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                   European Conference:
                      Sunday , 24th of April, 2011
                     Rotterdam – The Netherlands
                               Organized by CMO:

            Contact Organ Muslims and Government in the Netherlands

     European conference Ritual Slaughter and Halal Food in Europe

Dear Sir/Madam,                                                                              CMO
                                                                                             The Dutch national representative
           th                                                                                Muslim umbrella body, the Contact
On April 24 , 2011, the Contact Organ Muslims and Government (CMO) organizes a
                                                                                             Organ Muslims and Government
conference on Ritual Slaughter and Halal Food in Europe. In view of your involvement
                                                                                             (CMO), was established on January
with this important subject, you are cordially invited to participate in and contribute to
                                                                                             14th, 2004, by Netherlands-based
this expert meeting.
                                                                                             mosque umbrella organisations. On
                                                                                             November 1 , 2004, the CMO was
There will be three main topics of discussion:
                                                                                             formally recognized by the Dutch
           1. Animal Welfare and Islam
                                                                                             government as a representative body
           2. Islamic Ritual Slaughter
                                                                                             of Muslims in the Netherlands. The
           3. Halal Certification and Standardisation
                                                                                             conference is organised by the CMO in
                                                                                             cooperation with 21 Dutch Muslim
The outcome of the discussions will serve as rough outlines for an action plan, to be
drafted by the CMO and other national Muslim bodies in the European Union in the
near future. This action plan should result in the adoption of a Halal Food Standard in
Europe in the short term, describing various aspects of Islamic ritual slaughter and the     Erasmusstraat 141
halal food supply chain. The results of the conference will also help policy makers in       3035 LD Rotterdam
their decision-making.
                                                                                             HALAL FOOD
We look forward to your response. Attached please find the programme of the                  Ritual Slaughter, halal food production
meeting.                                                                                     and halal consumption basically are a
                                                                                             religious matter, whereas the halal
Sincerely,                                                                                   food industry and halal certification
Mr. Yusuf Altuntas, on behalf of the Halal Committee of the CMO                              are of a more commercial and
                                                                                             technical nature.
Sunday, April 24th, 2011                                                                     Consumer trust and the food
09.30          General introduction by Chairman                                              industry’s responsibility are two
10.00          Speaker 1 – Animal Welfare and Ritual Slaughter                               important      aspects      of    halal
10.45          Speaker 2 – Rules of Ritual Slaughter within Islam                            consumption. Although the desire to
11.30          Coffee break                                                                  consume halal is religiously motivated,
12.00          Speaker 3 – Halal Standard and Certification                                  it often is a cultural phenomenon as
12.45          Speaker 4 – Halal Standard and Certification                                  well. However, it is difficult to
13.30          Lunch                                                                         separate the two. For a typical
14.30          Speaker 5 – The Current Situation in Europe                                   Muslim, halal is just an everyday
15.15          Discussion                                                                    matter. Even for the least practicing
16.00          Coffee break                                                                  Muslim consumer, non-halal food is
16.30          Discussion                                                                    often highly undesirable.
18.00          Summary and evaluation by Chairman
18.30          Dinner                                                                        With 950,000 Muslims in the
                                                                                             Netherlands and 16 million Muslims in
Invitees                                                                                     Europe as a whole, halal food and
An invitation was sent to the following stakeholders in halal matters:                       halal certification form a very
           -   Executives of National Muslim Umbrella Bodies from Germany, Belgium,          considerable and profitable market.
               Austria, France, Denmark, Sweden, Bosnia and Norway.                          Both in the Netherlands as well in the
           -   Experts from the national and international academic world                    rest of Europe, there are all sorts of
           -   Representatives of Certification Bodies                                       Halal Certification Bodies. The
           -   Representatives of relevant national and international organizations and      halal‐conscious consumer segment is
               others                                                                        getting bigger. Muslims assume that
                                                                                             halal inspection and certification is
Language                                                                                     provided by specialised authorities.
The conference language is English (and Dutch). If necessary, contributions of speakers      The reality is different, however.
will be translated.

Please confirm your attendance to the CMO secretariat, a/o Ms. Barbara Chalghaf,
E-mail: or phone +31 (0) 70 392 11 23   As yet, no standard certification exists
                                                                                     within the EU. The ideal situation
Info                                                                                 would be to have a transparent
For more information, call Mr. Ebu Bekir Ozture, phone +31 (0) 6 24 89 85 84         system of inspection and certification
                                                                                     all over Europe. Ideally, a Muslim
                                                                                     living in any EU country would no
                                                                                     longer have to doubt the quality of
                                                                                     halal food. However, the current
                                                                                     system of inspection and certification
                                                                                     is perceived by members of the
                                                                                     Muslim communities as unclear and

                                                                                     This conference aspires to lay the
                                                                                     basis of a broadly accepted solution,
                                                                                     both for the Muslims in Europe as well
                                                                                     as for the relevant institutions.