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 The Obama Candidacy - American
   Dream Or American Nightmare?
The candidacy of Barack Obama, the first man
of color to be the presumptive nominee for
President of a major U.S political party,
has been a dream come true for some
Americans and a waking nightmare for others.
Indeed, by the time the electorate and his
democratic competition realized the skinny
guy, with the funny name, was a serious
candidate he had virtually sewn up the
During the long and hotly contested primary
campaign, followed closely by the American
and foreign press, our country had its
racial divide exposed to the world. Many
Americans revealed during primary exit
polling they could not vote for Obama, a man
of color, regardless of his apparent
intellect, moral integrity and ability to
lead. "About one in seven Pennsylvania
voters said race was an issue and that group
voted overwhelmingly against Obama." (David
American cable television political pundits
(among them MSNBC commentator Joe
Scarborough host of Morning Joe) were quick
in their attempt to reduce the anti-black
tone of these statements by implying that
what the voters were really saying is that
they don't feel Barack Obama is one of
them. I personally believe the voters meant
exactly what they said.
Obama himself has said, "Race is not an
issue in the U.S election" but statements
from the American press, political
commentators, leaders and the public
indicate otherwise. The interesting thing
about the resistance of some voters to
Obama, because of his race, is that the
resistance is not exclusive to whites. A
point in fact is the following written
statement by Glen Ford executive editor of
the Black Agenda report, an Internet journal
of African American political thought and
"Barack Obama's candidacy for president
reveals critical fissures in the historical
African American world view, forcing Black
citizens and activists to make a choice:
will we support a cosmetic change in regime
that is no more than skin deep - endorsing
the ruling structure because it has a Black
face - or continue on the long journey to
self-determination, true social democracy
and peace. Obama, the political twin of
Hillary Clinton and the corporate Democratic
Leadership Council her husband helped found,
is determined to liquidate Black politics as
an independent force in the United States,
having already proclaimed, "There is no
Black America." (Glen Ford,
In his commentary, A Brief for Whitey well
known, white, political pundit and author
Patrick Buchanan wrote, "all black Americans
should be grateful for slavery. It was here
that 600,000 black people, brought from
Africa in slave ships, grew into a community
of 40 million, were introduced to Christian
salvation, and reached the greatest levels
of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever
known." It is evident from his statement
that Buchanan, like most Americans, knows
nothing of the ancestral history of African
Americans. The ancient Nubians, more than
5,000 years ago, were a rich and powerful
nation called the Kingdom of Kush. "Nubians
are the people of northern Sudan and
southern Egypt. With a history and
traditions which can be traced to the dawn
of civilization. The Nubians first settled
along the banks of the Nile and are believed
to be the first human race on earth. Most
of their customs and traditions were adopted
by the ancient Egyptians. To the Greeks,
they were known as Ethiopians and Nubia as
the land of the Gods." (Diodorus Siculus,
The Library of History, Books II.35 - IV.58
In the same commentary Buchanan summarizes
his remarks by saying that, "Even though
Obama has stitched together the McGovern
wing of the party -- the anti-war crowd, the
cause people, and professional educators --
with the Jesse Jackson wing and 90 percent
of the African American vote -- he is being
systematically pushed out of the heartland
of the party, the white working and middle
class." The Republican spin machine is
reinforcing the impression in Middle America
that Barack Obama is "not one of us."
 Buchanan further stated in his commentary
that this idea is the core of the Republican
strategy and it is working.
I believe John McCain is an able politician.
I also believe if he was the McCain of 2000
and the economy was not in a nose dive he
could win the presidential election in a
walk. However, with the exception of the
first statement, none of the aforementioned
statements is true. American confidence in
our leadership and our economic future is at
an all time low. While most voters agree
that Obama lacks experience and there is a
lot we still don't know about him, they are
anxious for change in our foreign, domestic
and economic policies. Replacing the party
in the White House is widely seen as an
important step in that direction.
The elephant in the room is the question of
whether the Bradley Effect will sink the
Obama candidacy. This theory suggests that a
statistically significant number of white
voters will tell pollsters that they are
either undecided, or likely to vote for the
non-white candidate, but that those voters
will exhibit a different behavior when
actually casting their ballots. If the
Bradley Effect materializes on Election Day
our current foreign , economic, and domestic
policy nightmare would continue. America
would undoubtedly have four more years of
policies and political behavior which
mirrors our current administration.

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