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					                              Google Apps Education Training
                                                                                    Estimated time:
Module 1: Google Apps Education Edition                                             25 minutes

This Module covers the basics of Google Apps Education Edition and how you can use Google Apps
on your school domain.

 Chapter 1 Introduction to Google Apps »
            • Google Apps Education Edition Overview
  Learning • Understanding the difference between Google Apps accounts and Gmail accounts
 Objectives • Top 10 reasons to use Google Apps

 Chapter 2 Getting around Google Apps »
            • How to sign in to Google Apps products
            • How to access the control panel as an administrator

 Chapter 3 Customize Google Apps for your school »

            • Choosing to add/remove services for your domain
            • Customizing products for your domain
            • Understanding the benefits of Google Message Security and how to set-up email
            • Creating school-wide 'groups' for email lists and sharing
            • Finding more resources for Google Apps admins

 Chapter 4 Google Apps FAQs »
 Learning • Reviewing general FAQs
 Objectives • Accessing Google Apps Security & Privacy FAQs

                                                                           Estimated time:
                                                                           3 hours
Module 2: Mail

This Module covers the how to use mail on your school Apps domain.

Also check out these relevant webinars from the Google Apps for Education Professional
Development series:

      Becoming a Gmail Ninja

 Chapter 1 Introduction to Apps Mail »
             • Map of Apps mail

             • Key differences from Outlook
             • Keyboard shortcuts

          • Apps mail labs
Chapter 2 Send and Receive Mail »
          • Write and send messages

             • Emails grouped by conversation

           • Read and respond to messages
Objectives • Create email message templates

             • Receive email from multiple accounts into your Google Apps inbox

             • Personalize your inbox and messages

Chapter 3 Manage Contacts »
          • Add or delete contacts

             • Upload existing contacts and groups

Learning • Creating contact groups for parents, classes, teachers, organizations
           • Send to contacts or contact groups

             • Sync contacts to mobile phone

Chapter 4 Store and Organize Mail »
          • Use 'Labels' to organize email by class or academic subject

             • Archive vs deleting messages

Learning • Automate your inbox with filters, templates
           • Forward your mail to a different address

             • Search tips for finding emails in a 7.5 GB inbox

Chapter 5 Apps Mail and your Email Software »
           • Use your Apps mail account with email software using POP or IMAP
Learning • Switch to Apps mail from Microsoft Outlook
Objectives • Import your old email into your Apps mail account
 Chapter 6 Manage and Create Task Lists »
              • To do lists and tasks in Apps Mail

              • Create, organize, and prioritize multiple task lists
            • Print or send a task list to someone
              • Integrate Tasks with Google Calendar

 Chapter 7 Offline and Mobile Access to Apps Mail »
           • Access Apps mail without an internet connection
            • Access Apps mail and tasks from your phone

 Chapter 8 Chat Instantly in Apps Mail »
           • Chat in Apps mail overview

              • Reply to email with chat, save and search chats
            • Add, remove, or change who appears in your chatlist
              • Chat with a group

              • More than words - voice and video chat
Module 3: Calendar                                                      Estimated time:
                                                                        3 hours

This module will go through all the elements of Google Calendar.

 Chapter 1 Introduction to Calendar »
              • Map of Calendar
              • Open and View Calendar
 Chapter 2 Add appointments and events »
           • Create a calendar entry with start and end times

              • Create a calendar entry spanning one or multiple days

              • Create an ongoing or repeating calendar entry
              • Create entries in different calendars

              • Copy an entry to a different calendar

           • Add email, SMS, or pop-up reminders
 Chapter 3 Add people to calendar events »
             • Invite Individuals to an event

             • Invite parents/people who don't use Google Calendar

             • View guest lists and responses
             • Show or hide your guest list

             • Edit guest list

          • Responding to calendar invitations
Chapter 4 Create and view calendars »
          • Create a personal calendar only you can see

             • Switch between Day, Week, Month, and Agenda view

             • Use agenda view to creat hour by hour lesson plan
             • Add and view other calendars at your school

             • Import iCal, Outlook, Yahoo!, or other calendars

          • Print a Calendar
Chapter 5 Share calendars with individuals, groups, and more »

           • Calendar Sharing Overview
           • Give other faculty or students access to change a calendar
           • Share a calendar with parents or people outside your school
           • Share a calendar with students, teachers, or parents
           • Share a calendar with a group
           • Check and modify who can view, edit, or add events

Chapter 6 Publish and integrate calendars »
           • Publish a calendar as a webpage
           • Embed a class calendar into a Google Site
           • Embed a calendar into any website with HTML
           • Let students embed calendars into Site start page

Chapter 7 Plan a course curriculum and schedule with Calendar »
           • Class Calendar
           • Project Calendar
           • Academic Calendar
           • Resource Calendar

Chapter 8 Calendar Labs »
Learning • Overview
Objectives • Add Labs to your calendar
 Chapter 9 Other ways to access Calendar »
            • Access Calendar without an internet connection
 Learning • View and make changes from a mobile phone
 Objectives • Sync Calendar with Outlook or iCal

                                                                                        Estimated time:
Module 4: Docs                                                                          4 hours

This Module will review creating, sharing, and editing the different types of documents available in Google

Also check out these relevant webinars from the Google Apps for Education Professional
Development series:

      Taking the core features of Google Apps to the next level
      Introduction to Forms in Google Docs
      Intermediate and Advanced Forms in Google Docs

 Chapter 1 Introduction to Google Docs »
            • Overview of Google Docs • Access Google Docs • Compatibility
 Chapter 2 Sharing, Privacy, Printing, and Publishing »
            • Online collaboration
            • Share and access docs within your school
            • Share docs outside of school
            • Share and access docs with a group
 Learning • Shared folders with individual or group
 Objectives • Advanced sharing permissions
            • Email docs as an attachment
            • Publish docs to the web
            • Embed Docs into a blog or site
            • Print options
 Chapter 3 Documents »
            • Docs in the classroom • Work with documents • Manage documents with multiple editors •
            Basic formatting • Advanced formatting • Create and share templates • Improve the writing
            process with Docs • Create an archive with Docs • Run a paperless classroom with Docs
 Chapter 4 Spreadsheets »
            • Spreadsheets in the classroom • Enter data in a spreadsheet • Share and collaborate spreadsheet
 Learning data • Useful functions and formulas • Manage spreadsheets • Analyze spreadhseet data • Create
 Objectives and publish charts

 Chapter 5 Presentations »
  Learning    • Presentations in the classroom • Create and format presentations
 Objectives • Edit and format slides
            • Share and publish a presentation
            • Prepare and deliver a presentation
            • Streamline back-to-back presentations
            • Design presentation templates for class
 Chapter 6 Forms »
            • Forms in the classroom

              • Create and customize a form

              • Collect form responses
              • View form results and share with others

              • Design and deliver quizzes and tests using forms
              • Structure peer reviews and feedback • Check and submit assignments • Log student information
              into a single database • File and track school-wide requests

                                                                                    Estimated time:
                                                                                    3 hours

Module 5: Sites

This lesson goes through all the essential items of Google Sites

 Chapter 1 Introduction to Sites »

 Learning • Google Sites at your school • Google Sites as a wiki • Quick principles of well designed and
 Objectives usable sites

 Chapter 2 Create, format, and customize a site »
 Learning • Create a site in Google Sites • Personalize site theme, background, colors and logos • Add navigation
            menus and sitemaps • Let collaborators and files or comments to pages in a site • Copy an existing site •
 Objectives Change a site URL • Delete a site
 Chapter 3 Choose page types »
              • Overview

              • Page location

              • Choose a layout for standard page
            • Share files with students and teachers using File Cabinet pages
              • Create classroom/school announcements with Announcement pages

              • Create a class or project blog with Announcement pages

              • Create vocabulary or reading lists with List pages
              • Create a school 'start' page with Start pages

              • Create and edit page templates for your site
 Chapter 4    Manage pages in your site »
 Learning     • Change page type or template • Edit page settings • Delete or recover pages in your site • View all pages
 Objectives   in your site
 Chapter 5    Embed gadgets, media, other Apps tools »
              • Rich media options for your site • Add standard content to your page • Insert Google product gadgets on
 Learning your page • Find and create other gadgets for your site • Manage files and attachments on your site • Find
 Objectives and create other gadgets for your site • Customize search for your site
 Chapter 6 Share, publish, and protect a site »
 Learning • Publishing and sharing overview • Share a site with an individual • Share a site with a group •
 Objectives Share a site with your school • Make a site public- anyone in the world can see
 Chapter 7 Use Sites to manage your class »
            • Overview • Embed a course calendar • Notify students about course or site updates • Deliver
 Learning courses with presentations, videos, notes • Moderate class Q&A and discussion • Build a site
 Objectives template for student coursework • Collect and organize student course sites • Administer quizzes
            and tests with forms
 Chapter 8 Gadget gallery and development »
 Learning • Block and allow certain gadgets for your school • Insert and play videos if YouTube is blocked •
 Objectives Useful gadgets for teachers and students

                                                                                                Estimated time:
Module 6: Other Tools                                                                           2 hours

This Module covers the additional tools and features of Google Apps Education Edition.

 Chapter 1 Apps Mail Labs »
           • Mail sidebar gadgets

              • Previews: Maps, Picasa albums, and more

              • Message Translation

 Learning • Quick links
            • Send and archive

              • Suggest more recipients

              • Insert images into email messages

 Chapter 2 Moderator »
            • Google Moderator overview
            • Create and manage a Moderator page
              • Submit and vote on ideas or topics

              • Delete and flag questions

              • Embed Moderator pages on a site

              • Presentation view for topics

 Chapter 3 Video »
           • Google Video for Education overview

              • Specify who can upload videos

              • Upload and share videos
              • Search and sort videos

              • More Google Video for Education resources

 Chapter 4 Standalone Contact Manager »
            • Manage contacts outside of Apps Mail
            • Add Contact Manager to your domain

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