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									                                                                      ELON UNIVERSITY                                    Revised 28 Dec 2006
                                                                    CARD READER CRITERIA
CARD READERS:                                                                                  DESIGNER COMMENTS
 As described below door access card swipe readers and associated hardware are to be
integrated with the existing card security system (Lenel OnGuard Access Control) via the
campus Ethernet.

A. Academic Buildings:
The main entrance door to academic buildings shall have a card access system.

B. Residential Buildings:
Main entrances to residential halls housing more than 20 people shall have a card
access system. Suite doors, and apartment unit entry doors, will have card access
readers if they have more than 20 people each.

C. Hardware by Lenel Corp will include:
LNL-500 Intelligent System Controller
LNL-ETHLAN-MICR Micro Serial Server
LNL-1300/1320 Reader Interface Module
LNL-AL400ULX UL listed Power Supply 12/24 VDC, 4 amp output
LNL-2005W Magnetic Card Access Reader 12VDC, weatherized
PS873X871-2 Power Supply with 873-BB Battery Backup
EPT10-SP28 Electric Power Transfer Hinge
50251 Request to Exit Switch
SR1076 Magnetic Contact
PS-12120 12VDC/12AH Battery
Electric Panic Bar exit hardware by Von Duprin Corp (or retrofit kit for existing mechanical
panic bars)

D. Electrical Requirements:
1. In the Communications closet – 110v/120v AC nonswitched circuit.
2. At the door – 110v/120v AC nonswitched circuit for PS873X871-2 Power supply.

3. Door contact, card access reader and power transfer hinge to be connected to
Reader Interface Module through concealed wiring (i.e. conduit/EMT).

E. Data/networking Requirements:
1. Reader Interface Module installed above the door/ceiling and powered from from
the communications closet with 2 conductor,18 awg, NS, plenum rated cable (or
enclosed in conduit if hard ceiling)
2. Elon will provide campus Ethernet connection in Communication Closet in each
building. Installer to provide wiring from door device to Communication Closet.
2. Reader Interface Module connected to System Controller with 4 conductor, 18awg,
OAS, plenum rated, communitcations cable (or enclosed in conduit if hard ceiling)

General Note: Certified Installer must be used.

Any deviations from these criteria are noted above in the comments section.

                                                                                               DESIGNER SIGNATURE_________________________

                                                                        ELON UNIVERSITY                               9/3/2011
                                                                     DOOR HARDWARE CRITERIA

    Door Locks
    Door Type                        DESCRIPTION                                  Designer Comments
    Residence Hall (Bedroom)           core not factory pinned (Lockable
           AND                         by button from inside and key
    Offices                            only from outside))

2 Residence Hall
  (Bathroom In suite)                  inside only with push button -No key)
                                      PLUS a Schlage B180N
                                       Deadbolt - Thumb Turn (on bedroom side)

3 Residence Hall
  (Bathroom Not In suite)              inside only with push button -No key)

4 Residence Hall Closets


5 Classroom
                                       from inside)

6 Bathroom
  (Not Residence Hall)
7 Mech, Telephone
  Elect. / Custodial Rooms             No push button)

    Door Hardware
  Device                             DESCRIPTION                                  Designer Confirmation
1 Door Closures                      LCN - 4041 (4000 Series)

2 Panic Devices                      Von Doprin 99 (dog down by Key)

3 Center Mullions

4 Bathroom Hinges                    4-1/2 x 4-1/2
                                     (Plated w/ S.S. Pins)

5 Solid Core Doors Hinges            4-1/2 x 4-1/2
                                     ( ball bearing hinges)

6 Continuous Hinges                  Use "SELECT" or "MARCO"
  ( exterior residence hall only)

    1. Keyway is                      (Elon To Provide)
    2. Contractor provides all locks with interchangable cores.
     ( ZERO bitting only).
    3. Elon provides pinning and key cutting.
    4. Contractor submittal for hardware to be sent concurrently to AE and Elon
    for review.

    Any deviations from these criteria are noted above in the comments section.
                                                                                             Designer Signature


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