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					        Using Google Docs in the classroom and to organize your life
                                        August 19, 2010

Teachers will create a google account, learn how to email, share docs, use calendar, survey
features and learn how Google docs is used in the classroom. Documents accessible anywhere,
calendar that sends reminders to your phone and system of online collaboration that is
completely free.

1. Google Docs in Plain English Video

2. Activity 1: Logging on and Making a Doc

   Over the course of today's session, there may be a number of tools you want to learn more
   about, or ideas that you will want to explore with others later. Your personal doc will be your
   space for notes, links, and anything else you decide to put there.
      1. Log into your Google Account.
      2. Select Documents.
      3. Click on New -> Document
      4. Immediately type in a few words at the top which can serve as the title. When the
           system does its first save, what is there will be the default name of the doc.
      5. Use this document to jot down a few notes on what you are learning, with any ideas
           on how you could try with your students.
      6. EXTRA: If you would like to make this a conversation, invite someone to share your
           document with you, deciding how to build it together (as is, each of you using
           different colored text - whatever you wish to try).
3. Teachers and Principals talk about Google Docs Video
4. Overview for Educators Presentation
5. Activity 2: Introducing Google Spreadsheet with a Form

   1.   Complete the survey.
   2.   View the results.
   3.   Demonstration: Create and publish a chart.
   4.   Demonstration: Self Grading Quiz (Your answer to the last question on the survey will be
5. Activity 3: Creating and Sharing a Calendar.

   1. Create a calendar from a Template
   2. Publish it as a website
   3. Set notifications.

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