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					Phone: (201) 532 1820                            HARSH MURARKA                                       470, 16th Street NW, Apt 5028.
harshmurarka@gatech.edu                     http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~hmurarka                                    Atlanta GA-30363
 • Master of Science in Computer Science, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia [GPA 3.87]                 Expected Dec '10
 • Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science, R.V. College Of Engg., Bangalore, India [GPA 3.50]                      Sept '03 - Jun '07

 • High Performance Arch Lab, Georgia Tech., Atlanta, Graduate Research Assistant                                    Aug '10 – Present
   • Advisor: Prof. Hyesoon Kim                                                                                      Jan '10 – May '10
   - Worked on MacSim, a Trace driven simulator, designed to simulate many core heterogeneous architecture.
   - Developed and integrated various components including cache, re-order buffer, allocation, scheduling, etc.
   - Verified and Validated MacSim's results with NVIDIA GPU(Tesla architecture) for various benchmarks
     involving compute intensive instructions, coalesced & un-coalesced access of memory, matrix multiplication, etc.
   - Documented MacSim Internals and users guide to be used by the users after its planned release in to the Open
     Source Community in Dec 2010.

 • NetApp Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Intern                                                                       May '10 – Aug '10
  - Developed Cluster Session Manager (CSM) DevTest which exposed the kernel module's code base to
    the testing infrastructure via the command line interface(CLI).

 • NetApp Inc., Bangalore, India, Sustaining Engineer                                                                   July '07 - July '09
  - Worked as a Kernel debugger for NetApp's Operating System “Data ONTAP”.
   - Was promoted in the team to a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Memory & Stack issues.
   - Worked on WAFL (file-system), RAID, storage, protocols like CIFS & NFS and Snap-shot based products.
   - Awarded “Outstanding Contribution to project RCA for software ONTAP Bugs”, October,'08.

 • SoftJin Technologies, Bangalore, India, Intern                                                                      Jan '07 - May '07
  - Designed and implemented a library to create Binary Decision Diagram.
  - Implemented graph-based algorithms for Boolean Function Manipulation.

 • Simulator for measuring performance (Guided by: Prof. Hyesoon Kim)                                                  Aug '09 – Dec '09
  - Designed and implemented a simultaneous multi-threading simulator for a super-scalar processor.                                   [C]
  - Integrated a G-share branch predictor and data cache architecture with multiple tag-store.
  - Implemented register renaming based on Tomasulo's Algorithm to allow optional Out-of-order execution.
  - Created performance indicator for factors including Instructions per cycle, branch prediction accuracy and
     memory hits for a given trace.

 • Credit Scheduler for Thread Library                                                                                 Feb '10 - Mar '10
  - Designed a schedular which takes into consideration user defined credit allocation, fairness,                                     [C]
    work-conservation, Voluntary and involuntary Pre-emption while scheduling threads on the processor.

 • Preventing Greed                                                                                                    Aug '09 – Dec '09
  - Designed a scheme to prevent malicious elements in a peer to peer n/w from exploiting Pastiche's backup model                 [Java]
  - Implemented the scheme over Free-Pastry to demonstrate its efficacy in preventing greed in the network.

 • Addressing Reliability in a Volunteer Computing Setup                                                               Aug, 09 – Dec, 09
  - Designed and implemented a model for real time job execution over peer to peer setups.                                        [Java]
  - Implemented a Map-reduce framework over the designed setup for real time jobs.

 • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows.
 • Programming Languages: C, C++, Assembly, Perl, C#, Java.
 • Tools: GNU Debugger (gdb), Cscope, Eclipse, Perforce.

 - High Performance Computer Architecture, Advanced Operating System, Distributed Computing, Real Time Systems,
   Dynamic Compilation & Managed Runtime, Programming Language and Computability & Algorithms.