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									CSP 2008                                        Conservation Security Program in California
                                      Stewardsh i p Informat
on for Crop land
CSP is a unique new program
that offers payments for top-
notch conservation farmers
and ranchers. Unlike other
programs that help producers
fix resource problems, CSP
rewards those who already act
as model conservationists. It
also pays qualified producers
to do further environmental
enhancements, such as
additional       conservation        CSP is a three-tiered program with different requirements for each
treatments, evaluation, and          tier. All CSP producers, regardless of the tier at which they participate,
more.                                must ultimately address minimum treatment criteria for soil quality
                                     and water quality.
       Enhancements                  Techniques to achieve these soil and water criteria will vary depending
        for Cropland
                                     on your farm’s slope, climate, soil texture and other characteristics.
 While basic soil and water          Typically, sound resource management will include activities such as
 conservation are the key            those shown below and will result in fertile soil with valuable organic
 to gaining admission to             matter that is protected from erosion.
 CSP, you can increase your
 stewardship and your CSP            Additionally, pesticides and nutrients will be managed to help keep
 payments, by including              surface and groundwater clean to protect human and environmental
 one or more enhancement             health.
                                     Consider this checklist. Do you currently…
 A few of the dozens of
 available    practices for
 cropland include:                   • 	Rotate your crops?
                                     • 	Use reduced tillage?
 • Riparian buffers
                                     • 	Control erosion or soil loss?
 • Native plant field borders        • 	Use buffers to protect water sources?
                                     • 	Test soils and apply fertilizers accordingly?
 • Precision application of
   nutrients and pesticides
                                     • 	Keep records of fertilizer and pesticide applications?
                                     • 	If irrigated, schedule applications based on crop
 • Precision irrigation                  needs?
 • Conserving or creating            • 	Are you willing to pursue additional conservation
   energy                                enhancements?
                                     For additional information on CSP, visit our Web site at:

                                Helping People Help the Land       USDA is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

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