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					Athletic Training

Isaac Weaver
Emily Wagner
United States Athletic Training
 Some examples??
World Federation of Athletic
Training and Therapy
 Mission
     The World Federation is a coalition of
      national organizations of health care
      professionals in the fields of sport,
      exercise, injury/illness prevention and
      treatment. The Federation will promote the
      highest quality of health care and
      functional activity through the collaborative
      efforts of its members.
W.F.A.T.T. Affiliated
Australian Physiotherapy
Council (A.P.C.)
 ―The Australian Physiotherapy Council is
  an independent national body assuring
  high standards in physiotherapy for the
  Australian community.‖
 Members of A.P.C.
     Eight State and Territory Physiotherapists
      Registration Boards
     Australian Physiotherapy Association
     Schools of Physiotherapy in Australian
      Universities representative.
Australian Standards for
 Set by Australian Physiotherapy Council
     Standard One
        Demonstrate  professional behavior
        appropriate to physiotherapy
     Standard Two
        Communicate   effectively
     Standard Three
        Access,interpret and apply information to
        continuously improve practice
Australian Standards for
Physiotherapy cont.
     Standard Four
        Assess    the client
     Standard Five
        Interpret   and analyze the assessment
     Standard Six
        Develop     a physiotherapy intervention plan.
Australian Standards for
Physiotherapy cont.
     Standard Seven
        Implement  safe and effective physiotherapy
        intervention (s)
     Standard Eight
        Evaluatethe effectiveness and efficiency of
        physiotherapy intervention (s)
     Standard Nine
        Operate    effectively across a range of
Australia Physiotherapy
Association (A.P.A.)
Sports Physiotherapy Australia
 Levels of Membership
     Level 2—APA Sports Physiotherapist
        $195   fee
     Level 1—SPA Member
        $98   fee
     SPA New Graduate Member
        $55   fee
     SPA Student Member
        No   fee
Australian Schools of
   Charles Sturt University
   University of Sydney
   University of Newcastle
   La Trobe University
   University of Melbourne
   Monash University
   Griffith University
   University of Queensland
   James Cook University
   University of South Australia
   University of Canberra
   Curtin University of Technology
   University of Notre Dame
Canadian Athletic Therapists
Association (C.A.T.A.)
 Mission Statement
   ―The CATA is a progressive not-for-profit
     organization dedicated to the promotion and
     delivery of the highest quality care to active
     individuals through injury prevention, emergency
     services and rehabilitative techniques.‖
   ―…is a leader within the Sport Medicine Community
     of Canada through its continuing development,
     implementation and monitoring of professional
   ―…creates a healthier environment that
     encompasses the needs of the active community
     through to the high performance athlete. ‖
Certified Athletic Therapists in
 ―…must first meet the academic requirements
  of a CATA approved Athletic Therapy
  curriculum leading to a bachelor's degree at an
  accredited post secondary institution.‖
 Must complete at least 1200 hours of clinical
  experience under the supervision of a Certified
  Athletic Therapist
 Must pass a certification exam
      Includes emergency care, supportive
       taping/bracing, modalities, injury assessment and
 Certified Athletic Therapist = CAT(C)
C.A.T.(C) Job Placements

 Colleges/Universities
 Professional athletes
 National athletes
 Clinics
Accredited C.A.T.(C)
 Concordia University
 Mount Royal College
 Sheridan College
 York University
 University of Manitoba
 University of Winnipeg
Biokinetics Association of South
 What is a Biokineticist?
     A specialized exercise therapist that
      functions in professional alliance to health
      and medicine, and is recognized by and
      registered with the Health Professions
      Council of South Africa.
Mission of the BASA

 As a professional association, the
  Biokinetics Association of South Africa
  acts on behalf of its members to manage
  the primary concerns of Biokinetics:
     Standards of Training
     Standards of Practice
     Remuneration of Practitioners
     Awareness of the Profession
What do Biokineticists Do?

 Improve a person's physical status and
  quality of life through individualized
  assessment and exercise prescription in
  the dual context of clinical pathology
  (acute and chronic) and performance
Daily Activities of a
 Assessment of:
     Previous health history/injury history
     Acute and chronic conditions
     Cardiovascular disease
     Body composition
Academic Requirements of
 A first degree(3 years) in Human
  Movement Science / Exercise Science
 Another year in a post-graduate study in
  a accredited university
 Two years of a professional internship
         Accredited Universities
   University of Johannesburg
   University of Pretoria
   University of the North West
   University of the Orange Free State
   University of Kwa-Zulu Natal
   University of Zululand
   Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
   University of Cape Town (only post graduate)
   University of Stellenbosch
   University of the Western Cape
Scope of Practice

 Enables a biokineticist to seek
  employment in a number of allied health-
  related fields
 The scope of occupation is primarily
  dependent on the entrepreneurial
  initiative of the individual
           Biokineticists Environments
   Corporate Sector
   Correctional Facilities
   Elite and Professional Sport
   Fire Services
   Industry
   Local Authorities
   Military Bases
   Military Hospitals
   Police Services
   Private Practices
   Sporting Control Bodies
   Sports Medicine Centres
To Join

 Register via the forms available online
 Pay the fees
     About $70 for a Biokenticist
     About $20 - $30 for a student/intern
The Chartered Society of
Physiotherapists (The United
 The Society is a member-led
  organization, governed by the CSP
  Council. This is made up of elected CSP
  members and is supported by a system
  of boards, branches, committees and
  groups. The CSP provides an
  exceptionally wide range of member
  services and is also a campaigning
  organization, speaking up for
  physiotherapists and promoting the
  physiotherapy profession.
Mission of the CSP

 The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is a
  progressive, dynamic, member-centered
  organization that aims to:
      lead and support all members in developing
       and promoting high quality innovative patient
      protect and further advance the interests and
       working lives of our members
      raise the profile of the profession and influence
       the health care agenda
      work openly in partnership to meet the diverse
       needs of both our members and their patients
What is a Physiotherapist?
 Physiotherapy is a health care profession
  concerned with human function and movement
  and maximizing potential:
      it uses physical approaches to promote, maintain
       and restore physical, psychological and social well-
       being, taking account of variations in health status
      it is science-based, committed to extending,
       applying, evaluating and reviewing the evidence
       that underpins and informs its practice and delivery
      the exercise of clinical judgment and informed
       interpretation is at its core.
 The above definition is taken from the CSP
  curriculum framework (January 2002.)
What do Physiotherapists Do?
   Vital professional liability insurance
   Free telephone advice
   Free written advice
   Requests for Letters of Good Standing
   Access to workplace representatives
   Access to peer group support
   Use of Information Services
   Twice-monthly physiotherapy news in Frontline magazine
   Quarterly scientific Physiotherapy journal
   Support for clinical effectiveness and clinical standards
   Access to member-only information on this website
   Preferential rates for professional development
   A national voice
Physiotherapy Treatment

 A-z list of treatable conditions
Academia for Physiotherapists

 BS in Physiotherapy – usually 3 or 4
  year full-time programs
 MS in Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation
  Science – usually 2 or 3 year full-time
               UK Universities with
               Physiotherapy Degrees
   Robert Gordon University               St. George’s University of London
   University of Birmingham               University of East London
   Bournemouth University                 Manchester Metropolitan University
   University of Bradford                 Northumbria University
   University of Brighton                 University of East Anglia
   University of the West of England      University of Nottingham
   Cardiff University                     Oxford Brookes University
   University of Cumbria                  University of Plymouth
   Coventry University                    University of Central Lancashire
   Queen Margaret University College      University of Salford
   Glasgow Caledonian University          Sheffield Hallam University
   University of Hertfordshire            University of Southhampton
   University of Huddersfield             University of Teessidee
   Keele University                       York St. John University
   Leeds Metropolitan University          University of Ulster at Jordanstown
   University of Leicester                Colchester Institute
   University of Liverpool                University of Essex
   Brunel University                      London South Bank University
   Kings College London
UK Universities with
Physiotherapy Degrees
To Join

 Print and fill out the application forms
 Pay the fees
      Depending on your job the fees range
         Retired - $90
         Qualified Member - $530

      One time joining fee of $40
      Student fees are $70 per year


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