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Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Making Money On GPT Sites
Chapter 3 - Tips & Tricks
Completing Offers
   1. How to Complete Offers
   2. How to Get Offers to Credit
   3. What to Do When You Have Little to No Offers to Complete
Chapter 4 - Top GPT Sites

                                                                                      Page 1
If you are reading this guide, this means you are probably already a member of a
reputable GPT site or you are very new to making money with GPT sites. The whole
purpose of this guide is to help you make the most money with get paid to sites.

If you are new, you may be confused or not really know what you need to do to start
making money on GPT sites. If you are not that new, you may be wanting to learn
some new tricks to help you make more money.

This guide will help in both cases. By the time you have finished reading this guide,
you should have a clear idea of how to make money with GPT sites and how to
maximize your earnings. I'm sure you already know the basics about these sites so I
won't go into detail about the concept of the sites.

To sum it all up though, you basically get paid to do various things such as signing up
for trial offers, filling out offers, completing surveys, and more.

                            Things You Should Know

If this is your first time trying to make money with GPT sites, there are some things
that you need to know before you even continue with this guide. The information I am
about to reveal to you may cause you to quit or it may not even apply to you.

Hopefully, you will be able to continue forward and try to make you some free money.

So, here the things you should know.

                                                                                  Page 2
           English Speaking Countries Will Have More Offers to Complete

Most of the GPT sites are mainly suited for those in the United States and Canada.
Many of them will allow anyone to join regardless of where they reside but do know
that your earning potential is not going to be high as others if you live in a non-
English speaking country.

There are other ways to make money on GPT sites other than completing offers so if
you are from a non-English speaking country, try to register on GPT sites that have
plenty of other ways to make money such as through contests, games, jackpots, video
ads, ptc (paid to click), etc.

                      The Earning Potential Can Be Small Initially

If you are looking to make thousands of dollars quickly by participating on GPT sites,
you will be disappointed. GPT sites are great for extra money to pay the bills or have
some extra spending money. If you want to supplement your income or just make
enough money to pay all of your bills, you won't be making it any time soon when
you first start out.

It is possible but know that it takes A LOT of time, dedication, and effort – not to
mention, a good strategy.

When you are just starting out, you may find it easy or difficult to make your first $20
but after finishing this guide, you should have no problems growing your income
potential with GPT sites.

Ok, well those are the two main things I wanted to go ahead and lay out for you.

            Making Money On GPT Sites

                                                                                       Page 3
Nowadays, there are many different ways to make money on GPT sites. The more
opportunities you can use to make money on a certain GPT site, the better. This is why
it is important to choose the right GPT sites to make money with. I will list the ones I
recommend at the end of this guide.

So, let me briefly go over some of the common ways to earn money on GPT sites.


These are your standard, free offers. These offers can pay anywhere from .20 to 2.00 on
average. There are some free offers where you can earn a lot more but don't expect to
run into many of them. Most of the free offers will pay you around the amount I stated
earlier. In any case, the money does add up after a while.

When you add in the techniques I will talk about later, you can earn a lot more. Free
offers may require you to sign up on a free website, submit your zip code, submit your
email, etc. They usually take no longer than a couple of minutes to complete.
Sometimes it takes less than that.

Daily Surveys

A lot of the GPT sites also have daily surveys that members can complete. These
surveys are generally longer than your typical offer surveys. You can expect to make .
50-80 cents or more per daily survey you complete. You can do these each day.

You can do these types of surveys on GPT sites but I will tell you that you can get paid
more by doing them on actual survey company websites. Expect to make $1-$5 or
more by doing them on actual survey sites. Click Here for a list of legitimate survey

Trial Offers

These offers pay out the most money on GPT sites and the reason is because you will
be using a credit or debit card to either sign up for trials or make some sort of
purchase. There are usually a good deal of free trial offers.

                                                                                  Page 4
Some trial offers require you to pay a low shipping and handling fee. You can expect
to make anywhere from $4-$15 per free trial you sign up to. If you have to purchase
something, you will usually make more.

Doing these trial offers are a good way to boost your earnings on GPT sites a lot. Just
make sure you be smart about the trial offers. Look at the payout and what it costs to
complete the offer. If your profits are low, you may want to pass it up for the time
being. E.g Trial offers pays out $5 but you have to spend 3.95 shipping and handling.

On the other hand, if your profits are good, it is probably worth trying out. E.g Trial
offers pays out $10 and you only spend $1 or $2. Make sure to watch what trial offers
you do and read those terms very carefully.

Video Ads

This is a new opportunity that is arriving on GPT sites. Basically, you would get paid
anywhere from 2 cents and up to watch a short video.


Some GPT sites allow you to earn money by using their search bar or website to
perform search queries. Each legitimate search query gives you a chance to make


Most GPT sites have contests, raffles, and drawings. Participating is easy as
completing offers. Usually, to win contests, you just need to complete offers on the
GPT site. The more you complete, the better chance you have to win. Some GPT sites
have small contests every day. E.g earn $1 win a $1.

They may also have drawings or raffles that you can enter to win cash or prizes.
Gaining entries into these raffles or drawings usually means to complete offers for
points or entries into that specific raffle.


                                                                                   Page 5
Although not many games offer the chance to win actual cash on GPT sites – more like
prizes, there are a few GPT sites that do offer members a chance to win money
through their games. I will reveal one of my favorite sites to play games for actual cash

Referral Program

 One of the best ways to make extra money on GPT sites is to refer others. Once you
have a good understanding on how to make money on a specific GPT site and you
have actually gotten paid, check to see if the GPT site has a good referral program. If
they do, start referring other members to earn extra money.

Usually, you will make money when your referrals do and this is usually two levels
down. So, if you referred someone and they referred someone else, you would make
money for both of those people. How much depends on the GPT site and how their
referral program is laid out.

Now that you know that you can make free money using GPT sites and you know
some of the ways to earn free cash on these sites, it is now time to reveal some tips and
tricks that will enable you to be successful on GPT sites.

                             Tips & Tricks
Let's start with one of the most important aspects of making money on GPT sites
which is completing offers and making money by doing some of the other things these
sites pay you to do.

                                                                                   Page 6
                        Completing Your Typical Offers

Some people have issues when it comes to completing offers on GPT sites. They either
don't know how to do them or they can't get them to credit. In some cases, they just
don't have many offers to complete due to where they reside. Let's give you some tips
in each of these areas.

                               How to Complete Offers

Completing offers is not hard at all. All you have to do is follow the instructions of
that particular offer. The instructions are usually posted along with the offer on the
GPT site. Here is an example.

Opinion Outpost – Register and confirm your email.

When you click that offer, you will be taken to a page that will allow you to sign up for
Opinion Outpost. Once you register and confirm the email that you receive from them,
you will be done. You just have to submit the offer or mark the offer as complete on
the GPT site.

If your settings were correct and you followed their instructions properly, you will get
credit for that offer and earn however much that particular offer is worth.

The actual process for completing offers is actually easy. It's basically filling in basic
information and confirming any emails you get. Some may be as simple as submitting
an email address or zip code. Some may require that you download something or
follow a path until you reach a certain final page.

Generally though, it doesn't take a lot of smarts to figure out how to complete an offer
on a GPT site.

                                                                                     Page 7
                               Getting Offers to Credit

Getting the offers that you complete on GPT sites to credit is really important. If your
offers don't credit, you don't make any money. You only get paid for offers that have

When an offers credit, it basically means that you have generated a successful lead for
that particular offer which the advertiser is mostly responsible for.

When the GPT sites gets the OK from the advertiser or sees that your lead was valid or
successful for the advertiser, they award you the money for the offer which means it
has been credited or the offer credited.

In a nutshell, crediting can vary. Sometimes offers credit fast, sometimes it takes time,
and sometimes they just don't credit. However, there are certain things that may
influence your crediting such as the following:
   •   Cookies
   •   Pop Ups
   •   Information given
   •   Time spent completing the offer
   •   Similar data
   •   Instructions
   •   Email confirmations

So, what should you do if you want your offers to credit? How should you improve
your chances of your offers crediting? I will give you some tips that have worked very
well for me.

Enable Cookies – You need to enable cookies so the GPT site and advertiser can track
that you did the offer.

                                                                                    Page 8
Use Unique Emails – It is a good idea to alternate email addresses between offers.
Some people use a new email each time they complete a new offer. While this is not
completely necessary, it is a good idea to have valid email addresses that you can use
specifically for completing offers. 10 or more is good for starters. You can register
these email accounts using Yahoo Mail, Google Mail, or Hotmail. All of these are free

Allow Pop Ups – I have gotten offers to credit with pop ups blocked but I noticed that
I had a better crediting rate when I didn't have my pop up blocker active. You can
enable your pop up blocker when you are done filling out offers. I've never had a
problem with Spyware or anything when it comes to pop ups that may open from
completing offers.

Use Valid Information – If you use personal information that is not correct, that is
considered offer fraud and the GPT site can ban your account for it. Just make sure
you use truthful information when completing the offers. Everything should match up
with your account details on the GPT site with the exception of the email since you
will be using your other email accounts that are specifically for completing offers.

Avoid Using AutoFill Programs – It used to be Okay to use auto-fill programs such as
Roboform to complete offers but it isn't anymore. Advertisers want you to spend a
little time when you arrive to their offer. If you use an auto-fill program, you will
likely get done with your offer really quickly which may be too quick for the
advertisers and you may not get credit. So, avoid using auto-fill programs. It doesn't
take much time to fill out the offers anyway.

Don't Complete the Same Offer Twice – If you have gotten credit for an offer, do not
do the same offer on another site. This could lead to your account being terminated on
the GPT sites and you will most likely not get credit for the offer anyway since the
advertiser already has similar information from you such as IP, address, etc.

Follow The Offer Instructions – If an offer says you have to reach the final results

                                                                                  Page 9
page, then you have to reach the final results page to get credit. Read the instructions
carefully and complete the offer how they want you to. If you follow only part of the
instructions, you will most likely not get credit.

Confirm Emails – Check your email(s) for confirmation emails from the offers. It takes
only a second to confirm an email so make sure you check your email accounts to
confirm emails that you may get from the offers you complete.

Disable Firewall/Proxies – You don't want to complete offers while using a proxy and
sometimes your firewall can keep offers from crediting. I do not disable my firewall
although I only use the one that comes with my PC however, it you have some sort of
third party firewall installed on your computer and your offers are not crediting, you
may want to disable it for a while and do offers that way.

Here are a few more tips from experience that I have found helpful while completing
   •   Use the alt + = to check all boxes when you are doing long offer paths. This
       lessens the time a bit.
   •   Leave the offer page up a few minutes when you are done completing an offer
   •   Clear cookies in between completing offers. So, if you complete one or two
       offers, clear your cookies and then proceed with more. You can do this easily
       with Ccleaner.
   •   Only do a few offers at a time. Try not to do a lot of offers in one sitting. Do a
       few and then wait until some of them credit. Come back and do more when you
       see your offers are crediting.

             What to Do When There Are Little to No Offers Available

If you do not have many offers available to you to complete, this basically means that
you are either from a country that is non-English speaking or you have already done
most of the offers. It is rare that you will run out of offers to complete because GPT

                                                                                   Page 10
sites are always adding new offers.

However, if you are from a non-English speaking country, then you truly only have
whatever offers that you see when you login to the GPT site. In this case, you have
three main options.

   1. Try another method used on the GPT site to earn money such as cashback
      shopping, searching, watching video ads, completing the daily surveys,
      referring other members, viewing advertisements (PTC offers), or whatever
      method there is that doesn't require you to fill out offers.
   2. Check back until you see more offers for you to do. This really isn't ideal but if
      you have the patience, you can always check back and see if more offers have
      opened up to you.
   3. Sign up to another GPT site. Remember, there are other GPT sites. Some are
      better for International residents than others. So, if one site doesn't have many
      offers available to you, try another one but make sure they are legit.

I would recommend trying the 1st and 3rd option together. If you feel that you will not
have luck with GPT sites due to the lack of offers or any other reason, there are other
free ways to make money online. You can just check out this website: Earn Money
Online – Online Money Buzz for opportunities that may appeal to International
residents more.

That basically covers the offer completion section. I would like to end this section by
saying that completing offers isn't that hard. As long as you use my tips and read the
offer terms closely when filling out the offers, you should not have many issues at all.

                                                                                   Page 11
I want to cover contests a bit because winning contests on GPT sites can really boost
your earnings. The people that have the best chance of winning these contests are new
people who have never worked on a GPT site before.

I know this because I won a contest the very first month I worked on a GPT site. They
were having an offer completion contest. The top 10 people who completed the most
offers would win a certain amount of money.

Since, I was new, I had a bunch of offers to do. I ended up coming in 3 rd place I believe
and won $50. I made $149 my first month with a GPT site and I didn't spend a dime to
earn it.

So, if you are new, don't give up too soon because even though it may not seem that
you are making a lot, you have a huge chance of winning a contest and boosting your

Make sure to keep track of what contests are going on and do your best to participate
and win. Like I said earlier, most of the contests are won by completing the most offers
or earning the most money from offers. Being new gives you an advantage over those
that have been a member for quite some time.

I decided that I would dedicate an entire section on referrals since getting referrals on
GPT sites is a very good idea. Doing this will enable you to boost your earnings
without completing offers. At some point, you may get tired of doing offers but still
want to make money on the GPT site. This is where referring members comes in

                                                                                   Page 12

If you refer others to that specific GPT site, you can make money off of them and
anyone who they refer in most cases. If you can get a lot of active referrals, you can
make some extra income without doing any offers.

On one GPT site I am a member of, I am now averaging about $50 or so a month from
referrals. I don't do any offers on that site anymore but I have $50 of free cash coming
in every month from that site. It isn't a lot but it is free and I didn't have to complete
one offer or survey to earn it. The referrals made that money for me.

This is why it is important to know about how to obtain referrals. If you want to boost
your earnings on GPT sites, start referring people or use the options provided on the
specific GPT site which will allow you to obtain some referrals. (Some Gpt sites will
allow you to use your points or cash to get referrals.)

The first step will obviously be checking out the GPT site to see if they have a good
referral program. I will not waste my time referring people to sites if the referral
program isn't good. The only exception is if the GPT site is legitimate and it is a really
good one. In cases like that, I will refer people to them anyway since I like to help
people find legitimate sites that they can use to make some free money.

In any case, a good referral program will have some of the following perks.
   •   Pay you at least 10% of your first level referrals earnings
   •   Pay you a percentage of your second level referrals earnings (second level
       referrals are referrals that your direct referrals get)
   •   Pay you a certain amount of money (bonus) for a referral completing their first
       offer on top of the percentage referral earnings
   •   Pay you a certain amount of money (bonus) when your referral reaches a certain
       amount of money on top of the percentage referral earnings

                                                                                    Page 13
There are some GPT sites with good referral programs which I will mention at the end
of this guide. Moving on, here are a few tips and tricks to get referrals.

                      Submitting Articles to Article Directories

There are a lot of article directories out there. Some of them get a lot of traffic. If you
want to get some referrals, try writing articles about the GPT site and include your
referral link in the author resource box if the article directory allows it.

Sometimes they will allow you to include a link within the article. You may need to set
up a free blog or website if the article directory doesn't allow referral links.

Just check with the article directory to see what they allow and what they don't. If you
can submit some articles to these directories on a consistent basis and they are quality
articles, you could find yourself with some new referrals.
Here are some article directories to try.

                                      Posting Flyers

Type up a good flyer or have someone to do it for you. Make sure you include your
referral link on the flyer and talk briefly about the opportunity to earn free cash from
home. Print them out and pass them out or post them at places that are likely to get a
good response. E.g colleges, loan places, etc.

                                                                                       Page 14
                           Posting Ads on Classified Sites

There are lots of online classified sites. Start posting ads on these sites about your free
offer. Remember to include your referral link in the ad.

Some good ones to try are Craigslist, BackPage, and USFreeAds.

                                      Social Media

If you have an account on a social media account, use it to get referrals but make sure
you do not spam or violate their terms of use. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are
some of the best ones.

Be strategic and make sure you mention your referral link along with a good share -
“Just got paid $50 in free cash from “GPT SITE” and Lovin It – Click the link if you
want to get free cash too”. This is an example of something I may post to Facebook
along with a picture of the check or payment proof.


Create some videos to post on Youtube about the GPT site or making free cash in
general. You could even do a tutorial for GPT sites like how to complete offers or get
referrals, etc and post that to Youtube along with your referral link which can be in
your video and in the description. If you are not tech savvy, you can use Fiverr to get
videos created for you for only $5 which is not bad at all.

                        Posting on Work From Home Forums

Many people visit work from home forums because they are looking for work at home

                                                                                     Page 15
opportunities or make money online opportunities. Join a few of these forums and join
in on the conversation. Make sure you leave your referral link in your signature so that
whenever you make a post, people will see your referral link or a text linking to your
referral link (text link). There are even GPT related forums that you can use.

Here are few to get you going.

MrGPT Forum

Also don't forget the forum that the GPT site may have. There are a lot of browsers
that frequent GPT site forums and they could decide to join and do so through your
referral link. So, participate on the forum of the GPT site regularly if they have one.

                             Passing Out Business Cards

Create you some business cards and make sure to have your referral link or website
link on the business card. Include something brief but catchy. When you get your
cards or make them, start passing them out and leaving them at places you are
allowed to which can yield good results. Think places where people may way to earn
some extra cash like colleges.

If you don't know how to make your own business cards, you can order some business
cards for cheap at

                                                                                   Page 16
                                   Word of Mouth

Just tell people about it and when you do, write down your referral link and give it to
them if they want to check it out.

                                   Email Signature

When you send emails, you can also include a signature. Leave your referral link in
your email signature. Someone may see it and click on it to check it out. Make sure to
have a catchy signature.


This is the one I recommend because it comes in handy with the other methods and it
can also be a great source of consistent referrals. There are different ways you can go
about using a blog or website to get referrals though.

                                  GPT Specific Site

You can create a website about a particular GPT site or GPT sites in general and
include related content on your website along with your referral link or banners.

You can then use that website to rank in the search engines for keywords related to
whatever your website is about or/and you can use it as a landing page which
basically means you send people to that website or blog instead of your referral link
which would link them directly to the GPT site.

                                 Email Capture Page

                                                                                 Page 17
You could also create a website and collect emails. You would set up a simple one
page website that has a form where people fill out their name and email. Once they
are on your email list, you would then send them information about what you have to
offer them while promoting your referral link. This can be done with free or paid

Keep in mind that you have to make people want to subscribe to your email list. You
could give away a free ebook that you can easily find on the Internet related to making
money online or create a short ebook report and give it away for free in exchange for
their email.

There are several ways to go about creating these email capture landing pages and
also techniques to get people to subscribe to your list so that you can promote your
referral links to them while also offering them something valuable.

New people may want to try something a bit easier than this though because this
method takes some work and time and maybe even money. If you want to know more
about list building though, you can just use Google to find out more free information
about setting it up.

                        General “Make Money” Blog/Website

The method I used and still use to get consistent referrals is a general website about
making money online. My goal was to rank for make money keywords and even the
GPT site + review keywords. If I ranked in the top results, I could get referrals from
the free search engine traffic.

Since people are wanting to make money online and a majority of them want to do it
for free, I would get referrals to my GPT sites since they are free to join and they help
people make free cash.

You could do the same thing. You could target an easy keyword with good traffic and

                                                                                    Page 18
try to rank your website in the top 3 results of Google, preferably #1 and get yourself
some free traffic and referrals.

Here are some sample keywords you could create a site around.

how to make easy money
ways to make extra money
how to get free money
how to earn extra money
earn extra money from home
make money online for free
earn money online free
how to make money online for free
make extra money from home

All of these keywords get decent monthly traffic according to the Google Adwords
Keyword tool.

Of course, you would need to target high traffic keywords that are easy to rank for.
You would also need a website or blog to create your site based around your chosen
keywords. Once you build the site, you would then need to build backlinks to the site
to get it to rank.

Yeah, it is a lot of work but in the long run, you can have a site ranking in the #1
position bringing you in a bunch of referrals each day without you having to do
anything. If you don't know where to begin, you are in luck because I have covered
most of the topics on my website and I have resources to help you.

How to Create a Website/Blog (Free & Paid Options)

                                                                                  Page 19
Keyword Research Information
SEO/Link Building Information

In terms of content for your website or blog, you don't really need any information on
that. Just make sure you add some helpful articles on your site promoting the GPT
sites you are a member of. You can have banners on there, referral links, reviews,
videos, or whatever you want.

I think you have enough information, tips, and resources to help you get some
referrals for GPT sites. If you need more ideas, feel free to use the contact information
found at the end of this ebook to let me know and I may be able to help you.

        Top GPT Sites to Earn Free Cash
Well, that is all for GPT Mastery. You have learned about GPT sites and some tips and
tricks to make more money on them. All that is left is for you to join some sites and
start implementing the tips mentioned in this book. To close, I will reveal my top GPT

Cashcrate – Has great offers, offers credit great, always pay on time, and they have
one of the best referral programs.

Squishy Cash – Has great crediting offers and a lot of them at that. They always have
contests that are pretty easy to win. They pay on time and even offer daily payouts.

PaidTheFastest – Has a very low minimum payout and you get paid almost instantly.
Great games where you can earn extra cash like SpinTheWheel and the Daily Pick 3.

SwagBucks – Has a bunch of ways to earn on this website. Pretty easy to rake up

                                                                                   Page 20
enough swagbucks to redeem gift cards and even PayPal cash.

Treasure Trooper – This GPT has been around for some time and it is as good as

Make sure you take time to look around the GPT sites and get a feel for how the sites
operate. Read any tutorials you find and see what all methods they offer in terms of
making free money.
If you have questions or need help, visit the forum if they have one or contact support.
Most GPT sites have both.

                                               Contact Information
 If you have any questions, feel free to visit and use the
 contact form found on the site to send me an email and I will personally get in touch
                              with you as soon as I can.


This ebook is written for informational purposes only. There is no guarantee that you will have great results from following
                                               the information in this ebook.

              Also, there are some affiliate links within this ebook which could generate commissions for me.

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