ESOL Endorsement vs. ESOL Certification by suchenfz


									  Difference Between the ESOL Endorsement and the
                  ESOL Certification
An ESOL Endorsement is an add-on to a valid Florida teaching certificate. Therefore, to add it, you must be
already certified in a subject area. The ESOL Endorsement can be added by completing the 5 ESOL approved
college courses or the 300 hour district ESOL in-service program, or a combination of the two. (You cannot
add the ESOL endorsement by passing the ESOL K-12 subject area exam.) When a teaching certificate is
renewed, an endorsement does not require additional in-service points in order to keep the coverage on the
teaching certificate. It will be automatically added each time the teaching certificate is renewed.

The ESOL K-12 Certification is a subject area certification. It requires passing the ESOL K-12 Area Test, and an
additional 120 hours of ESOL training. Teachers have three years from the date they obtain the ESOL
Certification to complete the additional required training. As with other subject area certifications, when one
renews the teaching certificate, a determined amount of in-service points are required to keep the
certification on the teaching certificate. (120 pt. minimum for up to four subjects – 180 pts. for five or more

Teachers completing the 300 hr. ESOL Endorsement through district in-service must first take Empowering
ESOL teachers Vol. I & II - 60 hrs., then it is recommended that you take TEACH 1 & 3 : Applied Linguistics, and
TEACH 2 & 4 : Cross-cultural Communication & Understanding, followed by the Broadcast and Content Video
classes (5), the Laser Disk/Resource Kit MUST be the last class taken.

This being said, as long as the Empowering ESOL Teachers Vol. I & II in-service class is taken first, and the
Laser class last, all other classes may be taken in any order, if necessary.

College courses that may get ESOL training credit. They may be actual course titles or course descriptors

Applied Linguistics

Cross-cultural Communication

ESOL Curriculum and Instruction

ESOL Testing and Evaluation

ESOL Methods

For more information, please contact Raquel Garcia, ESOL Training Program Specialist at 407-870-4803.

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