How To Send a Mass Email

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					How To Send a Mass Email

Step 1: Assemble a list of Realtors you would like to target. This can be obtained in numerous places. This
company offers 50% off for Area Pro brokers:

Step 2: Cleaning the list
Take out all entries you don’t want to markets to (be sure to include your current agents). Save it as a .csv file in
Excel. Do a word search for the word “spam” and delete all entries with that word.

Step 3: Find a good mass e-mail program. I recommend MadMimi, use the link below:

Step 4. Engineer the perfect marketing e-mail:
Make sure your marketing emails are readable

E-mail marketing fact: your carefully crafted multimedia content or images are not going to be readable by most
people. About 65% of recipients are viewing your marketing e-mail on their text only mobile devices.

If you have to include images in your e-mail content, make sure your e-mail text content makes sense for
readers, even if the images are not displayed.

If possible, send your marketing emails as plain text. It will be smaller in size and readable on an e-mail
platform. A work around would be to send the e-mail as plain text and include a link to an HTML, web version
of that message.

Marketing emails must have a familiar a preview

E-mail marketing fact: most people decide if an e-mail is interesting but previewing it, without opening it. They
make this decision based on the sender’s e-mail address and e-mail subject line. About 69% make the decision
to click on the “report spam” or “junk” button using the subject line.

To increase the success rate of your marketing emails, make sure your sender’s name is visible, trustworthy and
easily recognized. Do not send marketing emails from robot looking email addresses, like “1Z-mailinglist-”. Send your marketing emails from an e-mail address that triggers the feeling “ I know who sent this e-
mail" . Knowing and trusting the sender is the primary reason for opening an e-mail.

Use the subject line to summarize the e-mail content. The subject line should tell the e-mail content, not sell the
email content. Your subject line to 50 characters or less. Avoid writing your subject text with capital letters.
Avoid using flashy promotional texts or exclamation marks.

According to the mail marketing statistics, personalizing the e-mail subject line for each person did not
significantly change the campaign results.

The email delivery rate as high as possible.
E-mail marketing fact: Very few people care to look at messages automatically stored in junk/spam folders.
Anti spam filters can be easily triggered by the e-mail from field, subject line, content, file attachments or e-
mail frequency.

Do not use subject lines that contain words or styles that are popular on spam messages (see table 1). Do not
write subject lines with CAPS LOCK ON.

Table 1
Free!                                  Million dollars
[insert percentage]% off!              Opportunity
Click here                             compare
Call now!                              Removes
Earn $                                 collect
Discount!                              Amazing
Eliminate                              cash bonus
Double your income                     promise you
You’re a winner!                       If guarantees

Do not include scripts, images or any other content that is supposed to be downloaded from the Internet, when
the email is rendered on the screen.

Spam filtering is more likely to occur because of HTML coding then the words you use in your e-mail. If you
want to get the content of your email graded for spam, go here:

Personalize and Build Confidence

E-mail marketing fact: Inserting a person’s name into an e-mail address opens rates by as much as 10%

Use a mail merge program to generate personalized mass emails that can include a person’s name or any
personalized information that should be relevant to your prospect. “Hello Jeffrey, I am a new broker in
Concord and noticed you are in the real estate business” sounds a lot better than “Hello, I am a new broker in
your area and noticed you are in the real estate business”.

Including an opt-out (unsubscribe) function in your e-mail, even if that is just an e-mail address where people
can send a message to unsubscribe. The Can Spam act requires that your e-mail give recipients and opt-out
method. Can Spam information:

Step 5. Get an e-mail address from a different server and have it forwarded to your main e-mail address.
Sending emails from a different server insurers your e-mail won’t get whitelisted. Use a company like:
Fastmail ( to set up an e-mail address. One it’s set up, you can have all your incoming
e-mail forwarded to your regular e-mail. If your regular e-mail address ever gets whitelisted you’ll have a
difficult time and sending emails without it going to the recipients spam box.
Step 6: Customize and send emails
Make sure your emails are professionally written, customizable and proof read by you and others before
emailing it to your list. Send a test to a few e-mail addresses you own with a few different but popular
providers) (i.e. gmail, yahoo, hotmail). Make sure these emails get to your inbox. If they go to your spam box
then that is where they will end up in all of the recipients email boxes. If this happens, it’s time to change e-
mail companies as either the server you’re sending it to, or your e-mail address has been whitelisted.

Do NOT write your emails in Microsoft Word or any other software program (Notepad is ok). Use the program
inside the email system itself to customize your email text and pictures. Using another program like Microsoft
Word will put invisible code into your text and affect the outcome of your message.

The best time to receive an e-mail like the one described above is between 2 and 5 PM, so plan on sending it at
1:00 PM or before.

Step 7. Follow Through

Some people won’t hit the unsubscribed link and just e-mail you asking you to remove them from your list. Do
this immediately as sending them another e-mail after the request removal violates the Can Spam Act.

Step 8. Make a Copy

Before you send the next e-mail blast, download the list from your system. This will be the latest list including
all the unsubscribed requests. Save this file in a folder organized by month.

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