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Grade 6 Math 1st Nine Wks


									                                                       Grade 6 – Math –1st Nine Weeks

Standard(s): Mathematical Processes & Number and Operations

GLE                                             Common                      Suggested Activities/Strategies                                       Resources
                                                Core State
GLE 0606.2.5 Develop meaning for              Apply and extend      Guest Access box password: courseoutlines              Chapter 9 Sec 1 pg 450
integers; represent and compare quantities    previous                6th Grade MNPS Curriculum Guides           Chapter 9 Sec 2 pg 454
with integers.                                understandings of       SpringBoard: “Integer Games” (integers)
                                              numbers to the          Holt Science Textbook pg 382-383 “Math Practice Activity” on converting    Hands-On Lab: Model
 SPI 0606.2.7 Locate positive rational       system of rational       temperatures                                                               Integer Addition pg 464
  numbers on the number line.                 numbers.                Glencoe: Self-Check Quizzes 2-Comparing and Ordering Integers
                                                                                         Hands-On Lab: Model
 SPI 0606.2.8 Locate integers on the                                  bin/msgQuiz.php4?isbn=0-07-829633-                                         Integer Subtraction pg 469
  number line.                                                         1&chapter=3&lesson=2&headerFile=4&state=na
   0606.2.10 Explore contexts that can                               Hotmath Practice Problems: Integers - Division
       be described with negative numbers                    
       (such as money, elevation, and
                                                                      Card Games
                                                                      Chalk on the Sidewalk
                                                                      Number Line Game
 SPI 0606.1.3 Use concrete, pictorial,
  and symbolic representation for integers.

0606.3.3 Extend order of operations to        N/A                     Math Frog – Order of Operations Game                                       Chapter 1 Sec 3 pg 12
include grouping symbols and exponents.                                 Chapter 1 Sec 4 pg 20
                                                                      SpringBoard: “A Fairly Ordered Operation” (Order of Operations)
 SPI 0606.3.2 Use order of operations                                COUNTDOWN: Order of Operations in Word Problems-2
  and parentheses to simplify expressions                    
  and solve problems.                                                  013/OrderOperaWdPrSolution/index.html
                                                                      Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally – PEMDAS
                                                                      Order of Operations Millionaire Game
                                                                      The Interactive Mathematics Classroom
                                                                      Illuminations
                                                                      Strike Out Bowling Game
                                                                      Tangram Puzzle or Order of Operations Puzzle
0606.1.1 Use mathematical language,           N/A                     Literature: “Math Appeal” (Riddles involving computation & number sense)   Holt Middle School Math
symbols, and definitions while developing                             Literature: “Math Curse” (Writing Riddles and Story Problems – Marilyn     Course I
mathematical reasoning.                                                Burns Math & Literature grades 4-6)
                                                                      Nrich: Got It                                                              About Teaching
                                                                         Mathematics by Marilyn
                                                      Grade 6 – Math –1st Nine Weeks
0606.5.2 Interpret representations of data    Develop               Navigations through Data Analysis in Grades 6-8                             Chapter 6 Sec 1 pg 272
from surveys and polls, and describe          understanding of             o “Lengths of Cats” pg 20                                             Chapter 6 Sec 2 pg 275
sample bias and how data representations      statistical                  o “TV Watching” pg 23                                                 Chapter 6 Sec 3 pg 278
can be misleading.                            variability.                 o “Making the Data” pg 26                                             Chapter 6 Sec 4 pg 284
                                                                           o “Drop Off” pg 29                                                    Chapter 6 Sec 5 pg 290
 SPI 0606.5.2 Identify features of graphs    Summarize and         Literature: “The $1.00 Word Riddle Book” (addition, data collection -       Chapter 6 Sec 6 pg 294
  that may be misleading.                     describe               Marilyn Burns Math & Literature grades 4-6))                                Chapter 6 Sec 7 pg 297
                                              distributions.        Literature: “The Amazing Book of Mammal Records (Proportional               Chapter 6 Sec 8 pg 301
 SPI 0606.5.3 Determine whether or not                              reasoning, length, weight, comparing data)                                  Chapter 6 Sec 9 pg 305
  a sample is biased.                                               Literature; “Martha, Blah, Blah” (Collecting and Analyzing data - Marilyn
   0606.5.8 Connect data sets and                                   Burns Math & Literature grades 4-6)
       their graphical representations                              Literature: “Tiger Math” (Analyzing data, bar graphs, circle graphs -       Social Studies Textbook
       (such as bar graphs, circle, graphs,                          Marilyn Burns Math and Nonfiction grades 3-5)                               Geography handbook pgs
       and stem-and-leaf plots).                                    Literature: “Tikki Tikki Tembo (data, mean/median/mode/range)               GH11-GH13
   0606.5.9 Determine the sample
                                                                    Literature: “Wilma Unlimited” (computation, graphing, weight
       space for a given situation.                                                                                                              Science Textbook
                                                                     measurements - Marilyn Burns Math and Nonfiction grades 3-5)
   0606.5.10 Distinguish between a                                                                                                              Appendix pg 483-489
                                                                    SpringBoard: “When Were You Born?” (Graphs, Stem & Leaf, Mean,
       random and nonrandom sample.
                                                                     Median, Mode, Range)
   0606.5.11 Select the appropriate
                                                                    SpringBoard: “Taking a Class Picture” (charts, plots, outliers, MMMR)
       measure of center to describe a data
       set.                                                         SpringBoard: “Batter Up! Second Inning” (Measures of Central Tendency)
   0606.5.12 Predict the                                           PBS Teachers: Deep Crisis: Salmon Counting
       characteristics of a population                     
       based on the analysis of sample                              I4C: Using Excel to Anayze Results of a Simple Survey
                                                                    Slanted Surveys and Statistics Lesson
                                                                    Conducting A survey:
                                                                    Internet 4 Classrooms

0606.1.6 Read and interpret the language      N/A                   Math Forum: How do you write a good solution?
of mathematics and use written/oral                        
communication to express mathematical
ideas precisely.
                                                         Grade 6 – Math –1st Nine Weeks
0606.3.1 Write and solve two-step               Reason about and        Navigating through Algebra Grades 6-8                                   Chapter 2 Ext pg 76
equations and inequalities.                     solve one-variable      Math Playground: Algebraic Reasoning                                    Chapter 12 Sec 2 pg 604
                                                equations and                    Hands-on Lab pg 602
 SPI 0606.3.1 Represent on a number            inequalities.           Solving two-step equation presentation. Teacher Tube
  line the solution of a linear inequality.                    
   0606.3.2 Write and solve one-step                                    Steps_Equations
        inequalities corresponding to given                             Solving two step linear equations
        situations (non-negative numbers                       
        only).                                                           _algebraic_equation_using_inverse_operation
                                                                        Cool Math: Algebra Crunchers
 SPI 0606.3.6 Solve two-step linear                                     practice-solving.html
  equations using number sense,                                         Algebra Game
  properties, and inverse operations.
   0606.3.1 Write and solve two-step
       linear equations corresponding to
       given situations (non-negative
       numbers only).

0606.3.2 Interpret and represent algebraic      Apply and extend        Navigating through Algebra Grades 3-5                                   Chapter 2 Sec 1 pg 48
relationships with variables in expressions,    previous                       o “Variable Machine” pg 39                                        Chapter 2 Sec 2 pg 52
simple equations and inequalities.              understandings of       Navigating through Algebra Grades 6-8                                   Chapter 2 Sec 3 pg 58
                                                arithmetic to                                                                                    Chapter 1 Sec 7 pg 31
                                                                               o “Exploring Houses” pg 9
        0606.3.3 Recognize the use of          algebraic
         juxtaposition (such as 3x, ab) to      expressions.                   o “Builiding with Toothpicks” pg 13
         stand for multiplication, and the                              Literature: “Math for Smarty Pants” (computation, algebra, logical
         convention in these cases of writing                            reasoning)
         numbers before letters.                                        Purple Math: Solving Inequalities: Linear and Nonlinear
        0606.3.5 Use the commutative,                         
         associative and distributive                                   Absurd Math: Pre-Algebra from another dimension
         properties to show that two                           
         expressions are equivalent.                                    Classroom Algebra games
        0606.3.7 Move fluently between                                  algebra.html
         different representations (such as
         verbal, tabular, numerical,
         algebraic, and graphical) of
         equations and expressions.
        0606.3.8 Represent patterns using
         words, graphs, and simple symbolic
                                                         Grade 6 – Math –1st Nine Weeks
0606.1.8 Use technologies/manipulatives         N/A                    6th Grade Algebra Activities                                                SuperSource
appropriately to develop understanding of                        Manipulatives
mathematical algorithms, to facilitate                                  ities.php
problem solving, and to create accurate                                Georgetown: Lesson Plan: Trivial Persuits and Algebra                       Algebra Tile
and reliable models of mathematical                                Manipulatives
concepts.                                                               al.htm
                                                                       Interactive algebra tiles
 SPI 0606.1.5 Model algebraic                                         Working with Algebra Tiles
  expressions using algebra tiles.                            
   0606.1.1 Recognize different
       conventions used in calculator and
       computer spreadsheets (e.g., * for
       multiplication, ^ for exponent), but
       use mathematical notation in
       written work.
   0606.1.11 Model algebraic
       expressions with manipulatives,
       technology, and pencil and paper.

0606.3.4 Use expressions, equations and         Apply and extend       Literature: “Green Eggs and Ham” (Algebraic Expressions and Equations –     Chapter 2 Sec 4 pg 62
formulas to solve problems.                     previous                Dr Seuss Comes to Middle School Math Activity                               Chapter 2 Sec 5 pg 66
                                                understandings of              Chapter 2 Sec 6 pg 69
                                                arithmetic to          MathStar: May I Take Your Order?                                            Chapter 2 Sec 7 pg 73
                                                expressions.           The Practice Activities

0606.1.4 Move flexibly between concrete         N/A                    NRICH: Fair Exchange?                                                       SuperSource
and abstract representations of                                                        Manipulatives
mathematical ideas in order to solve                                   PBS: Melvin's Make-A-Match
problems, model mathematical ideas, and                       
communicate solution strategies.

        0606.1.5 Illustrate properties of
         operations by showing that two
         expressions are equivalent in a
         given context (e.g., using an area
         model for distributive property, and
         grouping/set models for
         commutative and associative
                                                   Grade 6 – Math –1st Nine Weeks
0606.1.3 Develop independent reasoning to    N/A              Properties of Addition with Online Practice
communicate mathematical ideas and                   
derive algorithms and/or formulas.                            Literature: “The King’s Chessboard” (estimation – Marilyn Burns Math and
                                                               Literature grades 4-6
 SPI 0606.1.4 Select the representation
  that models one of the arithmetic
  properties (commutative, associative, or
                                                           Grade 6 – Math –1st Nine Weeks

Suggested Integrated Activities

Social Studies:
          Tools of the Historian –timelines/integers (S.S. book tools 1, 2, & 10)
          History of Math – Sumerian Advances in Science and Math (S.S. book pg 21)
          History of Math – Greek Advances in Science and Math (S.S. book pg 185-186)
          History of Math – Indian Advances in Science and Math (S.S. book pg 215-216)
          History of Math – Chinese Number system (S.S. book pg 236)
          History of Math - Algebra/Aerobic Numbers (S.S. book pg 391)
          Influential Math Mathematicians
                o Archimedes
                o Euclid
                o Pythagoras
                o Eratosthenes
                o Fibonacci
                o Leonardo daVinci
                o Galileo
          Social Studies Link – Archaeology/Order of Operations (Math textbook pg 23)
          Social Studies Link – Latitude & Longitude/Coordinate Plane (Math textbook pg 461)
          Social Studies Textbook Geography handbook pgs GH11-GH13

          Life Science Link – cell division/exponents (Math textbook pg 15)
          Earth Science Focus on Problem-Solving – weather/interpreting data (Math textbook pg 17)
          Problem-Solving on Location – wind energy/data interpretation (Math textbook pg 36)
          Earth Science Link – weather/data interpretation (Math textbook 272)
          Earth Science Link – climate//measures of central tendency (Math Textbook pg 281)
          Science Textbook Appendix pg 483-489

Reading and Language:

          Focus on Problem-Solving “Solve” pg 17
          Math Journals Chapter 1 pg 7 (number lines), pg 11 (estimation), pg 15 (exponents), pg 23 (ordering), pg 27 (multiplying mentally)
          Write about It: last page of each lesson
          Focus on Problem-Solving “Understand the Problem” pg 463
          Math Journals Chapter 9 pg 453 (negative numbers), pg 457 (integers), pg 461 (ordered pairs), pgs 468, 479, 485
          Focus on Problem-Solving “Make a Plan” pg 283
          Math Journals Chapter 6 pg 281 (outliers), pg 287 (double bar graphs), pg 293 (histograms), pg 300 (graphs), pg 304 (misleading graphs)

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