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      Alternative Medicine or
         Prescription Drugs
Alternative medicine is made up of all
natural products, contains no preservatives.
There are NO side effects and will not
damage your organs like prescription drugs.
Yet, people feel that they can trust only
prescription drugs... knowingly, there are
side effects and will damage organs, cells,
and sometimes even the nervous system.
Please check out what the Scientists are
saying about Alternative Medicine:
This is defined as therapeutic practices
which are not currently considered an
integral part of conventional allopathic
medical practice. They may lack biomedical
explanations but as they become better
researched some, such as physical therapy,
diet, and acupuncture, become widely
accepted whereas others, such as humors or
radium therapy, quietly fade away, yet are
important historical footnotes. Therapies
are termed as Complementary when used in
addition to conventional treatments and as
Alternative when used instead of
conventional treatment.
The National Library of Medicine's previous
definition was an unrelated group of non-
orthodox therapeutic practices, often with
explanatory systems that do not follow
conventional biomedical explanations and
non-orthodox therapeutic systems which have
no satisfactory scientific explanation for
their effectiveness.
Alternative therapies include, but are not
limited to the following disciplines: folk
medicine, herbal medicine, diet fads,
homeopathy, faith healing, new age healing,
chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy,
massage, and music therapy.
A health or medical practice is called
"alternative" if it is based on untested,
untraditional, or unscientific principles,
methods, treatments, or knowledge.
"Alternative" medicine is often based upon
metaphysical beliefs and is frequently anti-
scientific. Because truly "alternative"
medical practices would be ones that are
known to be equally or nearly equally
effective, most "alternative" medical
practices are not truly "alternative," but
quackery. If the "alternative" health
practice is offered along with conventional
medicine, it is referred to as
"complementary" medicine.
From my own experience, I will tell you
this... My mother was being treated for her
Diabetes, which it was also effecting her
respiratory system. She was put on a
prescription drug, which caused her problems
and weakened her lungs. At this time, she
had other medical issues and the Specialist
added more prescription medicines to her
list of inventory, for her to take on a
daily basis. Educating her self about
nutrition and how you can reverse your
illnesses by taking "Natural Alternative
My mother did not quit her prescription
medications, but used the Alternative
Medicine as an aid to help her. She took
these for fourteen years before she passed
away. Anytime she would be entered into the
hospital, her Internal Medicine Physician
would allow her to take the Alternative
Medicine with her prescriptions. Even he
stated to me, "With your mother taking the
Alternative Medicine it assisted her on a
daily basis and I'm sure it extended her
life, for the past fourteen years."
American Medical Association and most
Insurance Companies do "NOT" support the
Alternative or Complementary Medicine.
Also, they are working overtime to eliminate
the Alternative Industry. Are they
intimidated? Is there guilt of them being
wrong about the Alternative Medicine? Are
people living longer by educating them self,
by using the Natural Products? Probably yes
on all questions. I hope this information
will help give you better understanding and
it will also extend your life.

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