The Use of Viral Marketing in the Obama Campaign I

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The Use of Viral Marketing in the
         Obama Campaign I
Barack Obama's campaign for presidency was
remarkable in many ways, but in this series
of article we will focus on the use of
viral marketing to generate support and
increase his visibility. Some of those viral
marketing campaigns were not directly
executed by the Obama publicity team, but we
will include them nonetheless.
- The "HOPE" Poster
This turned out to be one of the most iconic
viral messages of the campaign. Designed by
Shepard Fairey and sold on the streets
independently from the official Obama
campaign it was immediately a big hit among
Obama supporters. The Obama campaign then
officially commissioned other versions of
the poster. The Poster spread virally all
over the internet becoming synonymous
Obama's presidency campaign.
- The "Great Schlep"
Another unofficial campaign, this time in
the form of a video made by actress and
comedienne Sarah Silverman, urging young
Jews to visit their grandparents and
convince them to vote for Barak Obama. The
video was very popular and received 7
million views in two weeks.
- Video Game ads
This time the Obama team was behind this
viral marketing move. The ads reminded the
players that early voting has begun. By
buying ad space inside nine popular games,
Obama became the first presidential
candidate to advertise inside video games.
- The Obama in 30 seconds contest hosted a contest where
users were asked to submit videos 30 seconds
long about Barack Obama. The contest
attracted a lot of attention. Users
submitted 1,100 videos. The prize? The
winner gets to see his video on TV. More
publicity for Obama!

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