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					                 HABITAT and NICHE Activity Sheet

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A. Match the habitat to the correct organism:
                                                           a.   Arctic
  1. Monkey: _____                                         b.   Pond
  2. Polar Bear: _____                                     c.   Ocean
  3. Shark: _____                                          d.   Prairies
  4. Fungus: _____                                         e.   Sea-side Cliffs
  5. Squirrel: _____                                       f.   Tropical Beach
  6. Frog: _____                                           g.   Field
  7. Puffin: ______                                        h.   Rotting Log
  8. Buffalo: ______                                       i.   Oak Forest
  9. Palm tree: _____
                                                           j.   Tropical Rain Forest
  10. Wild flowers: _____

B. Match the niche to the correct organism:
                                          a. Make webs and eat insects
   1. Squirrel: ______                    b. Live in the African savannah and catch
   2. Beaver: ______                         antelopes to eat
   3. Oak tree: ______                    c. Form part of a forest and produce acorns
   4. Sunflower: _____                    d. Live in the ocean and eat plankton and krill
   5. Grizzly Bear: ______                e. Grow tall using the sun and produce lots of
   6. Humpback Whale: _____                  sunflower seeds
   7. Lion: _____
                                          f. Find food all year long (berries, fish etc.) and
                                             hibernate in the winter time deep in the forest
   8. Mushroom: ______
                                          g. Lay eggs in a pond, live in moist forest under
   9. Spider: ______
                                             logs and rocks and eat small bugs
   10. Salamander: _____
                                          h. Help to decompose rotting wood and return
                                             nutrients to the soil
                                          i. Build dams to flood an area and make a deep
                                             pond where I can build a lodge
                                          j. Stay very busy all year eating and storing nuts
                                             and seeds.

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