold                            Doblar (blando)
The following     Follower      Following       Follow                          Seguir
Forecast          Forecaster                    Forecast                        Prognosticar
Forgetfulness                   Forgetful       Forget        Forgetfully       Olvidarse
Forgiveness                     Forgiving       Forgive                         Perdonar
Formation                       Formative       Form                            Formar
Freeze                          Freezing        Freeze                          Congelar
Getting                                         Get                             Recibir
Getting dressed                                 Get dressed                     Vestirse
Getting into/in                                 Get into/in                     Subirse
Getting married                                 Get married                     Casarse
Getting off                                     Get off                         Desembarcarse
Getting on                                      Get on                          Abordar
Getting out of                                  Get out of                      Bajarse de
Getting ready                                   Get ready                       Alistarse
Getting rid of                                  Get rid of                      Deshacerse
Getting up                                      Get up                          Levantarse
Giveaway                        Giving          Give                            Dar
Going                                           Go                              Ir
Graduation                                      Graduate                        Graduarse
Growth                          Growing         Grow                           Crecer
Guess                                           Guess                          Adivinar
Hail                                            Hail                           Granizar
Hanging up                                      Hang up                        Colgar
Happening                                       Happen                         Ocurrir
Hate                            Hateful         Hate           Hatefully       Odiar
Having                                          Have                           Tener
Hearing                                         Hear                           Oir
Help                            Helpful         Help           Helpfully       Ayudar
Hiding                          Hiding          Hide                           Esconder
Hirings                                         Hire                           Contratar
Hit                             Hitting         Hit                            Impactar
Holder                                          Hold                           Sostener
Hope                            Hopeful         Hope           Hopefully       Tener esperanza
Hurrying up                                     Hurry up                       Apurarse
Hurt                            Hurt            Hurt           Hurtfully       Herir
Identification                  Identifiable    Identify                       Identificar
Ignoring                                        Ignore                         No hacer caso de
Imaginary                       Imaginable      Imagine        Imaginatively   Imaginar
Imitation                                       Imitate                        Imitar
Imports                         Import          Import                         Importar
Improvement                                     Improve                        Mejorar
Inclusion                       Inclusive       Include                        Incluir
Increase                        Increasing      Increase       Increasingly    Aumentar
Information                     Informative     Inform                         Informar
Interruption                                    Interrupt                      Interrumpir
Interview                                       Interview                      Entrevistar
Introduction                                    Introduce                      Presentar
Investment       Investor                       Invest                         Invertir
Investigation    Investigator   Investigative   Investigate                    Investigar
Invitation                      Invited         Invite                         Invitar
Joint                                           Join                           Unirse a
Joke             Joker                          Joke           Jokingly        Bromear
Jump                                            Jump                           Saltar
Justification                   Justifiable     Justify        Justifiably     Justificar
Keepsake                                        Keep                           Mantener
Killing          Killer                         Kill                           Matar
Kiss                                            Kiss                           Besar
Kneeling                                        Kneel                          Arrodillarse
Knock                                           Knock                          Golpear a la puerta
Knowledge                       Knowable        Know           Knowingly       Saber
Landing                                         Land                           Aterrizar
Laugh                           Laughable       Laugh          Laughingly      Reirse
Laying                                          Lay (object)                   Colocar
Leadership       Leader         Leading         Lead                           Guiar
Learning         Learner        Learned         Learn                          Aprender
Leave                                           Leave                          Salir
Loan                                            Lend/Loan                      Prestar
Letting                                         Let                            Permitir
Lying                                           Lie (person)                   Acostarse
Lifting                                         Lift                           Levantar
Light                           Light           Light                          Prender
Likes                                           Like                           Gustar
Listener                        Listening       Listen to                      Escuchar
Life                            Lively          Live                           Vivir
Lock                            Locked          Lock                         Cerrar con llave
Look                                            Look at                      Mirar a
Look                                            Look for/up                  Buscar
Losing           Loser          Lost            Lose                         Perder
Love             Lover          Loving          Love          Lovingly       Amar
Mail                                            Mail                         Despachar
Making           Maker                          Make                         Hacer con las manos
Management       Manager        Managing        Manage                       Supervisar
Manufacturing    Manufacturer                   Manufacture                  Fabricar
Measure                         Measurable      Measure       Measurably     Medir
Meeting                         Meeting         Meet                         Encontrarse con
Missing                         Missing         Miss                         Faltar
Mixture          Mixer          Mixing          Mix                          Mezclar
Movement         Mover          Moving          Move                         Mover
Multiplication                                  Multiply                     Multiplicar
Need                            Needy           Need          Needlessly     Necesitar
Neglect                         Neglectful      Neglect       Neglectfully   Desatender
Negotiations                    Negotiating     Negotiate                    Negociar
Noticing                        Noticeable      Notice        Noticeably     Fijarse en
Obedience                       obedient        Obey          Obediently     Obedecer
Offer                                           Offer                        Ofrecerse
Omission                                        Omit                         Pasar por alto
Opening          Opener         Open            Open          Openly         Abrir
Order                                           Order                        Pedir
Organization     Organizer      Organizing      Organize                     Organizar
Owing                                           Owe                          Deber algo
Ownership        Owner                          Own                          Poseer
Packing                         Packed          Pack                         Hacer las maletas
Paint            Painter        Painted         Paint                        Pintar
Parking lot                     Parked          Park                         Estacionarse
Participation                   Participating   Participate                  Participar
Pass                            Passable        Pass                         Adelantar
Pay              Payee          Payable         Pay                          Pagar
Picking up                                      Pick up                      Recoger
Plan                                            Plan                         Planear
Play             Player         Playful         Play          Playfully      Jugar
Pleasure                        Pleasing        Please        Pleasurably    Agradar
Pointing to                                     Point to                     Apuntar a
Postponement                                    Postpone                     Posponer
Pouring                                         Pour                         Verter algo
Practice                                        Practice                     Entrenar
Praise                          Praiseworthy    Praise                       Alabar
Prediction                      Predictable     Predict       Predictably    Predecir
Preference                      Preferable      Prefer        Preferably     Preferir (cosa)
Preferring to                                   Prefer to                    Preferir (verbo)
Preparation                     Prepared        Prepare                      Preparar
Present          Presenter                      Present                      Presentar
Prevention                      Preventive      Prevent                      Prevenir
Procedure                                       Proceed                      Proceder
Production       Producer       Productive      Produce       Productively   Producir
Promise                         Promising       Promise                      Comprometerse
Promotion        Promoter       Promotional     Promote                      Promover
Proposal                                        Propose                      Proponer
Protection       Protector      Protective      Protect       Protectively   Proteger
Provision        Provider                       Provide                      Proveer
Pull                                        Pull                        Tirar de
Push                        Pushy           Push                        Empujar
Putting on                                  Put on                      Ponerse
Rain                        Rainy           Rain                        Llover
Raising                     Raised          Raise                       Levantar
Reach                                       Reach                       Alcanzar
Reading          Reader                     Read                        Leer
Realization                 Realistic       Realize     Realistically   Darse cuenta
Reception        Receiver   Received        Receive                     Recibir
Recognition                 Recognizable    Recognize   Reconizably     Reconocer
Recommendation              Recommendable   Recommend                   Recomendar
Reference                                   Refer to                    Referirse a
Refusal                                     Refuse                      Negarse a
Relaxation                  Relaxed         Relax                       Relajarse
Release                                     Release                     Aflojar
Remainder                   Remaining       Remain                      Continuar como
Remembrance                                 Remember                    Recordar
Removal                     Removable       Remove                      Quitar
Rent             Renter                     Rent                        Arrendar
Repairs                                     Repair                      Reparar
Repetition       Repeater   Repeated        Repeat      Repeatedly      Repetir
Reply                                       Reply                       Responder
Requirement                 Required        Require                     Requerir
Resistance                  Resistant       Resist                      Resistir
Return                      Returnable      Return                      Devolver
Review           Reviewer                   Review                      Repasar
Ride             Rider                      Ride                        Montar (moto)
Ringing          Ringer     Ringing         Ring                        Sonar
Running          Runner                     Run                         Correr
Sail             Sailor                     Sail                        Navegar
Savings                                     Save                        Ahorrar
Saying                                      Say                         Decir
Seeing                                      See                         Ver
Sale             Seller                     Sell                        Vender
Sending          Sender                     Send                        Enviar
Setting up                                  Set up                      Montar (negocio)
Sewing           Sewer                      Sew                         Coser
Shakiness        Shaker     Shaky           Shake       Shakily         Temblar
Shave            Shaver     Shaving         Shave                       Afeitarse
Shippment        Shipper    Shipping        Ship                        Enviar
Shot             Shooter                    Shoot                       Disparar
Showing                                     Show                        Mostrar
Shutting                    Shut            Shut                        Cerrar
Signature                                   Sign                        Firmar
Song             Singer                     Sing                        Cantar
Sinking                                     Sink                        Hundirse
Sitting down                                Sit down                    Sentarse
Skiing           Skier      Ski             Ski                         Esquiar
Sleep            Sleeper    Sleeping        Sleep                       Dormir
Smell                       Smelly          Smell                       Olfatear
Smoking          Smoker     Smoky           Smoke                       Fumar
Snow                        Snowy           Snow                        Caer nieve
Solution                    Solvable        Solve                       Resolver
Speech           Speaker                    Speak                       Hablar
Spelling         Speller                    Spell                       Deletrear
Spending         Spender                      Spend                          Gastar un recurso
Spinning                                      Spin                           Girar
Standing                                      Stand                          Pararse
Start            Starter                      Start                          Iniciar
Stay             Stayer                       Stay                           Permanecer
Stealing                                      Steal                          Robar
Stop                         Stop             Stop                           Parar
Strike                                        Strike                         Golpear
Studies                      Studious         Study                          Estudiar
Subtraction                                   Subtract                       Restar
Suggestion                   Suggestible      Suggest                        Sugerir
Support          Supporter   Supportive       Support                        Apoyar
Swimming         Swimmer                      Swim                           Nadar
Taking                                        Take                           Tomar
                                                                             Despegar (avión);
Taking off                                    Take off
                                                                             sacarse (la ropa)
Talks            Talker      Talkative        Talk                           Hablar
Taste            Taster      Tasty            Taste                          Probar el sabor
Teaching         Teacher     Teachable        Teach                          Enseñar
Tear                                          Tear                           Rasgar
Telling                                       Tell                           Decir
Thoughts         Thinker                      Think                          Pensar
Throwing                                      Throw                          Tirar
Throwing away                                 Throw away                     Botar
Tying                                         Tie                            Atar
Touch                                         Touch                          Tocar
Tour                         Touring          Tour                           Recorrer
Travel           Traveler    Traveling        Travel                         Viajar
Try                                           Try                            Tratar
Turn                                          Turn                           Virar
Turning off/on                                Turn on/off                    Prender (luz) / Apagar (luz)
Typing           Typist                       Type                           Escribir a máquina
Understanding                Understandable   Understand    Understandably   Comprender
Unlocking                                     Unlock                         Abrir con llave
Unpacking                                     Unpack                         Deshacer la maleta
Upholding        Upholder                     Uphold                         Sostener; Apoyar
Use              User        Usable           Use                            Utilizar
Visit            Visitor                      Visit                          Visitar
Waiting for                                   Wait for                       Esperar a
Waking up                                     Wake up                        Despertarse
Walk             Walker                       Walk                           Caminar
Wanting                                       Want                           Desear (cosa)
Wanting to                                    Want to                        Desear (verbo)
Wash             Washer      Washable         Wash                           Lavar
Watchfulness     Watcher     Watchable        Watch         Watchfully       Ver un evento
Wearing          Wearer      Wearable         Wear                           Llevar ropa
Welcome          Welcomer    Welcoming        Welcome                        Dar la bienvenida
Winning          Winner                       Win                            Ganar (juego)
Winder           Winder                       Wind                           Enrollar
Word             Worker      Working          Work                           Trabajar
Writing          Writer      Written          Write                          Escribir

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