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Multistack Announces AHRI Certification for Water-Cooled Modular by linzhengnd


									Howard Kelly
Communications and Marketing Director
(608) 366-2400
1065 Maple Ave.
Sparta, WI, 54656


SPARTA, WI (April 3, 2009) Multistack®, the world leader in modular chillers, is proud to announce ARI (AHRI)
Certification on all production model water-cooled chillers for both the United States and Canada. This measure
supports the fact that Multistack modular chillers are more than just a unit that fits through a standard
doorframe—Multistack is the elegant solution to all of your AHRI Certified cooling and heat recovery challenges.

“Multistack has worked hard for more than 20-years to provide product performance data with accuracy and
integrity” said Mark Platt, President of Multistack. “AHRI Certification was the next logical step in this pursuit.
At Multistack we take our responsibility as an industry leader seriously, and achieving AHRI Certification on all of
our water-cooled modular chillers is just one more example of this.”

ARI recently changed their name to AHRI (Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute). Regardless of
which name you know the organization by, they do the same thing—verify that manufactures claims of
performance are accurate. As stated on the AHRI website, “The AHRI Certified™ mark is applied only to HVACR
equipment and components that have been independently tested to certify manufacturers’ performance claims
are accurate.” AHRI defines a rigorous procedure for qualifying manufacturer test facilities and product witness
testing to satisfy the requirements of this program. The modular chillers produced by Multistack encompass
scroll, screw, and centrifugal compressor technology using refrigerants R-22, R-407C, R-410A, and R134a.
Multistack functionally run tests every operable water-cooled module chiller product leaving the factory to
ensure design/manufacturing requirements are satisfied.

Dennis Manthei, Sr. Staff Engineer at Multistack said, “Multistack invested in test facilities using instrumentation
that is traceable to national standards, with appropriate A2LA/ISO17025 documentation, to provide repeatable,
defendable test data verified by an independent third party. Through this testing, Multistack has demonstrated
modular water-cooled product results in conformance with our predicted performance. From an engineering
perspective, it is always gratifying to have design work proven in product test results.”

You should think of the AHRI Certification Program in terms of the yellow sticker found on consumer appliances
– a real apples-to-apples comparison is possible. The certification effort on Multistack water-cooled modular
products allows users to compare, with confidence, the efficiencies and capacities of water-cooled chiller
equipment when they select equipment to comply with LEED, ASHRAE 90.1, and various local standards in their
building project work. Multistack’s commitment to certification in terms of product design, production
capability, and product test facilities clearly is evident with the water-cooled modular chiller products listed in
the AHRI Directory.

This is just another example of how Multistack remains the leader in the modular chiller industry—supporting
the tag line; Originators. Innovators. Never the Imitators. For more information on Multistack products visit .

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