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A Real Certificate of Live Birth For Obama-


bush Obama

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A Real Certificate of Live Birth
           For Obama?
Very recently, the Commonwealth of Virginia
required to me to obtain an embossed copy of
my original birth certificate from the
Oklahoma Department of Vital Records in
order to qualify for a Virginia Driver's
license. An earlier embossed copy of my
original birth certificate, which I had
obtained for 15 dollars in 1981, was
considered as unacceptable, since one of the
Virginia DMV supervisors, in the City of
Springfield, could not "feel" the embossing
on the 28 year old copy. This frustrating
happening caused me to ponder, even more so,
the suspicious circumstances surrounding the
Obama presidential eligibility issue.
With the controversy as thick as it is,
especially with the recent strange dismissal
of the federal case "Keyes v. Obama" by
California Federal District Judge David O.
Carter, the matter of whether Barack H.
Obama is a natural born citizen of the
United States is far from being over. The
issue of Obama's eligibility to be a U.S.
President is as suspicious as ever, and his
obstinate refusal to produce his original
Hawaiian birth certificate for public
perusal, to the tune of over a million
dollars that he has spent in legal costs to
oppose the lawsuits against him, casts a
long shadow of impropriety over his honesty
and credibility. This original birth
certificate, the one that is supposed to
contain the same certified information that
Virginia wanted from me, is the crux of the
controversy. Why won't he merely allow the
original birth certificate to be published
in the nation's newspapers and on the
The information listed on my certificate of
live birth is much more than what is listed
on that green document published by Obama on
the Internet. I have discovered from the
State of Hawaii that these green
certificates of live birth may be regularly
obtained, for a fee, by immigrant parents of
children born in foreign countries. As
opposed to what Obama claims is
authoritative information on his green
document, supposedly showing that he was
born in Hawaii, the information contained on
my certificate of live birth includes the
1.   Place of birth
a.   County
b.   City of Town
c.   Name of Hospital or Institution
d.   Length of mother's stay - specification
of   time required before delivery.
2.   Usual residence of mother:
a.   State
b.   County
c.   City of Town - specifying whether inside
or   outside corporate limits
d.   Street number
3.   Full name of child
4.   Date of birth
5.   Sex
6.   Twin or triplet - required specification
of   order of birtth
7.   Number months of pregnancy
8.   Child's weight
Father of Child
9. Full name
10. Color or race
11. Age at time of birth
12. Birthplace
13. Usual occupation
14. Industry or business
Mother of Child
15. Full maiden name
16. Color or race
17. Age at time of birth
18. Birthplace
19. Usual occupation
20. Industry or business
21. Other children born to this mother
a. Number of other children of this mother
now living
b. Number of other children born alive but
now dead
c. Number of children born dead
22. Mother's mailing address for
registration notice
23. Was a prophylactic drug used in the
baby's eyes?
Was a serologic test made for syphilis in
this mother? Date required.
24 Certification of doctor delivering the
baby - hour, date, and address required as
well as mother's signature.
25. Date received by local registrar
26. Registrar's signature
Thirty-eight pieces of information was
required to properly complete my certificate
of live birth, and if you will compare the
information required on the original
certificates of live birth issued by the
other 49 states, you will find them almost
identical, unless some radical changes have
been made by the state legislatures, which I
seriously doubt. Consequently, as may be
clearly realized, the certificate of live
birth published by Obama on the Internet is
sorely lacking quite a few pieces of
essential information, which to the
Commonwealth of Virginia is necessary to get
a mere driver's license.
In my previous essay concerning Federal
Judge David O. Carter's dismissal of "Keyes
v. Obama," I mentioned that what Judge
Carter had said going into the first stages
of litigation ("that the determination of
U.S. constitutional presidential eligibility
goes to the core of legal certification as
to whether the elected President may
lawfully issue orders as the U.S. Commander
in Chief of the military") does not match
his sudden dismissal of the case when the
U.S. Department of Justice became illegally
involved. Why was the USDOJ's involvement in
the case improper? Well, imagine for a
moment Attorney General Eric Holder, a
federal officer, being sued by one of his
neighbors for assuming the position of
Attorney General unlawfully, for as you
know, anyone with time and money on their
hands may freely file a lawsuit against
anyone in tate of federal court. So, the
private case is filed in federal court
against Holder and he subsequently uses his
influence as a federal officer to get all of
the case litigation to be handled by
attorneys at the U.S. Department of Justice,
at taxpayer expense. As you might think,
this would be very wrong and very illegal.
Holder, in that particular case, would have
to bear the burden, as any other citizen, of
providing for his own defense by hiring a
private attorney at his own expense to
represent him in federal court.
The mere fact that Obama has spent tax money
and campaign funds contributed by his
supporters, not his own money, to legally
oppose being required to disclose his
original birth certificate, and other health
and educational records, that would assist
in establishing whether he is, as he has
claimed to be, a natural born citizen of the
United States should greatly concern the
average citizen voter. By all genuine
prevailing standards, the document that
Obama has furnished on the Internet to prove
his presidential eligibility is totally
unsatisfactory as a record of birth; and,
either, an honest federal judge or the U.S.
Congress should legally require Barack H.
Obama, alias Barry Soetoro, to produce his
original Hawaiian birth certificate and
disclose it to the nation to establish that
he is eligible, according to the U.S.
Constitution, to be President of the United
States. As I have said before, Obama must
be trying to hide some very important facts
from becoming public knowledge, or, else, he
would not have spent over a million dollars
to keep from disclosing a document that
would cost him only a mere $25.00, that
being a certified copy of his original birth

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