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                 Words From an Expert

 “Sometimes the work can be very frustrating, but the work is
  important to me morally and personally.”

 What are the biggest challenges in your job?
 “Explaining complex legal ideas and strange bureaucratic rules to my
  landowners is probably the biggest challenge.”

 Do you find your job rewarding?
 “Very much so. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel like I’ll never
  be able to dig my way out, but then I remember that I’m getting to
  do exactly what I went to law school to do, and that I’m helping
  people who never had any help before, and it helps me push past the
                   A Lawyer’s Salary

Level Of Experience Hourly         Annually

Entry Wage          $34.33         $71,400

Median Wage         $48.50         $100,880

Experienced Wage    $66.66         $138,650
             Education and Training

 Law school and law degree
 Bachelor’s Degree (4 years)
 Writing skills: English, History, Political Science
 Law School Admission Test (LSAT)
 Juris Doctor Degree
 Master of Business Administration Degree
               Working Conditions

 District Attorneys Offices
 Department of Justice
 Offices
 Law Libraries
 Meeting with colleagues/clients
 Court
 Traveling
 8-11 hour work days
                        Core Tasks

 Criminal Lawyers
   Defend/Prosecute people accused of crimes

 Corporate Lawyers
   Taxation, commercial transactions

 Litigation Lawyers
   Non-criminal matters
           Highlights of Being a Lawyer

 You are allowed to choose what you specialize in
 Helping the society gives you a sense of satisfaction
 Salary

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