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Reggie Bush Demanding a Contract
 Renegotiation With New Orleans
Undisclosed sources have revealed that
former Heisman Trophy winner, Reggie Bush,
has been in contact with New Orleans Saints
General Manager, Mickey Loomis, to discuss
Bush's demands for contract renegotiation
prior to the opening of the 2010 NFL season.
Bush reportedly earned a base salary in the
range of $2.5 Million in 2009 but, with
incentive bonuses, is said to have topped
the $7 Million mark. However, he has now
publicly announced that he is disappointed
that the Saints could not put together an
incentive package for him that was more
commensurate with the compensation he
received from the University of Southern
California as a student/athlete.
Bush has been quoted as saying, "Although my
years here in New Orleans have been
enjoyable and successful, I can no longer
remain silent regarding this matter. In
light of the fact that the NCAA has now
learned of the numerous violations while I
was attending the University of Southern
California, I am able to speak freely and
openly. I have quietly suffered through the
past few seasons knowing that I accepted a
severe pay cut when I entered the NFL. This
has resulted in detrimental financial
hardship, not only to myself, but also to my
parents, friends, and other family members.
USC took a clear and decisive path to
securing the future of my family, but the
same level of commitment has yet to be
shown towards me here in New Orleans."
Following Bush's statement, his stepfather,
LaMar Griffin, was observed speaking with a
real estate agent in his hometown of San
Diego, reportedly seeking a larger house
with a pool and jacuzzi.
It is doubtful that New Orleans will be able
to match the compensation package given to
Reggie Bush during USC's 2005-06 season when
he won the coveted Heisman Trophy. Doing so
would would put the Saints over the salary
cap and subject them to fines and sanctions
by the league... Deja Vu all over again...
Bush's agent was unavailable for comment.

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