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       Classic Motorcycle Club


             AND RETURN – 430 MILES
 Some of us were more lively than others at the end!!

Volume 3 – Issue 9             7th October, 2008
             COMMITTEE MEMBERS 2008                                                            RALLIES AND SHOWS
President:          Mike Grainger
Chairman:           Brett Baxter
And                                                                     We have now come to the end of the Rally Season, though it certainly
Secretary:                                                              hasn‟t been a good one as far as the weather was concerned but trust you
                                                                        all enjoyed the ones you managed to attend.
Vice Chairman       Tony Whitehead

                                                                        There are still the two „Crank Ups‟ detailed below and, of course, there
                                                                        will be our monthly runs as well as our social evenings so come along and
Treasurer:           Pam Potterton                                      enjoy yourselves.

                                                                        Its good to keep in touch and you never know what tips or hints, together
Secretary            Maureen Wilson,                                    with bits, you might pick up at our get togethers.

Events              Ian Watkins
                                                                                                     Ivybridge & District Vintage Club‟s Crank
                                                                        15th October                 Ups. Field adjacent to The Lyneham Inn Pub
                                                                        30th December                Between Lee Mill & Plympton on A38
Scooter             Phill Potterton

Editor:            Ann Jones
                                                                                           ACE CAFE RUN PICTURES
                                                                          If anyone would like a disc of all the photographs that were
Committee           Roy Griffiths – , Lillian Cole -                          taken on the run they will be available at a cost of £3
                    Mike Jump
Web Site:                                          Please contact Mo

NOTE: Deadline for publication of your articles etc. will be the last
Tuesday of the month.
                     FORTHCOMING EVENTS
                           CLUB RUN                                        Hello reader and riders,
    Unfortunately there won’t be a run this month – still                  Well absolutely hurray at last!! last month I said I wouldn‟t bang on about
     recovering from the Ace Run and our Gathering.                        the weather but I‟ve just got to say what a relief that our intrepid crusaders to
                                                                           the Ace Café were blessed with some of the best British autumn weather you
       Watch this space though for November’s Run                          can get. Nonetheless, an awesome bum numbing achievement it was and a
                                                                           big WELL DONE to you all, we are looking forward to recounts of your
                                                                           road trip, hopefully more thrills than spills.
                                                                           The leaves are turning colour and the season of “ mists and mellow
             SOCIAL EVENING                                                fruitfulness” is getting into full swing. Of course soon those leaves and fruit
                                                                           will be on the road and not the tree and we all know that means careful
       WEDNESDAY, 15th OCTOBER, 2008                                       banking around tree edged corners and slowly does it about our bosky
                AT 7.30 P.M                                                country lanes on two wheels. I‟ve a theory that you are much more likely to
                                                                           come a cropper on our country roads than you are in the middle of Plymouth
       AT THE BRITISH LEGION HALL,                                         in full rush hour. Leaves, mud, cow shit, combined with the poor visibility
                 TIDEFORD                                                  of high banked hedges and winding corners, means that you can‟t afford to
                                                                           be complacent – presume that around that corner is a tractor in full spike
         Come and have a fun night out.                                    mode, late for the harvest and desperate to get the work done before it rains
                                                                           again . I‟ve nearly been mown down by one of these whilst out walking the
                            STILL WANTED                                   dogs, going flat out, driven by a teenager who has been told not to spare the
                                                                           horses, ten ton of metal hurtling toward you, no way stopping this much
           An Assistant to Help the Club’s Event Organiser
                                                                           momentum and nowhere to run to. I have too vivid an imagination to think
Due to Ian having increased work commitments both at home and abroad       about what would happen if you met this on a bike – it is up to us to be
he is in urgent need of assistance. You would be working in conjunction    aware. Oh yes, and school run mum‟s in Chelsea tractors are my other
with Ian and the work load would not be great, probably helping out with   horror - late for the pickup, harassed, and with a “I know these roads like the
          phone calls and making arrangements towards events.              back of my hand ” sort of attitude, - the delivery man for my building
             If you can provide any help please contact either             materials met one of these the other day down our lanes and four ton of
                                    Ian                                    concrete blocks nearly ended up in his cab.
                                     or                                    We were having a conversation about road rage with a biking friend the other
                                                                           day. It transpired that two of us have had experience of a car driver going
                                                                           into a rage at a supposed misdemeanor of the rider, catching up with and
                                 Thank you                                 pulling up next to the bike and whilst gesticulating wildly and throwing
                                                                           expletives at the innocent biker through their car window, one car driver had
                                                                           driven into the back of the car in front, and in the other instance the driver
                                                                           had gone straight into the back of a bus!
 Committee Meeting will be held at the The Old Stag Inn, Liskeard on
                                                                           Enjoy your riding and don‟t let the other *!!*?!! road users get you down.
             Tuesday, 4th November, 2008 at 7.30 p.m.
                             CHAIRMAN’S CHAT

Hi Folks,
Another month has past bringing us nearer to Christmas, just thought I would
remind you! The last month has been most exciting as we have successfully
completed our first club run to the Mecca of the Bike World – The Ace, on
the North Circular. Fourteen bikes left Tamar Bridge car park at 7.10 a.m.
and enthusiastically rode into the dawn, which was breaking to the East. We
had one non-member and two more who found us en-route, but all came
back members – welcome to the Club.
The first stop at Honiton was welcomed with a hot cup of tea and much chat
as this was a first club convoy for many.          Many smiling faces. We
proceeded onward and upward and eventually arrived at the outskirts of the
great metropolis. Many riders were surprised at the volume and intensity of
the traffic, especially at Chiswick and Gunnesbury. A few minutes later we
arrived at the Ace and a warm welcome from Mark Wilsmore, the owner.                                         REGALIA
Net result, a safe and enjoyable ride, only three casualties, although one was   Lapel Badges are now available at a cost of £4.50 each including postage
restarted and some very happy riders.
                                                                                 and packing. Please send your order to Brett Baxter at 35, Thanckes
The trip back was superb, without causalities and the experience learned on
the learning curve up, was put to good use by everybody resulting in a           Drive, Torpoint, PL11 2JN.       Cheques should be made payable to
pleasurable safe return. Particular congratulations to the two „learners‟ that   C.C.M.C.
travelled the trip.                                                              Motorcycle Badges are also available from Brett at a cost of £8.50p
Well done to everybody that took part and many thanks for the effort and
time given to make the event successful. See you all, and I hope many more
members, next time.
Following the run we had our Gathering last Saturday, which although
poorly attended, was a great success with everybody enjoying themselves
and making a small amount for charity at the same time. Again many thanks
for all who participated and „mucked in‟ to make a very pleasant day.
I should now like to point out that our Christmas Dinner is only ten weeks
away so please respond promptly to the reservation and order requests
further in the magazine.
Once again, I thank everybody for their hard work, effort and enthusiasm for
our events and I sincerely hope to see more of you participating next time.
As I sign off I would just mention that we now have sixty-seven members
with two applications out. It is very rewarding to see more new faces and
See you all soon. Safe riding, Brett
                         SALES AND WANTS
Various TIGER CUBS - Part exchange possible.
Phone: Brett Baxter
LEATHER ONE PIECE SUIT – Teknic - Size 42”, Blue, Black and
White, full body armour. Never been worn. Cost £400 new - £250 o.n.o.
Phone Roy                                                                        Terry Liversidge managed to find a show which had not been cancelled!
                                                                                 He enjoyed a day out at Perranwell in Cornwall with S.W.S.E. with his
TWO BIKE TRAILER - Excellent condition. Easily disassembled for                  Excelsiors
storage, tyres as new. Only used for rallies. £200 Please ring Roy or

                            TECHNICAL TIP
Another one from Mo – just shows I have not neglected my bike!!
Cleaning the oil off from underneath my bike I found that after using
kitchen roll to get the wet stuff off, the roll was very handy to lay ones
head on whilst really getting down to cleaning!! This, of course, only
applies if you can‟t get your bike off the floor.

                                                                                                             Norton Dominator and Matchless single

                                                                                 Douglas Dragonfly and AJS combination

                                                                                                               SOCIAL EVENING
                             The Ducati Monster                                                   WEDNESDAY, 17TH SEPTEMBER, 2008

These days the Ducati name evokes a similar kind of passion to Triumph,
Harley Davidson or Moto-Guzzi. With legions of fanatical enthusiasts
worldwide, and successful teams competing in both World Super Bike and           We had a very good attendance – 20 members with 9 bikes – our best turn
Moto GP, it would be easy to think that Ducati has always been a                 out yet. Well done.
commercially successful company; nothing could be further from the               Unfortunately Ian couldn‟t be with us so he sent a quiz with a prize. After a
truth! During the late 1970‟s and early 1980‟s the company went from
                                                                                 lot of deliberation and brain racking (it was on motorcycling after all) James
crisis to crisis, until they were taken over by the Castiglioni brothers‟
Cagiva Group in 1985. Interestingly, although Ducati had been building           and Kate won. Well done.
bikes since 1945, Cagiva themselves only started in 1978: the group also         As it was such a lovely evening some members adjourned outside to inspect
owned Moto Morini and Husqvarna, as well as producing Mini-Mokes.                the bikes (and have a smoke!) whilst the rest of us chatted.
Cagiva‟s first moves were to sort out the Ducati Paso, introducing the fuel
injection 907ie, then to introduce the unpopular custom / cruiser style
Ducati Indiana. Following the failure of the Indiana Cagiva Group
redeemed itself by causing a sensation at the 1992 Cologne show,
unveiling their new Ducati M900, nicknamed “Il Monsrto”, The Monster.
The M900 was unlike any other motorcycle on the market, and its
aggressive, stripped-down style made it an instant commercial success.
In its original form The Monster was, in reality, a “parts-bin special”,
consisting of the air / oil cooled 904cc engine from the 900SS sports-bike
in the 851 / 888 super-bike frame, with flat handlebars and no fairing. It
was, in effect, the first ever factory “street-fighter”. The engine was fitted
with Japanese Mikuni carburettors and a six-speed gearbox, the frame with
Showa “upside-down” forks and 17 inch wheels. A contemporary
Motorcycle News comparison with the Yamaha TDM850 found that the
Ducati was unable to compete on price, comfort, suspension, touring
ability or performance ( although the Monster was faster over a standing
mile ). The success of the Monster can, therefore, only be attributed to one
thing – cool Italian style !
The success of the M900 prompted Ducati to expand the range, and in
1994 the M600 was launched. The styling mirrored that of the original
M900, with the 583cc engine from the 600SS. The M600 was 10Kg lighter
and considerably cheaper, the weight loss achieved by the deletion of the
oil cooler and one of the front brake discs, as well as the use of a five-
speed gearbox. Other changes included the use of a wet clutch ( very
unusual on a Ducati, and removing the famous rattle from the dry clutch )
plastic side panels in place of the original carbon-fibre and a steel
swinging arm. Where the M900 was originally only available in racing
                             SWEAT SHIRTS                                  red, the first M600‟s were supplied in that other Italian favourite – bright
                                                                           yellow. The colour range has been expanded quite considerably since,
Black Sweat Shirts are available at £20 each. When ordering please
                                                                           including the ( coolest of all ) matt black Monster Dark.
state size and send cheque for the full amount or £5 deposit, balance to   The original carburettor engines quickly gave way to fuel injection, and
be paid on delivery. Orders please to Brett – address inside the front     over its lifespan the Monster has been available with a wide range of
cover. If you look carefully at the photographs you may see a              engines, from the 583cc unit up to the 996cc motor from the final
Committee Member wearing one!! Now available from the Club                 incarnation of the 916 super-bike. In fact almost every engine in the Ducati
Stand                                                                      range, two valve and four valve, from 53bhp to 130bhp, has been fitted at
                                                                           some stage ! The frame also changed slightly, with the later versions using
                                                                           the same frame as the ST sports-tourer range
                                                                           Although not ideally suited to motorway use, the Monster is more than
                                                                           happy almost anywhere else. Its low seat height and precise handling make
                                                                           it an ideal bike for town use or B-road blasts, Motorcycle News describing
                                                                           it as “the ultimate hooligan‟s tool…”
                                                                           Six versions of the Monster are available today, five of which are direct
                                                                           descendants of the original M900, in fact the Monster range has turned out
                                                                           to be the biggest selling bike in Ducati‟s history. Was the fact that all the
                                                                           disparate parts worked together so well more luck than judgement ? Quite
                                                                           probably : but the fact that the first bike in the replacement range has only
                                                                           been launched this year, 16 years on, demonstrates how good that original
          FRONT                                       BACK                 idea was…        Richard

                                                We currently have a
                                                selection of 50 classic
                                                 British motorcycles
                                                  and classic cars in
     LANIVET MOTORS                                     stock
     St Bennett’sWood, Truro Road,
          Lanivet, Nr. Bodmin,
          Cornwall. PL305HF
 Tel: (01208) 831314 (831581 evenings)
         Mobile; 07798 783137
            Fax(01208) 831581

                                         WATSONIAN-SQUARE SIDECARS
                    CLUB CHRISTMAS CARD                                                       DISCOUNTED PURCHASES
Ann is taking orders for our first Christmas Card. These will come in
packs of 5 or 10 and will be available shortly. Please ring Ann on 01822
                                                                           The under mentioned Traders, will, on production of your Club
617010 with the quantity you require. Price to be advised.
                                                                           Membership Card, allow you a minimum 10% discount on your purchases
       Wording inside „Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year‟               or repairs:

                                                                               G.T. MOTORCYCLES – All branches.          Minimum 10% (bikes

                                                                            B.A. WINTER-BAKER, 10, Truro Road, Lanivet. Tel: 07850833623
                                                                                         Magneto repairs & rewinds – 10%

                                                                               PLYMOUTH BATTERY CENTRE, Faraday Mill, Cattedown,
                                                                                Plymouth.Tel: 01752 227637 Trade Prices on all batteries

                      CHRISTMAS DINNER
                                                                             SIDEKICK, THE EXHAUST SHOP, Unit 33, Holly Court, Parkway
                                                                             Industrial Est. Plymouth. Tel: 01752 669518 10% discount on exhaust
                    TO BE HELD AT                                                systems for all makes of bikes, modern & classic, plus spares.
             ‘WHO’D HAVE THOUGHT IT’ INN,
                     ST. DOMINICK
                                                                             FOOTMAN JAMES Insurance Specialists have included us on their
              FRIDAY, 12TH DECEMBER, 2008                                   motorcycle club scheme which offers additional benefits. Call 0845 330
                 COST - £24.95 PER HEAD.                                         9733 – quoting Ref CORN for further details and quotation.

  FORM WITH YOUR CHOICE FROM THE MENU                                         MONTY’S CLASSIC BIKES, Tel: 01822 617010, mobile 07899
 AND RETURN WITH YOUR DEPOSIT OF £5 PER                                      967132. Repairer of Classic Motorcycles. Discount to Club Members
              PERSON TO PAM
             2nd DECEMBER, 2008

                       THE ABBEY
                        AND ROY

                      THIS ENGINE
                        WEARS A
                      WHITE SHIRT!!

LEAK – Many
hands make light
work or could it be
too many cooks?
                                 LADIES PAGE                                                                       14TH/15TH SEPTEMBER, 2008

                                                                                Well it wasn‟t raining, for a change, though the roads were very wet in
 Workshop building with Ann and Monty                                           places as Roy and I set off nice and early on Saturday morning. We even
                                                                                arrived before the café was serving breakfast but we persuaded them we
                                                                                needed sustenance. Being Saturday there wasn‟t too many bikes there but
We‟ve come a long way in a few months but have miles to go yet. I‟m             quite a variety as you will see from the photographs.
used to renovating old cottages not new build and although I am sort of a       We had a mooch round looking at the cars etc. then decided to take a bus
„Jackie of all Trades (mistress of none!)‟ this has been a huge learning        ride up to the Abbey. Purchased some of their Tonic Wine – 15% - not to be
curve. Monty, has put his practical nature to good use and has impressed        opened before getting home!! It is a very peaceful place even though there
me with his chippying capabilities and his block work., though I know he        were quite a few people looking round.
would much rather be re-building an engine than be messing about on a
                                                                                It felt quite hair-raising coming back on the top deck of the bus through the
building site. What is goading us onwards is the thought that at the end of
                                                                                village, don‟t think I would like to keep driving through the narrow roads
this build, Monty will have a motorcycle workshop that is large, tailor
                                                                                avoiding parked cars and sticking out buildings.
made, warm dry and practical, hopefully not too far from now. It is a huge
incentive to push on though we have been set back miles by bad weather          It had been a nice day out with the bike going well and it had stayed dry for
amongst other things. The roof is this months job. Neither of us have done      once..
roofing before and what‟s more the planning department in their wisdom
have insisted that we use real slates - so not only is it the biggest shed on
the block, it is going to be the prettiest! Nestling amongst an assortment of
corrugated asbestos and steel section clad jumble.
Eventually the bottom workshop will house lathes, blasting booths,
cleaning sumps, wheel building benches, hydraulic benches etc. etc. as
well as having the capacity to house about 14 bikes with plenty of room to
work on them. Upstairs I get my art studio so that I too can get on with
something that I enjoy and am missing. It‟s a long haul journey but we‟re
getting there, as they say.


                                                                                       NOT A GREAT ATTENDANCE, BUT IT WAS SATURDAY.
                                    SIGHT SEEING
                                   RICHARD COPLEY

Spotted this on the side of a house next to the River Severn in Shrewsbury...
As there is a lot of development work going on in the area I don't know if it
will survive much longer, which is a shame. I hope the picture is clear                                             ‘I’m on top of the
enough to read : The wording says "Cycles, Motorcycles, Tyres in stock.                                              world’ – Monty
Vellocette Motorcycles. Lington Cycle Cars..." A previous ( even older ! )                                         working on the roof.
advert is just about visible beneath this one. Whilst I know what a Velocette
is, I have no idea what a Lington Cycle-Car is... maybe somebody can
enlighten me? Richard

                                                                                  My youngest Alana helps with
                                                                                  the block work ( she is a chip
                                                                                      off the old block too).

I checked on the net but all I could find was that it was built in 1920, 10h.p.
and was a two seater. Unfortunately no picture. - Mo
                             SECRETARY’S MUSINGS
                     OR A REPORT ON OUR RUN TO THE ACE CAFE,                                              MOTORCYCLE GATHERING
                                        LONDON                                                               4TH OCTOBER, 2008
                               27TH/28TH/29TH SEPTEMBER, 2008
Where to start – I think first of all I should give a big THANK YOU to          Well the day started off dry, but by lunch time it had started to rain and it
Brett for leading us unerringly to the Ace Café and back without a mistake      was down right miserable, so we all adjourned into the Hall where it was
– well done. Secondly to Tony for keeping us in order from the back and         warm and dry. The burger lady had unfortunately gone down with a bug, so
ensuring anybody who had to stop got help. Thirdly to Stan who went up          Pam and Lil rallied round and provided their excellent bacon sandwiches
and down the convoy umpteen times ensuring Brett knew what was                  and tea or coffee for us all. – Thank you ladies.
happening. He was chosen because he had the biggest bike!! Last, but not        It was very disappointing that only 13 members turned up for our first local
least, Tony our backup van driver, who was an excellent shield when we          event after the support we had had for our London run but members of the
had to pull out or change lanes etc. He certainly ensured that we had a safe    Legion Motorcycle Club came and it was interesting to chat to them about
journey, though we had a few drivers who thought they could get past us in      what they were doing. Mo
a small space – especially caravan drivers!! I am sure that everybody in
the convoy appreciated these four peoples help as much as I did, Thank You
The first part of our run went very well, though we couldn‟t get any food at
the Little Chef, Chicklade so we sat on the grass and had a picnic. On to the
                                                                                                                                         LOOKS LIKE RAIN!
Black Bushe Airport. The sun was pipping down and it was definitely
getting too hot for motorcycle gear – lovely place with lots going on,
helicopters, sea planes etc. landing and taking off. We were met here by
two combinations (they had read about us in a motorcycle magazine ) a
Royal Enfield and a Brough Superior (pictures further on). Roy‟s bike had
oiled a plug so he had had a ride in the van. These were changed and he
once again joined the convoy.
Traffic was now getting busy and it was very much stop/start motoring all
the way to the Ace Café. Adrian and Lee had come on their bikes to meet
us. Nearly jumped off my bike as this face appeared very close to mine.
Holding a conversation, watching what was happening in front and making
sure the bike didn‟t stall was quite difficult but I managed!! The bikes were
getting very hot and you could smell the oil but we all finally pulled in at
5.50 p.m.. We were greeted by Linda and Mark and given a free cup of
tea/coffee – just what was needed.         Another big thank you for their          TIM‟S HYBRID
hospitality and interest. It was nice to hear of the Café‟s history and the        MACHINE – VERY
hard work they have to put in to keep it going. It is open 7 days a week.              HAIRY!
Over to the Abbey Point Café and Hotel where we were made welcome.
We parked our bikes, chained them up and then found our rooms for a well
earned shower before walking back to the Ace Café for a meal. Brett had
stopped here when he did his End to End run and it had been clean but
basic.     They have now had the place refurbished with en-suite, air
conditioning etc. in every room. They certainly gave us great value for
money as well as an excellent breakfast.
Half an hour later, I was on the M40 and could relax, looking forward to       Sunday morning was sunny once again as we made the half mile journey
a family evening.                                                              back to the Café. There we found a great deal of motorbikes of all
By the time the bike had cooled overnight there was little sign of the         descriptions attending the 59 Club Event. Some of our members had been
smokescreen present on the Sunday morning ride back to the Ace. The            members long ago in their youth. Much reminiscing!! We were given a
sun was out and the M40 nearly deserted, with the exception of one other       separate place on the pavement!! To keep us altogether they said!
bike headed in the same direction.                                             After about 2 hours of chatting and admiring bikes, we all did our own thing.
                                                                               Some stayed and chatted, some went visiting and four of us decided to
                                                                               stretch our legs and walk the canal to Paddington Station. We stopped in
                                                                               Little Venice for sustenance, went down to the end of the Grand Union then
                                                                               retraced our steps, stopping at a pub on the way back, of course!! 9¾ miles
                                                                               we did according to the signposts. We saw lots of wild life on the canal –
                                                                               fantastic right in the middle of London. A few moans and groans about sore
                                                                               feet, but I ignored these!!!
                                                                               Back to the Ace for Dinner to find a motorcyclist doing a few stunts in front
                                                                               of the Café, quite entertaining but I wouldn‟t want to buy that bike after he
                                                                               had finished with it!
                                                                               Monday morning was once again sunny and we decided to set off around
                                                                               9.30 a.m. as the traffic should have gone by then. Sure enough it was quite
                                                                               quiet, relative to Saturday, and we sailed through the roundabouts and traffic
                                                                               lights arriving at The Shack Café a good three quarters of an hour ahead of
The morning was spent admiring the huge range of machinery parked on           schedule. The rest of the journey was uneventful, though we did have a
show, with my favourite being a Honda CBX 6-cylinder machine with a            short shower. We got back to Plymouth at 6.10 p.m. feeling a little
very appropriate number plate. I was most impressed with the friendly          exhausted but quite elated having completed the run.
attitude of all the bikers there, with many asking where we had ridden         We had two „L‟ riders with us and they both did very well, especially Antony,
from and there were even a few who stopped to look at the Honda, now           who was still recovering from his horrendous car accident. If he doesn‟t pass
minus it‟s huge tank bag.                                                      his test after that run then there must be something wrong with the system. –
After lunch, I was again back on the North Circular, this time in the          Well done to you both.
correct direction and soon found myself back on the motorway to the            Just a few statistics: There were 16 bikes in the convoy, 3 lady riders, 3 non-
daughters.                                                                     members, but by the end of the run two had joined up. The mileage from
The next morning I was meeting Stan for the ride back to Cornwall. This        Plymouth and back was 428 but most of us did quite a lot more to get back
proved to be one of the best rides I can remember.                             home.
Cutting down from Buckinghamshire through Reading and on to                    A very successful three days. Thank goodness though for the weather, we
Basingstoke and the M3, the weather was fine and the roads not very            must have been doing something right.
We stopped when needed for fuel and the Honda managed well with the            Overheard at the Ace Café: They’ve come all the way up from Cornwall
conditions and cruised comfortable at close to the speed limit for mile        and there was even a little old lady on a blue Triumph 21, she looks just like
after mile.                                                                    my Granny!!     Don‟t quite know what to make of that one – Mo
Lunch was at a burger stop on the 303 and before I knew it I was waving
goodbye to Stan on his Guzzi as he peeled off for the Launceston               Phill was pulling Ian’s leg by saying he didn’t need to look in his mirror to
junction from the A30.                                                         see who was behind as he could smell the smoke!! – whoops!
I was home by 4:00 and ready to relax, having had a great weekend.
On Friday night I prepared the bike to ride to work on Saturday, hoping        E-mail reply to Phill: „Thank you for your email and kind comments, we are
to go on to the bike gathering at Tideford. On opening the shed in the         happy that you enjoyed your visit and it was an absolute pleasure meeting
morning, I was shocked to see that the half litre of oil I had topped up the   and chatting to you all.
engine with had all poured out of the bottom of the engine, along with         We will look forward to seeing you again in the future, and I have added
some more of the engine contents. I still do not know the source of the        your email address to my clubs database, so that you will automatically be
problem, but it looks like an oil seal on the output shaft may be the          sent the meets listings for 2009 when they become available.” Kind Regards,
culprit. -The joys of elderly motorcycles!                                     Linda Wilsmore, Ace Café London
                      S                                                                                          The Slow Way Up
                                                                                               (With apologies to EWAN McGREGOR & CHARLEY BOORMAN)

1,          Because it seemed like a good idea at the time!                   The trip might not have been on the same scale as the famous one from
2,          I wanted to see if the Lambretta SX220 could do it.
                                                                              Scotland to Cape Town. But the preparations had had to be made, and as the
                                                                              bikes were in the main “well used”, there was a degree of doubt as to
3,          The challenge of putting a scooter on the road for the first      whether or not they would last the trip to the „Ace‟. This was certainly the
            time in thirty years, sorting all the usual teething problems &   case for myself. I had decided to take the opportunity to visit my second
            starting the running in process in four weeks.                    daughter and her husband 25 miles or so from London and would stay with
4,          To prove to the sceptical sponsors wrong (at least half said it   them for the weekend. This would add extra mileage, which combined with
                                                                              the additional distance from St Austell to the start point at the Tamar bridge,
            could not be done).                                               made a total of close to 600 miles.
                                                                              I had purchased a tank bag off ebay for the huge sum of £4.99 and packed it
WHAT WENT WRONG BEFORE THE 27th                                               with changes of clothes and a vital litre of engine oil. On Friday night all
1,        Small end bearing rattling.                                         was secured, the bike checked and I was beginning to feel a little more
2,        Clutch slipping.
                                                                              confident that I would make it without having to ride in the back of Brett‟s
3,        Gear change broke on my way to work.                                On Saturday morning I pushed the bike from the shed at 05:30 and bravely
4,        Lots of annoying rattles!                                           set out. Reaching the end of our lane, I spluttered to a halt, with the engine
                                                                              refusing to fire. I soon realised what the problem was and with a few choice
                                                                              comments turned on the fuel tap and was on my way. Picking up Roy and
                                                                              Mo on the way, the ride to the start was unpleasant, with heavy condensation
                                                                              and misting up making it hard to see for much of the way.
                                                                              At the starting point, things were a bit of a blur, with greetings being made
                                                                              and much admiring of the state of people‟s bikes. It was not long before we
                                                                              were on our way to Exeter and the first leg or the journey.
                                                                              The pace for this leg of the journey was “steady”, governed by the speed of
                                                                              the slower bikes, but not uncomfortable. The bulk of the trip was without
                                                                              incident for me, but the main memories are of various people having
                                                                              electrical problems, requiring machines to be put in the van for later
                                                                              Having found myself near the back of the procession, I was also aware of the
                                                                              whiplash effect, where I was either waiting for someone to move, or going
                                                  Apart from my               like hell to catch up. No real problem though until we hit London. By the
                                                  brake light packing         time we reached Hammersmith flyover, the pace had dropped to walking
                                                                              speed and my engine temperature was in inverse proportion to our progress.
                                                  up, I had a faultless       At every traffic light a fog of exhaust and hot engine fumes would surround
                                                  run!                        me. As soon as I pulled away again, I could see no sign of the riders behind
                                                  I would like to thank       as my rear view mirrors were filled with a light blue mist. The cause was the
                                                  everybody on the            engine oil getting so hot that it was running through the 16 somewhat worn
                                                  trip for making it          valve seals and guides on the Honda. This effect had some benefits as it
                                                                              allowed other riders to easily spot me and at the same time would have
                                                  special, the                prevented traffic cameras from getting my number plate in the event of
                                                  friendship &                transgressions into bus lanes or hashed junctions.
                                                  camaraderie was             We eventually arrived to a warm welcome at the Ace and after a look
                                                  second to none.             around, some welcome refreshments and a bit of socialising, I headed out
                                                                              onto the North Circular again, where to my disbelief, I found myself
                                                                              approaching the M1 junction. I had only got on in the wrong direction
                                                                              heading East instead of West.

                                                        OFF WE GO – 7.10 A.M.

             PICNIC AREA

                                                                                 FIRST STOP



                                                                                     AREN’T WE NEAT
                                                                                       AND TIDY?
                                                                                      BLACK BUSHE

                                                                                                      Royal Enfield &
                                                                                                      Brough Superior
                                                                                                      Combinations at
                                                                                                        Black Bushe
                                         DINNER AT THE ACE CAFE – JUST GREAT

  IT –

                                                          SUNDAY IN THE SUN


               TONY AND MARK, OUR HOST

T                An Assistant to Help the Club’s Event Organiser
    Due to Ian having increased work commitments both at home and abroad
    he is in urgent need of assistance. You would be working in conjunction
    with Ian and the work load would not be great, probably helping out with
              phone calls and making arrangements towards events.

                    If you can provide any help please contact either
                                        Thank you
M   M

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