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									Schengen agreement
   History, conditions, member

  Lukáš Kališ, Tomáš Eminger
What is it ?
   Agreement among European states which
    allows the abolition of systematic border
    controls between the participating countries
   Policy for temporary entry of persons –
    Schengen Visa
   14 June 1985 – original agreement signed by
    five europian countries
   Then Schengen convention was created to
    put it into practice
   It took a decade for first countries to
    implement it in 26 March 1995
   Nowadays 33 countries have signed the
    agreement and 15 have implemented it so far
Countries implementing
Non EU Schengen countries
   There are 3 countries that signed the
    agreement but are not from EU – Iceland,
    Norway and Switzerland
   The main reason for Iceland and Norway was
    to preserve the open borders agreement
    between the Nordic countries that worked
Conditions for new countries
   Each country has to show readiness in four
         air borders
         visas
         police cooperation
         personal data protection
   Readiness in these areas will be checked by
    EU experts
Schengen agreement
        How does it work
Schengen Visa
   For traveling from outer countries into
    schengen area
   When you get schengen visa you can travel
    among all member states without any other
    visas and without identity check
Customs control
   Most of countries in Schengen agreement are
    in EU
   Those countries has no customs control from
    EU rule and no ID checks from Schengen
   In countries that are not in EU there are
    customs control but not ID checks
Security exception
   There are some exceptions when countries
    form Schengen agreement can for a short
    time reinstate border controls, but only in the
    interest of national security
   Exaples when it was used
         Portugal during the 2004 European Football
         Frace during ceremonies of 60th aniversary of D-Day
         Finland briefly reinstated border controls during the
          2005 World Championships in Athletics
Schengen Information System
   Every country knows same information about
    peoples background so no person can
    disappear by moving to another country
   This includes option for police pusuing
    criminal to go 30 km into another country but
    there are some conditons that policeman
    must observe
The end
   Thank you for your attention and patinece
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